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The Momentum Advisors centers on personal financial advice, information on entrepreneurship and insight into how you can build a successful financial legacy for yourself––and your community. Allan & Tiffany spend their days advising listeners on how to build and manage their wealth. 
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Getting older doesn't necessarily make you wiser! We've noticed some trends around mistakes people tend to make in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s. Let this be a cautionary tale of what NOT to do in your financial life!
Whether or not you make financial New Year’s resolutions, you no doubt want to improve your bottom line in the coming year. With that in mind, we have specific instructions for bolstering your finances each month, ranging from taxes and budgeting to checking up on your insurance coverages and reviewing your estate plan.
It’s a new year! What audacious goals do you have for yourself? So many people focus on money as a goal as if it’s the key to happiness but it is not. In this episode we address the heart of your financial goals and we encourage you to dream, fully. If you change the way you think about your goals, you will achieve them sooner than you ever anticipated.  Spoiler Alert: The true key to happiness is the "Electric Slide"
8: The IPO Mixtape

8: The IPO Mixtape


This year there have been some major IPOs such as, AirBnB, DoorDash and Robinhood. But unfortunately, most people don't actually know what an IPO is, how it works, and if they should get in involved. In this episode we break it down in full detail with fun analogies and colorful detail.
Net worth is simply the difference between the value of what you own minus your liabilities, such as your mortgage, credit card debt, etc. Seems simple enough but most people still don't know their net worth or why it's so important. On this episode we highlight why it matters so much; along with a few other financial metrics to really pay attention to.
As the holidays are approaching their is often the urge to spend more than we need to on gifts. On this show, we identify alternative holiday gifting that can save you money but doesn't skimp on heart and sentiment. These are gifts your family, friends--and wallet--will truly love and never forget.
5: Get On Board

5: Get On Board


This week, Nasdaq filed a proposal with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that would require all 3000+ companies on their stock exchange to have at least one woman on their boards, in addition to a director who is a racial minority or one who self-identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer. We address why this could be one of the most forceful moves yet to bring diversity to U.S. corporations and how you can take advantage of it.
Much like catching a physical STD, people can contract sexually transmitted debt from a romantic partner. Financial STDs affect millions more Americans than the most common sexually transmitted disease. On this show, we teach you how to recognize the warning signs and also take steps to guard against picking up unwanted debt.
3: Investing 101

3: Investing 101


Foundational principles on what investing actually means and how to get started today. Whether you've never invested in a stock in your life or if you have a robust 401k, these are the investment basics you should know.
Opportunity doesn't knock, it just lays there. In the past year, Black Americans have been receiving attention from corporations, politicians and funding institutions in a way that's never been seen before--and may never be seen again. In this episode, we discuss how to improve your financial situation in the current "Black Lives Matter" climate before the opportunities are taken off the table.
The Momentum Advisors show, hosted by financial experts Tiffany Hawkins and Allan Boomer, is a new podcast of The North Star that addresses the pillars of financial and economic justice as a tool of Black liberation. Tune in every Sunday on your preferred podcasting platform.
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From SiriusXM broadcast to podcasts, listen in as Tiffany Hawkins and Allan Boomer fill us in on what to expect on their switch into The North Star's podcast division.
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