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Jack and Taylor once again dive into something that is absolutely plaguing our time, our lives, our plans - travelling and mainly airports/planes/why doesn't it ever just work.  We talk about the Karens and evidently the Lindas of the world, and go into our experiences, starting with the arrival at the airport, the airport fit, all the way to the people clapping in the airplane when it lands on the tarmac.  
Today Jack and Taylor talk about music - over the ages - but really starting in like the 1950s, how it's changed, how according to scientific studies it's become sadder and angrier over the decades, and what we listened to as children vs what we're listening to now.  Everybody listens to music in one way or another, and the differences are bigger then I realized coming up through the years. 
On today's episode, Jack and Taylor dive into how technology is changing business.  We go into how business worked when we were young, the "Blockbuster" era - then it evolves to Redbox, then Netflix mailing out DVDs, then Netflix streaming into your home, and where it could go in the future as an example. Also cover some other topics like ridesharing (taxis vs Uber), roomsharing (hotels vs airbnb) and a few others!
Jack and Taylor decided to do a little nostalgia episode - reflect back on all the things that are different now compared to when we were growing up - ranging from playing outside to being able to walk someone all the way to the gate at the airport - it's just different, and while today we talked mostly about the past, we're going to get into the present and future in the next few episodes!
We pretty much came up with the name, the topic, and the talk all on the spot and then went to down based on something that just happened a few weeks ago.  We came in ready to go and honestly, where we go will be dependent on where the world goes!
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