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Episode 7 is officially here and we go back to our comedy roots. We go over some conspiracy theories, pineapple on pizza, we tell some stories, and we regret doing it all in the process.
This week we talk all about love. How it's great, how it's the most soul crushing thing in the world, and we talk extensively about our exes.
In this episode we go over some of our favorite movies and the movies that make us wanna no longer exist! Some of the movies we go over are Aliens, The Last Unicorn, Cry_Wolf, and Me Before You! You won't want to miss this one! Or maybe you do, we're not the boss of you.Also, we apologize for the delay on this episode. The original episode 5 we recorded came out completely unusable and we had to find time to record a whole new one.
Ep 4: Fame and Gory

Ep 4: Fame and Gory


This week we discuss Youtube! Our favorite and most hated channels! See if we can sway you to watch a couple of our favorite channels or if we upset you because we hate your favorite. It's our biggest episode yet and the one we're most proud of.
Ep 3: Memes and Sex

Ep 3: Memes and Sex


Boy oh boy do we have an episode for you! All sorts of topics are getting covered this week. We go over some stupid news, memes, and lots of sex talk. Wouldn't be us if we didn't talk about some things we shouldn't. So sit back, try to relax, and listen to our third Tedxxx talk.
That's right! We made another! This week we try some random food Tyler picked up from Amazon. So come listen to us eat gross, sour, and spicy foods! We guarantee you'll be disappointed.
Welcome to the first episode of the worst podcast on the planet! We introduce ourselves, we discuss our love of Shane Dawson, the Laurel/Yanny debate, the occasional religious talk, a lot of depression talk, and plenty of other random dumb stuff you won't care about. Give it a listen, or don't, I can't tell you what to do.DON'T JUDGE US BASED ON THIS EPISODE
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