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A weekly podcast where the dark, and sometimes weird, true stories in American politics are discussed.
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Hillary and Tina cover the St. Francis Dam Collapse and William Mulholland. Irish immigrant William Mulholland worked his way up in the water works industry as a self-taught civil engineer. BUT despite his years of experience, crucial mistakes led to one of the biggest dam disasters in U.S. history. Sources Hillary's Story William Mulholland | American city official | Britannica ( St. Francis Dam Disaster | Fillmore Historical ( The St. Francis Dam’s Death Toll - Museum of Ventura County ( When California’s Water Wars Turned Violent | American Experience | Official Site | PBS ( The Mulholland Memorial Fountain: A Grand Monument to a Man and Water | History & Society | PBS SoCal ( Forgotten L.A. history: The deadly St. Francis dam disaster | UCLA Library ( St. Francis Dam - Wikipedia ( William Mulholland - Wikipedia ( Photos William Mulholland ( the Water Education Foundation St. Francis Dam-February 1927 ( HT Stearns via Wikipedia (public domain) St. Francis Dam-March 1928 after collapse ( Vodkamike3 via Wikpedia (CC BY-SA 4.0) LA Times Front Page St. Francis Dam collapse ( LA Times via Smithsonian Magazine St. Francis Dam-Debris after Collapse ( Water and Power Associates
Tina and Hillary cover former GOP donor, Anton "Tony" Lazzaro. Tony Lazzaro, known for his deep pockets and strong ties to the Minnesota Republican Party, was a big-time donor. BUT when accused of sex trafficking minors, he found himself in deep trouble. Sources Tina's Story Business Insider A GOP strategist was arrested on 10 felony counts of underage sex trafficking, conspiracy, and obstruction of justice ( CBS News/WCCO News Who is Anton "Tony" Lazzaro? ( The Hill GOP donor Anton Lazzaro sentenced to 21 years for sex trafficking minors in Minnesota ( United States Attorney's Office District of Minnesota Anton “Tony” Lazzaro Sentenced to 21 Years in Prison for Child Sex Trafficking ( Photos Anton Tony Lazzaro Mugshot ( The Guardian Gisela Medina Mugshot- ( Okaloosa DOC via CBS News/WCCO News Trump and Lazzaro ( Lazzaro social media via Business Insider
Hillary and Tina talk about the June 27, 2024 Biden/Trump debate. This week, we dive into the presidential debate between Biden and Trump. Tune in for our take on the highlights, lowlights, and everything in between! Sources Biden-Harris HQ on X Biden I Know I'm Not a Young Man speech after debate ( CNN Biden/Trump Debate Transcript ( Photos Biden Official Portrait ( Adam Schultz (public domain via Wikipedia) Trump Official Portrait, 2017 ( Shaleah Craighead (public domain via Wikipedia)
Hillary and Tina cover former member of Parliament John Stonehouse. Parliament member John Stonehouse, facing financial ruin, staged his own disappearance to evade the consequences. BUT his elaborate ruse unraveled, exposing his deceit and leaving a legacy of scandal. Sources Hillary's Story ABC News What's the true story of John Stonehouse, the elusive British MP who faked his own death to start a new life in Australia? ( Daily Mail Online Photo of Labour MP John Stonehouse walking with his Czech spymaster revealed for the first time ( Express & Star The incredible life of John Stonehouse - a once high-flying MP who faked his own death ( The New York Times John Stonehouse: Bizarre tale of the MP who faked his own death Mystery Still Surrounds British M.P. Arrested in Australia ( PBS Politicians Behaving Badly: 7 British Government Scandals ( Wikipedia John Stonehouse ( Photos British MP John Stonehouse ( Roger Jackson from Hulton Archive via Stonehouse arrives at Heathrow Airport from Australia ( David Ashdown via
Tina and Hillary cover Chattanooga Sheriff Joseph Shipp. In 1906, Sheriff Joseph Shipp served over the St. Elmo District of Chattanooga, TN. BUT when an innocent man is lynched, the sheriff has to answer for his role in the horrific event. Sources Tina's Story AP Photo of victim uncovered 112 years after bridge lynching ( Rosanna Hughes Hamilton County Sheriff's Office Sheriff Joseph F. Shipp 1904-1908 ( The New York Times An Inspiring Act of Racial Healing in Chattanooga ( Peter Canellos UMKC Famous Trials Sheriff Shipp Trial (1907-09) ( Wikipedia Lynching of Ed Johnson ( United States v. Ship ( Photos Sheriff Joseph Shipp ( UMKC Famous Trials Ed Johnson ( UMKC Famous Trials St. Elmo Street Station ( UMKC Famous Trials
Hillary and Tina cover the Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys. The Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys housed delinquent youths in Florida beginning in 1900. BUT after decades of misconduct allegations, the facility is finally investigated. Sources Hillary's Story CNN Storms of Justice: New investigation of additional graves at Florida’s Dozier School for Boys begins ( Department of Justice Findings Report - Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys and the Jackson Juvenile Offender Center ( Florida House of Representatives CS/CS/SB 24 (2024) - Dozier School for Boys and Okeechobee School Victim Compensation Program ( Florida Phoenix FL Sen. Committee approves $20 million compensation to Dozier School victims who suffered abuse ( NPR WLRN Florida's Dozier School For Boys: A True Horror Story ( In Final Report, Experts Identify Remains At Notorious Reform School : The Two-Way ( Reuters Remains of 55 bodies found near former Florida reform school ( Tampa Bay Times They went to the Dozier School for Boys damaged. They came out destroyed. ( USF Library Guides Florida's Industrial Reform School System: Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys 1900 - Present ( Wikipedia Florida School for Boys ( Zinn Education Project Jan. 1, 1900: Notorious Dozier School for Boys Opens ( Photos Dozier School for Boys Aerial View in 1900 ( Florida Memory via Florida Phoenix 31 Unmarked Graves Found at Dozier School for Boys ( Edmund D. Fountain via Tampa Bay Times School Grounds with White House ( Florida Memory via Wikipedia (public domain)
Tina and Hillary cover Chicago mayor Carter Henry Harrison, senior. Carter Henry Harrison won election five times for his time as Chicago mayor. BUT when certain campaign promises weren’t fulfilled it cost him his life. Sources Tina's Story The Caucus Blog I have been shot and cannot live ( Kiddle Carter Harrison Sr. facts for kids ( Patrick Eugene Prendergast facts for kids ( PBS American Experience Carter Harrison ( Wikipedia Carter Harrison Sr. ( Photos Carter Harrison, Sr. ( of Congress (public domain via Wikipedia) Newspaper Illustration of Prendergast ( The Chicago Tribune via Wikipedia
Hillary and Tina cover former finance chairman of the Republican National Committee, Elliott Broidy. Elliott Broidy, former Finance Chairman of the Republican National Committee, faced a dramatic downfall after being embroiled in multiple scandals. BUT as the investigation unfolded, Broidy made deals with prosecutors to save his own skin. Sources Hillary's Story Bloomberg GOP Fundraiser Elliott Broidy Accused of Coercing Woman Into Having Abortion ( Bloomberg Law Ex-Trump Fundraiser Overcomes Qatar Effort to Shield Records Elliott Broidy says he got millions to illegally lobby Trump administration ( CNN Politics GOP fundraiser Broidy pleads guilty to conspiracy charge in foreign lobbying effort ( The Daily Beast Former Trump Mega-Fundraiser Elliott Broidy Pleads Guilty to Illegal Lobbying ( Department of Justice Elliott Broidy Pleads Guilty for Back-Channel Lobbying Campaign to Drop 1MDB Investigation and Remove a Chinese Foreign National ( Los Angeles Times A tale of two scandals, with a rich Trump donor, kickbacks and a Playboy playmate ( Mother Jones Yet Another Twist in the Crazy Tale of a GOP Fundraiser’s Affair With a Playmate ( The New York Times Elliott Broidy Pleads Guilty in Foreign Lobbying Case (Elliott Broidy Pleads Guilty in Foreign Lobbying Case) Former Trump Fund-Raiser Drops Suits Over Hack of Emails ( Rolling Stone The Walls Are Closing in on Disgraced Trump Fundraiser Elliott Broidy ( Reuters LA money manager gets no jail in NY corruption case ( The Washington Post Elliott Broidy says he got millions to illegally lobby Trump administration ( Wikipedia Elliot Broidy ( Photos Elliot Broidy (,y_196,h_898,w_1596,c_crop/h_653,w_1160/f_webp)--by Billy Bennight via CNN Politics Shera Bechard ( Toglenn via Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0) Michael Cohen ( Lucas Jackson via The Atlantic
Tina and Hillary cover former Ohio Speaker of the House, Larry Householder. Larry Householder was once a prominent figure in Ohio politics serving in the Ohio House since 1997. BUT he faced a dramatic downfall after being embroiled in a bribery scandal. Sources Tina's Story CNN Politics Former Ohio House speaker sentenced to 20 years in $60 million bribery scheme ( Dave Yost, Ohio Attorney General Ex-Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder Indicted on 10 State Felony Counts ( Dayton Daily News Who is Larry Householder? ( Issuu Knight's Templar June 2002 Edition, Sir Knight Larry Householder ( Ohio Capital Journal Federal judge blasts disgraced Ohio House speaker as a “bully,” sends him straight to jail ( Marty Schladen PBS South Florida Former GOP Ohio House speaker sentenced to 20 years for role in $60M bribery scheme ( News 5 Cleveland Former Ohio Speaker Larry Householder files appeal, says bribe payment was within First Amendment rights ( The New York Times Former Ohio House Speaker Hit With 10 Additional Felony Charges ( Michael Wines NPR WLRN Ohio House Speaker Arrested In Connection With $60 Million Bribery Scheme ( Statehouse News Bureau Ex-Ohio House speaker gets max sentence in corruption case, blasted as 'bully with a lust for power' ( Karen Kasler United States Attorney's Office Jury convicts former Ohio House Speaker, former chair of Ohio Republican Party of participating in racketeering conspiracy ( Photos Larry Householder in the General Assembly ( Ohio General Assembly via Ohio Capital Journal Larry Householder Mug Shot (!/format/webp/quality/90/? Butler County Ohio Sheriff's Office via AP
Hillary and Tina cover the Parents Music Resource Center. The Parents Music Resource Center attempted to censor music lyrics in the 1980s. BUT several artists fought back defending their right to creative expression. Sources Hillary's Story Newsweek Parental Advisory Forever: An Oral History of the PMRC's War on Dirty Lyrics ( Rolling Stone PMRC's 'Filthy 15': Where Are They Now? ( Tipper Gore Reflects on PMRC 30 Years Later ( Wikipedia Parents Music Resource Center ( YouTube Tipper Gore Interview About Parents Music Resource Council | #TBMTV ( Photos Parental Advisory Sticker ( RIAA/Public Domain via Wikipedia Tipper Gore and Susan Baker at Senate Hearing ( More Lana Harris via Newsweek Dee Snider at Senate Hearing ( Marc "Wiseguy" Weiss via Rolling Stone PMRC Protesters ( James Ruebsamen/Herald Examiner Collection/Los Angeles Public Library
Tina and Hillary cover former mayor Dwayne Schutt. As a lifelong resident of Randolph, Dwayne Schutt proudly served as Randolph’s mayor. BUT everything changed when allegations of child assault surfaced. Ways to help fund abortion in Florida: Women's Emergency Network ( Emergency Medical Assistance ( Broward Women's Emergency Fund ( Sources Tina's Story AP News Former mayor accused of child sex assault takes plea deal ( Northeast Nebraska News BRADLEY DEFEATS SCHUTT IN RANDOLPH MAYORAL RACE ( BRADLEY IS SWORN IN AS RANDOLPH’S NEW MAYOR ( CONVICTION SET ASIDE IN CHILD ABUSE CASE ( Hartington Election Extra ( NOW KOLN-KGIN Randolph mayor’s sex assault case moves to district court ( Sandhills Express Randolph Mayor’s Sex Assault Case Moves to District Court ( Eric McKay Seattle Times Nebraska mayor pleads not guilty in child sexual abuse case ( AP Siouxland Proud Accused pedophile mayor to plead not guilty ( Jamie Perez Accused Pedophile still overseeing City of Randolph ( Former Nebraska mayor pleads no contest to felony child abuse ( Wayne Daily News Second Pre-Trial Court Hearing Scheduled for Randolph Mayor ( WOWT 6 News Mayor of Randolph charged in sexual assault investigation ( Photos Dwayne Schutt Mug Shot ( department of corrections via Norfolk Daily News Dwayne Schutt Mayoral Photo ( City of Randolph
Hillary and Tina cover former Colorado House Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt. Former Colorado House Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt, stirred debate with some of his statements. BUT when he let his religious beliefs shape his political decisions, he hasn't secured reelection since. Sources Hillary's Story The Advocate Homophobe Gordon Klingenschmitt Wins Colo. State Rep Primary ( CBS Colorado This Time Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt Targets The Boy Scouts Over Gay Leaders Decision ( Comedy Central US Mr. Smith Goes to the State Legislature, Then Later Possibly Washington - Gordon Klingenschmitt - The Colbert Report (Video Clip) ( Colorado Politics He's baaaack: Colorado's 'Dr. Chaps' Gordon Klingenschmitt re-enters the game, seeks county GOP post | Hot-sheet ( CPR Colorado Springs at-large council candidate questionnaire: Gordon Klingenschmitt ( The Gazette The Pentecostal political pilgrimage of Gordon Klingenschmitt ( Huffington Post Ex-Colorado Lawmaker Believes Gay Demons Are Taking Over Ad Execs ( NBC News Meet Colorado's 'Dr. Chaps' ( Navy chaplain on hunger strike ( NPR Navy Chaplain Found Guilty in Prayer Case ( Southern Poverty Center Hate Group Leader Gordon Klingenschmitt Elected to Colorado House ( Stars and Stripes Chaplain facing court-martial for wearing uniform at D.C. protest ( The Washington Post Navy Chaplain Guilty Of Disobeying an Order ( Wikipedia Gordon Klingenschmitt ( Photos Gordon Klingenschmitt ( Donn Bruns via Wikipedia CC BY-SA 4.0 Klingenschmitt protesting outside the White House ( The Denver Post Klingenschmitt in the Colorado House ( RJ Sangosti via The Denver Post
Tina and Hillary cover former Virginia State Senator, John Hall. Former Senator John Hall had a promising political career. But things took a dark turn when he decided to take the law into his own hands. Sources Tina's Story Clio John Hall Historical Marker ( Cody Brown and Zachery Cowsert Seletyn THE KILLING OF LEWIS WETZEL BY JOHN HALL (OCT 1862) ( Seletyn Wikipedia John Hall (West Virginia Politician) (,and%20served%20as%20an%20elder.) Photos Secession Political Cartoon (!/format/webp/quality/90/? WVTF John Hall Mile Marker ( Cody Brown and Zachery Cowsert via Clio Wetzel article in the Wheeling Intelligencer ( Seletyn
Hillary and Tina cover the murder of Arthur McDuffie and the 1980 Miami riots. Arthur McDuffie was brutally attacked by police for running a stop sign. BUT when the officers are cleared of all charges, violence erupts on the streets of Miami. Sources Hillary's Story Miami Dade County Official Page Miami-Dade County unveils the Arthur Lee McDuffie State Historical Marker for Black History Month (,was%20only%2033%20years%20old) The New York Times Four Miami Police Officers Charged in Fatal Beating ( The Washington Post McDuffie Death: It Seemed to Be Open-Shut Case ( WLRN Forty Years After Arthur McDuffie Was Killed By Miami-Dade Police, His Family Honored In Ceremony ( Zinn Education Project May 17, 1980: Miami Riots Begin ( Photos Arthur McDuffie ( Beckyhawk via Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 4.0) Front Page of the Miami News ( Zinn Education Project Fires in Liberty City during 1980 Riots ( Dunn History National Guard in Miami ( Dunn History Arthur McDuffie Memorial in 2024 ( Carlton Gilliespie via The Miami Times
Tina and Hillary cover the murder of Henry Denhardt. Henry Denhardt, a prominent figure in Kentucky politics, found himself entangled in a murder investigation. BUT as the trial reached its conclusion, Denhardt faced a shocking twist of fate when revenge caught up to him. Sources Tina's Story Daily News Kentucky brothers sought revenge on general who killed their sister--and dodged jail time ( David J. Krajicek New York Times Denhardt Is Indicted On Charge Of Murder ( News NBC 40 Throwback Thursday – Hendry Denhardt and an 80-year-old unsolved murder ( Telia Butler Throwback Thursday: Was Henry Denhardt a serial killer? Two nearly 90-year-old cold cases ( Telia Butler and Chris Bratton Sam Terry's Kentucky History Blog Gen. Denhardt's Date with Death ( Time KENTUCKY: General & Widow (Cont'd) (,33009,757013,00.html) Wikipedia Henry Denhardt ( Photos Henry Denhardt ( Public Domain via Wikipedia Verna Elizabeth Garr Headstone ( Sam Terry's Kentucky Blog
Hillary and Tina cover the Yablonski murders. Joseph A. "Jock" Yablonski was a labor leader known for his advocacy for miners' rights. BUT he fell victim to a tragic murder that shed light on corruption within the United Mine Workers of America. Sources Hillary's Story CrimeReads How The 1969 Murders of a Labor Leader and His Family Changed Coal Country Forever ( Forbes Cillian Murphy Starring In Crime Film About 1960s Mining Murders—What To Know About The True Story Of Joseph Yablonski ( HISTORY Bodies of family killed by United Mine Workers found | January 5, 1970 ( Library of Congress Joseph A. Yablonski legal case collection ( Observer-Reporter Fifty years later, the murder of the Yablonskis still resonates ( Killings of UMWA leader Jock Yablonski, his family shocked Western Pa. 50 years ago ( YOUTUBE A Murder In The Union: The Assassination of Jock Yablonski ( Wikipedia Joseph Yablonski ( Photos Joseph Yablonski ( W.A. "Tony" Boyle ( Bettman via Smithsonian Magazine Pittsburgh Press Headline ( PressReader Claude Vealy ( AP via PennLive Yablonski Sons at Court- ( AP via PennLive
Tina and Hillary cover former Ocean Gate mayor, Paul Kennedy. Paul Kennedy served as mayor of Ocean Gate beginning in 2007. BUT after years of deceit, he finally paid the price for profiting off the town. Sources Tina's Story app Ex-Ocean Gate mayor pleads guilty to ‘pattern of official misconduct;’ jailtime expected ( Erik Larsen NJ Gov’t auctions, parking meter revenue. Former N.J. mayor admits pocketing town’s money ( Sheldon New Jersey Globe Jersey Shore Mayor Who Stole Money From Parking Meters Gets Three Years In Prison ( Wildstein Ocean City's Prosecutor's Office FORMER OCEAN GATE MAYOR SENTENCED TO STATE PRISON FOR PATTERN OF OFFICIAL MISCONDUCT ( Photos Paul Kennedy Mug Shot ( Ocean Country Prosecutor's Office via Patch Paul Kennedy ( Facebook via New Jersey Globe
Hillary and Tina cover the former speaker of the Massachusetts House Salvatore DiMasi. Salvatore DiMasi ascended to power in politics, reaching the esteemed position of Speaker of the Massachusetts House. BUT his downfall came swiftly when corruption charges led to incarceration. Sources Hillary's Story Boston Herald Sal DiMasi, other federal cons can't be automatically blocked from Beacon Hill lobbying, SJC rules ( CBS News Former House Speaker Sal DiMasi Asks For 3-Year Sentence ( Sal DiMasi Appeals Conviction, Sentence ( Courthouse News Service Corruption conviction is no bar to lobbying, ex-lawmaker tells Massachusetts high court ( Daniel Jackson The Daily Free Press Salvatore DiMasi will resign as Speaker ( FBI Boston Division Former Speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives and Lobbyist Convicted on Corruption Charges ( The New York Times Massachusetts: Ex-Speaker of House Is Indicted ( Katie Zezima The Sun Ex-Mass. Speaker Sal DiMasi, associates indicted ( WBUR Former Speaker DiMasi, 3 Associates Indicted On Federal Corruption Charges ( Lisa Tobin Wikipedia Salvatore DiMasi ( Photos Salvatore DiMasi ( Cape Cod Times DiMasi on the Mass. House Floor ( Cape Cod Times DiMasi after leaving prison ( by Steven Senne via Seattle Times
Hillary interviews activist Jayden D’Onofrio, Chairman of Florida Future Leaders PAC. Jayden D’Onofrio has a lengthy political background and has been a leader in multiple youth focused political organizations including VOTFlorida and Voters of Tomorrow. Since his last visit to the podcast in November of 2022, Jayden has founded the Florida Future Leaders PAC. The focus of the PAC is to combine the power of Florida College Democrats, Florida High School Democrats, and paid on-campus organizing to make change in Florida. Websites Florida Future Leaders PAC ( Special Guest: Jayden D'Onofrio.
Tina and Hillary cover the history of women winning the right to wear pants. Throughout history gender norms dictated what women could or couldn’t wear. BUT pants are now the norm thanks to women who challenged conventions. Sources Tina's Story All That's Interesting Meet Helen Hulick, The Woman Who Was Jailed For Wearing Pants To Court ( Marco Margaritoff City Data Forum Roane Woman arrested for wearing pants in 1923 ( LA Times California Retrospective: In 1938, L.A. woman went to jail for wearing slacks in courtroom ( Medium Two Women Who Were Arrested for Wearing Pants, 80 Years Apart ( Kester NBC News How drag bans have made clothing a political statement, according to a queer style expert ( Snopes Did a Woman Go To Jail for Wearing Slacks in 1938? ( Nur Ibrahim Trace Arrested for Wearing Pants ( Wikipedia Helen Beebe ( WRTV Indianapolis Women given permission to pursue pants 100 years ago (,that%20was%20put%20into%20effect.%E2%80%9D)--Michael Hartz Photos Helen Hulick wearing pants (1938) ( the Los Angeles Times Photographic Collection via Snopes Hulick Newspaper Clipping ( Snopes Hulick in denim prison dress ( UCLA via All That's Interesting
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