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The most fun you’ve ever had with two moms you’ve never met. Co-hosts Meagan Francis and Sarah Powers have eight kids between them, preschool to teen. Weekly conversations offer practical tips and real-life encouragement for moms who want to enjoy motherhood more, and cut back on comparison, worry, and stress. We’re not experts, we’re moms who’ve been there. We’re not perfect, we’re real. Welcome to The Mom Hour.
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Whether schools in your area are open in-person, on a hybrid model, or fully remote, chances are that March is looking different than September did. And believe it or not, we’re already looking toward the end of the year. In Episode 302 Meagan and Sarah share how our own kids are doing at this point The post Making The Best Of The Rest Of The School Year: Episode 302 appeared first on The Mom Hour.
Whether it’s for a weekend, a season, or a decade, parenting on your own introduces challenges and complications at every turn. Expanding on the conversation we began last week, today’s episode--part two in our this is solo parenthood. series--dives into practical tips from seasoned moms on how to survive solo parenting’s tougher moments. From bedtimes to me-time, routine changes to feelings of loneliness, Meagan and Sarah share some been-there-done-that tips from our own seasons of parenting solo, as well as tap into the wisdom of The Mom Hour community. The post This Is Solo Parenthood: Survival Tips For Solo Parenting’s Tough Moments appeared first on The Mom Hour.
One of us co-slept throughout the baby and toddler stage, and let naps happen whenever and wherever. The other sleep trained and held tight to nap schedules even through the preschool years. While our differences in the realm of sleep are worth digging into, just as interesting are the shared feelings we experienced, even at opposite ends of the spectrum. We both felt judged at times; we both made choices around our social lives because of how our babies slept (or didn't sleep). Among our combined eight kids we experienced good sleepers, terrible sleepers, and several in the middle--plus a host of "sleep surprises" that cropped up later on. Join Meagan and Sarah for Episode 301, a look at infant, toddler, and kid sleep through the comforting lens of hindsight with a healthy dose of "It's all gonna be OK." The post Will I Ever Sleep Again?: Episode 301 appeared first on The Mom Hour.
Sarah is wearing children's sweatpants and leaving the house in her slippers. Meagan has cracked the code on being Zoom-face-ready AND workout-available with a single outfit. It may not look like the mom-style we aspired to you a few years ago, but it's working for February 2021. Today's More Than Mom episode is a (very) honest, semi-pantsless look at the state of our style situation right now. We share what we're wearing, what's working well, items we're in search of, and where we need serious help as we look ahead to spring. The post More Than Mom: The State Of Our Style, One Year Into COVID appeared first on The Mom Hour.
From divorce to deployment, from single parenthood by choice to splitting shifts and making it work, every solo parenting experience comes with its own challenges. In today’s episode--Part One in our #ThisIsSoloParenthood series--you’ll hear from four moms who do the majority (or all) of the work of parenting on their own. Each shares honestly about both loneliness and joy, feeling alone and finding support, and what they’ve learned about themselves by parenting solo. The post This Is Solo Parenthood: Four Moms Get Real About Parenting On Their Own appeared first on The Mom Hour.
Celebrating Episode 300!

Celebrating Episode 300!


Today's episode is a party and YOU're invited! Yes you, whether you're a brand-new listener or have been with us from the very beginning. Ever the planner, Sarah surprises Meagan with a some fun facts and a pop quiz; ever the fun one, Meagan shows up ready for anything. We share some memories, behind-the-scenes thoughts, and reflections on the community that has grown around this podcast over the last 300 Tuesdays. The post Celebrating Episode 300! appeared first on The Mom Hour.
Early in the pandemic, takeout from local restaurants, pantry cleanouts, and epic baking marathons made a lot of sense for the crazy new world we were living in. An entire year in, however, and the lingering habits and longterm effects of feeding our families in survival-mode are more clear. Today Meagan and Sarah look at what's changed about the way we snack, cook, shop, and serve in the last year - for better and for worse. We share the parts of feeding our families that are working well right now and also the parts where we need some help. The post Feeding Our Families in 2021 (More Snacks, Less Guilt & Keeping It All In Perspective): Episode 299 appeared first on The Mom Hour.
It's February, and everybody loves a deep dive into childhood crushes, right? For this week's More Than Mom episode, Meagan has many questions for us both about our failed early attempts at love and relationships. From preschool through high school, from celebrities to real-life boys from days gone by, we're laughing our way through this walk down a rose-petal-strewn memory lane. The post More Than Mom: Our Childhood Crushes appeared first on The Mom Hour.
The pandemic has shaken everything up, and our kids' diets and family's eating habits are no exception. In this month's Voices interview, Meagan talks to Julie Revelant, food and health writer, mom of two, and host of the new podcast Food Issues. Listen to Julie's thoughts on how COVID-19 has affected everything from school lunches to snacking habits, the sneaky ways marketers are introducing junk food to children (including "kid influencers" and even online learning platforms!) and how you can give yourself a break and stay flexible while still helping your kids become "little foodies." The post The State Of Kids And Food In 2021: Voices 57 appeared first on The Mom Hour.
Register for kindergarten, or wait another year? Scrap the distance learning and opt into a homeschool program, or stick it out and hope campus opens in the fall? Stick with what your friends and neighbors are doing, or blaze your own trail when it comes to kids' education? There is no end to the list of questions parents face when it comes to making school decisions - and many of them crop up around this time of year when applications and registrations come due. In Episode 298 of The Mom Hour, Meagan and Sarah offer seven guiding principles to consider when making any school decision, from preschool through high school. We can't help you decide or tell you what to do, but today we're here to validate the struggle and give you our experience. The post School Decisions Feel Like a LOT (Here’s What To Keep In Mind): Episode 298 appeared first on The Mom Hour.
Getting pregnant was relatively easy for Dani Kilgore and her husband William, who looked forward to growing a family after getting married in 2009. But for Dani, a former teacher and soccer coach who now serves as a pastor in a church, staying pregnant proved challenging. Through miscarriage and preterm labor, a premature birth and The post Loss, Hope & Healing: One Family’s Story Of Turning Grief Into Advocacy appeared first on The Mom Hour.
Whether it's a medical emergency, a surprise diagnosis, upheaval at school, or a mental health situation, most moms will at some point be called to fight hard for their kid's health, safety, and best interests. And when that moment comes, you might be surprised at what's most challenging and what's most helpful. In Episode 297 Meagan shares publicly for the first time a recent family crisis that put her in a position where she had to quickly and fiercely advocate for one of her kids. She shares what she learned - and is still learning - and how the lessons apply to advocating for our kids, even when we're not in crisis. The post Advocating For Your Kids During A Crisis: Episode 297 appeared first on The Mom Hour.
Containing our kids' chaos is one thing; keeping track of our OWN stuff is another altogether. To round out our recent series of episodes about where to put all the STUFF of family life, Meagan and Sarah chat about how we store and organize all the things that fall under "mom's domain." From our bathroom counters to our nightstand drawers, the kitchen "drop zone" to mask and mitten management, we're here to share what works, what we're working on, and where we need serious help. The post More Than Mom: Home & Personal Organization Help appeared first on The Mom Hour.
We love all of our kids – but does each of them FEEL our love in the same way? In Episode 296 Meagan and Sarah take on the famous five love languages as a framework for talking about how we most naturally show love to our kids–and also how they receive it. We talk about our own primary love languages and how they shape the ways we tend to show affection, and also look at the changing dynamics of parent-kid love through the growing-up years. The post Speaking Our Kids’ Love Languages (And Knowing Our Own): Episode 296 appeared first on The Mom Hour.
With nearly a year of “everything’s cancelled!” behind us, and facing down an early 2021 of “Who knows?”, we’ve all learned a couple things: Truth #1: We all need to set goals and make plans to stay on course and keep working toward our deepest priorities, especially when life is unpredictable. Truth #2: When life is unpredictable, it feels really hard to set goals. How do we make these two realities jive? The solution: goal setting with a big dose of self-awareness and self-empathy. As 2020 taught us, things aren’t always going to look exactly the way we plan, but that doesn’t mean goal-setting is cancelled! From our personal finances to family priorities; hobbies and household projects to travel (what?!) and extracurricular activities, Sarah and Meagan are here with a real-life conversation about goal-setting that will meet you where you are and help you plan what you can – while allowing a lot of flexibility for the things that may change along the way. The post Goal-Setting That Works For YOU (And Doesn’t Make You Feel Bad) appeared first on The Mom Hour.
Art supplies taking over your shared space? Losing library books under piles of what-even-IS-this-stuff? Ready for a January re-set of your home's organization systems? You're not alone. This week Meagan and Sarah continue the conversation about where to put all the STUFF of family life, covering arts and crafts, board games and puzzles, super-sized play stuff, and all those wonderful books. We also touch on ways to know if an organizational system will work for you and your family - because, as we've found, one size does NOT fit all. The post Where To Put All The STUFF (Part Two): Episode 295 appeared first on The Mom Hour.
The holidays are behind us, but they've left their mark on our homes: mostly in the form of more STUFF to store. Meagan and Sarah have logged decades of toy sorting and stuff-storing and in this week's episode share our experience finding just the right spot for all that brightly colored plastic. We talk about LEGO, we talk about stuffies and dolls; we remember the days of itty bitty sets and giant toddler ride-on toys. By the end of this episode we hope you'll feel like you already have the space and sense required to store your kids' stuff - no fancy bins required. The post Where To Put All The STUFF (Part One): Episode 294 appeared first on The Mom Hour.
For those who love to plan ahead, the past year has been a huge challenge–and the shiny promise of a brand new year feels a little lackluster as we look toward 2021. Is planning and goal-setting permanently on hold, shuttered just like schools and gyms and concerts? Sarah Hart-Unger says no. Our first Voices interview episode of 2021 features two Sarahs: host Sarah Powers chats with guest Sarah Hart-Unger about how to approach planning and goal-setting this year. We talk about the importance of reflecting on 2020, even though it didn’t go as planned, how to “pandemic-proof” your goals for 2021, and why the annual exercise of looking back and looking forward is still valuable. Sarah also answers your listener questions on the nitty-gritty of planning and goal setting. The post Planning & Goal-Setting For 2021 (Is There Even A Point?): Voices 56 appeared first on The Mom Hour.
Meagan and Sarah tiptoe very cautiously into the waters of futurecasting in today's episode, still through the hazy, cheese-filled lens of that strange week between Christmas and New Year's. We talk about where our kids and home lives will be one year from now and what that means for the evolution of our family units. We meditate on all that was stripped away in 2020, and when and how it may start to return in the coming year. And we also share the things we're MOST excited to return to post-pandemic, as well as a few things we don't ever need to go back to the way they were. The post Hopes For An Uncertain Year: Episode 293 appeared first on The Mom Hour.
Last week the ghost of holidays past took us on a tour of our past lives as moms of littles during the Christmas season. This week, as we continue the loosest of adaptations of A Christmas Carol, Meagan and Sarah sit with the reality of the present moment. We talk about how this holiday season will differ from the 2020-that-could-have-been, and about how things have changed as our kids have grown, with or without a global crisis. As we head into the final few days before Christmas, we also share some of the small details about what our homes and lives are like right now, in an effort to capture--and even be grateful for--the present moment. The post Acknowledging Holidays Present (Truth Talk About Where We Are This Season): Episode 292 appeared first on The Mom Hour.
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Becky Scharpen

This is the first podcast I listened to on Castbox! I just listened to episode 299 and it made me feel really good about the way a lot of things are going in my house. Thank you so much! My husband and I have six kids ranging from 10 months to 9 years. Our youngest daughter was born at the start of the pandemic so everything has been a big adjustment.

Feb 17th

Sarah Roma

hi guys! I wanted to share with you some funny facts and a few tie ins to this episode. I am a fairly new listener but I love you guys and your chemistry! my favorite podcast so far! anyways, I have never taken much interest in the Royal family, and as you were all talking about celebrity pregnancy buddies I remembered that Kate and I were pregnant at the same time! Honestly I didn't pay much attention to this, but my husband and I kept hoping that they didn't steal our name - or everyone would think WE copied THEM! my son's due date was May 9 and he ended up being born on April 23, same as Louis! and of course they wait days to announce, so we were in suspense. We named our son Marshall so they do not share a name. another fun fact is that our other name for Marshall was Harrison! little Archie's middle name. I figured you guys would find all of that a little interesting. Have an awesome day!

May 22nd

Kaira Dow

hi I just found your podcast and started on the first one and was pleasantly surprised to hear you talking about Minnesota! I live in Duluth and wasn't expecting to come across women from mn! I love what you're doing ladies thank you!

Jan 1st
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