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David Remnick is joined by The New Yorker’s award-winning writers, editors, and artists to present a weekly mix of profiles, storytelling, and insightful conversations about the issues that matter ― plus an occasional blast of comic genius from the magazine’s legendary Shouts and Murmurs page. The New Yorker has set a standard in journalism for generations, and The New Yorker Radio Hour gives it a voice on public radio for the first time. Produced by The New Yorker and WNYC Studios.

WNYC studios is the producer of leading podcasts including Radiolab, Freakonomics Radio, Note To Self, Here’s The Thing With Alec Baldwin, and more.
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Drea Griffin

I think Mark is right. Unless DEMS win being "on my side" serves no purpose

Jun 1st

Bridget Rathman

it's a little hard to listen to two men talk about women hiding their sexual assault. at one point the interviewer says that one of the women lied to Ronin about her sexual assuault. that's a harsh word choice to apply to a survivor. it's every survivor's choice as to whether or not they want to speak about what happened to them. it's no one's place to judge them for that decision. also the comment Ronin made that it's surprising that pretty, poised women also get sexually harassed is gross on multiple levels. I appreciate what you're doing and am glad this story is out, and am grateful for the part these journalists played. I'm so thankful that you had the woman come on and point out at that it's men listening that had changed. I feel like so much of the focus was on blaming women for not speaking out rather than on men not listening.

May 11th

David Charbonneau

Schwartz's perspective seems to be that all heterosexual relations are hopelessly f'd up by the bad habits of men. If alien anthropologists picked up this interview on their galactic short wave, they'd have to conclude that the vast majority of men and women are unmarried or desperately sexually unhappy in their relationships because of the bad sexual ideology of men. Please, give me a break. By all means, let's create a culture where abusers and harassers feel ostracized and are so effectively and consistently punished that the deterrents are decisive. But to try and legislate the bedroom is cultural fascism and not only can only lead to pervasive sexual alienation but also completely abdicates the equal responsibility for the state of sexual relations in a non-abusive, consensual relationship, which, by the way, are the vast majority of relationships in this country.

Feb 3rd

B Knapp

David Charbonneau Cosby is a BIG start

May 1st

marlon cxxx


Dec 31st

Noor Al Wattar

my favourite thing on the internet

Nov 9th
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