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Glenn Beck and all your favorite personalities from TheBlaze get together for a roundtable rundown of today’s top stories.
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The Daily Wire's Josh Hammer joins the panel to break down the fifth Democratic debate. Pete Buttigieg continues in his momentum, Elizabeth Warren blends into the background, and Joe Biden... may have missed his nap.
We share with you the highlights from Day 4 of the impeachment hearing with EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland that you won't get on any other mainstream network. Glenn breaks down his exclusive interview with President Trump's personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani. And Sara catches the Democrats as they "forgot" to highlight some key information in Exhibit 8 of their evidence that seems pretty crucial to the hearings!
We break down Day 3 of the impeachment hearings with Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and Jennifer Williams. But what is Adam Schiff's NUMBER ONE priority in these hearings? Protecting the identity of the whistleblower. And the investigation into Jeffrey Epstein's death continues after two jail guards were reportedly arrested. FINALLY, we're getting closer to some answers!
President Trump addresses House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's invitation to testify in the impeachment hearings. Is he actually considering it? And Democrats attempt to work up the biggest soap opera on television by opening up ANOTHER investigation into whether or not President Trump committed perjury regarding the Mueller Report. And comedians Keith and Kevin Hodge join the show.
Rep. Adam Schiff and the mainstream media continue to collude to sell the phony impeachment hoax to Americans. Today, former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch openly admits to having no first-hand knowledge of the Ukraine call, which is at the heart of the inquiry. So why are we wasting our time with her?
Special guests Elijah Schaffer, host of "Slightly Offens*ve," and political consultant Luke Macias join the show. Surprising new details in Ukraine scandal as Ukrainian foreign minister admits U.S. ambassador never tied aid money to Biden investigation. Seems like a pretty important detail that's being overlooked. And ANOTHER presidential candidate has put his hat in the ring. What are the details of this new candidate, and does he actually stand a chance?
We break down Day 1 of the impeachment hearings, including Adam Schiff's denial of knowing the identity of the whistleblower (TWICE!), as well as William Taylor and George Kent admitting that they have had no contact with the president. So why exactly are the two men opening up the impeachment hearings? And Hillary Clinton says "many, many, many people" are encouraging her to run again. Oh yeah? We would like to know who these "people" are!
To make details on the Trump-Ukraine scandal more complicated, there is now a whistleblower on the whistleblower! The original whistleblower has accepted money from a GoFundMe, which means the government will now need to subpoena all 6,000 donors to ensure that they are American citizens. And the government is getting more and more creative in taking away your Second Amendment rights. Now the Supreme Court rules that families of Sandy Hook victims can hold gun manufacturers liable for deaths caused by their guns. And is ANOTHER candidate joining the 2020 race?
Comedians Keith and Kevin Hodge join the show to talk about Nikki Haley's new memoir that may give us some insight into the Deep State. And Impeachmentgate continues. Public proceedings are starting this week, and the list of GOP witnesses was rejected. Shocking? Not really. And a Texas hospital plans to remove life support for 9-month-old baby Tinslee, but her mother and Texas Right to Life are fighting for her life. Will you join the fight?
Sara, Stu, Giancarlo Sopo and Aaron Colen discuss a new video of Kanye West as he muses on the idea of a 2024 presidential run. Can America handle it? And, an update to the bizarre and unfortunate story of James Younger, a 7-year-old Texas boy being forced by his mother to live his life as a girl against his wishes.
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Ty Basye

If you want a civilized* round table discussion about the news and not just hosts or guests arguing and constantly talking over each other, this is the podcast to listen to!

Oct 18th

Thomas Williams

Though it's all just opinions at least their opinions have common in their sense.

Oct 17th
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this podcast had been missing for weeks now! what is the deal?!

Jun 15th

Michael Falcinelli

i set it to auto download to get the latest. there's an error message when i try to view the library of shows

Jun 4th

Christopher King

The podcast is gone :(

May 31st

Kenneth Kendall

please fix the pod cast. we would like too hear you.

May 30th

Aaron M

Listen to the AoC clip starting at minute 37 and then go and watch SNL's girl you don't want to start a conversation with a party. It will blow your mind!

Apr 5th

J Andrew Richardson

Love the podcast. It is exactly the right length for me to listen to on the way home every day. Keep up the good work.

Oct 9th


Love your show!

Sep 21st

Jarrett Allen Roach

Listening from Toronto Ohio (The Gem City) Thank for the shout out lol

Sep 11th

Thomas Parker

First comment

Jul 28th
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