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Author: Kendra Hennessy

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It's ok, you can admit it. Sometimes motherhood seems less like the sweetness of a Pamper's commercial and more like a scene out of Jaws. Here at the Mother Like a Boss Podcast, we dive into the good, the bad and the ugly of motherhood and modern homemaking, with honest conversations, tips, strategies and tools.
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One of the best decisions I ever made was to run my home like I run my business. It's allowed us to create systems and routines that suit everyone and keep us on track like a well-oiled machine. Being a CEO isn't about making all of the decisions, it's about making the right ones. You get to choose the type of household CEO you want to be and design your life in a way that fits your values.
"I'll tell you when you're older." isn't a phrase we say in the Hennessy house. My husband and I are committed to having uncomfortable conversations with our children at every age (in age appropriate ways, of course.) It can be difficult to get over our own discomfort and lack of confidence, but what an amazing opportunity it is to have an open dialogue with our children and create a safe space for them to ask questions.
One of my favorite ways to stay productive is to think of my future self as a different person, someone worthy of success and peace. She is someone worthy of having things set up for her without extra and added stress. This idea of setting your future self (even if it's just the you in a few hours) is so freeing and can help build momentum in everything we do. Here are 3 simple ways to get started and show your future self she's worthy of time freedom.
No woman is an island and this house and family or 4 does not run on it's own. I love a good tool, especially when it makes my life easier. I thrive on simplicity and have created a home that helps us maintain simple systems. Let's talk about 5 tools that keep our family organized (and able to maintain it, too!)
No is a complete sentence. What a freeing statement. In theory, it sounds empowering, but what about the people pleasing need to provide a justification for every no we speak. You don't owe anyone a reason or a justification for your boundaries or your choices and today in a great day to start saying no without the need to explain why.
Not every routine is made for every season. We know that motherhood is all about the ebbs and flows and just like nature, seasons come and go. This can make creating routines that stick feel more difficult. I want to uncomplicate the process of creating a seasonal routine that fits your life, whether it be a cleaning routine during the summer months, a nightly routine during sports season or a day-to-day schedule with a new baby.
The mother-daughter relationship is one with many facets and levels. As a mother to a daughter and a daughter to a mother, I know that there can be discomfort, tension and unhealed wounds in these relationships. I'm so excited to welcome Dr. Michelle Deering to the podcast to discuss these relationships and how we can learn from them as both mothers and daughters. Head to the show notes for more information and details on this episode. 
There is no doubt that motherhood, no matter the season, often feels hard, plain and simple. There's nothing worse than feeling like you're failing all while someone else tells you how "easy" it can be. Instead of trying to make the situations (which are often out of my control) easier, I'm focusing on bringing ease to my approach. That means uncomplicating my decisions, my schedule, my home and my boundaries. In a world with so much out of our control, it's time to step up and take back control of our approach to life because ease just feels more empowering.
We're in the second quarter of the year, a time when most of us realize that those new year's resolutions and goals have fallen by the wayside. It's ok and it happens to all of us. I want to help you create goals you can stick to, without the complication, long-term commitments or difficult methods. Today, let's talk about 3 simple ways to uncomplicate your goals and make them stick.
Raise your hand if you hate cleaning? I get it. Especially with busy mom lives, cleaning just seems like one more thing to do and a never-ending chore. You clean one room and another is getting messy. One of the pillars here at Mother Like a Boss is simplicity in all things home management. That includes cleaning. In today's episode, I'm giving the low down on how to clean your house (and keep it that way) even if you really hate doing it.
It's been said that comparison is the thief of joy and it couldn't be more true. Social media has made it easier than ever to gaze at the highlight reels that others post and cause us to compare ourselves constantly to them. However, comparison isn't always bad. When we use it as a form of inspiration, it can be joyous. The issue is when we compare for the sake of self-judgement. Today, we're going to talk the good, the bad and the uncomfortable when it comes to the comparison trap.
No one gets where they are without taking a million small steps to be there. The same is true in motherhood, in business, working towards your goals, anything. Our children don't learn to run at full speed before they can crawl. Why? Because it's the small steps, the consistency, the learning and mistakes, and follow through where big leaps and full speed ahead success is found. This is a pep-talk meets value-packed episode on the benefit of loving on the small steps rather than waiting around for the big score of a goal to be reached. Plus, our incredible accountability community is opening back up for enrollment for a limited time. Head to to join this round!
Motherhood is such a beautiful gift, but let's be really honest, it can also be lonely. Really lonely. Moms deserve a support system. We deserve a group of other friends and family that cheer us on and encourage us. But where do we start? Let's talk about it. Don't forget to join the Small Steps Society™ waitlist here!
If you're a perfectionist and you know it clap your hands...and a sea of noise erupts There is no shame in the perfectionist game, except when there is. The ego creates a world inside your mind when you should be able to do it all, or nothing at all (like O-Town would say) The problem is, we'll never be able to do it all meaning that the only option left is nothing.  
My boldness is coming out in big ways today and I don't know that it will resonate with everyone. I making a statement here and now because in 2021, I've had enough of mom guilt. I've had enough of the way it makes us feel, the hoops it makes us jump through, the judgement is stabs at our souls. We deserve better than feeling guilty for just existing.
Modern homemaking Q&A

Modern homemaking Q&A


You asked, I'm answering! I get a lot of questions about homemaking, home management and motherhood, so in this episode I'm going to answer those for you. We all know that when one person has a question, it means many people behind the scenes do, too! Homemakerish U is open! Click here for all the details.
I get asked about chores a lot. What chores to give kids, at what ages to start, what to do when they don't do their chores, how to create better chore routines? The truth is, there is no one way that fits every household or lifestyle. What I have found is that when we approach delegation from a place of empowerment versus nagging, the results speak for themselves. This is a different approach to delegating and chores, beyond the charts, schedules, reward systems and routines.
Yup, we've talked about this topic before and yup, there is another couple of episodes touching on this topic and yup we're talking about it again. It deserves an even deeper discussion because the power of creating momentum in your life versus waiting for motivation to hit you like a bolt of lightning can't be understated. We all want to know how to get more done without having to to do, because good heavens moms are already doing enough. The answer is momentum and I want to show you exactly why that's the case in today's episode. Save your seat at the Momentum Over Motivation Challenge. Click here to join us. 
Time to get organized! (side eye coming at me, I know) Organization has been widely misunderstood for years. You don’t get organized by buying cute baskets from Home Goods or buying the coolest label maker on the market, as much as we all wish that was the case. Organizing your life is all about simple systems that you can duplicate and replicate. But we all know that it isn't starting the systems that's hard, it's maintaining them. So let's talk about how to organize your life, your schedule and your home and finally make it stick.
Homemaking, 2021 style

Homemaking, 2021 style


Yup, homemaking still matters in 2021. It mattered last year, it mattered 100 years ago and it will matter 100 years from now (at least, I imagine it will.) Why? Homemaking is nothing more than a cultivation of what matters to you in your life. Because whether you're a mom that works a traditional 9-5, owns a business or stays home to raise her kids full time, your home matters and you deserve to live your life without the stress and burden that has traditionally fallen on the shoulders of moms. So let's talk homemaking, 2021 style.
Comments (19)

Sarah Long

I have a very spirited boy. He’s now 12

May 22nd

Vallen Webb

great episode!

Jan 24th

Crystal M.

u lost me with all the course promo....just sayin. good luck though.

Jan 3rd

Courtney Bradley

I feek like this whole episode was just a long infomercial 😕😔

Dec 28th

Melissa Platkowski

Ava gets that whole "truth bomb dropping thing" from her mama! LOOOOVE HER!

Jan 21st

Brittany Male

the. v b b b. **?

Sep 5th

Karri Starling

I've only listened to a few of your episodes, but I can relate SO MUCH to each one that I have heard. I can't wait to listen to more! 😊

Aug 23rd

Jennifer Mitchell

I enjoy your podcast but this episode was not very good. 6 minutes of explaining who homemakers are, then repeating your thoughts without offering anything concrete to learn was not the best content.

Aug 14th
Reply (1)

Sara Soeprasetyo

I absolutely LOVE this podcast! I love the honesty and how well it’s organized. I like how you call out the hot garbage and you help people recognize that they can do all the things with the right mindset!

Jul 14th

Megan McDonald

Wow. This was such a great episode and I feel pumped to jump back into new goals. I am starting with a week at a time and am excited to go from there.

Jun 20th
Reply (1)

Erin Zanidean

wow!!! I relate so much to this. thanks!!

Apr 28th
Reply (1)

Jen Neufeld

Really love this episode and all the great ideas on how to prep for a vacation.

Mar 13th


the best podcast I came across! i have 3 under 5 so it is a huge helper.

Nov 29th

Madison Petersen

The moment I heard your guest explain her type 2 bipolar I got emotional, because those symptoms are exactly what I have been experiencing lately! I was so excited to continue listening, and while I was happy to hear a lot of positive advice I was bummed that the discussion did not address tips on what to do in those moments of feeling sever discouragement. You mentioned having a task list of what to do in those less motivated moments, but I don’t recall any other sound advice. It’s those moments of despair that i still struggle with, and I think man, I am just incapable of motivating myself to do anything, so I’ll just sit here and watch tv forever and always. Maybe you can point me to a podcast where this has been addressed! Still love your stuff.

Aug 7th

kristy parten

This is my favorite episode of anything ever.

Jul 26th

Brittany Bell

Kendra is amazing! her sense of humor and straight-forward personality are so fresh and wonderful. Love her.

Jan 31st
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