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Dedicated to preserving hip-hop culture, each episode of The Next Movement examines a classic/influential album and the wide range of its impact. With the help of a guest, Rob and E. shine a light on the art and swap stories about what each album has given us and our communities. Tune in to hear unique and relevant perspectives on a culture that continues to change the world.
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Monkey Barz (feat. Defcee)

Monkey Barz (feat. Defcee)


Defcee joined us to talk about his upcoming project with Messiah Musik called The Golem of Brooklyn. The album is the soundtrack and companion to the book of the same name by Adam Mansbach. Defcee talked with us about working with Adam and Messiah to craft the songs and the meaning that they hold for him as a white Jewish American. This episode really ended up feeling like an intimate conversation about a completely unique and relevant project. The book drops 9/26/23. The album drops 9/29/23. But the episode is available right now!
Cise Greeny is a prolific rapper/producer from Corona, Queens. So far this year he has released two full length albums and two beat tapes. We talked with Greeny about these projects, the way he thinks about his prospective audience, and his consistent attempts to keep his childhood alive through his music. Then we discuss Greeny's album pick for this episode - the debut from fellow Queen's natives Lost Boyz - "Legal Drug Money". Stream and purchase music from Cise Greeny here:
We're talking a lot about singular artists and sounds! Fatboi Sharif and Steel Tipped Dove recently released their collaborative album "Decay" on Backwoodz Studioz. We spoke with them about the creative teamwork that went into the album, the personal aspects of Sharif's writing, and the importance of incorporating sounds from a wide variety of genres. Then we shatter all expectations for our second segment and find ourselves talking about a non-hip hop album for the first time in our history. System of a Down's flawless 2001 album "Toxicity" is the album that Dove and Sharif picked for this episode. Buy "Decay" directly from Backwoodz Studioz at this link.
Chop The Head is an artist and designer from Philadelphia who has worked on designs for some of today's most interesting independent rappers. His detailed drawings have covered releases from Fatboi Sharif, phiik + Lungs, Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon, and Jay NiCe. He's got a design coming as a part of Pink Siifu's re-release of "GUMBO'!" and on top of all that he makes his own beats. We talked with Chop about his history as a designer, the process behind some of his covers and his album pick for this episode - Armand Hammer's collaboration with The Alchemist - "Haram". Purchase originals and prints from Chop The Head here: Stream and purchase Chop The Head's beats here:
Stik Figa and The Expert released their collaborative album “Ritual” in June. It is a well crafted project that both artists believed was going to be Stik Figa’s last as they were working on it. We talked with them about the creative perspectives they took while writing/producing the album, the dynamics of their working relationship, and what might be lie ahead for Stik. Then we discuss their album pick for this episode - Common’s sixth studio album “Be”. You can stream and purchase “Ritual” here:
BbyShoe (feat. Desde)

BbyShoe (feat. Desde)


Desde is an emcee from Brooklyn who you may remember from KING VISION ULTRA's "SHOOK WORLD" earlier this year. Desde recently released a beautifully crafted project called "Tongue Original" that they describe as their most confident yet. We sat down with them to discuss its creation, the affirmations it contains, and Desde's attempts to spread love simply by being themselves. Then we chat about Desde's album pick for this episode - a project that is as equally self-affirming as "Tongue Original" - BbyMutha's 2018 release "BbyShoe". "Tongue Original" is currently available for streaming everywhere.
Multi-talented artist Video Dave and producer Controller 7 join us prior to the release of their collaborative album “ArticulatedTexTiles”. We discuss some of the behind the scenes moments that went into the album. The way Controller 7 sampled Dave’s IG stories. The way Dave had to write several versions of “ThePlugTune” to get the De La acknowledgment just right. The album is full of details and catchy hooks and the duo gave us a glimpse of how it all came together. Then we talk about their album pick for this episode - the debut album from the Pharcyde “Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde” "ArticulatedTexTiles" will be released through Fake Four Inc. and will be available for streaming everywhere on July 7th.
Orko Eloheim and Bigg Jus are Nephlim Modulation Systems. It's been 18 years since their second album "Imperial Letters of Protection" was released and now the duo is back with some more hard truths. They recently released a new single called "War Teacha" as a lead up to what will be the third NMS full-length, which is slated for release later this summer. We talked with these two legendary artists about the new music and then we discuss their album pick for this episode - a live recording from Boogie Down Productions called "Live Hardcore Worldwide". Find music from Nephlim Modulation Systems including the new single here:
Gabe 'Nandez latest project is called "Pangea". It was written and recorded during the height of the pandemic, at a time when 'Nandez was enduring personal turmoil and grappling with the collective experience of quarantine. We talked with him about "Pangea" and its theme of collective consciousness while examining some of the unique stories and perspectives that its individual tracks have to share. Then we discuss his album pick for this episode - the second LP from Roc Marciano, the one many folks have deemed his best - "Reloaded".
Producer, recording engineer and mixing/mastering specialist Steel Tipped Dove joins us to talk about his creative process as it relates to his project "all the weight feather don't have," his recent collection of songs "House of Disorder" with Nosaj from New Kingdom, and his recent full-length project with Alaska called "The Structural Dynamics of Flow". Dove has had a prolific year. So prolific in fact that he dropped another new project called "the trumpet's obviously been drinking" with andrew before we could get this episode in your hands. In the second segment of this episode with talk with Steel Tipped Dove about his album pick - "King of Hearts" from Camu Tao. A polarizing album released posthumously by El-P and Def Jux in 2010. Purchase Steel Tipped Dove's music here: Purchase "House of Disorder" here: Purchase "The Structural Dynamics of Flow" here: Purchase "the trumpet's obviously been drinking" here:
The duo sleepingdogs (andrew and Jesse the Tree) released their first full length album "i'm fakin' my own death just to get some rest" in March. They sit down with us to talk about the process behind the album's creation and some of the themes that present themselves throughout the project. Then we discuss the album that sleepingdogs picked for this episode - 2004's "Purple Haze" from Cam'ron. Stream and purchase "i'm fakin' my own death just to get some rest" here:
The Chronic

The Chronic


No guest this time around. Instead our focus is entirely on Dr. Dre’s “The Chronic”. You know it, you love it but you’ve never heard us speak on our memories and personal experiences with it. It’s just two friends talking about one of the greatest debut solo albums of all time.
Dan Lish is a UK based artist whose of drawings of some of hip hops greatest creators have become instantly recognizable due to the intricate details and personal touches that go into every piece. The first installment of his book collecting some of these drawings is called "EgoStrip" and it has long been sold out. But you'll recognize the illustrations that grace album covers from artists such as Elzhi, J Period, Raekwon, Blu/Nottz and several others. Dan has a deep love for hip hop and its culture, having been at some point involved in several elements. He brings this rich history to his drawings and was kind enough to spend time with us to talk about some of that history. Then we mix things up a bit and take a short detour from our standard format by talking about Dan's favorite 12" singles from Ultramagnetic MC's "Critical Beatdown".
The latest release from KING VISION ULTRA is called "SHOOK WORLD" and it is just that...a world built out of field recordings, YouTube clips, incredible artistry from a wide range of guest performers, and stem recordings from Algiers recent full length "Shook". GENG PTP aka KING VISION ULTRA sat down with us to discuss how this project came together, how he ended up gathering this collection of talent, and how chosen family and a shared disdain for gentrifiers led to a cohesive sound. Then we attempt to pay tribute to Trugoy the Dove aka Dave as we discuss GENG's album pick for this episode "Buhloone Mindstate". RIP Dave De La Soul forever To listen to and purchase "SHOOK WORLD" head to Bandcamp:
Open Mike Eagle joins us following the release his latest album “Component System With The Auto Reverse”. We start our conversation with some discussion about his live performances since the album’s release. Then we use elements from the album to discuss larger themes - The importance of his relationships with his peers and his admiration of their skills. The overarching goal of his writing as being present to his own thoughts and experiences. The inherent value he sees in everyone as individuals and how that contributes to his creative endeavors. And we wrap our conversation by discussing Busta Rhymes’ solo debut and the impact it had on Mike as a fan. You can stream and purchase "Component System With The Auto Reverse" here:
MidaZ the BEAST joined us on the day that his latest album "The Devil's Playground" was released. We spoke to him about the process behind the creation of this album, his relationship with the album's producer Delle Digga, the album's spiritual themes, and the immediacy with which he claims his spot among current hip-hop greats. Then we discuss his album pick for this episode - "The Pick, The Sickle and The Shovel" from Gravediggaz. Stream and purchase "The Devil's Playground" here:
It's time for the end of year episode! This is where we pause to consider some of our favorite albums from the year and, as has become tradition, we ask fellow podcasters to join us to help round out the conversation. This time around we've got Luke Bailey from Fly Fidelity! Each of us chose three albums that ended up being our favorites from 2022. Tune in to hear which albums we picked and get our perspective on what made these projects so memorable.  For those unfamiliar, Fly Fidelity is a UK-based show that conducts thoughtful interviews with hip hop artists and members of the culture. Listen to Fly Fidelity and join their Patreon at this link.
ShrapKnel (Curly Castro and PremRock) sit down to chat about their sophomore album "Metal Lung". We discuss the personal meaning connected to the album and its release as well some of the artistic direction that the duo took with the project. Then we discuss ShrapKnel's album pick for this episode - the second installment from another duo (Murs and Slug) - "Felt 2: A Tribute to Lisa Bonet" Purchase "Metal Lung" here:
Virginia mainstay Blackliq joins us to talk about his new project "What Will It Take" with fellow Richmond native Ohbliv. Liq provided the behind the scenes view of what went into making that project, his process as a writer in general, the work he has done teaching kids to write, and his latest adventure as the lead singer in a hardcore band (Armagideon Time). Then we discuss his album pick for this episode - Danny Brown's fourth full-length "Atrocity Exhibition".  Listen to and download "What Will It Take" from Man Bites Dog Records: Listen and download music from Armagideon Time here:
We spoke to Fatboi Sharif in-person at Triple Bottom Brewing Company just before he headed to sound check at Silk City where he later performed with Open Mike Eagle and Video Dave. Sharif spoke with us about his incredible new album “Preaching in Havana” and his album pick for this episode - “MU.ZZ.LE” from Gonjasufi. This was such a fun night! Shout out to Triple Bottom for being so accommodating and to Sharif for being willing to join us. Listen to and purchase "Preaching in Havana" here:
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