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Author: Jeremy, Zack, Mike

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Three fellas and the occasional guest go in on contemporary news, stanger news, and weird tales from around the world. No sacred cows, and way too many jokes await you in every episode. If you learn something along the way, then that's your fault. Enjoy!
164 Episodes
Canadian Super PigsHistory of Corpse Eating Euthanasia CoasterAsteroid that could hit EarthHormones could help you sober up fasterXbox can toast your bread nowFlipping the bird is a God Given Right in Canada
Guess What!?NASA can deflect asteroids and they don't even need Aerosmith anymoreChris Rock Slaps BackFord definitely NOT making Self Driving VehiclesTom Brady to be roasted?We let the little things get to us. Here's a listEven Weirder...Sugar Daddy Day in BocaMan has Spiritual Mummy Girlfriend (with a twist)This lady REALLY loves BoeingLab Grown Brains are new bio computersCricket Flavored IcecreamWoman Dies in violent monkey gang attackBeyond the Pale!The Glimmerman!Whatcha!Celebrity Cameo Price is RightJoin our Discord!Follow us @theneatcast on TikTokFollow us @neatcastpod on Twitter!Follow us @neatcastpod on Instagram!Follow us @theneatcast on Facebook!
Guess What?4 people are mad at Rihanna's showAaron Rodgers making decisions in darknessMike does play by playMark out here breaking recordsOscars Crisis TeamMeth Gator in production Are these things turn ons?Even WeirderChinese long distance kissing deviceBezos and Gates going all in on mind control chipsWoman predicts hell for 2023Mexican President tweets out picture of Mayan ElfWeird man creature spotted in NigeriaAlien spotted in Australia? Beyond the PaleEvil books and dragon yogaWhatcha!?Reality shows real or fakeJoin our Discord!Follow us @theneatcast on TikTokFollow us @neatcastpod on Twitter!Follow us @neatcastpod on Instagram!Follow us @theneatcast on Facebook!
Guess What!?Men are getting alarmingly big according to BIG SCIENCEFacebook and Insta are jumping on the bandwagon where you pay to be legitimate. There's an app to tell you if you're have a bad first date if you have trouble processing things like "Being Uncomfortable." Also we coin a new phrase. Zack shows us the new cocaine bear game. Even Weirder!The Finger Ring - Jewelry for the derangedMan dies from chicken attack, and Mike is vindicatedBIG SCIENCE turns dead birds into drones... they wouldAI can fly f-16 jets now, all by itself, like a big murder robot. Strange lights from space spotted over Hawaii... EVIDENCE!?Cryptid panic is sweeping the Philippines and we are all in.Beyond the Pale!Mike talks about the Rake, and we get the heeby geebies.Whatcha!We test our Gen Z Slang proficiency, no cap on God.Join our Discord!Follow us @theneatcast on TikTokFollow us @neatcastpod on Twitter!Follow us @neatcastpod on Instagram!Follow us @theneatcast on Facebook!
GUESS WHAT!Red Light, Green Light, WHITE LIGHT!China Has Drug Sniffing Squirrels Now!Robots Making A Break For It In A Grocery Store!If Laxitives Don't Work, Try This Colon Vibrator!A Cat In Your Dating Profile Pic Will Attract More CatAMC To Make Movies Even Less Attractive To Drive Up RevenueEven Weirder!A Piece of the Sun Broke Off, But It's FINESaudi Arabia Has Its Own AI Robot NowChupacabra and Capybara on a rampage in Michigan?Conquering Your Fear of Haircuts is Easy With SpiritsDybyuk Box Has It In For Post MaloneUFO Investigator Says Aliens Do Not Have A Peaceful AgendaBeyond The Pale!!!Mike Talks UFO Government Cover-Ups and Zack believes every one of themWhatcha!We rant about the declining trend of Super Bowl Commercials with DT! Join our Discord!Follow us @theneatcast on TikTokFollow us @neatcastpod on Twitter!Follow us @neatcastpod on Instagram!Follow us @theneatcast on Facebook!Check out Space Castle Here!
GUESS WHAT!?Canada is bad at back up plans. Netflix is cracking down on passwords AGAIN!The Monday After the Super Bowl Should Be A Holiday!...?Woman Assaults Boyfriend With A Questionably Stated Chicken!DO NOT CLICK THIS LINK! IT'S A LIE BY BIG SCIENCE TO SLANDER BIGFOOT!EVEN WEIRDER!Sephiroth's Grave Found In Japan!Tamagotchi's are too real now! (and they tell time)The word of the year is -ussy! Not even a word, but we're here for it!A priest went to hell and heard Rihanna and demons in the weed smoke!THE VIDEO OF SAID PRIESTIs the Dodo bird making a comeback?!Has AI detected radio signals in space? EVIDENCE!BEYOND THE PALE!Mike tries to pass off totally normal cats for ghost cats. He's LYING!WHATCHA!Strange job interviews, the second iteration!Follow us @theneatcast on TikTokFollow us @neatcastpod on Twitter!Follow us @neatcastpod on Instagram!Follow us @theneatcast on Facebook!
We're back! Mike, Jer, and their stern father figure Zack host another by the numbers episode where nothing goes off the rails and everyone is focused. They talk about this s--t:Guess WhatAnthropomorphic candies are too polarizing to existMoney to hate your spouse while making furnitureBecome BEAN BAGJapanese security vacuum The """Best""" video games of all time!Even WeirderAI lawyer taps outBlue light over Hawaii EVIDEEENCEHeadgear to keep you FOCUSED AND PRODUCTIVEThe anti-insect laser turretHolograms you can f--uh, I mean...touch.Shape-shifting robots!The most realistic furry costume 20-thousand bucks can buy!Beyond The PaleWe talk about the Tumbling Run Valley Hex Cat! Did a cursed feline torment a family of farmers at the turn of the 20th century? Well...even if it didn't, it made national news!WhatchaWho's the asshole? ...It's Mike.Beacon For Change DonateAbout Beacon For ChangeFollow us @theneatcast on TikTokFollow us @neatcastpod on Twitter!Follow us @neatcastpod on Instagram!Follow us @theneatcast on Facebook!
It's the best kind of episode--one that is a total and irredeemable mess! Guess WhatLocal woman with extremely honest hips has jam stolen!This fireball isn't alcoholic enough!Pizza Hut makes world's largest pizza on the f***in' floorRenner update!Driving pet peeves!Even WeirderSpider-lamp does everything a spider can (like horrify your children)A bacon shake! ...From Domino's. Mattress company offers $1,000 to eat cheese before bedThe Earth's inner core stopped spinning & no one knows if that's an issue...Leather UFO spotted in MexicoHaunted South African police departmentBigfoot spotted on Google EarthAnother Bigfoot spotted doin' a heckin' walkBeyond The PaleThe Shapeshifting Stalker! Was this poor woman haunted for her ENTIRE LIFE by some kind of psychic werewolf? Story from Monsters Among us.WhatchaThe accent game! Jer should never stay up past 2am! Beacon For Change DonateAbout Beacon For ChangeFollow us @theneatcast on TikTokFollow us @neatcastpod on Twitter!Follow us @neatcastpod on Instagram!Follow us @theneatc
The boys are back in town, and they've brought Matt and Eric from You Didn't Ask For This back! For a FULL episode this time! Here's a BIG LIST of what we talked about. WHY EVEN LISTEN??Guess WhatThe secret to what makes Mike and Zack baldSierra Mist is dead. Long live Sierra Mist!Lose weight faster by walking like an a**hole!Can ripping record!The list of turn offs (or turn ONS?)Even WeirderIf you thought you were the world's worst kisser, you're not!Local pigeon breaks bad!UFO spotted erupting from a volcano! Discovering aliens by annoying them with a laser pointerFinding love with...23 and Me.Beyond The PaleThe Torrance werewolf!WhatchaDo you know what a ghost kitchen is? Well you're about to find out and also be wrong about a whole lot of them! THIS GAME IS HARD AS SH*T!Beacon For Change DonateAbout Beacon For ChangeFollow us @theneatcast on TikTokFollow us @neatcastpod on Twitter!Follow us @neatcastpod on Instagram!Follow us @theneatcast on Facebook!
Oooo Mama Mia we cooka da new episode! Oh, paisan! Passah da parmesano! Why am I doing this? Anyway, here's what we talk about:Guess WhatDamar Hamlin is awake!...So is Jeremy Renner!Vince McMahon is backDave Bautista is sick of playing Drax the DestroyerAw Shucks, James Cameron made another 2 billion bucks...A toy remote tells toddlers inappropriate jokes. What a SCUM!Even WeirderThey found the tomb of Osiris in the Nile & that's probably fine!A train that runs on ramen noodles! Just like EVERY college student!A hippo swallows a toddler whole (hilarious)A robot lawyer gears up for their first case!A self driving stroller! Hopefully not made by Tesla!Rob Lowe says he's had a Bigfoot encounter...Russia says it shot down a UFOBeyond The PaleRock Apes! They're Vietnam flavored Bigfoot! Here's Mike's sources:Military MachinePhantoms & MonstersWhatchaJer and Mike go HEAD TO HEAD to debate the dumbest topics you've ever heard! Jer gets a little TOO into character.Beacon For Change DonateAbout Beacon For ChangeFollow us @theneatcast on TikTokFollow us @neatcastpod on Twitter!Follow us @neatcastpod on Instagram!Follow us @theneatcast on Facebook!
The boys are back with a full episode FINALLY.  Here's some of the stuff they get into:Guess WhatThief quotes Office Space as inspirationJeremy Renner runs himself over with a snow plowBenedict Cumberbatch owes people for having sh*tty ancestorsA terrible list of supposedly "great" moviesA terrible list of supposedly "great" TVA terrible list of phrases that need to be banishedEven WeirderKarens for HirePredictions for 2023 from 1923Air from 2022 for sale by idiotsKid spots giant, and gets ASSASSINATED BY CIA?Here's that kid's video btw...Russian butt slapping video for purely educational purposesChat GPT will replace us allBeyond The PaleThe Church Lady Monster WhatchaJer drops a DRAMA BOOOOOMB about his weirdo neighbor. It gets WILD.Beacon For Change DonateAbout Beacon For ChangeFollow us @theneatcast on TikTokFollow us @neatcastpod on Twitter!Follow us @neatcastpod on Instagram!Follow us @theneatcast on Facebook!
New Year and unfortunately same us! We need a break so no full episode this week, but here's a short wrap up of this year's last funny, weird, and somewhat terrifying news. And also our New Year's resolutions! Zack is called The Milk Man now! He loves it!The news we talk about:Walls that fight back against pee!Monks find enlightenment...with meth!Florida Man attacks wife with Christmas tree...Escape an earthquake by hiding in a bed-coffin!Milf-Manor!Capitalism meets baby-making!Japan's demonic rock kills wildlife! Everything is FINE!Our favorite charities!Beacon for Change!Children's Auction!
Mike, Zack, and Jer are joined by long departed Neatcast host Mark aka Sports Daddy! And Mark is seemingly here for the sole purpose of making Mike EXTREMELY A N G E R Y. When he's done, Jer and Zack round us off with a couple quick rants of their own! Okay, we're done. You may eat Christmas dinner now.It's Christmas Day! Why not buy the biggest goose in the market for one of these charities?Beacon for Change!Children's Auction!
Mike, Jer, and Zack are joined by Griff, Bobby, and Rick from Effin Cultured! Rick rants about pushy bell ringers, and Griff takes a deep dive into the confusing lyrics of 12 Days of Christmas. And Bobby...provides Netflix tech support.You can't tell but the "E" for "Explicit" next to this episode is BOLD and Italicized. God will forgive you for laughing at our jokes if you donate to charity:Beacon for Change!Children's Auction!
Mike and Zack are joined by Leo from Voluntary Input, who, despite being the nicest guy ever, also turns out to be the BIGGEST SCROOGE?? He hates Christmas cards! He hates the Trans-Siberian Orchestra! Wowza. Send all hate mail to our email address: benedictxvi@vatican.vaWanna donate to a charity this year? SURE YA DO!Beacon for Change!Children's Auction!
Jer and Mike are joined by Garret from the Evertrending Story podcast! Garret tells his rants in a delightful Seussian rhyme scheme, and introduces us to the worst Christmas song of all time. Then, Mike tells a new Christmas classic about the first elf to ever become a paranormal investigator. The story makes Jeremy cry! With joy!You know what would be a GREAT story? "I donated to a charity this year!"Beacon for Change!Children's Auction!
Jer, Mike, and Zack are joined by Jay and Kay from F**k My Work Life! Kay rants about the little things that make us rip our hair out when streaming TV, and Jay rants about how he hates old people and children! ONE OF THESE THINGS IS NOT LIKE THE OTHER--Why not F**k your wallet while you're f**king your work life? Give some money away!Beacon for Change!Children's Auction!
After years of peace talks, Neatcast finally has a face to face to face meeting with the boys of Chatsmash! Those little British scamps rant about...everything. Seriously. There is nothing left for anyone to rant about and we have five days left. YOU CAN NEVER TRUST THE ENGLISH.Got some extra quid laying around? Why not donate to our favorite charities?Beacon for Change!Children's Auction!
Jer, Zack, and Mike are joined by Nicole and Tessa from Doom Generation! The Doom ladies rant about the weird gatekeeping around what IS and ISN'T a Christmas movie. I say Wolf of Wallstreet is a Christmas movie. Not in the podcast, I say that right here and right here only. Who's gonna stop me? YOU?!Donate some money ya filthy animals!Beacon for Change!Children's Auction!
Jer and Mike are joined by Tim, Chris, and Nate from Against all Oddities again! This time, Chris rants about how Hollywood can't be trusted with big fantasy franchises. Then Nate hates on Panda Express. Hating both pandas and Hollywood is a Christmas tradition!Hey SCROOGE, why not donate some of your incredible fortune to some charities?Beacon for Change!Children's Auction!
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