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A weekly podcast where the dark, and sometimes weird, true stories in American politics are discussed.
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Hillary and Tina cover Mutiny in Space and John Joe Gray. Hillary’s Story In 1973, NASA sent astronauts to the Skylab space station. BUT when they stop contact with ground control, many wondered if it was an act of rebellion. Tina’s Story John Joe Gray is a self proclaimed sovereign citizen who doesn’t believe in Federal authority. BUT after an arrest, he ends up leading the longest armed standoff in US history. Sources Hillary's Story Astronomy Was there really a “mutiny” aboard the Skylab space station? ( Doug Adler BBC Skylab: The myth of the mutiny in space ( NASA The Real Story of the Skylab 4 “Strike” in Space ( Skylab Astronaut Gerald "Jerry" Carr Dies at 88 ( Smithsonian Mutiny in Space: Why These Skylab Astronauts Never Flew Again ( Kat Eschner Space Center Houston Skylab 4: The Last Mission ( Wikipedia Gerald Carr (astronaut) ( Sklab 4 ( Photos Skylab 4 Crew - From Left: Carr, Gibson, and Pogue ( Wikimedia Commons via Smithsonian Magazine Skylab Space Station ( NASA via Astronomy Pogue (L) and Carr on Skylab ( NASA/Public Domain via Wikipedia Tina's Story The Bulletin The longest standoff in America' almost 15 years ( Manny Fernandez The Chronicle Authorities ignore fugitive holed up on Texas land for 11 years ( Steve Campbell The Daily Mail Gun-loving patriarch who locked his family away on his ranch for a 15 YEAR standoff with cops is now under investigation AGAIN as it's revealed he hasn't paid taxes in a decade ( Alexandra Klausner Dallas Observer Between heaven and hell ( Carlton Stowers The Tex Files ( Carlton Stowers Embassy of Heaven John Joe Gray ( Independent Texas cult stand-off ( Palestine Herald-Press East Texas stalemate persists as suspect avoids police ( Southern Poverty Law Center Famous standoffs between authorities and extremists have lasted up to 81 days. But in Texas, one man is going for a new record ( Photos John Joe Gray Mugshot ( County Sheriff's Office via The Huffington Post The Gray Family in 2016 ( via Fort Worth Star Telegram/YouTube Sign Posted at Gray Ranch ( via Fort Worth Star Telegram/YouTube
Tina and Hillary cover the former NY senator Hiram Monserrate and Florida vs Pitts/Lee. Tina’s Story Hiram Monserrate moved quickly from the New York City Council to the New York State Senate. BUT it was his quick temper that led to his political demise. Hillary’s Story In 1963, two black men in Florida were wrongfully convicted of murder. BUT even when evidence clears them of the deed, racism and bigotry delayed commuting their sentence. Sources Tina's Story Associated Press NY Senate votes to expel convicted lawmaker ( Daily Politics Monserrate convicted of misdemeanor ( Bill Hammond Gotham Gazette Hiram Monserrate Has No Place in Elected Office ( Nydia Velazquez New York Daily News Bloomberg: Monserrate's Actions 'Disgraceful, Despicable, Deplorable' ( The New York Observor (Politicker NY) Mad-Dog Councilman Champions No Man's Land ( Katharine Jose The New York Post Dems say ex-con Monserrate has real shot to win old Council seat ( Michael Gartland and Carl Campanile The New York State Senate Hiram Monserrate ( The New York Times Monserrate Is Cleared of Felonies ( Ralph Blumenthal Monserrate Gets 2 Years in Prison for Misusing City Funds ( Colin Moynihan New York Senate Expels Monserrate Over Assault ( Jeremy W. Peters Rallying Around a Politician Charged With Assault ( Anne Barnard People Pill Hiram Monserrate ( Syracuse State Sen. Hiram Monserrate partly acquitted in domestic abuse case ( The Associated Press Vote Hiram Monserrate About Page ( Photos Hiram Monserrate (×tamp=1453497123)--New York State Senate (Public Domain) Hiram Monserrate announcing return to Democratic caucus in NY Senate ( Austin512 (CC BY-SA 3.0) Hillary's Story Death Penalty Information Center The 13 other survivors and their stories ( Sydney P. Freedberg Local 10 News Black Florida man wrongly convicted of murder in 1960s dies at age 83 ( Sanela Sabovic The National Registry of Exonerations Wilbert Lee ( The New York Times ‘It's Over’ for 2 Wrongly Held 12 Years ( James T. Wooten Orlando Sentinel Pitts and Lee: For 25 years, denial of compensation shamed Florida ( Sun Sentinel Wilbert Lee, wrongly convicted of murder, dies at 83 ( Howard Cohen Wikipedia Pitts and Lee v. Florida ( Witness to Innocence Freddie Lee Pitts (1937-2020) ( Photos Pitts (L) and Lee leaving a court hearing in 1969 ( AP via The Sun Sentinel Lee and Pitts leaving their second murder trial ( Florida Memory Lee and Pitts at FL Legislature in 1998 ( by Don Edgar/AP via The Sun Sentinel
Hillary and Tina cover the 1951 Bagel Strike and former Dawson, GA mayor, Christopher Wright. Hillary’s Story Bagels have been a staple in the US since the late 19th Century. BUT a famine hits when Bagel workers strike for more dough. Tina’s Story Christopher Wright made history as Dawson Georgia’s youngest mayor in 2012. But it’s the actions that led Wright down the wrong path that ended in an indictment. Sources Hillary's Story Atlas Obscura The Forgotten History of New York’s Bagel Famines ( Natasha Frost Harvard Review The Rise and Fall of the Bagel ( Matthew Goodman via JSTOR The New York Times Bagel Famine Threatens in City; Labor Dispute Puts Hole in Supply ( Untapped Cities THE NOTORIOUS BAGEL FAMINES OF NEW YORK CITY ( Victoria Choe Wikipedia Bagel Bakers Local 338 ( Working Class History On this day, 31 January 1957 ( Photos Bagel Shop in NY ( Bower Boy History Bagel Baker in Queens, 1963 ( by Dan Gross/AP via Atlas Obscura Local 338 Bagel Union Card (,h_150,al_c,q_80,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01/6fd53d_0b04ff63f9414b82b201e5d4a203c118.jpg)--by Noshman's Bagels Bagel Machine at Lender's Bagel ( Carl Lender/CC BY 2.0 via Atlas Obscura Tina's Story 11 Alive Dawson mayor indicted on child molestation charges ( Adrianne Haney Albany Herald Dawson Mayor Christopher Wright suspended from office ( Jennifer Parks Fox 31 Dawson inaugurates youngest mayor in city history ( Jessica Fairley Georgia Bureau of Investigation Christopher Wright, Mayor of Dawson, Indicted on Child Molestation ( Georgia Followers Mayor of Dawson Chris Wright Shot and Forgotten ( Jeremy Jones WALB 10 News Albritten wins Dawson mayor race ( Dawson mayor cited for impersonating an officer ( Kristen Pozar Keeter Ex-Dawson mayor sentenced on sex convictions ( Former Dawson city manager enters pleas ( Man pleads guilty in mayor's shooting, claims city manager paid him ( Amanda Hoskins Terrell Co. man convicted of sexual molestation ( Dave Miller WTVM 9 MORE DETAILS: Dawson mayor shot six times, now speaks out ( Cheryl Renee Photos Christopher Wright ( via News 3 Owen Parnacott Mug Shot ( via WALB 10 Christ
Tina and Hillary cover former Kinloch, MO mayor Keith Conway and NJ Transportation Commissioner John Sheridan. Tina’s Story Keith Conway served as Kinloch, Missouri mayor for 12 years. BUT when he served himself to Kinloch’s money, he lost his seat and freedom. Hillary’s Story Republican John Sheridan served as NJ Transportation commissioner until 1985 before becoming CEO of Cooper University Hospital and chair of Cooper’s Ferry Partnership. BUT his suspicious death in 2014 led to an investigation that remains unsolved today. Sources Tina's Story Columbia Daily Tribune Burb’s acting mayor left with a mess ( Mayor banned from City Hall ( Deseret News Mayor who stole from town gets 21 months in prison ( FBI St. Louis Division (US Attorney's Office) Kinloch Mayor Keith Conway Pleads Guilty to Fraud, Embezzlement, and Witness Tampering ( Kinloch Mayor Keith Conway Sentenced for Fraud, Embezzlement, and Witness Tampering (,Florida%20vacation%20condominium%20timeshare%3B%20and) Five on Your Side Former Kinloch mayor sentenced for falsifying documents ( Fox 2 Now Former Kinloch mayor indicted for lying about employment records ( Riverfront Times Feeding Frenzy ( Elizabeth Vega Former Kinloch Mayor Keith Conway Sentenced to 21 Months in Prison ( Albert Samaha Keith Conway, Disgraced Kinloch Mayor, Pleads Guilty to Three Charges ( Sarah Fenske Vice The City Next to Ferguson Is Even More Depressing ( Ben Westhoff Photos Former Kinloch mayor, Keith Conway ( by Jennifer Silverberg via Riverfront Times Andolora Marshall on Dais ( via St. Louis Post Dispatch Hillary's Story Fox 5 via YouTube DEAD END - A New Jersey Political Murder Mystery podcast profiled ( Gothamist Detectives believed John and Joyce Sheridan died in a murder-suicide. Here’s the evidence that contradicts that theory. ( Nancy Solomon These are the key people in the John and Joyce Sheridan murder investigation ( Nancy Solomon Intelligencer The Knife Twist ( Colin Moynihan My Central New Jersey Sheridan sons hire pathologist to solve parents' deaths ( The New York Times At 73, He Adds New Jersey Hit Man to His Criminal Résumé ( Ed Shanahan Prosecutors Open New Inquiry Into Mysterious Deaths of Prominent Couple ( Tracey Tully Who Killed the Sheridans? ( Michael Sokolove Family of John Sheridan asks authorities to explore possible link between deaths and murder-for-hire-plot ( Ted Sherman Observer Prosecutor rules Sheridan case a murder/suicide; sons slam ‘bungled’ investigation ( Max Pizarro Politico AG opens up the Sheridan case ( Matt Friedman Wikipedia Deaths of John and Joyce Sheridan ( Photos John and Joyce Sheridan ( the Sheridan Family via The Sheridan Children ( Stefan Ruiz via The New York Times Home of John and Joyce Sheridan ( Mel Evans/AP Photo via Fox News George Bratsenis ( Connecticut Department of Corrections/AP via The New York Times
In this week’s year end special, Tina and Hillary answer questions and chat about the year ahead. For show notes and links to our sources, please click here (
Tina and Hillary cover US District Court Judge Esther Salas and former US House representative from Ohio, Wayne Hays. Tina’s Story Esther Salas was appointed to the United States District Court of New Jersey in 2011 and loved serving on the bench. BUT tragedy strikes when a plaintiff decides to be judge, jury, and executioner. Hillary’s Story By the book US House rep Wayne Hays was a powerful congressman who became known for his notoriously mean attitude. BUT when a spurned lover speaks out, it closes the book on his career. Sources Hillary's Story AP News Wayne Hays, Former Congressman, Dead ( History, Art, and Archives (US House of Representatives) HAYS, Wayne Levere ( Los Angeles Times House Career Ended by Elizabeth Ray Scandal : Ex-Rep. Wayne L. Hays of Ohio ( The New York Times Wayne L. Hays of Ohio Dies at 77; Scandal Ended Career in Congress ( Time (Archive) Indecent Exposure on Capitol Hill ( The Washington Post Closed Session Romance on the Hill ( Marion Clark and rudy Maxa Wikipedia Elizabeth Ray ( Wayne Hays ( WVXU Of Ohio's Many Political Scandals, These Are 9 Of The Worst ( Howard Wilkinson Photo Wayne Hays ( US Congress via Public Domain Elizabeth Ray (!/format/webp/quality/90/? by Henry Griffin/AP via WVXU Tina's Story ABC7 'Love is light' Judge Esther Salas marks 1 year since son Daniel's murder ( ABC 30 Judge Esther Salas, whose son was killed at NJ home, speaks out about new bill to protect judges ( Danielle Genet & Alexandria Goodson Suspected gunman who killed Judge Esther Salas' son disparaged her as a Latina ( Meredith Deliso CBS News Federal judge whose son was killed in ambush: "My son's death cannot be in vain" ( Tracy Smith Killer's misogyny started in third grade when he tried to forcibly kiss girls in his class ( Gail Abbott Zimmerman CNN Attorney who was found dead named as primary suspect in fatal shooting at federal judge’s home ( Evan Perez, Brynn Gingras, Amir Vera, and Eric Levenson The Guardian 'Anti-feminist' lawyer suspected of shooting judge's family found dead ( My Central New Jersey North Brunswick shooter suspect Roy Den Hollander's manifesto: 'Kill a Feminazi — save a child' ( Nick Muscavage New Jersey Monthly Immigration Stories: Esther Salas ( New Jersey Spotlight News Rand Paul refuses to meet NJ judge whose son was murdered, blocks judge security bill again ( Raven Santana The New York Times Inside the Violent and Misogynistic World of Roy Den Hollander ( Nicole Hong, Mihir Zaveri, and William K. Rashbaum Suspect in Death of N.J. Judge’s Son Is Linked to California Killing ( Nicole Hong, William K. Rashbaum, Mihir Zaveri, and Katherine Rosman NPR WLRN An Attacker Killed A Judge's Son. Now She Wants To Protect Other Families ( Nina Totenberg Judge Esther Salas Remembers The Night Of Assailant's Attack On Her Family ( Nina Totenberg People Judge Esther Salas Says It's 'Bittersweet' Returning to Work 7 Months After Her Son Was Killed ( Eric Todisco The State of New Jersey Governor Murphy Signs "Daniel's Law" ( Photos Judge Esther Salas ( Public Domain Roy Den Hollander ( Hollander's website via The New York Times Marc Angelucci during an interview in The Red Pill ( Cassie Jaye and Jaye Bird Productions via Fair Use
Hillary and Tina cover former US House Rep from Louisian Bob Livingston and former tax collector Joel Greenberg. Hillary’s Story As a US House Rep. Bob Livingston took an understated approach. BUT when he vies for the prominent Speaker of the House position, his undercover exploits come to light. Tina’s Story Joel Greenberg ran as a Trump-like figure who would stop corruption in Seminole County, FL. BUT when he misuses funds for a litany of illicit activities, he’s taxed with corruption and pays a hefty price. Sources Hillary's Story The Advocate Former Congressman Bob Livingston emerges as figure in Trump's Ukraine saga ( Elizabeth Crisp KellyWurx Rep. Bob Livingston Shocking Resignation ( KellyWurx via YouTube Bob Livingston, former Louisiana congressman, to publish political memoir ( Drew Broach Washington Post Larry Flynt, Investigative Pornographer ( Howard Kurtz Livingston Rejected GOP Advice ( Eric Pianin Livingston Quits as Speaker-Designate ( Eric Pianin Wikipedia Bob Livingston ( Photos Bob Livingston (!/quality/90/? by Dennis Cook/AP via Politico Bob Livingston and his wife, Bonnie ( by Matt Ross/Times-Picayune archive via Bob Livingston Resigning on the US House Floor ( Washington Post Larry Flynt ( Mark Ralston/AFP via Getty Images Tina's Story ABC News Matt Gaetz associate Joel Greenberg gets 11 years as probe into congressman stalls, sources say ( Will Steakin Click Orlando Bribery, fraud, sex: What we know about the cases Joel Greenberg is involved in ( Christie Zizo Joel Greenberg admits to paying teen for sex, introducing her to other men, documents show ( Merris Badcock Joel Greenberg’s estranged wife appears in Matt Gaetz rap video ( Mike DeForest CNN Joel Greenberg sentenced to 11 years after cooperating with federal probe into Matt Gaetz ( Marshall Cohen Government Technology Seminole County, Fla., Becomes First to Try Taking Payment by Bitcoin — Sort of ( Ben Miller The New York Times Former Gaetz Confidant Is Sentenced to 11 Years in Prison ( Eric Adelson and Michael S. Schmidt Orlando Sentinel Seminole Tax Collector Joel Greenberg didn't break law by pulling over speeding motorist, prosecutor says ( Martin Comas Seminole County Tax Collector Joel Greenberg gives $3.5 million in consultant contracts, salaries to friends and associates ( Lauren Ritchie Politico The congressman and his wingman ( Marc Caputo United States Attorney's Office Former Seminole County Tax Collector Joel Micah Greenberg Pleads Guilty To Multiple Federal Offenses ( UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT MIDDLEDISTRICT OF FLORIDA ORLANDO DIVISION United States of America v. Joel Micah Greenberg ( WESH 2 Former Seminole County tax collector Joel Greenberg to pay $1.8M in restitution ( WFTV9 Joel Greenberg: Disgraced former Seminole County tax collector sentenced to 11 years ( Q McCray, James Tutten, and Sarah Wilson Joel Greenberg: Former tax collector to pay Seminole County nearly $1.3M ( Jeff Levkulich and Sarah Wilson Photos Joel Greenberg ( Office of the Seminole County Tax Collector (Public Domain) Sentencing of Greenberg ( via Click Orlando Gaetz, Greenberg, and DeSantis ( @tominahonen/Twitter via SportsKeeda
Tina and Hillary cover former New York senator, Pedro Espada, Jr. and the Terri Schiavo Case. Tina’s Story Pedro Espada served in the NY Senate beginning in 1993. But when his high rolling lifestyle doesn’t match up to a civil servant’s pay, an investigation is launched. Hillary’s Story Terri Schiavo’s suffered a massive heart attack at just 27 years old. BUT the politics of the case led to a nationwide debate that ends up before SCOTUS. Sources Tina's Story Bronx Times After over 30 years, Soundview Health Center is gone ( David Cruz Buffalo News For Espada, new problems surface as federal investigation begins ( Tom Precious New York Daily News Crooked ex-state Sen. Pedro Espada Jr. sentenced to 5 years in prison for embezzlement ( John Marzulli New York State Attorney General Attorney General Cuomo Charges Pedro Espada Jr. And 19 Executives With Looting His Bronx Not-for-profit ( The New York Times Espada and Son Plead Not Guilty to Embezzling From Health Network ( Nicolas Confessore and Colin Moynihan Espada Sentenced to 5 Years for Stealing From Nonprofit ( Mosi Secret Seven House Primaries Among Most Visible Races in New York Region ( Times Union Espada is back in NY after stepping over line in Penn ( Rick Karlin United States Attorney's Office Eastern District of New York Former New York State Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada, Jr. Sentenced To Five Years’ Imprisonment ( The Wall Street Journal Landlords Stand by Espada ( Eliot Brown Wikipedia Pedro Espada Jr. ( Photos Pedro Espada, Jr. ( Matt Ryan CC BY-SA 3.0 Espada on Senate Floor ( of NYSenate via YouTube Soundview Healthcare Network ( CBS News Hillary's Story ABC News Terri Schiavo Timeline ( CNN Terri Schiavo has died ( Mayo Clinic Proceedings The Terri Schiavo Saga: The Making of a Tragedy and Lessons Learned ( NBC News Ten Years After Terri Schiavo, Death Debates Still Divide Us: Bioethicist ( Arthur Caplan The New York Times From Private Ordeal to National Fight: The Case of Terri Schiavo ( Clyde Haberman Politico Jeb ‘Put Me Through Hell’ ( Michael Kruse Tampa Bay Times How Terri Schiavo’s final days divided her family, Florida and the world ( Tom Zucco, Jamie Thompson, William R. Levesque, Kelley Benham, Leonora LaPeter Anton, Thomas French Time Magazine How Terri Schiavo Shaped the Right-to-Die Movement ( Wikipedia Terri Schiavo Case ( Photos Terri Schivao ( the Schindler family via The New Yorker Terri Schiavo, in a PVS, with her mother ( Matt May via Time Magazine Terri Schiavo Brain Scan: On the Left is CT scan of normal brain; Right: Schiavo's 2002 CT scan showing loss of brain tissue ( Fair Use Right to Life Supporter ( AP via Tampa Bay Times
Hillary and Tina cover the 101st Senator Bobby Baker and the Occupation of Alcatraz Island. Hillary’s Story Political advisor Bobby Baker wheeled and dealed with DC powerhouses. BUT when he mingles with the mob, he risks his career. Tina’s Story Indigenous groups in America had their land brutally taken from them by colonizers. BUT in 1969, Native American activists fought to reclaim land. Sources Hillary's Story New York Times Bobby Baker, String-Puller Snared in Senate Scandal, Dies at 89 ( Neil Genzlinger MAJOR POLITICAL SCANDAL LOOMING IN THE BOBBY BAKER CASE ( Politico Bobby Baker: The ‘101st Senator’ ( Joshua Zeitz Sex in the Senate ( Todd S. Purdum Spartacus Educational Bobby Baker ( Washington Post Bobby Baker, protege of Lyndon Johnson felled by influence-peddling scandal, dies at 89 ( Jon Thurber Wikipedia Bobby Baker ( Photos Bobby Baker- ( AP via Politico Bobby Baker and Lyndon Johnson ( The New York Times Ellen Rometsch ( AP via The Cut Tina's Story Aeon The Invasion of America ( Claudio Saunt The American Yawp Reader Native Americans Occupy Alcatraz (1969) ( Autry Museum The Alcatraz Logbook: Signs of Red Power ( Joe D. Horse Britannica Alcatraz ( CNN 1969 Alcatraz takeover 'changed the whole course of history' ( Nicole Lapin and Jason Hanna K12 Washington State 1969 OCCUPATION OF ALCATRAZ ( Ryan Markel KQED A Look Back at the Occupation of Alcatraz, 51 Years Later ( Jessica Placzek, Ericka Cruz Guevarra, and Alice Woelfle Los Angeles Times Indigenous tribes took over Alcatraz 51 years ago. Read the ‘holy grail’ of the occupation ( Carolina A. Miranda The New York Times How a Native American Resistance Held Alcatraz for 18 Months ( John Treuer PBS Today in History: “We Hold the Rock”: The Occupation of Alcatraz and the Native American Fight for Sovereignty in the Age of Fracture ( Charles L. Chavis Why Native Americans are buying back land that was stolen from them (,the%20slogan%20%22land%20back%22.)--by Kira Kay and Jason Maloney San Francisco Public Press Return to Alcatraz: 50 Years After Native American Occupation, National Park Service Considers Permanent Cultural Center ( Mel Baker White House Self determination without termination (,many%20of%20Nixon's%20policy%20ideas.)--by Lina Mann Wikipedia Robert Stroud ( Photos Alcatraz Welcome Sign (c. 1970) ( Golden Gate Park Archives via the Autry Museum Graffiti of Navajo Greeting "Yata Hey" ( US National Parks via Public Domain Alcatraz Occupiers ( Ilka Hartman via National Park Service Alcatraz Log Book ( via The Autry Museum
Hillary and Tina interview Florida political strategist Maya Brown. Maya Brown has spent almost 10 years electing progressive democrats to offices and running issue-based campaigns up and down the ballot in Florida. Her political experience is matched by her fundraising and public spokesman skills. A known consensus-builder, she has collaborated with politicians, nonprofit leaders, and community advocates to help solve and effectively communicate some of our state’s most pressing issues and help nonprofit organizations grow. Her legislative and public affairs experience in both Florida’s Capitol and local government helped shape historic quality of life and criminal justice policy reforms. Website Maya Brown ( Special Guest: Maya Brown.
Tina and Hillary cover former Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro and the assassination attempt of Adolf Hitler. Tina’s Story Aldo Moro was one of Italy’s longest serving Prime Ministers who enacted social and economic reforms. BUT when he is kidnapped, attempts to free him fail. Hillary’s Story In 1944, Adolf Hitler was at the height of his political power and instilled fear in his subordinates. BUT despite that, members of his inner circle plan to assassinate him for the greater good. Sources Tina's Story BBC Aldo Moro: Note announcing murdered Italy PM's abduction sold at auction ( Britannica Aldo Moro ( Catholic Herald Popes who cried out in anguish ( Fr. Raymond De Souza Europeana The kidnapping and killing of Aldo Moro ( The Guardian Aldo Moro mystery: Italian prosecutors revisit former PM's 1978 murder ( Lizzie Davies History Former Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro is found dead ( ICTV Death in Rome: The Case of Aldo Moro ( The New York Times Moro Is Buried as Family Bars Leaders ( Paul Hoffman Varsity The murder of Aldo Moro ( Esme O'Keefe The Washington Post Italian Politicians Fearful Moro Will Leak Secrets ( Sari Gilbery Pope Leads Mourners at Moro Rites ( Ronald Koven and Sari Gilbert Wikipedia Aldo Moro ( Christian Democracy (Italy) ( Kidnapping and Murder of Aldo Moro ( Red Brigades ( World Crunch Andreotti, The Moro Affair And The Noir Of Italian Public Life ( Marcello Sorgi Photos Aldo Moro ( via Wikipedia Moro Kidnapping by Red Brigades ( domain via Wikipedia Hillary's Story Britanica July Plot ( Learn about the July plot, 1944 to assassinate Hitler by Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg and his co-conspirators ( History 6 Assassination Attempts on Adolf Hitler ( Assassination plot against Hitler fails ( July Plot ( Time A Group of German Leaders Tried to Kill Hitler in 1944. Here’s Why They Failed ( Wikipedia 20 July Plot (,%2C%20in%20present%2Dday%20Poland) Photos Hitler’s Burned Pants ( from Bundersarchiv Bild (CC BY-SA 3.0 de) Conference Room after Explosion ( from Bundersarchiv Bild (CC BY-SA 3.0 de Claus Von Stauffenberg ( Public Domain via Wikipedia
Hillary and Tina interview teen activist Jayden D’Onofrio, Founder of the Teen Aspect and President of Voters of Tomorrow Florida. Jayden D’Onofrio has a lengthy political background and found it necessary to create the Teen Aspect organization to further the goals of youth education and awareness. Fighting for stronger influence in the political sphere for Generation Z, Jayden is the President of VOTFlorida, Deputy Strategy Director for Voters of Tomorrow, and formerly involved with Florida Senate Minority Leader Lauren Book's election campaign, as well as Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz and Florida Senator Shevrin Jones' respective district offices. Most recently, Jayden has worked as a staffer for the Charlie Crist campaign. Websites The Teen Aspect ( VOTFlorida ( Voters of Tomorrow ( Special Guest: Jayden D'Onofrio.
Hillary and Tina cover US House Representative John G. Schmitz and the election fraud cooping tactic. Hillary’s Story US House Representative out of California, John G. Schmitz ran and won on his far conservative moralism. BUT when a scandal erupts, his own morals are questioned. Tina’s Story In the 1800s, like today, most folks decide if they’re going to exercise their right to vote by showing up on election day. BUT some politicians resorted to violence and kidnapping to ensure high election number results. Sources Hillary's Story John Schmitz Schmitz Bio and Data ( Los Angeles Times John Schmitz; Former Right-Wing Congressman From Orange County ( DAVID HALDANE AND JEAN O. PASCO SF Gate John G. Schmitz, Former Congressman From Orange County ( Mark Martin The New York Times But the American party loves ( Stephen Lesher US Archive John Schmitz is no George Wallace ( Photos John G. Schmitz ( Arlington Cemetary Schmitz Affair in Newspaper ( Sacramento Bee via Mary Kay Letourneau ( Use via Wikipedia Tina's Story Atlas Obscura Election Fraud in the 1800s Involved Kidnapping and Forced Drinking ( Natalie Zarrelli Historical Index What Was Cooping? ( Michael Pollick History Extra A brief history of election “rigging” in the United States ( TPM What Edgar Allan Poe’s Death And Voter Fraud Myths Have In Common ( Ciara Torres-Spelliscy University of Virginia (Public Voting Page) Vote buying in nineteenth century US elections ( Photos Politicians trying to buy votes ( Library of Congress via Atlas Obscura Election Fraud Violence ( Library of Congress via Atlas Obscura
Tina and Hillary cover Ohio judge Lance Mason and the rise of America First. Tina’s Story Lance Mason served in the Ohio House and Senate before his appointment to the Cuyahoga County Court. BUT his violent actions move him from the bench to the defendant’s table. Hillary’s Story The America First Committee began as an isolationist group in early 20th century. BUT its anti-Semitic and racist attitudes are still being used by the GOP today. Tina's Sources Cleveland Cleveland judge accused of beating wife had 2,500 rounds of ammunition, semi-automatic rifles, sword and smoke grenades in home ( Cory Shaffer Disgraced judge Lance Mason pleads guilty to ex-wife’s murder, faces life in prison ( Cory Shaffer Ohio House passes Aisha’s Law, named after beloved Shaker Heights teacher who was murdered by her ex-husband ( Laura Hancock Cleveland 19 Arrest of former judge Lance Mason for murder of ex-wife shown on Shaker Heights police video (graphic) ( Chris Anderson 'What a monster you are’: Former judge Lance Mason will be parole eligible after 35 years for brutally killing ex-wife Aisha Fraser ( Chris Anderson CNN Former Ohio judge and politician Lance Mason pleads guilty to killing ex-wife ( Jason Hanna and Carma Hassan The New York Times Former Ohio Judge Who Beat His Wife Is Arrested in Her Stabbing Death ( Matthew Haag NPR WLRN Ex-Judge Who Spent 9 Months In Prison For Beating Wife Is Arrested After She's Killed ( Emily Sullivan Refinery 29 This Judge Received Special Treatment After Beating His Wife. Then He Killed Her ( Leah Carroll WKYC Studios Former Cuyahoga County Judge Lance Mason sentenced to life in prison for ex-wife's murder ( yler Carey, Stephanie Metzger, Leon Bibb Judge Lance Mason indicted for assault on wife ( Kim Wendel Photos Judge Lance Mason Mugshot ( OHIO DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS via People Aisha Fraser ( Shaker Heights Schools via People Judge Mason in Court ( via Fox8 News Hillary's Sources All That's Interesting Inside The Shocking Origins Of The ‘America First’ Movement ( Jaclyn Anglis The Atlantic A Short History of 'America First' ( Krishnadev Calamur Britannica America First Committee ( CNN Trump's 'America First' has ugly echoes from U.S. history ( By Susan Dunn NPR WLRN 'America First': From Charles Lindbergh To President Trump ( Greg Myre of All Things Considered Salon Charles Lindbergh's unapologetic bigotry: How he became the face of the America First Committee ( Candace Fleming Time The Long History Behind Donald Trump's 'America First' Foreign Policy ( The Washington Post President Trump’s ‘America First’ slogan was popularized by Nazi sympathizers ( Eric Rauchway Wikipedia America First Committee ( Photos America First signs at the Republican Convention in 2016 ( by Joe Raedle via The Guardian Charles Lindbergh speaking at an America First Committee Rally ( AP via NPR Dr. Seuss cartoon about America First Committee ( Special Collections & Archives, UC San Diego via NPR
Hillary and Tina interview attorney Hillary Cassel, candidate for Florida House, District 101. Hillary Cassel is a proud Democrat, mental health care advocate, and co-founder of the law firm Cassel & Cassel, P.A. Beginning her legal career as an Assistant State Attorney at the Broward State Attorney’s Office, Hillary witnessed the devastating inequality of our justice system firsthand. For the last seven years, she has represented struggling families against large insurance companies in their time of need. Now, she is running for the Florida House of Representatives because she knows that we need strong Democratic leadership in Tallahassee. Websites Hillary for Florida Website ( Namaste the Stigma Away ( Special Guest: Hillary Cassel .
Hillary and Tina cover White House Counsel Vincent Foster and Kauai County councilman Arthur Brun. Hillary’s Story Vincent Foster joined the White House Counsel to the Clinton administration in early 1993. BUT when the pressures of DC mounted, Foster made a devastating decision that republicans still weaponize today. Tina’s Story Arthur Brun won a seat on the Kauai County Council in Hawaii. BUT when he dealt drugs as a side hustle, Brun’s career went up in smoke. Hillary's Story All That's Interesting Inside The Tragic Death Of Vince Foster — And The Conspiracy Theories That Followed ( Marco Margaritoff Esquire Impeachment: American Crime Story Shows The Tragic Death of Vince Foster ( Lauren Kranc FBI Vincent Foster ( Frontline Once Upon a Time in Arkansas ( NBC News Despite Trump's 'Fishy' Comments, Vince Foster Case Is Closed ( The New York Times Why Was Kavanaugh Obsessed With Vince Foster? ( Sean Wilentz Politifact Decades-old conspiracy theories about Vince Foster and the Clintons are still wrong ( Ciara O'Rourke Vanity Fair American Crime Story: Why Vince Foster’s Suicide Was a Turning Point for Linda Tripp ( Julie Miller Vox Vince Foster's death and subsequent conspiracy theories, explained ( Matthew Yglesias The Washington Post Foster's Death a Suicide ( David Von Drehle and Howard Schneider Wikipedia Suicide of Vince Foster ( Vince Foster ( Photos Vince Foster ( released by White House (public domain) Vince Foster with his wife and the Clintons ( Arkansas Democrat Gazette via Bloomberg Brett Kavanaugh at Independent Counsel Hearing ( David Hume Kennerly via The New York Times Tina's Story Sources The Garden Island Arthur Brun files to run for County Council ( Darin Moriki Two Brun associates sentenced ( Scrimgeour Hawaii Public Radio Ex-Kauaʻi councilman pleads guilty to leading meth ring ( By JENNIFER SINCO KELLEHER Kaua'i Council Member Pleads Not Guilty To Charges Tied To Alleged Drug Ring He Led ( Casey Harlow Honolulu Civil Beat Candidate Q&A: Kauai County Council – Arthur Brun ( Ex-Kauai Councilman Sentenced To 20 Years For Leading Meth Ring ( Brittany Lyte Kauai: The Depth of Arrested Council Member’s Troubles Shouldn’t Have Been A Surprise ( Allan Parachini iLind Former Kauai County Council member to change his 'not guilty' plea ( KHON 2 Feds: Kauai Councilman Arthur Brun a danger to the community ( Manolo Morales Judge orders Kauai Councilman Arthur Brun to remain in custody ( Morales Newsweek County Official Trafficked Meth to Support His Drug Addiction, Faces 15 Years in Prison- ( Erin Brady United States Attorney's District of Hawaii Former Kauai County Council Member Sentenced to 20 Years in Federal Prison ( Photos Councilman Arthur Brun ( Honolulu Civil Beat Arthur Brun mugshot ( KHON2
Tina and Hillary cover Auditor of Public Accounts Oliver Enoch Hodge and the 1947 flying disc craze. Tina’s Story Orville Hodge served as Illinois Auditor of Public Accounts after winning election in 1952. But when he lined his pockets instead of balancing the books, it cost him big time. Hillary’s Story When pilot Kenneth Arnold witnessed what he described as high speed flying discs. BUT little did he know that his sighting would spark a flying disc craze that still intrigues UFO enthusiasts today. Sources Tina's Story Chicagoist The Chicagoist Flashback: The Demise Of Orville Hodge ( Samantha Abernathy Chicago Tribune ORVILLE HODGE, AUDITOR WHO ROBBED STATE ( Downfall Dictionary Orville E. Hodge: high flying lifestyle--by Dirk Langeveld ( NPR Illinois Public Radio Illinois Issues: Comptroller, Treasurer - The Story Of How One Office Became Two ( Sam Dunklau State Journal Register Flashback Springfield: July 22, 1956--by Rich Saal ( Time ILLINOIS: Hodge Dislodged (,33009,867023-1,00.html) Photos Orville Enoch Hodge (!/format/webp/quality/90/? NPR Illinois Public Radio Orville Hodge getting fingerprinted ( Chicagoist via Downfall Dictionary Hillary's Story Sources Britannica Roswell incident ( CBS News Recently uncovered 1947 headline from long-defunct newspaper offers "amazing glimpse" at UFO incident in Roswell ( FBI Vault Roswell UFO ( History What Really Happened at Roswell? ( Adam Janos National Catholic Register Nuns Reveal Hidden Truth About Roswell ‘UFO Crash’ ( KV Turley NPR WLRN The Truth Is (Still) Out There In 'UFO Capital' Roswell, New Mexico ( Kirk Siegler and Liz Baker Smithsonian Magazine In 1947, A High-Altitude Balloon Crash Landed in Roswell. The Aliens Never Left ( Donovan Webster The Washington Post 75 years ago, Roswell 'flying saucer' report sparked UFO obsession--by Dave Kindy ( Wikipedia 1947 flying disc craze ( Kenneth Arnold UFO sighting ( Roswell Incident ( Wired July 8, 1947: Roswell Incident Launches UFO Controversy ( John C Abell Photos Pilot Kenneth Arnold ( Associated Press file photo via East Oregonian Flying Discs over Tulsa ( Enio Gilmore from Tulsa Daily World via Wikipedia Front Page of Paper ( the July 5, 1947 Florence Times via Muscle Shoals Roswell Crash Article ( Corsicana Daily Sun via History
Hillary and Tina cover Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon and New York Assemblyman Anthony Seminerio. Hillary’s Story Sheila Dixon made history as the first female mayor of Baltimore. But resigns soon after amid bribery charges. Tina’s Story Anthony Seminerio had an illustrious 30 year career in New York politics. BUT that all came crashing down when he got charged with corruption. Sources Hillary's Story The Baltimore Sun Dixon convicted of embezzlement ( --by Julie Bykowicz and Annie Linksey Former Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon enters race for mayor, arguing Pugh’s misdeeds helped beat her last time ( Luke Broadwater and Talia Richman Former Mayor Sheila Dixon sees herself as Balitmore's future, not its past ( Luke Broadwater Maryland Manual Online Sheila Dixon ( The New York Times Baltimore’s Mayor Is Convicted ( Ian Urbina NPR Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon Convicted for Stealing Gift Cards ( Frank James Rueters Black, female leaders battle Baltimore urban woes ( Ellen Wulfhorst WNYC Studios Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon Resigns ( The Takeaway Photos Sheila Dixon ( Dixon for Baltimore via Baltimore Fishbowl Dixon outside of court ( Rob Carr/Associated Press via The New York Times Dixon running for Mayor 2020 ( The Washington Post Tina's Story The Daily Gazette Queens assemblyman gets 6 years on fraud charges ( The Associated Press Fordham Law School Telegram from Anthony Seminerio, New York State Assemblyman, to Geraldine Ferraro ( Legacy ANTHONY SEMINERIO OBITUARY ( The New York Times Former Assemblyman Seminerio Dies in Prison ( William K. Rashbaum Queens Assemblyman Pleads Guilty in Corruption Case ( Colin Moynihan and A.G. Sulzberger QNS Seminerio Sting exposes tale of albany intrigue ( Howard Koplowitz Queen's Chronicle Anthony Seminerio dead at age 75 ( Michael Cusenza BREAKING NEWS: Seminerio gets 6 yr. sentence for bribes ( Michael Lanza US Attorney's Office Former New York State Assemblyman Pleads Guilty to Honest Services Mail Fraud ( Former Hospital CEO Sentenced In Manhattan Court To Three Years In Prison For Participating In Bribery Scheme Involving Three Members Of The New York State Legislature ( The Village Voice Veteran Pol Tony Seminerio and Bribe-Taking in Albany ( Tom Robbins Vote Smart Anthony Seminerio's Biography ( Photos Anthony Seminerio ( Queen's Chronicle FCI Butner Prison ( United States Bureau of Prisons (public domain)
Tina and Hillary cover US House Representative Daniel Sickles and Judge Samuel B. Kent. Tina’s Story Daniel Sickles, known for his intellect and friendship with James Buchanan, made a name for himself in politics. BUT it’s his wife’s infidelity that leads to a crime of passion and a newfound defense plea. Hillary’s Story Federal judge Samuel B. Kent was well respected since his appointment to the bench in 1990, BUT when he made unwanted advances to staff members, he faced impeachment. Sources Tina's Story All That's Interesting How Congressman Daniel Sickles Admitted To Killing His Wife’s Lover And Got Away With It ( Genevieve Carlton Emerging Civil War Dan Sickles and the Temporary Insanity Defense ( Todd Arrington Daniel Sickles Trial: 1859 ( Historical Society of the District of Columbia Circuit The Murder of Phillip Barton Key ( History Daniel Sickles ( Nursing Clio “Ample Justification for the Deed”: Public Interest in the “Sickles Tragedy” as Gender Performance ( Sarah Adler Unresolved The Assassination of Philip Barton Key ( Wikipedia Philip Barton Key II ( WLRN 'Star Spangled Scandal': How An 1859 Sensationalized Crime Set A Modern Day Precedent ( Jessica Taylor Women History Blog Wife Of Union General Daniel Sickles ( Photos Daniel Sickles ( domain, Library of Congress via Wikipedia Teresa Sickles ( domain via Wikipedia Philip Barton Key ( domain via Wikipedia Illustration of Sickles shooting Key ( domain via Wikipedia Hillary's Story ABC News Federal Judge Indicted in Sex Abuse Case ( Theresa Cook and Gina Sunseri Chron. Casey: Judge Kent soap opera goes beyond guilty plea ( Rick Casey Disgraced ex-judge Kent out of prison, confined to cabin ( Lise Olsen Judge Kent's impeachment came fast and furious ( Stewart Powell CNN Victims allege years of sexual misconduct by federal judge ( Tom Cohen Congress H. Rept. 111-159 - IMPEACHMENT OF JUDGE SAMUEL B. KENT ( Constitutional Law Reporter JUDGE SAMUEL B KENT AVOIDED IMPEACHMENT BY RESIGNING ( Library of Congress Federal Impeachment ( New York Times Judge Sentenced to Prison for Lying About Harassment ( James C. McKinlye, Jr. Southeast Texas Record 5th Circuit denies Kent's disability status, recommends impeachment ( Marilyn Tennissen US Department of Justice U.S. District Court Judge Sentenced to 33 Months in Prison for Obstruction of Justice ( Wikipedia Samuel B. Kent ( Photos Judge Samuel B. Kent ( US Distict of the Southern District of Texas via public domain Samuel Kent and his wife outside courthouse ( Mayra Beltran via the Houston Chronicle Cathy McBroom and Donna Wilkerson ( The University of Texas at Austin Center for Women's & Gender Studies
Hillary and Tina cover the Donora smog and former Idaho state representative, Aaron von Ehlinger. Hillary’s Story In the 1940s Donora thrived as a mill town for the steel industry, BUT residents faced tragedy when a deadly smog smothers the town. Tina’s Story Aaron von Ehlinger landed an Idaho State House position in 2021, BUT months later, he landed in jail after facing sexual assault charges. Sources Hillary's Story British Path (YouTube Channel) Poison Fog (1948) ( National Geographic Decades ago, this pollution disaster exposed the perils of dirty air ( Cynthia Gorney National Library of Medicine The Donora Smog Revisited: 70 Years After the Event That Inspired the Clean Air Act ( Pennsylvania Center for the Book A Cloud With a Silver Lining: The Killer Smog in Donora, 1948 ( Erin Peterman Smithsonian Magazine The Deadly Donora Smog of 1948 Spurred Environmental Protection—But Have We Forgotten the Lesson? ( Lorraine Boissoneault Wikipedia 1948 Donora smog ( WLRN Smog Deaths In 1948 Led To Clean Air Laws ( Photos Smog in Downtown Donora ( by Bettmann via Smithsonian Magazine Town of Donora after Smog ( by Alfred Eisenstaedt Emissions from Zinc and Steel Plant ( Historical Society via howstuffworks Tina's Story Boise State Public Radio (NPR) Aaron von Ehlinger had a long list of previous convictions; the State of Idaho pardoned them all ( George Prentice Former State Rep. Aaron von Ehlinger Arrested In Georgia On Rape Warrant ( James Dawson CNN Woman who accused former Idaho legislator of rape has her identity revealed in conservative media ( Amanda Watts The Guardian Idaho Republican’s rape conviction a rare victory for sexual assault victims ( Idaho Capital Sun Former Rep. von Ehlinger arrested on rape charges after returning to Idaho ( Clark Corbin Former Idaho Rep. Aaron von Ehlinger sentenced to at least 8 years in prison for rape ( Kelcie Moseley-Morris Idaho County Free Press ‘I forgive you’— An in-depth look at the von Ehlinger hearing, testimony of Jane Doe ( Alexandra Duggan Idaho Legislature Rep. Aaron von Ehlinger ( Idaho News Von Ehlinger files for appeal to the Idaho Supreme Court ( Idaho Statesman Former Rep. Aaron von Ehlinger appeals rape conviction to Idaho Supreme Court ( Alex Brizee Former Idaho Rep. Aaron von Ehlinger sentenced to up to 20 years in prison for rape ( Alex Brizee KTVB 7 Aaron von Ehlinger, former Idaho lawmaker, sentenced to a minimum of eight years in prison ( Alexandra Duggan Former lawmaker sentenced for raping an intern appeals to the Idaho Supreme Court ( Rape trial begins for former Idaho lawmaker ( Katie Terhune KXLY Idaho lawmaker accused of rape was warned about his behavior ( New York Times Former Idaho Lawmaker Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison for Raping Intern ( McKenna Oxenden UPI Former Idaho state Rep. Aaron von Ehlinger sentenced to 20 years in prison for rape ( A.L. Lee US News Ex Idaho Lawmaker Charged With Rape Is Arrested in Georgia ( Photos Aaron von Ehlinger as State Representative ( FinallyGoodIT (CC BY-SA 4.0) Aaron von Ehlinger mugshot ( Ada County Sheriff's Office via Newsweek
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