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It is the biggest episode of the year as we celebrate the greatness of the 2022 movie year. Both Scott and Christopher list their top ten best movies of 2022. It s a packed episode, and it has whole bunch of great movies to recommend for movie fans to track down.
It has been a great movie year, but we haven't been able to avoid some really bad movies as well. Christopher and Scott each list their top ten most painful movie watching experiences this year. It is the rise of streaming movies, which means there were several lifeless pictures that seem just getting a star attached was enough. This is not a week to look for recommendations, but rather what movies should be avoided from 2022.
This week Scott Martin and Christopher Spicer both list the ten movies that they feel are either much better than their reputation, should have been had far more box office success, or should be far more known. It is the Underrated Movies episodes as they champion movies that they hope more listeners will track down.
Before they delve into the year-end episondes, Scott and Christopher look at some of the major highs and lows of the fall movie season by discussing some movies they haven't had a chance to review on the show, including 'She Said', 'Black Panther: Wakanda Forever' and 'Smile'.
Scott Martin and Christopher Spicer deep dive into what is considered a holiday comedy classic in 'Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.'
The Breakdown of Enemy Mine

The Breakdown of Enemy Mine


This week Christopher and Scott delve into the 1985 cult hit, 'Enemy Mine.' The discuss why they loved it as kids, what still holds up today, how it stood out among other sci-fi at the time, and all the major aspects of the movie. It is an over hour deep dive.
We dig into the vault to rerun our deep-dive review and analysis of 2015's The Force Awakens back when it was a new realese, and the future of Star Wars on Disney was unknown but exciting.
This week Scott and Christopher discuss the success of original ideas, the obsession with IP and the possible future of big studio movies.
It is a revisit this week, as we were unable to record a new episode. We go all the way back to 2018 where we explored the power of nostalgia and how our love of movies was shaped through the years.
It is the annual tradition of digging into our Halloween buckets and pulling our four horror movies. We have the latest spooky stop-motion feature in 'Wendell & Wild'. We also have a lesser known Wes Craven picture considered a cult classic in 'The People Under the Stairs.' We also have a picture that launched a massive franchise in 'Saw;. We cap it off with a Brian De Palma sci-fi horror picture from the late 1970s in 'The Fury'.
A big episode this week as Christopher and Scott review the latest massive superhero picture in the Dwayne Johnson starring 'Black Adam'. We also have a Paul Feig directed fantasy adventure in 'The School of Good & Evil'. We then have a slow-building thriller based on true events in 'The Stranger'. We cap off with an in-depth documentary about the 2008 men's US basketball team in 'The Redeem Team.'
This week is loaded up with three big reviews of 2022 releases, and a celebration of an icon. Christopher and Scott discuss the big new horror release in 'Halloween Ends', Then it is a romcom with a Shakespearean twist in 'Rosaline.' There is also a horror movie based on a meme in 'Grimcutty.' Finally, they pay tribute to legend Angela Lansbury.
This week hosts Christopher Spicer and Scott Martin review the first horror movie of the season with the adaptation of Stephen King's 'Mr. Harrigan's Phone.' They also discuss a movie delving into an adult dealing with trauma from their teen years in the Mila Kunis starring 'Luckiest Girl Alive.' Plus, Christopher reviews the star-studded quirky mystery in 'Amsterdam.'
A packed show this week with four big 2022 releases, including the almost three decades in the making family horror comedy, 'Hocus Pocus 2'. We also have a drama that some may consider horrific in the fictional take on Marilyn Monroe's life in 'Blonde'. We also have the gay romantic comedy in Bros. We cap it off with the latest Tyler Perry directorial effort in 'The Jazzman's Blues.'
This week is loaded up with four movie reviews. Hosts Christopher and Scott discuss the Allison Janney starring action thriller in 'Lou.' They also go all in on anime with the fantasy adventure 'Drifting Home.' They also look at a musical drama in 'I Used to Famous.' Then Christopher does a solo review of the Olivia Wilde directed 'Don't Worry Darling.'
The latest episode is crammed with five big movie reviews including the Viola Davis historical epic, 'The Woman King.' There are also reviews for a teenage comedy, a Queen Latifah starring thriller, and a drama based on true events. We do apologize for significant backgroudn noise, but it still the usual movie talk goodness.
This hosts Christopher Spicer and Scott Martin delve into three movies including the latest horror picture in 'Barbarian.' They also discuss the live-action Pinocchio remake and a new Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg comedy. As well, they pay tribute to German filmmaker Wolfgang Peterson who directed some of the biggest hits of the 1980s and '90s.
The summer is over, and Christopher and Scott look back at our first real summer movie season since 2019. They look at the massive hit that was 'Top Gun: Maverick', the health of the movie theatres, the diversity of the season, and their favourite movies.
This week hosts Christopher Spicer & Scott Martin look at how major genres like action. horror, and comedy has changed over the decades. They also look at what genres work best on streaming services.
This week Christopher and Scott go down nostalgia lane to discuss the moments, the people, and the events that led them to be lifetime movie fans. A great show if you love that personal touch and want to get to know the hosts of over 466 episodes better.
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