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The most fun you’ve ever had with two moms you’ve never met. Co-hosts Meagan Francis and Sarah Powers have eight kids between them, preschool to teen. Weekly conversations offer practical tips and real-life encouragement for moms who want to enjoy motherhood more, and cut back on comparison, worry, and stress. We’re not experts, we’re moms who’ve been there. We’re not perfect, we’re real. Welcome to The Mom Hour.
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This episode contains a story of pregnancy loss. October is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, and recently we’ve seen online and in celebrity culture a few examples of women talking must more openly about their loss experiences, even sharing very vulnerable photos with the world like Chrissy Teigan did earlier this month. Here at The Mom Hour, we are 100% on board with movements that make moms feel less alone in their experience, so we think it’s really important to continue sharing these stories. In today's special bonus episode, Sarah talks with Leeann Dearing about her personal experience with pregnancy loss. Leeann is an actress, entrepreneur and proud homeschool mom, and she's also co-founder of the funny mom duo and viral video company Leeann & Michelle, whose videos you have probably seen taking over the internet. The post BONUS: A Conversation About Pregnancy Loss With Leeann Dearing appeared first on The Mom Hour.
Older kids and teenagers are experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime event--and they're old enough to have thoughts about it. As moms, watching our kids miss out on social interactions and developmental rites of passage is tough, as is finding new ways to support their independence and hold boundaries when they push back. In Episode 283 Meagan and Sarah continue last week's discussion about the very specific parenting challenges brought about by COVID-19, this time with a focus on big kids, tweens, and teens. The post How COVID Complicates Parenting, Stage By Stage (Part 2: Big Kids, Tweens & Teens) appeared first on The Mom Hour.
Separation anxiety. Potty training. Speech and language development. Socialization. These cornerstones of child development and the parenting experience can bring up questions or create bumps in the road in normal times--but we are not living in normal times, friends. We're living in COVID times. In Episode 282 of The Mom Hour, Meagan and Sarah look at the really specific (and sometimes heartbreaking) ways that the last eight months have complicated the motherhood experience for parents of infants, toddlers and preschoolers. The post How COVID Complicates Parenting, Stage By Stage (Part 1: Infants, Toddlers & Preschoolers): Episode 282 appeared first on The Mom Hour.
We're all dreaming about getting away right now, but traditional travel and typical vacations don't feel like they're going to be a thing for, well, a while. So today Meagan and Sarah are dreaming BIG - stranded on a deserted island big. Join us for a silly--but somehow also theraputic in 2020?--exercise in hypothetical thinking. We discuss what we'd bring with us to an island escape, what our fantasy island dwelling would be like, and how we'd spend our time. The post More Than Mom: Meagan And Sarah Get Stranded On A Deserted Island appeared first on The Mom Hour.
This month kicks off the fall holiday season in the strangest year of all of our lives, and moms everywhere seem to be asking the same thing: what do we do about Halloween? From helping older kids deal with expectations-vs-COVID-reality, to finding safe ways for littler kids to celebrate, Meagan and Sarah unpack it all in Episode 281. We also touch on some tips for dealing with our own holiday disappointment as moms, and share some insight about holiday traditions in general to set the tone for the next few months. The post Halloween Isn’t Canceled (And Other Thoughts About Holidays In 2020): Episode 281 appeared first on The Mom Hour.
As moms, our bodies change a lot and we don't always feel like we have permission to invest in our personal style, but what we wear makes a huge difference in how we feel. After Meagan said this to Sarah recently, she decided to call on personal stylist Dacy Gillespie for help...and you get to listen in! Dacy is creator of The Mindful Closet, where she offers both one-on-one personal styling and shopping services, as well as courses and information on editing your closet, shopping more mindfully and creating a look that is really you. And, as Dacy shows us in this episode, we don't have to spend a lot of money to pare down our wardrobes and add new pieces more mindfully. Dacy also teaches us how to shop online more successfully and offers closet organization tips to make getting dressed easier. The post How To Create A Mindful Closet (And Discover Clothes You Truly Love): Voices 53 appeared first on The Mom Hour.
We've covered the hard stuff: leaky everything, blinding exhaustion, night sweats. But the fourth trimester, or postpartum period, has its perks as well. In Episode 280 Meagan and Sarah take turns sharing their favorite memories of postpartum life with a newborn--without glossing over what we ALL know to be true: it's not easy. Join us for the latest in our "10 Things We Love About..." series! The post 10 Things We Love About The 4th Trimester: Episode 280 appeared first on The Mom Hour.
We challenged you to ask us your most burning questions--but not about parenting for once! And wow, did you deliver. Join Meagan and Sarah for a fun, silly, and sometimes serious More Than Mom episode featuring your questions about our perfect day, favorite Hamilton songs, thoughts on dating after divorce, and whether we consider ourselves religious. PLUS a big announcement at the top of the show that you won't want to miss. The post More Than Mom: Ask Us Anything! appeared first on The Mom Hour.
"Zoom school" is in session in both our homes, although the programs and schedules are very different for our six school-aged kids, grades two through eleven. In this week's episode we check in about how remote learning is going for our elementary, middle, and high schoolers, giving an honest assessment of the areas that are going better than expected (or worse...or just about the same). We also pool our experience to share some strategies for keeping kids motivated and engaged, and recommend some purchases to set up your home as a learning environment. The post Home Learning Success Strategies + Our Kids’ Fall Schooling Update: Episode 279 appeared first on The Mom Hour.
It's not if but when: losing your cool with your kids is part of motherhood (especially during a global pandemic). Sometimes we yell, sometimes we cry, and sometimes we stomp our feet like a toddler or sass-talk like a tween. If you do any of these things too, we can assure you you're not alone--and it's not too late to practice the art of recovery. In Episode 278 of The Mom Hour Meagan and Sarah talk about the different types of mom-meltdowns we're prone to, and what repair and recovery can look like when we've lost it with our families. The post How To Recover When You Lose Your Cool: Episode 278 appeared first on The Mom Hour.
Nothing feels the same as it did six months ago, and in today's return of our More Than Mom series, Meagan and Sarah are looking at the weirdest ways we've changed since March. From some out-of-character purchases to new routines and habits, we're here to discuss some of more idiosyncratic details of our strange new normal. The post More Than Mom: COVID Made Us Do It (Weird Ways We’ve Changed Since March) appeared first on The Mom Hour.
Meagan and Sarah are both refocusing on personal spending this fall, after a strange pandemic spring and summer brought about changes to the family budget. In today's episode we look at the areas of our spending that have changed since March, and talk through tips and strategies we're using to save money right now. From working with a financial planner to buying secondhand, reevaluating dinner delivery and doing an audit on those pesky auto-renew subscriptions, we're here with seven strategies make a difference to our families' bottom lines this fall. The post 7 Ways We’re Saving Money This Fall: Episode 277 appeared first on The Mom Hour.
Back-to-school season usually means a refreshing change of schedule and, for many parents, fewer hours with kids in the house. This year, the way we use our homes for school, work, and leisure look very different--but that doesn't mean we can't harness some of that familiar fall energy and tackle clutter in a new way for a new reality. Join Sarah and longtime listener/community member Mandy Yang for a look at how the Konmari method of decluttering can serve us as we set up our homes for one of the stranger seasons in memory. We talk about repurposing items you already own, how to help kids part with their "treasures," and why the Konmari method is so often misunderstood. The post Decluttering Your Home For The Weirdest Fall Season Ever: Voices 52 appeared first on The Mom Hour.
We're kicking back for a casual chat this week, taking time to update listeners on some of the behind-the-scenes events in both our lives lately. From the details of Sarah's move to what's coming up this fall on the podcast, from Meagan's annual end-of-summer malaise to her anticipation of a revamped time-blocking system for fall 2020, these are the little (and big) conversational rabbit holes we don't always have time for on the podcast. The post Behind The Scenes & End Of Summer Catch-Up: Episode 276 appeared first on The Mom Hour.
An eight-year-old with a "can't-do" attitude and a ten-year-old who struggles to bounce back after little setbacks (two more in an accidental series of questions that we're affectionately calling "boys with bad attitudes"): Meagan and Sarah have thoughts--and personal experience--for the moms of these kids. Then Sarah weighs in on a question about how to use an "okay to wake" clock with a clever three-year-old, and Meagan validates a mom of a clingy preschooler with big feelings. Today's episode brings you four more listener questions and our advice--check it out! The post More Listener Questions & Our Advice: Episode 275 appeared first on The Mom Hour.
How to make friends and cultivate community after a move; contemplating a third baby and wondering if the older two will ever play together nicely; answering questions about puberty and other growing-up topics; and dealing with a five-year-old who is never satisfied: Meagan and Sarah take four listener questions in this week's episode of The Mom Hour. The post Listener Questions & Our Advice: Episode 274 appeared first on The Mom Hour.
If we've learned anything since March, it's that little things can make a big difference in our moods. In Episode 273 Meagan and Sarah revisit the idea of small comforts for unprecedented times, little pleasures that can't solve a global pandemic but do offer a quick pick-me-up. From recent Etsy finds to a new fitness tracking gadget, pretty kitchen towels to a return to yoga, you'll come away with ideas for bringing a little comfort into your days as we look ahead to fall. The post More Small Comforts (Because This Isn’t Over Yet): Episode 273 appeared first on The Mom Hour.
With schools across the country increasingly moving in the direction of online-only attendance in the fall, many moms are asking: "How do we make this work?" While homeschool pods, cutting back hours at work and other creative solutions may be a temporary solution for some families, there are many others for whom these options are not on the table. And there's no doubt that moms are unfairly shouldering the brunt of this crisis (as we are so often expected to do). In this month’s Voices interview, Meagan talks with Anne Halsall, co-founder and CPO of online child-care directory Winnie; listen as they dig into issues around work, parenting, and inequality that this pandemic has uncovered—and discuss some reassuring news about the safety and availability of licensed daycare to fill some of those gaps. The post COVID-19, Working Moms, and the Child-Care Crisis: Voices 51 appeared first on The Mom Hour.
The messes start even before the baby is born, and they don't stop...they just change form as the years progress. In Episode 272 Meagan and Sarah look back at some of the most epic messes of our mothering years--from diaper blowouts to parking lot puke, glitter explosions to stinky wadded up socks, we're getting gross today, all in the name of making you laugh and feel like you're not alone (whatever mess you're facing today!). Enjoy! The post The Messes Of Motherhood: Episode 272 appeared first on The Mom Hour.
After listening to moms around the country share their feelings about schools re-opening (or not), Meagan and Sarah continue the discussion we started last week by looking at the challenges facing families this fall. We touch on the core drivers of school decision-making--academics, childcare, kids' social-emotional health, and community health--and talk through the pros and cons of some of the likely learning scenarios on the table for kids. Just like last week, this is an inclusive conversation meant to bring encouragement and understanding, no matter where you are in your school decision for Fall 2020. The post School Decisions For Fall 2020 (Part 2): Episode 271 appeared first on The Mom Hour.
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Sarah Roma

hi guys! I wanted to share with you some funny facts and a few tie ins to this episode. I am a fairly new listener but I love you guys and your chemistry! my favorite podcast so far! anyways, I have never taken much interest in the Royal family, and as you were all talking about celebrity pregnancy buddies I remembered that Kate and I were pregnant at the same time! Honestly I didn't pay much attention to this, but my husband and I kept hoping that they didn't steal our name - or everyone would think WE copied THEM! my son's due date was May 9 and he ended up being born on April 23, same as Louis! and of course they wait days to announce, so we were in suspense. We named our son Marshall so they do not share a name. another fun fact is that our other name for Marshall was Harrison! little Archie's middle name. I figured you guys would find all of that a little interesting. Have an awesome day!

May 22nd

Kaira Dow

hi I just found your podcast and started on the first one and was pleasantly surprised to hear you talking about Minnesota! I live in Duluth and wasn't expecting to come across women from mn! I love what you're doing ladies thank you!

Jan 1st
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