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Author: Sarah Kurtanich & Sando Bernstein

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Sando Bernstein and Sarah Kurtanich believe in fueling your body, feeding your mind and doing things that just make you feel good. They believe great things happen when gathered around the table, or mesa in this case. Each episode of this podcast is an invitation to come sit with them and listen in as they chat about balance, wellness and because they can’t go long without talking about it, great food.
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It's 2020 - Word!

It's 2020 - Word!


We're talking our words of the year, how Sarah likes to say "Word" in text messages and more in this one. It's a new year, a new decade and we've got some catching up to do! We are so excited to be back recording and can't wait to see what 2020 brings for The Mustache Mesa community.  The Mustache Mesa on Instagram The Mustache Mesa on Facebook Full show notes -
This is an impactful interview about following your passions, listening to your inner guidance and feeling confident in your decisions. These women totally live by The Mustache Mesa credo “Fuel your body, feed your soul” and we loved getting to know them and learn about their business, Lifecycle Fitness Studio.  Alyssa and Emily share about their transitions from full time jobs to entrepreneurship, how they feel about motherhood while building a brand new business and the importance of movement in their lives.  The Mustache Mesa on Instagram The Mustache Mesa on Facebook Full Show Notes over on
In this episode Sando and Sarah sit down and get to know Sex Educator Mary Adelle over cans of adaptogenic boosted hard kombucha. (It was delicious and we felt strongly about sharing it with you.) Mary is a trauma-informed educator dedicated to social justice and confronting and unlearning white supremacy. She is dedicated to sex-positive, inclusive and comprehensive sex ed info. Mary wants you to be informed, excited, comforted and challenged all in the name of your sexuality. We talk about the joy of school “sex ed”, she shares about her experience with vaginismus, she encourages us to masterbate and provides so many excellent resources. She also roller skates which is unbelievably rad. We totally consider ourselves “Scarlets” now. The Mustache Mesa on Instagram -  The Mustache Mesa on Facebook -  See the complete show notes at   
We talk about food a lot in this one. We are delighted to share our conversation with Chef Christine Van Bloem of The Kitchen Studio Cooking School. (Which she opened almost 15 years ago!!) This is one of our longest and possibly most favorite chats to date. We riff on entrepreneurship, empowerment, health and when we say we talk about food we mean we get REAL about food. We might talk about being on the corner at some point. And she teaches us about “cookbook season.” Actually Christine keeps it real about everything. And don’t ever tell her she can’t do something.  Find the full show notes here - The Mustache Mesa on Instagram -  The Mustache Mesa on Facebook -
This week we're sharing our incredible conversation with Jo Elizabeth Butler. Jo spent more than two decades serving as an international lawyer for the UN (she helped negotiate the first agreement on global warming for crying out loud!) Now through her work with the Ethiopian Children's Appeal, Jo works to provide children with access to better classrooms, library resources and clean water.   She cooks, she creates, she leads and she gives. She also loves Frederick as much as we do. She is an incredibly interesting and passion-fueled woman. We basically want to be just like her when we grow up.  Ethiopian Children's Appeal The Purple Hat Taste Frederick's Booze & Bites Tour The Mustache Mesa on Instagram | Facebook
Get ready for a few good doses of entrepreneurial inspiration and wanderlust. In this episode we’re chatting with Molly and Olivia, the founders of Livalit Travel. These sisters plan branded and incentive travel for companies and strive to build community through travel. We loved hearing their startup story, learning how they balance co-owning a business as sisters, and can’t wait to see more about the chocolate-themed trip they mention. We also chat about our shared love of bicycle tours. These ladies seriously love travel and have us ready to plan our next adventure … Mustache Mesa trip in 2020? What do you guys think?  Find the full show notes here - The Mustache Mesa on Instagram - The Mustache Mesa on Facebook -
Man it feels good to be back behind the microphone! On this week's episode we sat down with Dr. Ashley Russell, the owner and Naturopathic Doctor at Frederick Natural Health Center. Dr. Russell's mission is to help savvy women balance their hormones naturally so they can have more energy, less stress and feel confident! Yes to all of those things!  She shares a ton of wonderful information in this chat. A few highlights include how to start if you're looking to minimize sugar in your diet, supplements to help your immune system during the upcoming cold months and we get into ways to combat all of the "wellness" noise that's constantly thrown at us through marketing.  Let us know what you think over on Instagram or leave a review. We've got a lot of great episodes coming up, but we always want to know if there's a guest you'd like to hear from or a topic we should cover.  Find the full show notes here - The Mustache Mesa on Instagram - The Mustache Mesa on Facebook -
We're back! School is back in session, Fall is officially here and we're kicking off season 4 of The Mustache Mesa Podcast with a classic Sarah & Sando "Sweet & Sour" episode. If you're new around here, these episodes are where the Mustache Mesa gals like to share all the things that are currently making their life a little sweeter as well as anything that's been putting a sour, "pucker-like" twist on things. We like to keep it real.  The Mustache Mesa on Instagram: The Mustache Mesa on Facebook: The Mustache Mesa Shownotes:
We hope you'll pour yourself a glass of something and cheers with us through this episode! We're celebrating two years, 50 episodes and over 8,500 downloads of The Mustache Mesa podcast! We really had no idea what starting this would mean, at the time we really just knew it was something we had to do. Thank you for being a part of our journey and this continuously expanding community. And a very special thank you to our guest interviewer, Julie Gaver. Julie was our second guest back when we started and we were delighted when she agreed to come back and help us celebrate with a special episode where she got to ask us the questions. Get ready for honesty, laughter, a few tears and a toast or two. Julie asks us some great questions and we hope you can take something from our answers. Always remember, you can absolutely sit with us.  Don't be a stranger, feel free to drop us a note at or on Instagram @themustachemesa. We love hearing from you and would really like to know if there's something you'd like to hear or see from us. We're working on plans for the rest of 2019 and beyond and your feedback means a lot to us. Speaking of feedback, if you haven't taken a second to leave a review on iTunes, please do. Those reviews help the podcast get heard by more people which ultimately helps us continue to grow the podcast. It's a win for all of us!
Kayla Dene Slusher is a content creator, branding & blogging coach, nonprofit founder and all around inspiration. She is encouraging the world to live life to its fullest through loving ourselves and living our passion. That is a message we can 1000% get behind. We love her positivity, her honesty, her genuine desire to connect and her drive. This woman is going places and we're really glad we'll be able to witness her journey.  Kayla on Instagram Kayla on Facebook Big Magic Trello Our 2 Year Anniversary Party on July 17 Our Instagram giveaway for tickets to the Tenth Ward Cocktail Lab Grand Opening on July 13
Have you had your nature fix lately? Charissa Hipp wants to make sure your answer is yes. Throughout her career Charissa has written and promoted many outdoor attractions. From the National Park Service to the tourism offices of both Washington and Frederick Counties and still as a consultant writer/marketer, she's been researching, writing and promoting many aspects of the great outdoors for years. In this episode, we chat with Charissa about how her past experience led her to hiking, what it was like working for the National Park Service and how important time in nature is. She also shares some great tips for anyone interested in starting to hike and a bit about her newest venture, The Nature Prescription. Maybe listen to this one while getting a little fresh air?   The Nature Prescription Girls Who Hike - Maryland Facebook Page Charissa on Instagram Charissa's writing The Three Day Effect The Nature Fix National Park Service   We hope to see you on Wed, July 17 from 7-8:30 pm at Tenth Ward Distilling Company! We'll be celebrating 2 years and 50 episodes of The Mustache Mesa with a delicious cocktail or two from Tenth Ward's new Cocktail Lab. Stop by anytime that evening, we'll be ready to cheers and give you a big hug!
Mandy was one of those people we were a little nervous to reach out to about joining us on the podcast. But we are sooooo glad we got over those nerves! We are delighted to share our conversation with Mandy Gleason, the founder of Replica Surfaces. Replica Surfaces are beautiful, lightweight, easily cleaned and very realistic surfaces that will help improve anyone's food or product photography game. Mandy was an immediate sister-friend and we were seriously impressed with her entrepreneurial drive. Not to mention how quickly she turned the idea of Replica into reality and the fact that Lauren Conrad is using her products now! Mandy also shares some pro tips on making homemade pasta. This episode will leave you feeling inspired all around.  Replica Surfaces Replica Surfaces on Instagram Replica Surfaces VIP Facebook community Clarity Amazon Lightbox options for photography DIY Lightbox for photography ___________________________________________ Thrive Market Link - save 25% on your first order & get a free 30-day membership.  SAVE THE DATE FOR WED, JULY 17 - we're going to be celebrating 2 years of podcasting, 50 episodes and with a little luck, 10,000 downloads! Details to follow very soon, make sure we've got your email so you can know first. 
Warning, this episode will probably be best enjoyed while sipping an adult beverage (or better yet, after you're a few sips in!) Our hilarious friend, Eliza Robinson returns to the podcast for a wine-fueled chat about self-care, becoming a plant lady and letting the universe do it's thing. She also shares some very real parenting moments, we geek out just a little over the Frozen sequel and if you listen long enough you'll hear some of our favorite bad jokes. This episode probably would have gone on longer, but as you'll hear, the power went out while we were recording and the waning battery life of Sarah's computer prevented this from turning into a three hour episode. (It was probably for the best, wink wink.)  We named this episode especially for Eliza. We do talk about how we think dogs are perfect and Eliza specifically mentions her dog Lennox who recently passed away. We know he was an incredibly special pup and our hearts are with Eliza right now.  Eliza on Instagram Avenue West Salon Vans Disney Collection Cereve Foaming Cleanser & Lotion True Dark Blue Light Blocking Glasses
On this episode we're sharing our delightful conversation with Barbie Markey a Frederick, Maryland based personal trainer and fitness instructor. We learn about her non-linear path to becoming a personal trainer (that included time on Capital Hill and a stint as a cheerleader with the Washington Redskins.) We talk a lot about fueling our bodies with feel good food, taking advantage of mentorship and her inspiring view on travel and getting out of your comfort zone. Make sure to follow the link below to check her out on Instagram for excellent and approachable workout inspiration. Enjoy! Bar Markey Fitness Barbie on Instagram Monthly Friday Fitness Meetups Cafe Rio The Main Cup Lisa Reed (Barbie's personal training mentor in DC)  
Mary Kate McKenna is proof it’s totally OK to take the leaps, it’s OK to keep it real and it’s OK to play hard to get. Known by most as MK, she is open, honest and vulnerable and we’re so happy we got to hang out IRL for a little bit to record this episode for you guys. You’ll learn about how she got started in photography, why she ultimately transitioned away from photographing weddings and what building a business over 15 years looked like for her. MK also shares candidly about her journey through infertility. This conversation is full of inspiration and plenty of realness and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did! Links MK on Instagram MK on Facebook Other things mentioned in the episode MyFlo period tracking app Frederick Weddings Doors of Frederick poster Instacart Walmart Curbside Pickup Uber Eats  
This is a fun one! We bring back the term culottes (because apparently they’re back in style,) we chat about the shift that getting dressed can bring, we complain about H&M’s weird sizing and Whitney convinces both of us that having a personal stylist is a great idea. In all seriousness though, we're thrilled we got the chance to sit down and talk with Whitney. She's the founder and head stylist of Styled by Whit, her personal styling business. Whitney is absolutely one to watch and we'll be Instagram-stalking her for style tips from here on out.  Whitney on Instagram Whitney on Facebook As always thank you so much for listening! Please consider leaving a quick review on iTunes. Your feedback helps us continue to improve the podcast and continue getting it in front of new audiences. 
Caitlin Taylor is a breath of fresh air. We really enjoyed getting to know her a bit better when we sat down to record this episode a few weeks ago. Caitlin is a photographer who specializes in weddings. We asked Caitlin about her journey to entrepreneurship, advice for someone looking to enter the field of photography and she shares a bit about her pet horse (so cool!) A transplant to our hometown of Frederick, we chatted about some of her favorite things to do in town too.  Coral Dove Photography Coral Dove on Instagram Coral Dove on Facebook Feel Good Dance Class with The Mustache Mesa (4/6) Dare to Lead Book Club event (4/11) As always, thank you so much for listening. If you have a moment, please consider leaving a review on iTunes. Your thoughts and support help us reach new listeners and continue to grow the podcast. 
We talk about sooo much more than compost in this episode but we really didn't know just how much you could compost until we sat down with Phil Westcott, CEO and Co-Founder of Key City Compost. A local company working to create less waste in landfills, help the environment, create jobs and strengthen our local food system. We talk about other ways to reduce food waste, about supporting our local farmers and Phil shares a great deal about his journey to entrepreneurship. Having never met him before this, we really appreciated his openness and honesty. Be sure to check out Key City Compost online and on social media, as Phil mentions in the episode you can try their services for a month for free! Key City Compost website Key City Compost on Facebook Key City Compost on Instagram Hungry Harvest Imperfect Produce Mustache Mesa Hip Hop Dance Class on April 6 Brené Brown's book Dare to Lead
The beauty and brains behind JKW Beauty, Jordan Lewis joins Sando & Sarah at the table for this episode. You'll be inspired by Jordan's unexpected path to start her successful wedding-focused beauty company, hear her dish on some of her current favorite beauty products and learn some important tips for brides looking for someone to help them look and feel their best on the big day. And she knows what she's talking about, JKW Beauty has been in business for close to a decade.  Jordan is a mother, wife, dreamer and believer. Her mission is to help inspire women to embrace their unique beauty and feel empowered in the process. Cheers to that! JKW Beauty on Instagram JKW Beauty on Facebook Beautycounter Tint Skin Foundation(Sarah is a consultant, and we included her link here in case she can help/answer any questions.) Armani Luminous Silk Foundation Mascara 8 Faces Solid Oil Dare to Lead, April 11 Bookclub Event with Julie Gaver
Everyone is talking about it, so naturally we wanted to talk about it. On this episode, Sarah and Sando sit down with two of the founders of Wander CBD. It's a very new, Frederick-based company that is producing products with the hottest new ingredient around, CBD. We talk about a bit of the science behind CBD (which stands for cannabidiol,) what kind of relief people are discovering with it and suggestions for giving it a try. We were also very impressed to learn how ingredient driven these products were. Whether you're thinking about trying CBD or not, this is a fascinating episode. We hope you'll listen with an open mind.  Wander CBD's website Facebook Instagram  
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