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The Next Call with David Ridgen

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From David Ridgen, the creator of Someone Knows Something, comes the new investigative podcast The Next Call. Tackling unsolved cases through strategic phone calls, the curtain is peeled back. From the victim's family members to potential suspects, the investigation unfolds with The Next Call.
7 Episodes
From David Ridgen, the creator of Someone Knows Something, comes the new investigative podcast The Next Call. Hear the investigations into a number of different cases unfold through a series of strategic calls. The Next Call begins with the Ontario case of Melanie Ethier.
“The First Call”: On September 28, 1996, Melanie Ethier says goodbye to her mother Celine, and goes to a friend’s house to watch a movie. Melanie is never seen again.
“Recollection”: Conversations with Melanie’s friends who were with her the day she disappeared. Could something they noticed help the investigation?
“Pine to Wellington”: Melanie’s 10-minute walk home becomes 24 years of unanswered questions. Did someone see or hear her that night? And what about Celine’s suspicions about an old friend of the family?
“Branches”: A closer look at the alibi of a person who has been on Celine’s radar for a while.
“Cold Comfort”: The final regularly-planned episode. New information about Melanie’s case continues to come to light. What does this mean for Celine and the case?
Carrie Low trusted police when she reported her horrific rape. But she says they failed to investigate properly, and only succeeded in traumatizing her further. Now she’s setting out on a mission to hold these institutions to account. This all-new investigation is hosted by award-winning investigative journalist Maggie Rahr. More episodes are available at:
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Dale Cooke

Personally I think Dennis leveille was one of the people involved, the main person but I also feel like his brother Andre was involved as well. If u think about it, there were reports a creepy white van driving around in the night of question. Dennis drove a white truck. Now I don't know if it had a cap on the back or not but at night in the dark that could b mistaken for a white van. He kept secrets from his family, he was a sexual predator and was also charged with stuff involving sexual acts and a minor. I've watched numerous shows and other stuff pertaining to crimes and one of the biggest things I learned is that it is almost always involving someone close to the family, Dennis. Another key thing to look for is someone who throws themselves into the investigation as much as possible so they can learn what everyone else knows. He had scratches on his arm that he told some it was from a tree branch and told others it was from play fighting with Mel. I personally think they were self defense wounds from Mel. He told people he was out fishing then later told people he was at a motocross event. Then to top it off he had a stroke the day Mel's mom was going to talk to him bout stuff due to stress. Dennis had a history of drug use and apparently mental health issues according to his daughter who claims that in a medical report it had stated that her dad suffered from multiple personality disorder which is seen through out his life just not known of at the time. I think he had a thing for her. Now this is just my thoughts on the subject and I may b wrong but this is what I think happened. Dennis and Andre both high on drugs were in his truck or his mom's car saw Melanie and offered a ride. Knowing Dennis she got into the vehicle and drove off. Dennis made advancements in which Mel refused and one thing led to another and that's how Dennis got those scratches. Now dennis is pissed and attacks her, he did have a history of violent mood swings, rendering her unconscious. This is when both Dennis and his brother rape Mel. Dennis realizing what he had done to Mel and the fact that not only is she a fam friend but another minor and that if caught he will do lots of time, decides to kill Mel with the assistance from his brother Andre and bring her out to his moms property and disposes of her.

Oct 15th

Dale Cooke

Now don't get me wrong I'm still listening to this series but if denis did suffer from multiple personality disorder it could b possible that his so called dreams may just b his alter personality coming through revealing what it did

Oct 14th

Dan Pullar

Great podcast! It's such a shame people can't step up and tell the police or family when admissions or evidence appears. Cases like this could have been solved a long time ago, but secrecy and dishonesty holds things back. Seems to be a common theme in cold cases. People keeping secrets.

Sep 9th

Sue Cque

Why are these episodes so far apart? The last one was almost 2 months ago.

Sep 3rd

G de Almeida

Oh so fabulous to have you back!! You really care about these cases and it comes through so strongly. Keep up this important work, keeping these cases from fading away…

Jul 23rd

Danielle Beeaff

I love every story David Ridgen produces. He is an Amazing human. I am so glad he is helping so many different families with his talent. In this story, I believe that Dennis’s brother Andre (in Mel’s story) knows where Melanie’s body is. I hope David can help find her and bring her home to her family. My heart goes out to them.

Jul 16th

mallory meir

Jason mentioned that Denis' reaction to hearing she was missing was 'I'm gonna kill whoever did this' but she was just missing, why did he think someone did something?

Jul 7th

Rob Claypool

damn that sucks this case was getting good

Jul 7th


If you haven't googled Melanie Ethier you should! She's beautiful! And there is NO WAY this Dennis guy was a perv to all his daughters friends but not Melanie! Men like that dont just become predators! They have always been one! AND most girls can tell right off the bat when a guy is that slimy! Melanie 's family will be in our prayers.

Jul 3rd

Terry Pierce

Yessssss! David Ridgen is back.

Jun 28th

Teresa D M Smith

To me it sounds more like he had an emotional attachment to her as a teenager

Jun 27th


I'm not trying to be callous but the depth of pain and sadness that Dave is expressing over this seems a bit off to me. Could it be some guilt buried deep? His statement that he could never have a normal life and that maybe he is paying a penance for past wrongdoing gave me pause as well.

Jun 16th
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Looking forward to this podcast. Loved "Someone Knows Something" So glad you are back!

Jun 9th
Reply (1)
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