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The Next Stage

Author: Lise Bjerregaard Nielsen

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The Next Stage is a casual interview based podcast about dancers, performers, music, stagework and Life, all centred around Middle Eastern dance genres and the dance genres derived thereof.The interviewees are mostly dancers, but we are curious beings, so every once in a while we will try to invite other relevant artists and performers, as we get access to them.The interviews are done in person on location near Copenhagen, Denmark.
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Azad Kaan

Azad Kaan


In our first episode we're having a chat with the wonderful dancer and teacher Azad Kaan, known for his theatrical expression in performance, hilarious workshops and often strong opinions on our relationship with ourselves, dancing and performers. Relevant links are: Instagram: azad_kaan #azadkaan Facebook: Azad Kaan Azad Kaan Offical II Youtube: Azad Kaan AzadKaan Tutorials Danish Open Bellydance: Website: Instagram: #DanishOpenBellydance Facebook: Danish Open Bellydance: Youtube: DanishOpenBellydance: Snapchat: #danishopenbelly Twitter: @DOBellydance #DOBellydance Oriental Hype Festival: Website: Instagram: #orientalhypefestival Facebook: ORIENTAL HYPE - FESTIVAL Iwanson International School of Contemporary Dance: Website: Facebook: Iwanson International School of Contemporary Dance: A bit about Umm Kulthum: Enta Omry - Umm Kulthum:
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