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Episode 22 Released!

Episode 22 Released!


On Episode Twenty Two, Sweetness takes a look at The Nightmare versions of the Khaza Dum Deluxe  box and the Dwarrodelf Cycle Quests! Or Direct Download:



Episode Twenty One: Sweetness takes a very timely look at Fire in the Night, the third quest in the Ered Mithrin Cycle! Or direct download:
At long last, Sweetness is back to recording! Episode Twenty-The Weather Hills released! Or Direct Download!  
An off topic look at the podcast itself, enjoy, or wait for the next episode when I go back to normal! Episode 19: A Short Of Topic Look at the Podcast Or Direct Download!
Episode 18 Released!

Episode 18 Released!


Episode 18: Deluxe Boxes Ranked! Or Direct Download:
Episode 17 released! On this episode: Sweetness takes a look at the TEN BEST Quests in the game! Or Direct Download:  
Episodes 15 and 16 Up!

Episodes 15 and 16 Up!


Episodes 15 and 16 up! Episode 15: Nightmare Shadows of Mirkwood Sweetness takes a look at the Nightmare Versions of The Shadows of Mirkwood Cycle! Or Direct Download: Episode 16: The Mumakil! Sweetness takes a look at the first quest in the Haradrim Cycle! Or Direct Download:
Episodes 12-14 Are Up!! Episode 12: The Withered Heath withered-heath Or Direct Download: Episode 13: The Grey Havens and Dreamchaser Cycle Retrospective Sweetness has a general discussion about the Grey Havens and The Dreamchaser Cycle. Or Direct Download Episode 14: Singular Episode, Top Ten Moments On this Episode Sweetness makes a … Continue reading Episodes 12-14 Released! →
New Episodes! EPISODE 10-The Dunland Trap In this Episode Sweetness looks at the first quest of the Ringmaker Cycle! Or Direct Download: Episode 11-Side Quests: Brace of Top Fives Sweetness looks at his 5 most difficult Side Quests and his 5 most thematic side quests! Or Direct Download
Episodes 7-9 Released!

Episodes 7-9 Released!


Once again the title says it all! Episode Seven: Escape From Umbar Sweetness takes a look at Escape from Umbar, the First Quest in the Sands of Harad Box set. Episode Eight: Sweetness has a Listo-palooza! Five top 3 lists! Beware they deal with things that range from annoyances to downright dislikes! We … Continue reading Episodes 7-9 Released! →
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