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Hi and welcome to the Movement and Mindfulness Podcast with me – Erica Webb of Erica Webb Yoga & Pilates. In this podcast I, along with my guests, will explore what it means to move as an act of self-kindness and self-discovery. We’ll look at the ways movement, mindfulness and mindset support us to be and do the things we so desire in the world. I truly believe that movement has the ability to expand our capacity to show up for the things that are important to us. And I’m here to help you embrace the idea of movement as a powerful tool for wellness, rather than just another thing you think you should be doing. I’m thrilled you’re here. Let’s do this.
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Hey friends, and welcome to episode 119 of The Movement and Mindfulness Podcast!Today I'm talking all about movement blindspots (or what we might refer to as sensory motor amnesia in the somatics world). We're covering:> What blindspots are and how they can contribute to tension and pain> How exploring our blindspots can help shift tension and allow us to feel more resilient and robust> The ways in which blindspots present (and why)> The curious parallels between movement blindspots and the other blindspots we might have as we navigate life and relationships.Tune in to find out more!As I mentioned in the episode, the doors to The Mindful Movement Virtual Studio are open until Saturday 2nd October 2021 (AEST). Curious about joining us? Find out more here. And if you're interested in working with me 1-1 to explore and shift your own movement blindspots, you can find out more here. Finally, come hang out with me on Instagram. You'll also find me over on my website and on Facebook.
What is this 'somatics' you speak of, Erica? I get this question a lot and, honestly, I thought I'd already done an episode on this, but it seems I may have been wrong! So ... let's dive in, shall we?In this episode I talk about what actually makes a movement 'somatic' and the theory behind what's happening when we 'pandiculate' (which is what somatics ultimately is). If you've been wondering what somatics is, this is the episode for you! Questions? Anything I said clear as mud? Come chat and let me know! You'll find me on my website, Instagram or FacebookFree full-length somatic sessionFree somatics workshop replay
Today on The Movement and Mindfulness Podcast, I'm chatting with my friend, Tara Carroll. Tara, who is a long-time member of The Mindful Movement Virtual Studio, is a stay-at-home-mum to her three year old daughter as well as being a yoga teacher.In our chat, we're talking about navigating challenges and how mindfulness, movement and self-kindness support Tara to do so. From grief and anxiety to parenting, home schooling and even the world of Instagram, this conversation is honest and insightful.I can't wait to share it with you.To connect with Tara, find her over on InstagramYou'll find the ted talk Tara referred to (Good morning, Tara, I love you) here: The Power of Mindfulness Ted Talk Video - Dr Shauna ShapiroTo connect with me, Erica, head to my website, Instagram or Facebook.
Hello friends! Today on The Movement and Mindfulness Podcast I'm offering some tips around how to get started with a movement or mindfulness practice in the midst of less-than-ideal circumstances.So often we want to wait for life to feel simpler and less stressful before we add another thing. And, I mean, that is LOGICAL. It makes absolute sense. What we're talking about today, though, is adding something that actually supports you to navigate the hard stuff, NOT to just add to the hard and the long list of 'shoulds'. This requires a bit of a perspective shift, to be sure. But I have some simple tips that I hope will help. Specifically, I'm talking about:> Why understanding your 'why' is so valuable> How to keep it simple > The difference between keeping it simple versus waiting for it to be easy> How to hold yourself to account with kindness, rather than holding yourself ransom with guilt.Tune in and, as always, I'd love you to come share your thoughts with me! You'll find me (Erica) over on my website, Instagram and Facebook.Curious about joining me inside The Mindful Movement Virtual Studio when the doors open to new members again in September? You can join the waitlist here so you're the first to know!And, finally, to join the Simple Shifts to Mindful Movement Habits newsletter, just head here.
Today on The Movement and Mindfulness Podcast I'm welcoming back the wonderful Claire Nettley - Coach, Teacher & Speaker, and the founder of Better Boundaries - to talk all about movement as a spiritual practice. In her work, Claire helps her clients to become more centred in who they really are, so they can show up fully in their lives and relationships without losing themselves, and that's exactly what we explore during our chat. In this conversation we dive (deep) into:> what spirituality is and is not (and how it's more than the stereotypes we're familiar with)> how and why we can get disconnected from ourselves and live our lives 'in our heads'> the importance of reconnection and inhabiting our bodies> how movement supported Claire in her exploration of her own self-connection and spirituality> the ways thinking and feeling can inform each other - as well as how they differ> why filling the 'hole in the soul' with external distractions doesn't work> the ways in which life gets better when we're more connected to ourselves and live more authentically> why connecting with ourselves is the first step to connecting with others> and more.Tune in to hear our full conversation. See below for the ways you can connect with Claire, including her upcoming course.Connect with Claire: Better Boundaries 8 Week Group Coaching Course (starts September 26 2021)The Art of Boundaries e-book downloadClaire's WebsiteInstagram  Facebook and LinkedInConnect with Erica via her website, Instagram or Facebook
"We tend to think that doing ‘right’ means doing ‘more’ and that isn’t always the case" - The Movement Maestro.Today on The Movement and Mindfulness Podcast, I'm taking inspiration from the above quote. Let's talk about how this shows up in our movement practice, and why we want to be paying attention.In this episode I cover:- why our conscious and subconscious beliefs about what is 'right' or 'enough' or 'acceptable' drive our movement practices and how that can impact our experience both on and off the mat- how remaining unconscious to these beliefs can disturb our ability to be self-kind and truly 'tune in' to what we need- how this ties in to self trust and trusting we can navigate discomfort- the difference between using self-kindness to opt out of discomfort versus navigating through it- the ways in which movement is also a self-discovery practice- why therapy is so valuable.Tune in to find out more!Come connect with me, Erica, here: WebsiteInstagramFacebook
In today's episode of The Movement and Mindfulness Podcast I'm chatting with Kelsey Weight - an accredited dietitian who helps people heal their relationship with food using intuitive eating and non-diet approaches to health and wellbeing.In our conversation we talk about:> what it means to heal our relationship with food with intuitive eating and non-diet dietetics> why we're so embedded in a 'food police', diet culture 'norm' of diet rules and restrictions> why food has no attached morality (and therefore why you're not good or bad for eating or not eating certain foods)> The difference between restriction/punishment versus focusing on how we feel and how we look after our body and self> The process of unlearning the messages diet culture has embedded> The importance of satisfaction and joy when it comes to food> and more.Tune in to listen to our full conversation!Connect with Kelsey:You can find Kelsey via Instagram and her website.About Kelsey:Kelsey is an Accredited Practising Dietitian who currently works in private practice, offering one-on-one consultations, and teaches in the tertiary education setting. Kelsey is compassionate and approachable with a genuine love of working with women to optimise their health and wellbeing, free of diet cultures rules and restriction.Like most nutrition professionals, Kelsey loves food- cooking it, eating it, growing it, talking about it! Her food philosophy is simple; to listen to her body and feed it what it needs. Kelsey endeavours to create a space for women that allows them to learn the skills to tunein to their incredible bodies and do the same.Kelsey is skilled in working with digestive health issues, as well as helping women heal their relationship with food using intuitive eating and non-diet approaches to health and wellbeing.Books Kelsey recommends:Intuitive EatingUnapologetic EatingAnti-DietJust Eat ItConnect with Erica via her website, Instagram and Facebook.
Have you heard/read that suggestion that 'the yoga pose you avoid is the one you need most?'I sure have. It's a common one. But is it true? That's exactly what I'm breaking down in today's episode of The Movement and Mindfulness Podcast. Tune in to hear:> why it's important to honour how you feel> the ways we avoid certain movements and why they might have a different impact on what we choose to do next> the reasons we would and wouldn't move toward what we're avoiding and why understanding the why is so important> why should is NEVER a good reason.I'd love to know what you think! Come connect with me via my website, Instagram or Facebook.
Resistance. You know that feeling, right? You decided that you want to do more yoga/meditation/walking/whatever and you feel great and motivated ... until you don't. All of a sudden you're like 'I don't feel like it' or 'I don't want to' or 'I have no time'. Resistance. Ooof.Moving through resistance can be one of the kindest things you can do for yourself but - and it's a big but - the way you move through it matters. Will you move through with kindness or as an act of punishment? In today's episode of The Movement and Mindfulness Podcast I'm sharing with you how moving through resistance in a punishing way might look and feel and how you can, instead, do so with kindness. Tune in to hear more!Then come find me and share your thoughts. You'll find me on my website, Instagram and Facebook. Want to know more about me and how I help people move well? You can find that information right here and read more about how we can work together 1-1 here.
Today I am beyond thrilled to introduce my guest, Lisa Petersen to The Movement and Mindfulness Podcast!Lisa is my somatics teacher and someone who has had a profound impact on my life as both a movement teacher and human. In our chat together, Lisa shares:> what somatics is, explores and supports> the value of mixing modalities (and why somatics is often her movement tool of choice for clients experiencing pain)> Why she ultimately sees what she does as 'teaching people to trust themselves'> the role of agency and how somatics allows us to tap into that to help ourselves> the important distinction between the collective experience and our individual experiences - and why getting in touch with the latter is key to changing our experience of things like pain and tension> what embodied anatomy is and how it can support our movement practice. Tune in to hear our full conversation! About Lisa:Lisa Petersen is a Yoga Teacher, Therapist, and Somatic Movement Educator based in Ireland. With nearly two decade’s teaching experience and a BSc. (Hons) in Communications, Lisa is known for her clarity, presence, humour and passion. She offers workshops and teacher training in Yoga, Somatics and embodied anatomy internationally. You can connect with Lisa via her website. Also find her on Instagram.Mentioned in this episode:> The work of Donna Farhi> Thomas Hanna and Hanna Somatics> Amy Matthews - Embodied Asana Connect with Erica via her website, Instagram and Facebook. 
Ok, so you're looking to move your body more frequently, but the HOW and WHAT is proving elusive. So you look to see what others are doing for inspiration. Some of them swear by getting up at 5am. Some are hard-core believers in 'the plan' (e.g. putting it in the calendar). Others have their own proven method that is guaranteed to work. But are any of these 'right' for you?There's a fine line indeed between watching what others do for inspiration versus allowing it to fuel a guilt and shame spiral when you don't find it to be a good fit. So how do we find our own best fit? That's what we're talking about today! Tune in to find out why it helps to expect resistance when we're trying something new, and why it's important to navigate the distinction between resistance and a poor fit. Connect with me, Erica, on Instagram and Facebook.Interested in learning more about working with me 1-1? Head here to read more. 
Today I'm welcoming Natalia Walker from Inner Creative to The Movement and Mindfulness Podcast to talk all about unlocking our inspiration and the 'doubly smart' approach to setting goals that make us happy.What really excited me about my conversation with Natalia was her approach to goal-setting that centers self-care around the goals themselves, rather than the traditional techniques that often rely on (or result in) push, punishment, guilt and shame.Specifically, Natalia shares with us her unique take on SMART goal setting (it's not what you think and Natalia's take on this is INSPIRING!) and how ensuring that we are supported (internally and externally) in our pursuit of what makes us happy is vital in the process.Natalia shares:> why self-kindness doesn't equate to laziness> why knowing what makes us happy is important (but maybe also not immediately obvious)> the importance of starting small when it comes to moving toward our goals> the role of creating a 'container' to support our goal pursuits> how we can work with our 'resistance to starting' and her approach to failure (it's not the end of the road)> how we can use our body as a barometer and the importance of noticing how we feel.All this and more! I loved chatting with Natalia and am thrilled to share this conversation with you.More about Natalia: Inner Creative is all about empowering you to harness your creativity and inner wisdom, so you can create a life or business that feels more inspired and authentic to you. Live and work to your fullest potential! You can find out more about Natalia and her work via her website.Find Erica on her website, on Instagram and Facebook.
Lots of us are used to doing THE MOST or at least believing we have to do THE MOST when it comes to movement and exercise for it to count. And, while I'm all for a focused movement and exercise session, believing that this is the only way can really do us a disservice when it comes to living with less tension and more ease.What I'm talking about today is a perspective shift around movement and exercise - one that takes into account how important regular movement is, EVEN when those regular movements are small or take very little time.We talk about how these ideas, of doing a lot OR a little can coexist happily, and why we might want to subscribe to that approach. After listening, you might find yourself scrambling over the rocks on your next walk or finding fun movement opportunities while your kids play mini golf ... Tune in to hear more! Visit the Erica Webb Yoga & Pilates website and come connect with me on Instagram and Facebook.Find out more about The Mindful Movement Virtual Studio here. The doors are currently open to new members and we'd love you to join us! Doors close Sunday 11th July 2021.
So happy to welcome Jessica Patching-Bunch back to The Movement and Mindfulness Podcast! Jess joined me back on episode 70 to talk all about stress resilience and today we're picking up the conversation and talking about the internal stress we experience from self-judgement. Self-judgement is a thing. Do you do it? I do. And it can be incredibly stressful. So, what can we do about it?In this episode I chat with Jess and she shares with us:> how self doubt, shame and blame impact our ability to trust that we can manage external threat and stress> how our nervous system 'learns' from our reactions to stress (and how we can use this to our advantage)> the importance of understanding what variables we can manage and how to use the breath to help us manage both our psychology and physiology in response to stress> why practising in the 'off season' can help us in times of stress> why we want to complete the stress cycle daily (and how to do that)> why small windows of time and simple practices count!Tune in to hear our full conversation, then come connect with us and share your thoughts!Find Jess via her website and Instagram and tune into her podcast - Brain Body Resilience and tune into our previous episode of The Movement and Mindfulness Podcast (ep 70)Find Erica via her website, Instagram and Facebook.
If you're anything like me, even as an adult, you often feel like you need 'permission' or validation or confirmation that you're 'doing it right' when it comes to movement and self kindness and self-care. For whatever reason, we have this way of outsourcing the assessment of our capacity to do something (a great example is waiting for the yoga teacher to tell you to inhale or exhale while you patiently hold your breath ...)And yet, we also know that WE are the ultimate authority when it comes to our self and our body. We know we want to and CAN foster our capacity to listen and respond to our body. But how? And how do we balance this with seeking direction and advice from professionals and teachers we trust?In this episode I talk about why we might want to get a little bit more comfortable with the idea of doing things without guaranteed results. Yep, we're talking about experimenting with movement. Mentioned in this episode:Simple Shifts to Mindful Movement Habits Newsletter. Click to sign up.The Mindful Movement Virtual Studio. Doors are opening at the end of June 2021. Head here to join the waitlist and be among the first to know!Find me (Erica) on my website, Instagram and Facebook.
Today Lori Curran of The Humble Nook joins me to talk about motherhood and how it has changed us, challenged us and transformed us (and continues to do so!) In our candid conversation we chat about:> the impact of our own expectations - what we told ourselves we should be doing, feeling and achieving> how feeling scrutinised impacts our experience> feeling lost and how we each navigated this> the impact of post-baby (and pre-baby) body-image> the ways movement and exercise sometimes hindered us from feeling good in our bodies (and the times they helped)> the impact of feeling 'not enough'> understanding the role of agency and choice and being honest about what we really need.It should be noted that this conversation is potentially triggering and is in no way intended as advice or therapy. If you are struggling and need support, you can contact the following organisations:Lifeline: 13 11 14Beyond Blue: 1300 22 4636PANDA (Perinatal mental health): 1300 726 306Learn more about Lori and her work on her website and Instagram.Find Erica on her website, Instagram and Facebook.You can also tune into episode 54 of The Movement and Mindfulness Podcast when Lori was a guest for the first time.Remember - your subscriptions, ratings and reviews mean so much! You can leave one on Apple Podcasts and subscribe wherever you tune in.
Comparison. It's a trap! Comparison can take multiple forms, but it consistently robs us of:> staying present with what is true for us> moving in the direction of what we want and how we want to feel (rather than striving to catch up with the comparison)> things that have the potential to bring us joy (but we never get started because ... comparison).Tune in to find out how these four types of comparison can get in our way:> comparison with others> comparison with what we think is 'better'> comparison with our past self> comparison with what we 'wish' for (and how this is different to a goal)Plus, we'll talk about what to  do instead of following that comparison-itis down the beaten track.Loved it? Share it with a friend! And remember to leave a rating and review (and subscribe!).You can come find me - Erica - and share your thoughts with me via my website, Instagram or Facebook.
Consistency. It's like the thing we aspire to, but that can feel so far out of reach. But, there's a reason consistency is so important ... when we're consistent it means that we're doing something frequently over time. It doesn't mean we do it at 110% every single day, it actually means we've found practical and sustainable ways to make it work in our real lives.Today on The Movement and Mindfulness Podcast we're talking about consistency from two angles:1. What it means to be consistent and how we can support ourselves to that place and, 2. Why stopping, pausing, taking a break or evolving can be PART of our consistent practice, not evidence of our inconsistency.Tune in then come share your thoughts and ideas with me. You can visit me at my website, on Instagram or Facebook.And remember: if you're enjoying the podcast, I'd so appreciate it if you took the time to subscribe, rate and review the show!Thanks for being here, friends.
Selflessness. Is it something you aspire to? It's certainly something we, as a society, have put on a pedestal as something to aspire to. But is there a chance it's actually getting in our way and holding us back? You bet. I've got a fire under me about this one because in one breath we're told to be selfless and in the next we're told to look after ourselves. How?So, in this episode of The Movement and Mindfulness Podcast we're talking about:> how this supposed 'virtue' stops us before we even begin when it comes to self-care and self-kindness> how selflessness is standing between you and feeling good> how to use your yoga and movement practice to explore stepping out of this paradigm> why I'm inviting you (and I) to stop contributing to the narrative that to be selfless is to be praised.Tune in and then come share your thoughts with me! I'd love to hear them.You can find me at my website, on Instagram and Facebook.Mentioned in the episode:Movement as Self-Kindness: A WorkshopSaturday 5th June 2021 in Blackburn, Melbourne (Australia). Click here for more details and to book.
Um, can you believe it? We're at episode ONE HUNDRED of The Movement and Mindfulness Podcast! That's bonkers-bananas!I ummed and ahhed about how to mark the occasion. I asked my Insta-crew what I should do. The most common suggestion was a 'get to know Erica' episode. I felt weird about that, so I've melded a bit of 'get to know you' with 5 (transferrable) lessons learned from 100 episodes of podcasting.In this episode I share:> Why jumping in is often a wise move> The importance of commitment over motivation> The important distinction between commitment and punishment and why it's important to know when to change gears> The role of joy> Why 'Just keep going' is so valuableAs well as 5 things you might not know about me. Things that influence my WHY and HOW around teaching movement and self kindness. They include:> Why I've always been willing to take a different path> The role of words and dreams> My personal experience with self-kindness (it didn't start from self-love)> How 'not fitting in' supported me to carve my own path> The traditional yoga practices I don't teach or practice myself.Like the podcast? I'd be so grateful for your ratings and reviews! Know someone who might like it too? Share it with them!Find Erica:WebsiteInstagramFacebook
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