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They Made Money Move 💰

They Made Money Move 💰


That sketchy 2016 Trump Tower meeting — you know the one — just got sketchier. Turns out, there was a flurry of money transferred just 11 days after the infamous meeting where Donald Trump Jr, Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort met with Russian officials to allegedly get dirt on Hillary Clinton. Editor-In-Chief Ben Smith sat down with investigative reporter Anthony Cormier about the big scoop. Then: Jane Lytvynenko tests host Julia Furlan on the fake news that’s flying around this week. And finally, we bring you recommendations from the newsroom. Because who doesn’t want to spend their weekend watching BuzzFeed News-approved content?Text our news bot, JoJo, for links to stories we talk about: 929-236-9577.This week’s JoJo prompts: TRANSCRIPT | TRAIL | RECS | QUIZ | WHOMSTLearn more about your ad choices. Visit
As anti-immigrant sentiment spreads, so does fake news. We look at how this resulted in very real violence in one small east German town with world editor Miriam Elder and reporters Lester Feder and Ishmael Daro. Then, we give you two stories you need to know about Hurricane Florence.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
It was a wild week at Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings: Protestors! An auctioneer impersonation! So many power moves! Legal reporters Zoe Tillman and Chris Geidner move past the grandstanding to what it all means. Then: did you know that 40% of folks in France are anti-vaccines? Science editor Virginia Hughes and science reporter Dan Vergano talk about the anti-vaccine movement in Europe. And, because there is SO much fake news out there, we have a fake news quiz.Text our news bot, JoJo, for links to stories we talk about: 929-236-9577.This week’s JoJo prompts: HEARING | VACCINE | QUIZ | WHOMSTLearn more about your ad choices. Visit
This Wednesday we're taking a little break and introducing you to our friends, See Something Say Something! It's a podcast about being Muslim in America hosted by Ahmed Ali Akbar. This is the second episode in a three-part series called Meat, Mangoes, and Memory. In this episode, they explore why some people are willing to pay nearly $9 a pop for a taste of home. They talk to food writer Myles Karp about the complications Indian mangos have faced entering the US, from political bans to regulation to the plain old ravages of time and rot. Then, Ahmed calls up his cousin Medeeha who spent her summer in New Jersey as the middle woman for an international mango trade organized on WhatsApp. Plus: listeners and friends of the show share their relationship to the fruit.Listen to the rest of the series here! Read Myles' works on mangoes here.Follow Ahmed @radbrowndadsFollow the show on Twitter (@seesomething), Facebook (, and Instagram ( more about your ad choices. Visit
Millions of children say they were abused in Catholic orphanages around the world. For the last four years, contributing editor Christine Kenneally has been investigating one specific case: St. Joseph’s Catholic Orphanage in Burlington, Vermont, where residents allege nuns sexually, physically, and emotionally abused them for years. Plus, we look at a world where “deepfake” technology gets good enough to trick people, and examine the week in world news. Text our news bot, JoJo, for links to stories we talk about: 929-236-9577.This week’s JoJo prompts: NUN | DEEPFAKE | TRANSCRIPT | WHOMSTLearn more about your ad choices. Visit
On this week’s Group Chat, we talk about the strange subculture of teens being paid to share self-care advice on Instagram. Then, we break down some of the week’s biggest headlines for you — so you have something to say when you’re stuck in the elevator with your boss.This week’s Group Chat question: What do you think of the self-care trend? Is it healthy, or capitalism gone terribly wrong?To share your thoughts, text the words GROUP CHAT to 929-236-9577.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dystopia, Aisle 5 🛍

Dystopia, Aisle 5 🛍


We break down what happened with both Manafort and Cohen this week, and what it means for the midterms and beyond. Then dive into dystopia with a report on retailers using facial recognition software to identify criminals. Finally, host Julia Furlan sits down with Sarah Leonard to talk about her new BuzzFeed News Opinion podcast, What’s Left. Text JoJo at 929-236-9577 for links to the things we talked about in the show: LEFT | FACE | COURT | WHOMST | TRANSCRIPTPS: Listen to Julia on It's Been a Minute with Sam Sanders this week!Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Asia Argento has been a vocal leader of the #MeToo movement, but this week the New York Times reported on allegations that she sexually assaulted child actor Jimmy Bennett. In this week's Group Chat, David Mack, Alison Willmore, and Ariane Lange dive into what these allegations mean for the larger movement. This week's Group Chat question is: How did you feel when you heard the news about Asia Argento? To share your thoughts, text JoJo the words "GROUP CHAT" to 929-236-9577.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The Girl In The Woods ⚖

The Girl In The Woods ⚖


A girl murdered as she was set to testify against her alleged rapist, and how it could have been prevented. Then, a glimpse at one best possible timeline in Trump’s America, and finally tap your toes to this week’s big stories.Text JoJo to get more info and links from this episode! Their number is 929-236-9577. Prompts from this episode: Michigan | Newsletter | Transcript | WhomstLearn more about your ad choices. Visit
The productivity of stan outrage, what counts as accurate representation, and fake news you can use.Ahmed Ali Akbar, Alison Willmore and Sylvia Obell talk it out.Since this is a group chat, we want to hear from you!How do you decide what counts as accurate representation?  Text JoJo the word “group chat” at 929-236-9577 to share.Other JoJo prompts in this episode: INSECURE | INVID | WHOMST | TRANSCRIPT Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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