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Welcome to The Naujavan Podcast. The Naujavan Podcast seeks to inspire, develop and equip young South Asians in their Christian walk with conversations about faith, life and culture. We're passionate about empowering young people to live for Jesus in a way that makes sense in their everyday lives, from family, to work, to relationships, and even the church, making a difference wherever they go. Original music for the Naujavan podcast is written and produced by Alan Sampson.

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16 Episodes
The Naujavan Podcast is back after a two year break. In this episode, the Naujavan Podcast talks to Dayalan Mahesan. Dayalan is the national coordinator of the Evangelical Alliance’s South Asian Forum team. As the forum’s national coordinator, Dayalan organises cross-cultural mission training events to help churches reach out to those of other faiths. As part of his role, he also facilitates relationship building and joint mission among South Asian churches and helps them integrate into the wider UK church. 
In this episode, the Naujavan Podcast talks to Niv Lobo. Niv Lobo is currently based in Oxford where he has been training for ordained ministry at Wycliffe Hall. Later this year Niv will be returning to Southampton with his wife Lucy and daughter Rafaela, where Niv will be joining the team at Highfield Church as curate. Prior to training in Oxford, Niv worked for 4 years as the UCCF staff worker for the South East (Southampton, Solent, and Portsmouth). He continues to be as passionate as ever about student mission. We also listen to the song 'Single Day,' from the Naujavan Unique and United EP.  
In this episode, the Naujavan Podcast talks to Jessie Tang. Jessie is the host and producer of the ACross Culture Podcast. Jessie and her guests explore culture, identity and the Christian faith - from the UK and beyond. Jessie is a British born Chinese Christian and started going to church as a teenager at a Chinese Church. Jessie share about her experience in the Chinese Church, what she is learnt through making her podcast, and what it means to her to be a British born Chinese Christian. We also listen to the Mandarin song 'Your Grace is Enough' by Streams of Praise Music.ACross Culture Podcast
In this episode, the Naujavan Podcast talks to its regular host, Shakeel Nurmahi. Guest host Tasmin Hannan, finds out more about your regular host of the Naujavan Podcast. She talks to Shakeel about growing up in faith, starting the Naujavan Podcast, and how Shakeel has listened to God's voice and guidance in his life. Shakeel discusses his journey that has brought him to train to become a Vicar, and what the future looks like for him. We also listen to the song, 'Who is like you?' by Sam Daniel, formerly Da Sargeant, ft. Jaye Thomas.  
In this In this episode, the Naujavan Podcast turns to think about work. Podcast host, Shakeel Nurmahi, leads us in asking the question, 'What drives us?' In an extended monologue, Shakeel explores the motives that drive the work and hard-working attitudes that characterise many South Asian communities. He considers two significant driving forces of our work in South Asian communities, and proposes a new approach to our work, recentring our driving force around Jesus. We also listen to the song, 'Dil Ki Gehraai' by Bridge Music. 
In this episode, the Naujavan Podcast talks to Riyah Ramji about mental health. Riyah is a student and youth worker based in Southampton. Originally from Harrow, London, Riyah has been a part of the Naujavan family for several years. Drawing upon her own experiences, Riyah talks about the taboo of mental health, and how she has seen God present during her own mental health struggles. We also listen to the song, 'Oxygen' by Steffany Gretzinger. 
In this extended episode, the Naujavan Podcast is talking about racism and the church. Joining Shakeel to talk about this are Becs and Myles Dhillon, and Bec's Dad, Nicky Gumbel. Becs and Myles have been involved in issues of gender and equality on a global scale. They have spent some time working in India with an organisation that was combating human trafficking, particularly with women caught in sex trafficking. Nicky is the vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton in London, and also the pioneer of the Alpha course. Last year, Becs and Nicky started the podcast: Conversations on Faith and Equality. We sat down with them to have our own Naujavan conversation about faith and equality, especially focusing on racial inequalities, during the global wake of the Black Lives Matter Movement.
In this episode, the Naujavan Podcast talks to Krishan and Rosie Birhah. This week Krishan and Rosie celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary. At this milestone, they share with the Naujavan podcast the wisdom they have gathered throughout their marriage. We discuss what marriage is, how they have overcome challenges, and how they have sustained their marriage over two decades. We also listen to the song 'Yesu Tum,' from the Naujavan Unique and United EP.
In this episode, the Naujavan Podcast talks to Sneha Jacob. Sneha is from Toronto and was responsible for starting Naujavan Toronto. She has lived in multiple countries, including Canada, the UK, and the US. During her time in the UK, Sneha was part of the Naujavan core team. Sneha shares part of her story and her experience of serving as a young South Asian woman in various church contexts and the wisdom she has learnt from it. We also listen to the song 'Sthuthi Chey Maname' recorded by Petra Worship.
In this episode, the Naujavan Podcast is in lockdown due to government measures to tackle the Coronavirus. While in lockdown, Shakeel talks with his household about the impact of the lockdown as people are told to stay at home and church services have been going fully digital in response to the ban on public gatherings. We reflect on the positives and challenges of this situation, exploring how Christians and the Church can respond. We also listen to the song 'Mukti Dilaye.' 
In this episode, the Naujavan Podcast talks to Ramzy Kamalendran. Ramzy is a part of the Naujavan team and based in London. Ramzy shares his testimony from the past year. Ramzy and his wife, Sarah, got married in 2019, and God has been moving powerfully in their married lives ever since, doing extraordinary things in the everyday. We also listen to the song 'Tere Ghar' by Anita Jolley.
In this episode, the Naujavan Podcast talks to Sam Daniel. Sam Daniel is a music recording artist, producer, musician, worship leader and speaker based in London. He currently directs the Naujavan worship team and also plays a key role in the leadership team at Naujavan. Sam visits churches, schools, universities, prisons and other organisations around the world sharing not only his music but also his influential story of how Jesus met with him during a dark time in his life. We also listen to the song ‘Vandanam' by Bridge Music. 
In this episode, the Naujavan Podcast talks to Sanjay Rajo and Kuldip Rajo. As we enter this new year, we take time to reflect on where Naujavan began, hearing from Kuldip about his heart for Naujavan and its origins over twenty years ago. We then look ahead with Sanjay to this coming year and the new decade, reflecting on Naujavan's original mission, and how we express this in a vision for now, here in 2020. We also listen to the song 'Ithu Thaan Aarambam' by Sam Daniel. 
Christmas Bonus 2019

Christmas Bonus 2019


In this Christmas bonus episode, we look back at some of the highlights from the 2019 Naujavan Weekender in November. We start by hearing from Prabhjot Johal. Prabhjot came to faith from a Sikh background. In this clip, she shares how she came to faith in Jesus through her family. She shared her testimony during an interview on the Friday night of the weekender. We then hear some short statements shared at the end of the weekender of how God had been speaking in peoples' lives. Then finally, we hear from Aaron Nagayam. Aaron works for Fusion and spoke on the Sunday morning of the weekend. We end the episode by listening to the second half of his talk. 
In this episode, the Naujavan Podcast talks to Naujavan Girl. Naujavan Girl is one of the latest initiatives from Naujavan. They held their first event in September 2019 at St John's, Southall. We met with Naiha Masih and Rehana Nurmahi, two members of the Naujavan Girl team, to chat to them and hear how Naujavan Girl has started, what they have been up to recently, and what to expect for the future. We also listen to the song 'Do Your Work,' from the Naujavan Unique and United EP.
In our debut episode, The Naujavan Podcast talks to Charles Samuel. Charles is an Indian-American Christian based in New York. Charles is a writer and marketer. In his own words, he says that he has a niche writing topic interest, blurring somewhere between leadership and marketing strategy, exploring topics of culture, leadership, and the church. A few years ago he wrote a couple of articles that did the rounds on the internet called: 'The Indian Church Must Die,' and it’s follow up, 'I Still Believe The Indian Church Must Die.' We wanted to talk to Charles to unpack some of the thoughts he shares in these articles. We also take a listen to the song 'Labda Tainu,' by the band ABBRR.
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