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When The Marcus Garrett was younger, he thought he was good. He made his minimum payments on his credits. He worked three jobs. Then the "tsunami" hit. He recounts how he wound up in $30,000 in debt and how he recovered. You can follow The Marcus Garrett on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and contact him through his website: 
Lea Landaverde grew up seeing the opportunities and pitfalls of entrepreneurship. As the eldest daughter of immigrants, she supported her family's business and served as a translator and assistant for her parents from an early age. Through wealth creation, loss, and rising from the ashes, Lea's journey isn't just about money. It's also about finding purpose and overcoming obstacles. You can connect with her on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and through her website.
The founders Erin Papworth and Maia Monell share their money stories and why raising on Republic is so important to them. You can invest for as little as $100 here.
At 5 years old, Kat Rucker was already hustling grand works of art (at least from a kid's perspective). From there, she worked the register at her parents' business. As an adult, she reignited her hustler spirit by stepping away from a $75K/yr job to help others reach their goals of financial freedom. She works as a business consultant and personal finance blogger, currently running her blog and business out of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Follow her on Twitter.
Rita-Soledad Fernández Paulino learned from an early age that things could always be worse. Seeing the unshakable generosity of her mother through various seasons of her money journey motivated her to become the type of person who would help others in their time of need. Check out Soledad's story as she learns about the different levels and seasons of money and fights to be the person her mother showed her she could be. Subscribe to her newsletter and follow her on Instagram
Jasmine Powell was a first-generation college student who spent her extra income sending money back home. She shares her missteps with credit, how she conquered her bad financial habits, and why she loved meeting with a money coach. 
From tracking transactions with her parents to founding a financial technology company in Lagos, Nigeria, the founder and CEO of Dukka Keturah Ovio shares her money story. She dives into her evolving money habits and how she discovered carrying cash made her spend more. You'll learn how she got control of her spending habits in college and how talking about money helped. You'll also learn about her journey to starting Dukka, an African-based bookkeeping software that helps small businesses manage their cash flow.  LinkedIN | Twitter | Crunchbase
Virginia Weir of VeeFrugalFox shares her money story and how she overcame financial trauma. You’ll hear how she had to marry for benefits and how she overcame $71,000 worth of debt and an abusive relationship. She also walks you through her experience using Dave Ramsey’s baby steps and why getting “gazelle-intense” didn’t work for her (and how it created a whole bunch of shame). You can check out her work at Vee Frugal Fox or follow her on Instagram or Twitter.
Mackenzie is no stranger to life on a low income. She shares her experience of being broke in paradise, working 5 jobs with no benefits, and the impact of financial stress on her mental health. She reflects on her exposure to people living a vastly different lifestyle with way more income. She also shares her journey to financial freedom, how she stopped living paycheck-to-paycheck, and how she manages money on a lower income. Check out Mackenzie's blog at Lifeat23k and follow her on Instagram and Twitter. Mackenzie's articles: Benefit from AARP before 50 Taking Advantage of Tuition Assistance Managing Money and Mental Wellness How to Start an Emergency Fund When Money is Tight How to Budget with a Fluctuating Income Avoid the Burnout Saving for Retirement
Entrepreneur and storyteller Kt McBratney breaks down their history of running away from money and disrupting the status bro while blazing their own trail. She also shares the rewards of sacrificing financial gains to do work she cares about. KT reflects on the milestones throughout their life that brought them to create a platform like OwnTrail, where women visualize and navigate their own life paths and the role money played in their journey. You can check out KT's trail on OwnTrail.
Acquania Escarne hasn't always been a successful hotel and rental property investor. She started out selling candies to pay for a school trip and got in trouble for hustling on the school bus in the 7th grade. Learn how she views money as a tool and how she is building a legacy to last.  Follow her on Instagram and Twitter. Check out her Podcast. Sign up for her coaching at The Purpose of Money.
Born in Chicago to immigrant parents from Colombia, Tampa realtor Giovanny Cardenas of the Dacar group shares what his experience with money was like growing up. He recounts his history of rebounding after a housing market crash, his resilience despite massive student loans, and how he learned making more money doesn’t necessarily mean working harder. Along the way, you may even pick up a few real estate tips. You can follow him on Instagram and Youtube.
In this episode, Fini award winner for 2022 Finfluencer of the Year Dasha Kennedy explains why traditional advice around money doesn't fit all. After a divorce and becoming a single mother at 25, Dasha recognized that she wasn’t the only young woman of color overlooked by traditional personal finance experts. Her mission: provide non-traditional money management resources & strategies to women of color, also focusing on career development and mental wellness techniques. She does that with her Facebook group of more than 70,000 and website the Broke Black Girl.  You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter.  The 2022 Finfluencer Awards (Fini Awards) honors diverse and quality financial influencers on social media who encourage followers to: discuss finances enjoy money management and grow their wealth
Allison of Saving without Sacrifice was a full-time RN worried about money until one day of stress was too much. Since shifting her mindset, she has been able to pay off $46k in debt and scale back on work. This former self-proclaimed shop-a-holic shares how changing her money mindset has changed her life, and how what she was told growing up impacted her more than she thought. Follow her on Instagram and TikTik.
Daniella Flores is a serial side hustler, cat lover, and founder of I Like to Dabble, a website designed to help others start side hustles and gain back more control in their lives, careers, and financial futures. In this money story, Daniella examines their history with money and work. They dive deep, reflect on past trauma, and share how emotions impact spending. Though Daniella shares how they find side hustles, Daniella also shows how you might be better off examining past spending habits before falling into a chronic cycle of spending and earning. Check her out on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, and her website
Wall Street veteran, Vivian Tu, is the founder of YourRichBFF, one of the most popular channels on FinTok. How did she become a financial influencer and creator? After spending time with the finance bros at work on Wall Street, Vivian realized people would rather LOOK like they had money than actually HAVE it. This coupled with defining moments while growing up helped her realize keeping up with the Joneses can cost a lot.  Follow her on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. 
Kevin L. Matthews II used to see how far he could stretch his lunch money to get what he wanted. As a kid, it was video games. Now that he’s figured out the blueprint for money as an adult, he’s sharing it with others through his platform Building Bread and Amazon bestselling book Starting Point: How to Create Wealth That Lasts. Throughout the podcast, this first-generation college student turned educator weaves his personal journey with money to the community he grew up in, Tulsa Oklahoma, home to the first Black Wall Street and site of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre. How to build wealth that lasts? Spoiler alert: it has a lot to do with the community.  Follow him on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.  Check out his book Starting Point: How to Create Wealth that Lasts.
Ashley K Stoyanov Ojeda, author of Jefa in Training, wants to make the world a better place. She’s well on her way. As the founder of Womxn Crush Music and co-director of The Mujerista, she is amplifying the voices of aspiring artists and empowering the next generation of Latinas to impact culture. Through trial by fire, she’s learned a thing or two - like how her background with money might have been holding her back.  Follow her on Instagram and order her book Jefa in Training.
Marc Russell is a former licensed advisor at a Wall Street fintech company and founder of Better Wallet whose mission is to build generational wealth while teaching others how to build it too. Here's how this former foster kid went from paying for college by selling plasma to full-time entrepreneurship helping others find financial freedom.  Spoiler alert: you'll be inspired and probably learn a thing or two. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter.
Paco de Leon is no stranger to the impact of big evil banks. In fact, she even worked in collections for a big bank early in her career. Years later, after establishing an accounting firm for creatives and a newsletter to teach people about money, Paco de Leon authored her first book, Finance for People. With deep insider expertise from years spent in many different corners of the financial industry, Paco de Leon, shares why it's so hard for people to save, invest and do what's financially best in this episode. You'll also learn more about her journey as she shares her most impactful money lessons and explains how your feelings and beliefs about money have been shaped by personal experiences, family and societal expectations, and a whole big complex financial system. You can order her book, Finance for the People, here. Follow The Hell Yeah Group on Instagram and Twitter.  And sign up for The Nerdletter Newsletter here.
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Angela Coryell

What an inspirational interview with Jamila. She’s really inspired me to start investing again, even though we’ve got a little bit of debt we’re trying to get paid off. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone who needs that extra kick to get themselves in “I can do it!” mode 👍🏼

Apr 4th
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