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In this episode, Jill Lubienski and Peter Jakob discuss possibilities for how to keep going in tough times. Peter and Jill elaborate on a metaphor of climbing a mountain -  how our work in NVR and within the systems in which we are located, can be akin to such an experience, where we have to find ways of coping in unfamiliar locations and in inclement weather, employing various resources and survival skills which we may have needed in the past, but forgotten. Jill and Peter discuss their ideas of what helps us to reignite our energy to keep going. What puts us in touch with our resources and creativity? How and when NVR can be a map to help navigate this treacherous terrain? What sort of support from others can help keep us from falling into despair and unhelpful blaming patterns?  Importantly, what can ultimately make our work sweeter?
Peter Jakob introduces Shila Desai and together they discuss the idea of how to cultivate stillness in the demands and uncertainties that families and practitioners face. The idea of a First Aid Still Box is explored and how both physical supplies and mentalising practices   can be included in such a box  to create a halt before taking action. 
Peter Jakob and Jill Lubienski take inspiration from Martin Luther King Jr. in exploring the theme of connecting heart and mind and taking action in an NVR frame.
Peter Jakob and Rachael Aylmer have discussions about practitioners working on cases that are tough.  It is farewell from me (Rachael) as I hand over to my colleagues Shila Desai and Jill Lubienski for season 3.    Thank you for listening to my ramblings.  Please check out the PP website for info on: Eli Lebowitz  who is coming to the UK to deliver the first face-to-face training in the S.P.A.C.E model in London 17th & 18th of April and Birmingham 20th & 21st of April 2023 Please check the NVR Association website for:The NVRA online conference on Saturday 4th March - an exciting panel of speakers/workshops from the UK and internationally a small fee to access this. 
Peter Jakob & Rachael Aylmer talk about "The Struggle" between caregivers in NVR and practitioners in NVR.  Note * this is a 50-minute podcast We ask the listeners in this podcast to consider a question:What helps generate "hope"  ?? From a parental position..... how do you as a parent/caregiver grow a sense of hope in the NVR work/process?  From a practitioner's position, how do you help guide/coach/contain parents toward hopefulness?Please respond via email: 
Peter Jakob and Rachael Aylmer talk on this week's podcast about the "Language of Love".  reference: Carl Rogers - positive regard (UPR)    
Peter Jakob and Rachael Aylmer talk about resistance in our practice.  How do NVR practitioners challenge other professionals with different scripts and narratives in our family work which may cause distress and /or harm to parents?  
Peter Jakob and Rachael Aylmer discuss how a diagnosis in a young person can affect how parents and caregivers utilise NVR.  Referenced:The National Autistic Society - Omer - -  
Peter Jakob and Rachael Aylmer talk about "Clarity" on this week's podcast.  A short and sweet conversation about how practitioners gain a sense of clarity in their work with parents/caregivers.  
The vulnerability of parents was today's discussion between Peter Jakob and Rachael Aylmer.   
Peter Jakob and Rachael Aylmer talk about Inequality and the fear of Social Control and how NVR practitioners' roles can be portrayed ad misunderstood within parent groups.   
Peter Jakob talks in detail about the interaction between parent and child and parent to parent.  How mutual blaming can make life difficult.  How can parents interrupt this?      
Peter Jakob and Rachael Aylmer muse over the understanding of heroes and role models in today's society and our history.    Please contact us on: 
Peter Jakob deconstructing the term "nag".  
Tony Meehan and Rachael Aylmer discuss how staff within all educational settings might differ by using NVR and how staff can unite their approaches to challenging behaviours.  NVR Association Conference (Face to face)  14th May at Eastbourne Tennis Club Free event - sign up to become a member which entitles you to a ticket to the event. Order of the Day - 10 - 4 Key note - Peter Jakob Presenters Haim Omer, Jill Lubienski and Tony Meehan 
Tony Meehan and Rachael Aylmer talk about how schools can adopt a new approach to behaviours in school, using New Authority.  We referenced a book by Paul Dix - When the Adults Change Everything ChangesWe referenced a YouTube clip - Dads Patrol (in the US) - referenced Toby Newton - Headteacher in a Hong Kong school - ICHK  and a exert of the behaviour policy in his school."Our conviction as a school is that for 95% of the time and for 95% of the students, deviations from the behaviour for learning can be resolved through informal conversation and counselling. Research and our own experience suggest that timely, sympathetic and constructive intervention is most effective, and can usually obviate the need for any formal procedures to be put in place. Implicit in this is the knowledge that oftentimes, behavioural conduct is the only voice students have to express themselves. Our role as teachers is to provide students with alternative ways in which to do this successfully. As teachers, we should be mindful of the fact that we are setting up a significant part of our student's worlds and that this needs to be done with the guidance, patience and understanding."Behaviour for learning policy, ICHK international school Hong Kong,Headteacher: Toby Newton 
Peter Jakob and Rachael Aylmer talk about the current war on Ukraine and how this sits with this week's topic The Nature of Non-Violence, acts of resistance and solidarity.   
Rachael Aylmer talks to Vasiliki Loumpa about her work as an NVR accredited practitioner in the NHS inpatients unit using NVR as an intervention to support parents and staff who are supporting young people with their mental health illnesses. 
Shila Desai and Rachael Aylmer talk about "Taking a stand" ..... how might parents find the strength to do this.  
Rachael Aylmer and Tony Meehan talk about how NVR can influence school systems and behaviour policies. This is the YouTube link referencing the Dad Patrol we discuss in the podcast.  
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