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The Music Industry Podcast discusses all things relevant to this modern music industry and what artists can be doing to market their music to the masses. Presented by Burstimo’s Maddy and Alex, The Music Industry Podcast delves into all areas from Spotify to live events, merchandise to social media, branding to music promotion.
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Without a strong artist brand, how do you expect people to remember you?Besides creating quality music, building your artist image should be your top priority when it comes to marketing yourself.In this bite-size podcast, we've compiled our top tips and advice from industry professionals, including major labels, playlist curators and musicians, who discuss how you can effectively build your brand through the use of artist visuals, brand authenticity and crafting your story.Guests (in order of appearance):Joe Kentish - Head of A&R at Warner RecordsLiberty Wilson - Senior Marketing Director at Warner Music GroupDamian Keyes - Musician/Founder at BIMMAdam Read - Global Playlist Curator at DeezerAbbie McCarthy - BBC Radio 1 DJ/PresenterPlastician - DJ/Producer
TikTok is having a huge effect on the music industry - but is it for better or worse?In this bite-size podcast, we've compiled the best TikTok chat from discussions with industry experts, so you can know how to implement the platform best, or whether it's even for you at all.Speakers (In order)Damian Keyes - Musician/ Founder at BIMMAbbie McCarthy - BBC Radio DJ and PresenterChelsea Wood - Artist Manager at VDM Music (speaking on her artist, Nina Nesbitt)Andy Knox - Director of Commercial and Streaming at Virgin EMILiberty Wilson - International Marketing Director at Warner Music
How does one of the world's top streaming services decide what gets playlisted? Do the labels have a say? Can you write a song specifically for streaming platforms? What are the curators really looking for? In this podcast, we chat with Adam Read, Global Curator at Deezer, responsible for the creation of many of the platform's top playlists, and he gives us an insight into what the ultimate goal of streaming services really is, plus what you can do to give yourself the best chance of being playlisted.
How do the biggest labels in the business find the artists they work with?Burstimo are joined by experienced A&R, Joe Kentish, who tells us how labels really work, where they scout their talent and how you can make yourself look more attractive as an artist.Now working as Head of A&R at Warner Music, Joe has built a name for himself by breaking a number of artists, including, most recently, global popstar Dua Lipa - helping her on her way to over 60 million monthly listeners in just five years.
The one question that all artists want answered: How do I find success?Experienced industry manager, Matthew Fletcher, joins Burstimo to chat about finding success in the modern world of music and why following your dream is still as important as marketing your product.Having worked alongside the likes of Busted and McFly, taking them from inception to worldwide acclaim, Fletch tells the inspiring story of their success and how creative ideas and quality of content can help you fulfill your potential as an artist.
Do the major labels have control of playlists? Can they get placement with the click of a button?Director of Commercial & Streaming at EMI, Andy Knox, explains how the major labels pitch to digital streaming platforms, what helps secure placement and the importance of streaming at Universal. Andy Knox Instagram:
Radio play can break an artist, getting music played on the radio can help access a worldwide audience who are ready to discover new music.In this podcast, BBC Radio 1's Abbie McCarthy explains how she decides which music is played on the radio as well as the best ways to submit music to be considered for radio play.Abbie's Instagram:
Experienced music industry manager Chelsea Wood joins Burstimo to discuss modern marketing tactics for artists to break in 2020.Chelsea has managed major artists including Nina Nesbitt, Foxes and Duran Duran throughout her extensive time in the music industry.Nina Nesbitt has just hit 500m streams on her latest EP, an artist who started as independent and just uploading covers to her YouTube channel.We cover topics about how an artist can break without requiring a large budget or contacts and resources from a record label using techniques such as artist collaborations, TikTok, Social Media and live performances.
There is a time and place for both types of content.Alex and Maddy discuss the best practices for raw content to engage and grow a fan base 
We're back!A lot has changed for the music industry in the past 3 months and it has created some amazing opportunities for emerging artists.Alex and Maddy discuss the opportunities available to artists during lockdown and what they can be focussing on to maximise their chances of breaking during these times.
If you're looking to jump start your music career and become an overnight success, TikTok is the only platform that will allow you to do this.This video covers a release we did which blew up an artist overnight, they were an unsigned artist, using the quality of the track, viral opportunities and TikTok we were able to generate 1.4m streams on Spotify and 1m views on YouTube.Read more details about Linneah's Burstimo campaign:'s Official Music Video: TikTok videos which used the track: which went viral: order to promote your music successfully on TikTok you need to have a strong story or a trend which people can jump on to, with a catchy track and the ability to create the content yourself to get the trend started. We recommend using two punchlines in a TikTok, one at 3 seconds and another at the end in order to get picked up by the TikTok algorithm.
Struggling to get your audience to interact with you?Followers on Instagram and streams on Spotify doesn’t always mean an engaged audience. You want a fan base who come to your live shows, buy your merchandise and engage with your social media content, promoting your music naturally but how do you do this?In this video, we caught up with Tom Nield, the Founder of Landmrk known for their work with Shakira, Louis Tomlinson and Bring Me The Horizon. He discusses how he gets artist’s fans to come off of social media and interact with the artist in the real world to ensure each release is successful.Learn how to get your fans off of social media, truly engaging with everything you do.Check out Landmrk:
Universal Music Group's Virgin EMI join us to explain how they use fan activation to engage and grow the fan base for the likes of Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Bastille, Lewis Capaldi and more.Follow Bets: us:Instagram: @BurstimoTwitter: @BurstimoMusicFacebook: @BurstimoRead detailed music promotion tips:
Getting a following on Instagram is essential for an artist’s growth as it means you’ve created a fan base who are engaged and are likely to listen to your music, pay to see you perform live and purchase your merch but how do you get those first 100,000 followers?In this video, Maddy and Alex sit down with female production duo HANNIE who explain how they have collected an Instagram following of over 300,000, created a full time music career and got sponsorship deals with the likes of JBL, Orange Amps and Nasty Gal.Learn how to grow your Instagram following, make money from your music and eventually make it a full time career.Follow HANNIE: Song:HANNIE - Stay Another NightFollow us:Instagram: @BurstimoTwitter: @BurstimoMusicFacebook: @BurstimoRead detailed music promotion tips:
ver wondered how Major Labels create content for you after you get signed?Rory Dewar and Mauro Fernandes Borges join Burstimo to tell us about how they create content for the likes of Lewis Capaldi, Loyle Carner, Florence and the Machine, Bastille and more.Follow the guys: us:Instagram: @BurstimoTwitter: @BurstimoMusicFacebook: @BurstimoRead detailed music promotion tips:
Making a name for yourself in the music industry can be incredibly difficult, especially as an artist or producer when the world is oversaturated with music now, so in today's episode Maddy and Alex speak with someone who was a leader in their genre.Maddy and Alex sit down with Plastician, best known for his work with Skepta, Rinse FM and being respected as one of the true pioneers of both the Dubstep and Grime genres. He discusses how he has become a leader in his genre, having his own label, collaborating with major names and playing on the live scene. 
Do you have fantastic music but struggle to get it heard? You're not alone! In today's episode, the whole Burstimo team sit down and answer questions submitted by you! We discuss all of our marketing secrets from getting placed on major music blogs to the best content for social media advertising. 
With over 500 million active users worldwide, TikTok is a platform which has taken artists from zero fans to millions. To grow on the platform, you must learn how to create content fitting to the consumer. In this video we speak with Austin Giorgio, who has had his own music go viral on TikTok as well as his own content. He explains the formula to creating viral content as well as simple tips for starting trends. 
Modern marketing is so heavily reliant on social media and content creation that get audiences engaging. While speaking on the Unlocking Music panel, Maddy and Alex discuss how they market artists using ads, Spotify, social media and content creation. 
Alex and Maddy speak with Liberty Wilson, who is senior marketing at Virgin. Liberty has been working within the music industry long enough to see constant change in trends and how music marketing has changed. With the introduction of influencer marketing, and platforms such as TikTok, labels are now exploring the new ways to reach audiences and get their artists music out there. 
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