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How do I have 18 kids but I'm naked for the world to see? In 2015 three kids came forward that their dad was physically abusive and I got full custody. In 2016 I wrote my book about my struggle growing up. I wanted to be an example to my kids and for them to know they weren't alone in their struggle, even if the "issue" is different. I also wanted them to be unafraid of sharing their story, getting help and building a support team. In 2017 the podcast was launched and my goal was to share OTHER people's stories and what helped. It's unconventional, gritty, explicit, raw, edgy and vulnerable!
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In this coaching episode, Mara discusses her 1-month package, who you are, what you want, color therapy, card reading, clarity session. She told me there is a story of myself in the past I carry into the future, why I feel what others say, survival, intuition, 5- minute meditation, to trust what's coming, check-in with myself, fear is excitement, my awareness of my power among other things. See if Mara would be a great fit to work with by watching her process with me!   FIND MARA HERE: IG @the_intuition_queen FB @theintuitionqueen YouTube Intuitive Queens Podcast:   CONNECT WITH ME! Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: Website: Email: --- Send in a voice message:
Today I talked with Matt Zinman who I absolutely adore! Here are a few highlights:   STRUGGLES - depression since teen - Mom contracted HIV from tainted transfusion - Single dad - brother checked out (opioids)   TRIUMPHS - Started marketing co in '02 - Founded nonprofit '07 (The Internship Institute) - still active - Married a Rock Star in Top 100 worldwide - Isagenix - Published Z-isms: Insights to Live By and am making a difference by positively impacting as many people as possible     FIND MATT: Amazon Author Page: https:// LinkedIn (primary): Facebook: Instagram: MatthewZinman Twitter: @MatthewZinman Podcast Host of "Insights to Live By" with weekly guest (Tues) and solo (Thurs) episodes CONNECT WITH ME! Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: Website: Email: --- Send in a voice message:
Today I have my daughter Olivia on discussing what it was like to be 8 years old and experience moving to a new place, from Alaska to Reno, NV. She thought it was awful - the desert, it smelled weird. Then 9 months later her dad and I divorced, she had to make new friends over and over, experienced head lice and asked to have her head shaved (big mistake), and was on a baseball team - the only girl, with short hair, who hated baseball.   We also discuss sibling dynamics, how much as a child she wanted to speak up but didn't think it would matter, protecting siblings, being introverted, giving away her "pretties", and always wanting to help the underdog. We discuss church, therapy, learning forgiveness, taking space, and how hard it sometimes is to have better relationships.   I'm so proud of Olivia! This was an emotional interview and topic and she's amazing.   CONNECT WITH ME!  Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: Website: Email: --- Send in a voice message:
Today we discuss relationships!  Let things go, choose each other, joy comes from love and relationships, endearing qualities that could make me mad (or be annoying), meditation of gratitude, connection, learn to ask nicely for what you want, check your energy levels and don't expend energy on people who matter less. A kind word goes a long way.  I am grateful for you!  In Joan's words:   When you have a good man, who cares about your feelings and needs, gratitude creates a life of love.  When we first got together, Marc and I imagined living on a winding river. We didn’t think much about this, but a year later when we found a beautiful home on the Peace River in Florida, we knew we had arrived.  We practice daily gratitude for the gifts we have received, and the gifts we have created from our love for each other.  Remember to be grateful, and to express it daily to your partner. Especially for the small things of life - doing the dishes, cleaning up, paying for groceries. Thank you, thank you, thank you my love.   Being grateful for your life with a man who cherishes you and shares your vision of life it is blissful.  If he or she hasn't shown up yet, be grateful for all that you do have in your life now!   CONNECT WITH ME! Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: Website: Email: --- Send in a voice message:
I don't consider my life a triumph, more like survival. And it has been. Jae and I discussed his books, two podcasts, and supporting each other. We also took a deep dive into wondering what was wrong in his head, how he wrote off and on from Jr High, being small in High School, working out, how he loved the power of the chase with women and sex and how disgusted he is with how he treated people badly - all because of how he felt about himself. Coming from an abusive home, meeting his wife, have the 4 children he loves, his suicide attempt, going to therapy, being diagnosed with depression and bipolar disorder, and being OK using medication to help. I loved how he discussed hating himself, wanting others to feel terrible, and how to combat that and how crippling it is not to understand why you feel the way you do. Consuming anything to make you feel better from sex to smoking to alcohol and drugs.   His wife taught him that your past doesn't define who you are and has been his rock while figuring out not only his bipolar and depression issues but his exploration of gender dysphoria. Writing has been an outlet for Jae but his healing has also been learning to give himself grace.   FIND JAE HERE:   CONNECT WITH ME! Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: Website: Email: --- Send in a voice message:
One of my main issues growing up was when I had to change my job. My parents could never understand why, despite telling them it was a better position, more money, a better company. Their take was, you get a job and you keep it for as long as you can and even if you are not happy, that's it. You can't have what you want. But that was exactly the opposite of I thought because I was ambitious and I was already a go-getter. I understood later on that their mindset was post 2nd world war and they really lived in a time of misery. At the time it drove me crazy. We would argue every time, so at some point, I moved from Milan, Italy to London UK. I fell in love with the city on a study trip when I was 14 and felt that was my place. It took me a while to do it but at age 27 I moved. I left everything and everybody and moved. It was shocking for everyone but so freeing for me. I was getting bored or my life (boyfriend, same things, same people, same places) plus I was still living with my parents and the relationship with my mum was a nightmare. The prospected of having a life that was always the same and eventually create a family killed me only thinking about it. I knew I wanted to be more, do more, travel the world, meet new people, discover new things. I used to work in advertising back in Italy so I thought it would be easy for me to find a job but it was not. Social media were rising quickly as a marketing tool and I didn't have much experience plus I worked in a different country. I really had to come to terms with my low self-esteem and the lack mindset I grew up in. A friend of mine gave me The Secret to read before leaving Italy and that book changed my life. I was already practicing some of the things in the book like gratitude, without knowing I was or the effects of it. I quickly became addicted to self-development. I started to hear people saying that when they needed to feel better they just had to talk to me. With time I decided I wanted to become a life coach. I was natural at it. Until my dad suddenly passed away suddenly almost 5 years ago and my world came crumbling down. I felt my security net had been broken and I was in a free fall and I was scared. That's when I decided I had to make my life happen and this career change happen immediately because what if something happened to my mum too even if she's young? Life is really short! That's how I became a coach and in the process, I became attracted to a lot of spiritual tools, like crystals, cards etc. Becoming an Intuitive and Creative coach was a no brainer for me because that's what I am to the core. Deciding to work with women and helping them find their purpose was a consequence of my story. Once I followed and trusted my intuition, all the pieces of the puzzle got together. I never thought I could find a career that made me feel so happy and fulfilled until I started coaching. Through the process, I discovered colour therapy, reiki, and inner child healing and that's what I decided to incorporate in my coaching. I know how they helped me overcoming my fears, limiting beliefs and blocks and change perspective about a lot of things. My life and my business got better and better. This is why I help women stepping into their true power and finally make decisions that come from within because they will never make a wrong move. I am so passionate about connecting women that I started a podcast called Intuitive Queens where I share stories of other women that have followed their intuition and are now living their purpose. I want to inspire as many women as possible to take action and with different stories, I hope who listens finds one or more they resonate with and help them taking action. IG @the_intuition_queen FB @theintuitionqueen YouTube Intuitive Queens Podcast: --- Send in a voice message:
This was an amazing Clarity Session with Emily!  She explained some things to me and went over her intuitive guide artwork, reading, clarity sessions, channeling the meta-physical, past lives among other things.   Emily got me in touch with two of my guardian angels and we discussed Dane's wife that passed away and if I was correct about finding the dimes.   I have clairsentient and healing abilities and I'd love to tap into them more!  I also learned that I was a man in a past life during the Irish Immigration and I have several limiting beliefs that Emily helped me to clear.   I learned about my water guide (which is very cool!), to ask why and release emotions and more specifically how to manifest things more efficiently.  I LOVED doing this session with Emily. It was so surprising, enlightening, and absolutely beautiful.   Our first episode: FIND HER HERE: --- Send in a voice message:
I have known of my psychic abilities for as long as I can remember but by the time I had entered middle school I realized that they were 'weird' and began trying my absolute best to shut them off. Which resulted in mass amounts of fear and the overall blocking of my intuition and landed me in a very abusive relationship right out of high school. Nearly five years and two kids later I left him and had truly run out of things to be afraid of, and decided I was going to figure out how to use my abilities. However, they were SO BLOCKED. I spent the next four years overcoming my trauma and opening up my gifts and now I help others to access their psychic abilities and learn to use them without fear! We all have them and it is sure awesome to have some help to see them!    I am now a best-selling author and podcast host as well of the metaphysical comedy podcast, Perceptionists Anonymous.    Connect with Emily: --- Send in a voice message:
In our second therapy session, Dr. Foojan and I discuss sex! We dive into loss and guilt, patience with life changes, the connection between orgasm and punishment, how I'm accepting of some changes but not of others, designing sexual rewards, and reclaiming fun in sex. She also encouraged me to try other things, so I had a session with a tantric specialist! I need to remind myself I am a sexy, playful Goddess!   Dr. Foojan Zeine is a Psychotherapist, Life Coach, International Speaker, Author, and Radio/Television/Podcast Host. She has her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. Dr. Zeine practices online therapy and coaching and sees clients in Beverly Hills and San Clemente, California. She has extensive experience treating individuals and couples in restoring their Intimate Relationships, Addictive Disorders, Depression, Anxiety, Traumas, and Domestic Violence.   Dr. Foojan is the originator and the author for “Awareness Integration” educational and psychological model, a multi-modality approach, and intervention toward minimizing Depression, Anxiety while improving Self Esteem and Self Confidence. Multiple research on this method has been published in international journals and has been presented at Harvard University.   Dr. Foojan presents internationally and is a leading expert in the field of Online Therapy.   Connect with Dr. Foojan: --- Send in a voice message:
Eileen was fantastic! She encouraged me to NOT upsell (it makes me uncomfortable) but to have different programs that meet different needs, Have sponsors for scholarships using businesses I know, I need to learn how to best help people and what my end result is.    A strength I have is meeting people where they're at and holding space for them, so to remember that.   She emailed me about my homework post-interview and here's what I had done:   I"m currently moving my website to a new host (Wordpress to Simplero) and their team has a list of things to do. One of them is editing my pages, adding the coaching, speaking, "as seen on", FAQ. Part of the new website is also a scholarship program "create a scholarship" plan I can use I"m working on my coaching programs! YAY! And workshops, 5-day events, 2-hour events, etc.. Putting them together.   I've updated the FB group and am working on the page Launching a second podcast (Compounding Joy)   Creating 12 topics or "pillars" for subjects that videos and blogs will go under. That breaks it down into 12 months, and LOTS of videos under each topic I now have taglines for the podcast(s), mom of 18 (working on it still) and compounding joy and created the infographics for them On the list is to do a new skillset sheet (take me through my own program) Created a job description to hire out some of the tasks that take time and I'd like to off-load - possibly an intern through our university I had a meeting last week for social media marketing   I have a separate company looking at keywords, SEO and my competitive market (decided it shouldn't be parenting, but more transformational coaching) which will give me two different perspectives on this I completed opt-in freebies for my podcast page(s) - it's AWESOME!, my home page (a quiz I created and offer), and a media kit for the speaking page I'm taking two courses that each give an additional certification in coaching   SINCE THEN: I've completed almost all of the above. I need to take myself through my skillset workshop again and I'm in the process of completing 5 courses.   On top of completing the above, I've also hired several people to help me with the things I'm not great at - Pinterest, copywriting, re-titling all blog posts, creating infographics, updating and finishing the website content, a sales page, my LinkedIn profile is being updated, I have one webinar ready, the FB group is now private and growing, I have one main coach for a year, a "dress for success" branding coach, a finance and energy coach that I've worked with before. It's been a lot, but having the support makes things easier AND I'm feeling much more confident because I'm not trying to do everything myself. I'm also looking at what I can hire out that will bring in income, not just hiring tasks to get them off my plate. Connect with Eileen: --- Send in a voice message:
In session #1 together, we dig deep into money, career, blocks I have. Thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, resetting life and integrating the past. I regress to my 6-year-old self and where the baggage started. I can't remember crying as hard as I did in this episode and how much I learned.   Dr. Foojan Zeine is a Psychotherapist, Life Coach, International Speaker, Author, and Radio/Television/Podcast Host.  She has her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. Dr. Zeine practices online therapy and coaching and sees clients in Beverly Hills and San Clemente, California. She has extensive experience treating individuals and couples in restoring their Intimate Relationships, Addictive Disorders, Depression, Anxiety, Traumas, and Domestic Violence.   Dr. Foojan is the originator and the author for “Awareness Integration” educational and psychological model, a multi-modality approach, and intervention toward minimizing Depression, Anxiety while improving Self Esteem and Self Confidence. Multiple research on this method has been published in international journals and has been presented at Harvard University.  Dr. Foojan presents internationally and is a leading expert in the field of Online Therapy.   Connect with Dr. Foojan: --- Send in a voice message:
At this time, I'm an "Indie" author only, no connection with any other publishers. However, I didn't start that way.   I initially struggled to land a big publisher, making it up through the levels at a Big 5 publisher back in 2010, but at the final acquisition meeting, the marketing department thought there wouldn't be a big enough audience for my award-winning novel (Nearly Departed in Deadwood). So, I was rejected. Another publisher liked my writing style but didn't want my book--they wanted me to write stories per their templates, but I knew I wouldn't be happy doing that, so I turned it down.    At first, I thought that this was going to be a horrible ending for this particular book, but it was actually a beautiful beginning to my best-selling series. My agent at the time and I decided to go forth with the book and create a small press. We published my books and several other authors for a few years while I continued to work a "day job" as a technical writer, putting in 80+ hour weeks at the two jobs combined while being a wife and mother of two young kids (my husband has been a major player in helping to make this publishing career possible, playing full-time father while I was juggling my two careers).    In the middle of 2013, I was finally able to quit my day job financially and write full time, but I soon realized I didn't have time to be a mom, write books, publish my own and other books via the publishing company I co-owned, and maintain my sanity. In 2015, I broke off from the publishing company, took back all of my books, and went forth on my own, publishing as "Ann Charles" and that was it--no publisher umbrella. I haven't looked back since. As of May 2020 and the release of the 11th book in my Deadwood Mystery series, I'll have published 28 books (2 of these are co-written with my husband) since January 2011. I have 5 different series running at the moment. They are a mix of mystery, humor, adventure, paranormal, romance, and whatever else feels right.    I have found some amazing readers who not only support me by buying my books but help me tell others about each release and my backlist. A bonus is that every June I go to Deadwood, South Dakota (where the Deadwood Mystery Series is set) and we have the Ann Charles Fan Party Weekend with several book signings, other fun group events, and a big fan party with special guests toward the end of the weekend. It's been a wild ride so far and I'm looking forward to seeing where I go from here in this business.   Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: YouTube: --- Send in a voice message:
Hi, my name is Danny Heinsohn and my biggest setback became my greatest opportunity.   Upon college graduation with a bachelor of science in electrical engineering, I was diagnosed with brain cancer. After 15 months of craniotomies, seizure complications, and chemotherapy, I spiraled into depression and lost my sense of identity. I had to relearn how to walk, talk, and tie my shoes.   By the time I got back into "real life," I was broke with a mound of student debt, socially marooned and the economy entered a 2.5-year recession.   I grew up playing sports and consuming sports on traditional media but the parallels between cancer and chemotherapy with endurance sports became my new calling card and I completed my first Ironman.   My B2B sales program yields 10x growth in 3 to 6 months, while my sponsorship sales workshop helps create explosive revenue and impact for events and non-profits.   My Hometown Heroes was created to celebrate the community who supported me with compassion along my journey through brain cancer. Since 2011, My Hometown Heroes has awarded 115 scholarships to college-bound cancer survivors from across the country between 15 and 39 years old.   Over the past 2 years (2018 and 2019) My Hometown Heroes has experienced our highest growth resulting in $60,000 in scholarships awarded. Our mission is to help bridge the gap between cancer and college, one scholarship at a time.   SPEAKER WEBSITE: MY HOMETOWN HEROES SCHOLARSHIPS: LinkedIn: Instagram: YouTube: Twitter: --- Send in a voice message:
Stephanie and I had a wild ride conversation about the baby she gave up for adoption and how she accidentally found her, her 2 books released November 2019 and how she didn't have support so she makes sure her clients have what was missing for her. IN HER WORDS: Air Force Officer for 10 years, my heart said it was time to get out, I decided to become a financial advisor thinking that would be my career for the next 10 years and quit in less than 6 months because I hated it. The "pre-quake" tremors of my spiritual awakening had begun a couple years prior, but this unexpected departure from the business threw me full force into my spiritual awakening. There's a period of about 5 years that I call "the spiritual crucible" and have described it as living a hundred years in the space of 5. Dark night of the soul, shamanic death and rebirth, shamanic dismemberment, however you want to characterize it, I was being stripped of everything I thought I knew and believed. I was redefining everything. I was lost and had very few tools or mentors to help me. Plenty of cussing at god and gnashing of teeth. When I emerged from the spiritual crucible I felt I had some wisdom, perspective, understanding. This is when I started my spiritual healing business. I felt that if I could make someone else's time in the crucible easier, shorter, less painful, then I felt compelled (my heart called me) to support them. FB: LI: YouTube: --- Send in a voice message:
Miguel Dean returns for a 3rd episode to collaboratively discuss the world's current status and offer suggestions on how to navigate life in a pandemic.  We discuss: Sacred Union Mentoring Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs What do you love doing? Simplify Follow what children do Get outside Think out of the box Gain the gifts from the struggles Things aren't always "bad or good" they just are Reframing to the positive Faith Everything is divinely orchestrated Manifestation   CONNECT WITH MIGUEL!   You can read an excerpt of Bring Him Home here: For your paperback or EBook from Amazon- The U.S. link is: The U.K. link is: Website: Facebook:   --- Send in a voice message:
I'm so grateful to know Amy in person. She is an amazing human being and I love to send people her way!   IN HER WORDS:  AS a child I had lots of pain and sickness and trauma. From birth trauma to being molested at 2 years old to lots of throat illness which by the way was all connected! I also had an accident at 10 which ended with a skull fracture. I had severe headaches from then on. In my twenties, I had my first Crainio Session and I could not understand why I would get this huge headache when she would place her hands on my head very lightly.  I had to know more. I took my first class in 1995 and the rest is history. I knew this was what I was to do to help people heal their pain that was stuck in their bodies!   Fast forward to 2004. two little ones, husband, and living in Hawaii. I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer. Life changed in an instant. Through all the issues in my tissues that were the result of illness, birth, early childhood trauma, I developed a great deal of hypervigilance.  It has been my friend throughout my 50 years of living!    I also love CBD and how it helps my body heal and regain homeostasis. I love the support it gives me. @craniowave4u --- Send in a voice message:
IN HIS WORDS: The reason why I became a mental sports performance coach was due to my career-ending sports (QB - football) injury to the left hip. For almost two decades, I battled identity issues, confidence issues, and depression. I had two hip replacements on the same hip before I was 40 years old. After my first surgery, I was left handicapped for almost four years where I couldn't walk for more than 10 minutes, tie my shoes, and clip my toenails. After my second surgery, I got my life back and decided to redesign my life. I woke up my inner- athlete/inner-warrior after two decades to emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually to create a new Grant. Through about a year and a half of self-discovery, I found my calling as a mental sports performance coach. I went back to school to earn my Masters in Sport Psychology, created my company Game Face Performance, 90% Mental Podcast, and wrote my book The Next One Up Mindset: How to prepare for the unknown. The rest is history. Currently, I am working with Olympic, professional, collegiate, high school, and youth athletes, teams, and coaches. I also work executives (corporate athletes) and corporations to provide mental skills and leadership training. I am playing a big game in my life, career, and relationships. I am loving life! Linkedin: Grant Parr 90% Mental Podcast: Book: --- Send in a voice message:
I feel blessed to know Suzette and more honored that she was brave enough to come forward and discuss her struggles. She is passionate about helping others, connecting with people and sharing her message of healing. IN HER WORDS: I was raped by a 14-year-old neighbor at the age of 9. My parents weren't home and so my brother's older friend took the opportunity. As I've thought about it over the years, what stands out to me is that he had been grooming me since a young age. I was the one that he had a special nickname for, he always tried to make me feel special. So when the day arrived, I never in a million years thought he would do anything like that. I remember just freezing, not knowing what to do. Over the years, like a typical victim, I found myself making excuses for him (ie. boys will be boys, he was still a nice guy, he was also molested). Then I got to an age where I was like, NO. What he did was wrong. As I talked with people from many different walks of life, I found out that virtually EVERYONE knows someone who was molested as a child, whether it be themselves or someone else. This is unacceptable and needs to change. I was pretty emotionally needy, as a child. I was the youngest of four kids. My father was a good man, but he was very strict, so there wasn't a whole lot of freedom to be yourself. My mother was sick most of my life. She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when I was 4. I watched her body decline and by the time I was 19, she was struggling to do basic things for herself. Eventually, I was forced to become a caretaker of my mom at age 12. Why do I say forced? Because no one asked, it was just expected. This had a profound effect on me. I didn't have a normal childhood because of it. Skip to my adulthood. My mom died in 1998. I was 28 and in my last semester of college. I had postponed college to help with my mom. I don't regret this, I'm glad I did. Eventually, I met my now-husband. We settled in Michigan and I had two children. After the birth of my second, a son, I lost the use of my right arm for a time. After many tests, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Was I mad!!! It took me a few months, tears, and prayers to pick myself up from that. I determined that MS wasn't going to define me. I will still do what I have to do, despite it. Several years passed and my kids were now tweens. I came to a place in my life where I decided that I wanted to Branch out beyond being a wife and mother...but I also wanted to make a positive impact in the world. So I decided to write a story that had been on my heart.  What has evolved from the story has been amazing. I've developed a production company named Grace Films, located in Reno. My dream is to produce films that give back to our communities...starting with my first story, 'Flower of the Sun'. Each story that I produce will not only be an impactful story, but a portion of profit will bless several non-profits. 'Flower of the Sun' has partnered with the Crisis Pregnancy Center of Reno, Awaken, and Xquisite. I'm excited at the prospect of giving back through Film! Gracefilmsllcofnv@instagram SuzyQue@facebook SuzetteSutton-Frazee@ LinkedIn --- Send in a voice message:
Natalie was with me for podcast interview #2 and so much has changed! I'm so thankful she is willing to discuss the difficult process of being in business for yourself and how that sometimes doesn't work, doing what's best for your family and leaning into all of that! IN HER WORDS: I'm a mom, wife, entrepreneur and coffee lover. I also have had anxiety most of my life, although I didn't realize how long I've had it until recently.  My anxiety has been the reason I've failed at some pretty important things, but it's also been the reason I've succeeded at some pretty amazing things as well.  Things I can credit my anxiety for: Doing well in school  Being a top performer at every job I've ever had  Having a clean house, healthy meals and snacks, while working 50+ hours a week.  Losing 30 lbs Things I can blame my anxiety for:  Awkward first impressions  Difficult social situations  A failed coaching business  Gaining 60 lbs I've pivoted my business into helping families who are dealing with anxiety & ADD/ADHD to live the peaceful life they want by addressing mental and physical wellness. It's the season we're in right now, as a family, so I'm looking to help others who are just starting out in this journey & who don't want to necessarily be 100% reliant on medication. (I'm not anti-medication, just pro-adjusting the environment first) Learn how nutrition, fitness & supplements (including CBD) can be beneficial to the entire family. FB & IG: @natalieihde FB page: @familiesthrivingwithanxietyandadhd --- Send in a voice message:
Steph and I discussed suicide attempts, and how the thought of suicide never goes away, FAYA, hopscotching landmines with his dad, being the best version of yourself and how he was the Nudge He Was Dying For IN HIS WORDS: Having attempted suicide in my late teens (this happened at school in fact) ; this being the apex of the childhood I had and came from.  I went from being afraid of my own shadow and the inability to communicate anything that emotionally related to someone that I'm very proud of today who can't SHUT UP about the human condition and the quest to be the best versions of ourselves.  I spent some time in therapy seeking the tools to be able to UNPACK MY SHIT; which was a great start to my journey.  There are a multitude of UPS & DOWNS in my almost 48 years on this planet.   The first book that changed my life was "Awaken The Giant Within" - this was the foundation of changing my self-talk.  Fighting the perpetual feelings of anxiety and questioning my success/self-worth made thoughts of ending things a mainstay in my life.  I persisted through the lows and acknowledged and embraced the highs.  My oldest daughter has a tattoo on her wrist in my handwriting that says "Resilience" - I'm kinda tickled by that.  I made it my mandate to strive to be the best example to both my girls.  I always had a tremendous sense of contribution to fulfill; and chased any opportunity to do "PURPOSE-FULL" work.  I risked a great deal in life and in love, these were the lessons that molded and formed my now business OnTheCusp.  I believe we're all On The Cusp of our personal greatness; BIG or small.   Sometimes we need that Nudge We are Dying for.  I'm proud to say that I played this role for many people at many levels on several fronts - One having been a Strength & Conditioning Coach for 20 years.   I have newly launched streetwear apparel company called FAYA - this stands for Fuck All Y'All.  It's a positive Mantra to signifies a SUPERPOWER for the good people of this world to fight the fight against the HATERS & NAYSAYERS. It's a GOOD VIBES ONLY company.  The lid came off years here I am seeking to leave a daily legacy and always striving to pay it forward. What fascinates me most is ME with all the flaws & splendors; so I leverage this to help other people avoid going out of their way to make a straight line crooked.  Instagram - fayawickedsmahtapparel.   Instagram - sslaurentonthecusp   Instagram - fayawickedsmahtapparel   LinkedIn - Steph B St Laurent --- Send in a voice message:
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