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Author: Shayden J. Bertagnolli MS LMFT Anxiety, Relationship, Addiction Specialist

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Welcome to the Motyv Podcast, where we help you solve life's hardest problems. You want to be happy, but you also have very difficult problems in your life. Our mission is to help you solve your life's most difficult problems using therapeutic principles. As a licensed therapist, anxiety, addiction, and relationship expert, I'm tired of having solutions that only paying clients receive. It's time to share them. Supplement your experience by using our Self-Worth/Mood & Anxiety program. Purchase it at You can also buy it as a gift by emailing us at
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Does your life seem to be going by at warp speed; does everything right now seem really fast? In this episode, Shayden reads the book Tortoise And The Hare to teach his children, and all of us, the principle of pacing yourself. The slow/tiny decisions we make every day will change the course of our lives. This is a fun episode you can listen to with your kids!
“Active Listening” can be a misleading principle and a problem for many. I’ve found most people aren’t listening at all, or are actively listening for the wrong reasons. Make sure you know the secret nobody else is listening to, it’s here in this session and it will change your relationships for the better. 
Our mission at Motyv is to help you understand and accept your self-worth. Today we chat about the differences between self-worth and self-confidence and why both are important but not the same thing. This is one important discussion you don't want to miss out on!
On today's episode we hope to turn your view on New Year resolutions upside down! Join us as we debate this topic that leaves most people feeling frustrated and full of shame. We want to empower you to have the best New Year possible, setting your year up for success.
Blending two different lifestyles is like putting together a desk from Ikea; it’s confusing and the instructions are very vague. If you miss one piece the desk will be out of whack. This episode was a blast to record and brought out so much insight from both of our marriages. You will find the tools to be happier in whatever stage of marriage you are in, and understand one another with greater depth. 
Self-Worth is at the heart of all you do. If your worth is up and down, your security and sense of power in life will be as well. Today we talk about the worth cycle and how social media use can have a negative effect on your self-worth. Learn how to break this cycle and feel more empowered in protecting your worth. 
Sometimes saying no to yourself is the hardest test you will face. Do you find yourself being a slave to your own mind? If you don’t learn to master this concept, your emotions rather than your character can become your guiding force. Today we talk about how to break this cycle in your life helping you to become free from your anxieties and self-inflicted stresses. 
Tis the season! With the holidays upon us what will you choose to be your guiding focus; activities, traditions, family, joy? Join us as we discuss learning how saying no during the holidays can help make your celebrations more of what you want, and help you focus on what's really important. 
This episode is not just for parents the principle of saying no with kids, others, and friends is essential. Empathy is the cushion to make sure your expression of ‘no’ really sticks. Make sure you understand this principle and let it improve all your relationships and the choices you make in life.
Boundaries are hard because they’re vulnerable. Your boundaries are always inside you, but need to come out. This episode will help you understand how to do the work you need to do before you set boundaries, as well as how to set them. 
For some, saying no is as terrifying as killing the spider crawling down your wall. It’s not easy. But living life everyday without really getting what you want or doing what’s best is also not easy. Join us in a month-long focus of saying No, with greater authority and assertiveness.
Did you know that grief is happening in your life right now? It’s not just an emotion associated with death. It’s likely there are moods or mood swings you experience associated with unresolved grief. This affects your happiness. Listen as Shayden and Bri both open up about grief experiences in their life. Questions or Comments? Email us at info@motyvacademy.comCheck out our online courses at
Shayden shares how his baseball career came to an anxious end. You will relate in many ways to the mindset he had and how you can make sure you’re focused on the right intention. Life’s already difficult enough, so make yours easier. Your happiness depends on it and so do the people you love the most. Questions or Comments? Email us at info@motyvacademy.comCheck out our online courses at
We all know the stigma around therapy. Luckily the stigma is decreasing each year. However, we wanted to share with you how and what we are doing to help you get so much more out of “therapy.” Crazy enough, it’s actually an attempt at keeping you from coming to therapy by enabling you with education. Make sure to listen in, because you need to be part of the mission. 
Jesus wasn’t nice, he was kind. Most of you struggle being assertive and upfront with people and your boundaries. Don’t be any longer. Figure out how to be the person you want more often and less of the pleaser you grow tired of. This conversation will help. 
Productivity is a word we all use, but it’s a mentality we are all nearly addicted to. The productive mentality is a positive trait, but unbridled and misunderstood, can hurt your happiness. Shayden and Bri give extremely useful tips on how to refocus your mentality of productivity, making sure you like how you feel everyday.
Your mind is the compass of your existence. Know how to use it, or it will use you. You will hear and feel Shayden’s passion he has about the power of our thoughts. He relates it in many spiritual ways, helping you make sense of it on a different level. You don’t want to miss this one. Start now to fight the bully of your mind. 
ADD can be very easy to find. Other times, you won’t have a clue it’s there. Knowing and understanding your child is paramount in loving them through the difficult challenges ADD can create. This episode piggybacks on Episode #11 about ADD, giving you a more comprehensive look at how ADD works empowering you to be a better parent or caregiver.
In today's episode Shayden shares how his trip to Alaska changed his mindset, focus, and thinking. This insight and the process he teaches in this episode will enable you and help you break through why you’ve been stuck with certain problems in your life. 
There’s no sugar coating how difficult it is to be the person helping someone change an addiction. The scenarios and decisions to make are endless. Do I set boundaries? Do I just love? Do I get angry or mean? This episode jumps all over the map to answer questions caregivers often ask. You deserve the help. 
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