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Think bigger. Create better. Live smarter. Ideas are coming at you every day from all directions. Where do you even start? Hosted by Rufus Griscom, and featuring thought-leaders Malcolm Gladwell, Susan Cain, Adam Grant, and Daniel Pink, THE NEXT BIG IDEA brings you the most groundbreaking ideas that have the power to change the way you live, work, and think. Each episode dives deep into one big idea through immersive storytelling, narration and curator interviews with the most interesting authors at work today.

10 Episodes
Colleges, businesses, and bureaucracies have long operated on an "old power" model — rigid hierarchies that rule from the top down. But Henry Timms says that paradigm is going extinct. In his book, "New Power: How Power Works in Our Hyperconnected World — and How to Make It Work for You," Timms argues there's another force emerging. It's transparent, collaborative — and it's going to embolden all of us to change the world from the bottom up.Support us by supporting our sponsors!Peloton Tread — Go to and use code BIGIDEA for $100 off accessories
What you see is what you get, right? Nope. In his mind-bending new book, "The Case Against Reality: Why Evolution Hid the Truth from Our Eyes," Don Hoffman argues that what we see, smell, touch, and taste are illusions. Reality, he says, is just an interface, like a computer desktop, built by our brains to conceal complexity. Hoffman offers us the red pill and invites us into "The Matrix" — the surreal, flickering, unreliable "real" world.Support us by supporting our sponsors!Zip Recruiter — Try it for free at — Get two months free at — For 20% off your first order visit and use promo code BIGIDEA
As a college student, Zachary Wood ignited a national debate when he invited controversial speakers — anti-feminists, climate-change deniers, and self-proclaimed racists — to lecture on campus. Critics accused him of promoting dangerous ideas. But in his new memoir, "Uncensored," Wood argues that we can develop empathy and understanding by engaging with opposing viewpoints.Support us by supporting our sponsors!Daily Harvest — Go to and enter code BIGIDEA for $25 off your first box.LinkedIn Marketing — Visit to receive a free $100 ad credit.
Have you ever had one of those arguments — whether with a friend or a colleague, a loved one or a perfect stranger — that you both vehemently disagree, and it boils your blood? Too often these days, arguments with people we disagree with feel impossible. We never solve anything but seem to succeed in hurting someone’s feelings. But what if it didn’t have to be that way? In his forthcoming book, “Why Are We Yelling?: The Art of Productive Disagreement” (Nov. 19), Buster Benson, who has worked for some of the world’s most successful companies, to help you have hard conversations in your relationships, engage people with different political viewpoints, and disagree with dignity.Join the conversation at NextBigIdeaClub.comand get an additional 10% off with promo code PODCAST.Support us by supporting our sponsors!Away — Visit and use the promo code BIGIDEA for $20 offZip Recruiter — Try it for free at — Get two months for free by going to
Conventional wisdom tells us that real joy comes from within: from exercise or meditation, acts of service or the way we look at the world—pretty much anything except material possessions.But author/designer Ingrid Fetell Lee offers a different opinion in her book, "Joyful: The Surprising Power of Ordinary Things to Create Extraordinary Happiness." Lee tells Next Big Idea Club curator Adam Grant that there's tangible evidence of the powerful relationship between the way we feel and the objects that surround us, and she explains how we can harness that relationship to live healthier, happier lives.Support us by supporting our sponsors!Zip Recruiter — Try it for free at — To get a 30-day trial, visit — Go to and use the code BIGIDEA to get $100 off accessories
Our world is awash in code, and those zeroes and ones aren't as impersonal as you might think. In his new book, "Coders: The Making of a New Tribe and the Remaking of the World," journalist Clive Thompson provides an up-close look at the "invisible architects" of our digital age, revealing the ways they're shaping our society for better and worse.Support us by supporting our sponsors!Policy Genius — Go to to get quotes and apply in minutes.LinkedIn — Visit for a free $100 LinkedIn ad credit to launch your first campaign.Skillshare — Go to to start your two months now.
Stanford psychology professor Jennifer Eberhardt has spent years studying how racial bias affects all of us — yes, all — in ways we don't realize. In her new book, “Biased: Uncovering the Hidden Prejudice That Shapes What We See, Think and Do,” Eberhardt explains how bias shapes our perception, our decisions, and our culture. She tells Next Big Idea Club curator Dan Pink what we can do about it.Support us by supporting our sponsors!ZipRecruiter — Try ZipRecruiter for free at Harvest — Go to and enter promo code BIGIDEA $25 off your first box
Nir Eyal’s last book, “Hooked,” taught Silicon Valley how to make addictive technology. In his new book, “Indistractable,” he gives you the tools to take back control of your attention and your life.Join the conversation at Get an additional 10% off with promo code PODCAST.Support us by supporting our sponsors!LinkedIn — Get a free $100 ad credit by going to — Visit or text BIGIDEA to 500500 to start your 30day Audible trialNative — For 20% off your first purchase, visit and use promo code BIGIDEA
You know Malcolm Gladwell's “10,000-Hour Rule.” But did you know that, according to David Epstein, it doesn't work? That's what Epstein argues in his new book, “Range: Why Generalists Triumph In A Specialized World.” In this episode, Malcom Gladwell talks with Epstein about why a broad range of experience in life is actually the best way to find success.Join the conversation at and get an additional 10% off with promo code PODCAST.Support us by supporting our sponsors!ZipRecruiter — Try ZipRecruiter for free at — For $20 off an Away suitcase, visit and use the promo code BIGIDEAQuartz — To get 50% off your first year membership, go to, click become a member, and enter the code BIGIDEA
The Next Big Idea premieres October 15th.
Comments (20)

Tevin Shadd

Commercial breaks were too frequent and jarring, disrupted the flow of the episode . Podcast is amazing though, easily an instant favorite

Nov 26th

Rajesh Singh

There is noting new in the ideas on this podcast. The name is misleading. Just change it.

Nov 15th

Rajesh Singh

Everything is bullshit here.

Nov 15th

Rajesh Singh

This podcasts name is very misleading. Everything they talk is nothing related to title of this podcast.

Nov 15th

Kathleen Fuller

It's a joy to listen to this! 😄

Nov 8th

phil desoyjeb

In a passing sentence you grossly mischaracterized the contents of the Google memo by James Damore indicating that you did not read it. How are we now supposed to take this podcast as credible?

Nov 7th

Nonya Business

Same old pyscobable crap I've heard in 1 format or another for 40 years. Far from the next big idea just a bunch of recycled obvious concepts "curated" by a "club" of people trying to sell books. Nothing remotely new or interesting here folks.

Nov 2nd

jesus avz


Nov 1st

Navya Acharya

mono ko

Oct 31st

Stijn Mannaerts

Funny. In the podcast the speaker says "like linked in, where there are no ads". 2 seconds later the podcast sponsor talk states "advertise on linked in now" 🤔🤭😉

Oct 30th


the host needs to stop saying 'right' while the guest is talking!

Oct 24th

Chathuraka Kannangara (CK)

thanks for this session. valuable stuff 👌

Oct 22nd

R man

i didnot understand

Oct 21st
Reply (3)

x kitten

Such a great episode

Oct 16th

Lucas Allen

too many ads and too culty with the self help stuff

Oct 16th
Reply (1)

Anindo De

This podcast really got me hooked. I hope this show include people from all spectrum like scientists, economist s, authors...

Oct 15th
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