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Автор: Медуза / Meduza

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Meduza’s first English-language podcast, The Naked Pravda highlights how our top reporting intersects with the wider research and expertise that exists about Russia. The broader context of Meduza’s in-depth, original journalism isn’t always clear, which is where this show comes in. Here you’ll hear from the world’s community of Russia experts, activists, and reporters about the issues at the heart of Meduza’s stories.
13 Episodes
As governments and vigilantes ramp up violence against LGBTQ Russian speakers, queer activists are turning to science fiction to map out a political future when it seems like any future is impossible.
With Russia's suspiciously low coronavirus numbers raising concerns about the reliability of official statistics, Meduza turns to several healthcare experts to understand the challenges ahead.
The Russian authorities are marching forward with sweeping reforms to the country's Constitution. What laws are being bent or trampled in the campaign to allow Vladimir Putin another two presidential terms?
Americans worried about election interference talk constantly about “the Russians.” Here's what Russian people living the U.S. think about that.
Four historians explain why assigning blame in WWII is more complicated than it seems and how the fight over memory in Russia and Poland muddies the path to the truth.
An in-depth look at controversial amendments to the internal rules and regulations on political activism by students and faculty at Moscow’s Higher School of Economics, perhaps the best university in Russia.
More crippling regulations and censorship saddles the Russian Internet every year, but it remains a space for surprisingly free speech and remarkable profits. How?
Conspiracy theories in America and Russia are booming and even converging today. What do these false narratives say about the two countries' politics and cultures?
Vladimir Putin has proposed a redistribution of executive power in Russia. Or has he? Let's dive deep into the politics of the Kremlin and the presidential administration.
A recent study by Russia's state media says half of Western reporting about Russia is “negative.” It turns out that a single tabloid journalist writes a big chunk of these stories.
Kremlin computer researchers and forensic journalists are natural enemies, but both groups sometimes rely on illegally traded leaked databases. Meduza asked three reporters to explain how these Internet black markets lead to strange bedfellows in Russia.
What compels rape survivors in Russia to come forward publicly? Are women’s rights advocates optimistic about making the country safer for women? How should we even talk about sexual assault? Tune in for a discussion with journalists and activists.
The Naked Pravda highlights how Meduza’s top reporting intersects with the wider research and expertise that exists about Russia.
Комментарии (2)

Ilya Kashnitsky

The head of HSE PR doesn't speak English. And every student entering has to pass a toefl like exam. Facepalm!

Feb 17th

Marina Matveeva

While this was a valuable episode, the best thing Meduza could do for women is to forbid inappropriate behaviour in their own company. Their editor-in-chief harassed his employee's wife, got fired under public pressure but was quietly brought back to his position in less than a year. While this incident is obviously less horrific than the cases described in this episode, this certainly gives men the sense of impunity that causes domestic violence and shows Meduza's hypocricy.

Dec 4th
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