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The Motherly Podcast features honest conversations about modern motherhood with inspiring leaders—who also happen to be mothers. These incredible women, like Kristen Bell, Sen. Tammy Duckworth, and Gabrielle Union, are helping to redefine motherhood, using their voices to uplift women with practical ideas and expert insights. Hosted each week by Liz Tenety, an award-winning journalist and co-founder of Motherly.

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DIY design queen Angela Rose has amassed a huge following for helping to make her home and others’ look like the ones we all love to pin on Pinterest but think we can never pull off or afford. In this episode, Angela talked to Liz about how her experience of raising a son with autism inspired her DIY journey and why she thinks women should have the confidence to pick up power tools. She also talked about seeing the potential in every situation, whether it is your home or your personal life.
In this inspiring first episode of Season 7 of the podcast, Cortney Novogratz, one half the home design duo, The Novogratz, and mother to seven kids, talks about how starting her company with her husband was a way to bring her career and her priorities as a mother together, so she never had to choose between work and family. In this moment where work and home is blurred for so many moms, Cortney offers advice on how to make “the new normal” work for you, regardless of your living situation.
Liz checks in with the editor and founding member of The Lily, The Washington Post’s publication that puts women at the center. Neema explains why we need publications like The Lily to tell these stories about women, why we need to show up for moms in the ways that matter, and why feminism isn’t a dirty word.
In honor of Women's History Month, we are celebrating trailblazing mothers all month. First, with an interview with Senator Tammy Duckworth (Illinois), one of the most prominent mothers in American government today, that we aired in our very first season of the podcast. In 2018, for the first time in history, Senator Duckworth got the U.S. Senate to agree on a vote to allow babies onto the Senate floor, so that she—and others in the future—could breastfeed while partaking in important votes. And in October 2019, we have her to thank for successfully passing the Friendly Airports for Mothers Act. Senator Duckworth is also a purple heart recipient and veteran of the Iraq War.
Black Women’s Health Imperative President & CEO, Linda Goler Blount, talks to Liz about her accomplished career, why the health of Black women is at a crisis-point, how her grandchild motivates her, and why scientific data matters when it comes to improving maternal mortality outcomes and other health disparities for Black women.The Black Women's Health Imperative provides a number of health resources on their website, including a number of the studies mentioned in the interview. You can visit to learn more.
Liz speaks with Refinery29’s Global Editor-in-Chief, Simone Oliver, about her new role, why she always gives people the benefit of the doubt, and how going to an all-girls school and then attending Howard, a historically black college, shaped her approach to her career and motherhood. She also offers tips on maternity and postpartum style, talks about her postpartum body, and explains why it is so important to embrace the transformation of motherhood through fashion.
Liz speaks with Raquel Roxanne Nowak, the founder and creative director of Matrescence, the first clean skincare line developed especially for motherhood. Raquel tells Liz about the shock she experienced post-pregnancy and how her desire to help other women navigate the transition inspired her to become a certified holistic nutritionist and prenatal health coach. Raquel also talks about her relationship with her mother influenced her career and life choices.
In this special episode, Liz talks with Gabrielle Union, Valerie Jarrett, Nic Stone, Harmonia Rosales, Jurnee Smollett, Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, Meena Harris, and LaTonya Yvette about the state of black motherhood in America. They tell her how they talk to their kids about racism, what makes them excited about the future, and how they are working to change the narrative for black mothers everywhere.
Liz speaks with Woman's Day Editor-in-Chief, Meaghan B. Murphy, about her new book, Your Fully Charged Life, which gives mamas concrete tips on how to inject more positivity and energy into their daily lives. Meaghan also talks about how the tragedy in her early years inspired her to take a more optimistic approach to life.
Liz speaks with certified sexological bodyworker, somatic experiencing practitioner, doula, and author, Kimberly Ann Johnson about postpartum sex, why our culture prioritizes productivity over pleasure, what makes female arousal special, and how mama’s can start asking for better sex from their partners.
Liz speaks with Alexa Von Tobel, former CEO and founder of personal finance website, LearnVest, current Founder and Managing Partner of Inspired Capital, and author of New York Times bestsellers Financially Fearless and Financially Forward about her mission to empower women to feel in control of their finances. Alexa also explains why it is so important for parents to model healthy behaviors for the kids when it comes to money.
Liz talks to Suzanne Tucker, positive parenting educator, physical therapist, and founder of Generation Mindful, which makes evidence-based toys and tools to help parents and educators teach kids emotional skills. Suzanne helps Liz understand her positive parenting approach and offers new ways to help kids manage tantrums and volatile emotions, as well as tips on staying present amidst parenting chaos.
There’s no doubt about it, 2020 was exhausting for moms everywhere. In Motherly’s State of Motherhood survey we even found that 97% of moms report feeling burnt out at least some of the time. To help moms reset for the New Year, Liz speaks with leading feminist, life coach, and author Bethany Webster, about her new book and how moms can unburden themselves, set better boundaries, and re-energize in 2021.
With families together stuck at home together during COVID-19, squabbling siblings are even more of an issue for most parents than ever before. In this episode, Liz speaks with clinical psychologist, positive parenting expert, and bestselling author Dr. Laura Markham on handling everything from fighting siblings to introducing a new child to your children.
In this episode, Liz speaks with professor, economist, and author Emily Oster about why the stress of early motherhood drove her to turn her economist lens on the conflicting ideas that come at us as new parents. Emily also talked about her COVID-19 School Response Dashboard and what it really tells us about kids and school during the pandemic.
Liz speaks with geneticist and hyperemesis gravidarum researcher Dr. Marlena Fejzo about her groundbreaking work on the condition that impacts six million women globally during pregnancy and is characterized by severe nausea, vomiting, weight loss, dehydration, and in severe cases, death. Dr. Fejzo also talks about her own tragic experience with HG and shares her thoughts on why she believes there is still so little research on women's health concerns.
In this episode, Liz speaks with Gabrielle Union, Maggie Patton, and Alex Buckley, who are all working together to grow Bitsy’s, their healthy food brand for kids, which was born out of a mission to address childhood obesity. We also happened to record the morning that Gabby and her husband were named two of Time Magazine's100 most influential people and Gabby shared how being a mother has inspired her to become a better global citizen and changemaker.
In this episode, Liz talks to Nic Stone, the bestselling young adult author of Dear Martin and the recently released Dear Justyce about creating a new narrative, not just in her fiction, but also through motherhood. Nic also talks about the pressures she initially put on herself for not being the stereotypical mom and explains how she managed to write her first book in the chaos of early motherhood.
Baby2Baby Co-CEOs Kelly Sawyer Patricof and Norah Weinstein talk to Liz about why they started their nonprofit that provides children who are living in poverty with basic necessities such as diapers, clothing, and school supplies. They also explain why COVID-19 has created a greater need than ever for supplies for families and offer guidance on what we can all do to help.
In this episode, Liz speaks with actress Candace Cameron Bure about her faith-based approach to raising her kids, why love and kindness are so core to her life philosophy, and what she learned from her "Full House" castmates. Candace also talked about the worthlessness she initially felt after she took a break from work to focus on raising her children and what she learned from that experience.
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Clara Olivera

great episode! may I suggest a guest?

Nov 21st

Andrea Shimkus

Senator Duckworth may have paved way for women who breastfeed but she should have no say in regards to unborn children and infant care. It is disgusting that a mother of two children supports not just abortion but late-term abortion, or in other words: to not give medical care to infants to live that are born after 21 weeks and a failed abortion as opposed to an infant born after 21 weeks but not attempted to abort and given medical care to live.

Mar 5th
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