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From moonlighting to hybrid to compulsory cooling off, to wellness leave. India’s workplaces are changing dramatically as we return to work post-pandemic, amid steep attrition and demand for flexibility. Host Ratna Bhushan talks to Swiggy HR head Girish Menon, Quess Corp chairman Ajit Isaac and Economic Times senior editor Saumya Bhattacharya. On Green Light for Moonlighting and more!
In the post-pandemic world, six out of ten people are said to be gravitating towards mock-meat in India. But why is a centuries old concept catching up now? Is it actually as healthy an option as we think? Are there health hazards associated? Kalpana Pathak is in conversation with Deepika Bhan, President - Packaged Foods for Tata Consumer Products (TCPL), Sohil Wazir, Chief Commercial Officer - Blue Tribe Foods, a startup in this space, and Pooja Bhargava, a Nutritionist, to decode the plant-based meat culture in India.
India just nixed its critical data protection bill that took five years to draft. Why? What will the new data protection laws be like? How will the govt balance the privacy of its citizens and the interest of Big Tech? Host Anirban Chowdhury talks to Surabhi Agarwal, ET’s tech editor; Amar Patnaik, MP, and member of the Joint Parliamentary Committee on the bill; and Prateek Waghre, policy director at Internet Freedom Foundation. Credits: NDTV, Bharatiya Janata Party, ANI News, CNBC-TV18, cpac, NBT WORLD, OneTrust & CNBC Television Credits: CNBC-TV18
From being pet owners to becoming pet parents, there's a shift in the mindset of Indians. Businesses like Pet Grooming, Insurance, Logistics, and much more are booming thanks to the pandemic-induced interest in pets. Host Kiran Somvanshi explores the nuances of the small but fast-growing pet care industry in India with Salil Murthy - Managing Director of Mars Petcare India, Rashi Narang - Founder of Heads Up For Tails, Manuranjith Ranganathan -MD, Sanchu Animal Hospital & Director - Retail at CavinKare and Mihir Shah - Co-founder of Woof n Goof Pet Care Services
Latest quarterly results show improved parameters but beyond the headlines numbers, are all stakeholders buying the company's growth thesis and FoMo acquisitions? How soon can it deliver profits? Host Arijit Barman discusses the changing market dynamics and competitive landscape with Priyanka Sahay, Assistant Editor at ET Prime, Dhruv Dewan, co-founder at Thrive and Kabir Suri, Founder - Azure Hospitality & President, National Restaurant Association, NRAI. Credit: ET Now
Rate hikes and soaring inflation has pushed the U.S. Federal Reserve to hike rates at a pace last seen four decades back. Global central bankers are following suit. With the RBI set to deliver yet another hike at its August meet and global economy monitors such as the IMF downgrading growth warning of a global recession, we explore which is the lesser evil, higher rates or a global recession. Host Anupriya Bahadur is joined by Sugata Ghosh, Associate Editor, The Economic Times and Abheek Barua, Chief Economist, HDFC Bank to discuss the global economic drama and what could be the climax. Credits: Reserve Bank of India, Bloomberg Markets and Finance, CNBC US and Money Control
More than one in two Indian consumers who use instant loan apps are vulnerable to extortion and data misuse, as per a report by LocalCircles. How easy is it for instant loan apps to be available on the play store? Why is there no licensing requirement or legal authentication, or verification done on these digital lenders? As a customer how can you spot these fraudulent dial-a-loan apps and how does the RBI take prompt steps to curb the misuse? Dia Rekhi talks with Beni Chugh, Research Manager at Dvara Research, and Rajesh Narain Gupta, Managing Partner, SNG & Partners to figure out about this growing digital menace.
Multiple consumer grievances ranging from misleading ads to false claims, have been addressed in the new guidelines issued by the Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA). Host Ratna Bhushan talks to marketing and advertising professionals Gautam Madhavan from Mad Influence, Anusha Shetty of Grey Worldwide, as well as Advocate Bharat Chugh, to unravel how this will work for influencers, endorsers and brands. Credits: Bikaji Ad and Sansad TV Youtube Channel
With the oral diabetes drugs market at Rs 13,000 crore and growing, a key diabetes medicine Sitagliptin going off patent means a sweet spot for all. How does the billion-dollar pharma industry see an opportunity in a market with the highest number of diabetes patients in the world. Host Kiran Somvanshi chats with Nithya Balasubramanian, Director at AB Bernstein, Sheetal Sapale, Marketing President - AWACS, and Vikas Dandekar, Editor - Pharma at ET Prime. Credits: CNBC-TV18
From frequent safety violations to heaping legal notices from employees, India's biggest low-fare carrier SpiceJet is going through one of its worst patches yet. Host Anirban Chowdhary in conversation with Mark Martin, CEO at Martin Consulting, Ajay Kumar, Aviation Lawyer at KLA Legal and a few former pilots analyse the issues to find out how the airline plans to survive this turbulence. Credits: ANI News, NDTV, Breaking News 24/7, CNBC, ET Now and CNN News-18
In an effort to curb the humongous growth of plastic waste in the country, the government announced a ban on 20 single used plastic items. However, will the ban be effective in combating pollution, or will it be another futile attempt? Host Kalpana Pathak chats with Ashok Menon, Director, Sustainability Strategy for Asia Pacific at Saudi Aramco owned Sabic, Afroz Shah, Lawyer and Environmental Activist and Urmi Goswami from The Economic Times.
Even after the earnest money deposits, the fight for 5G airwaves is could still turn out to be spin chilling as few can fully grasp Adani’s telecom play as yet. On the face of it, Jio, Airtel and even VI have all put in more money in the upcoming spectrum sweepstakes, But can telcos as well as tech players rest in peace for long? Host Arijit Barman dials ET’s veteran telecoms journalist Kalyan Parbat & Technology Editor Surabhi Agarwal to understand what’s at stake in the upcoming spectrum sweepstakes and beyond, both or telcos as well as tech players? Credits - CNBC-TV18
Even as taxes take a toll on homegrown tobacco firms, the Illegal cigarettes trade remains smoking hot. With illicit trades now accounting for 40% of the total cigarette market, India is ranked in the top 5 countries facing this problem. Host Dia Rekhi explores what's firing up this illegal trade, this with Anil Rajput, Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs at ITC and P C Jha , Former Chairman, Central Board of Indirect Taxes.
Vinay Dube and Aditya Ghosh, the men piloting Rakesh Jhunjhunwala’s Akasa Air, have a tough task at hand: high costs, ruthless competition and a Covid overhang await the airline that got its flying permit last week. But the Akasa boys, former CEOs of Jet Airways and IndiGo, are dreaming big. In a candid, fun chat with host Anirban Chowdhury, they tell the story of India’s latest airline startup and how they plan to make it fly.
Global giants like Twitter, Xiaomi and Vivo are facing backlash from the Indian government over content, practices and financing. Host Ratna Bhushan in conversation with Gurcharan Das, former chief executive Procter & Gamble India and ET's Surabhi Agarwal and Raghav Ohri delves deeper into the consequences of this battle and finds out where this tangle of politics and economy is headed? Credits: Ndtv.
The recent launch of India’s first sexual pleasure e- superstore, sent the stock of TTK Healthcare soaring. Even today sexual pleasure for women remains a taboo for many, struggle for some and a business opportunity for others. Finally some corporates are trying to bridge this key gender gap. Host Kiran Somvanshi discusses how sex positivity in social media and elsewhere is slowly helping bridge India's gender pleasure gap with Vishal Vyas, Head of Marketing of Consumer Products - TTK Healthcare, Dr Niveditha Manokaran, a clinician in sexual and reproductive health and Seema Anand, a leading sex-ed influencer.
In an attempt to reform the safety standards of Indian cars, the government has mandated that automakers provide at least six airbags in all cars. Host Kalpana Pathak discusses its impact on the consumer and the automobile industry with Dr. Rohit Baluja, President, Institute of Road Traffic Education and Sharmistha Mukherjee, Assistant Editor, The Economic Times.
Spate of negative news have besieged the biggest edtech start up. After parental grievances over misselling and refunds, now the company's financials, jobs cuts, M&As and even auditor is under scrutiny. Host Arijit Barman in conversation with Rishi Kapal, author on startups & faculty member of Vijaybhoomi University and ET Prime's Manu P Toms piece together all the issues to figure out if Byju's can navigate all fronts? Credits: BBC News, EditorJi Youtube,
In an effort to ramp up India's EV revolution, the government has rolled out measures to boost local manufacturing of batteries. However, the battery ecosystem in India still has challenges to face. What holds for the future of this battery industry? Host Kiran Somvanshi discusses with Natarajan Shankar, MD & Partner, BCG India, Nilesh Kane, Chief - Mumbai Distribution, Tata Power, and Shresth Mishra, Co-founder, Simple Energy. Credits - Hindustan Times, CNBC-TV18
RBI Ain’t Buying BNPL

RBI Ain’t Buying BNPL


The Reserve Bank of India is going after digital lending or Buy Now Pay Later firms with a new set of stern rules. One rule announced last week, bars them from issuing credit cards. The move affects 10 million users. Will the new rules put some BNPL companies out of business? Host Anirban Chowdhary digs deeper with Srinath Sridharan, Independent Director, Fintech Association for Consumer Empowerment, Saloni Shukla and Tarush Bhalla from The Economic Times.
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