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The Nicole Walters Podcast is for the everyday entrepreneur that wants to increase their income but doesn’t know where to start. If that’s you, you’re in the right place!

Nicole Walters is a wife, mom, income strategist, entrepreneur, and the founder of The Monetized Life™. Join Nicole each week for a new episode packed with what you need to know to gain clarity, grow your network and monetize your life using the proven corporate strategies she mastered in 10 years as a Fortune 500 executive.

Whether you’re just starting out and don’t know your next step, or you're multi-passionate and don’t know the right next step, Nicole is here to break it down for you! Richfriend, let’s add some commas to your bank account!

Listen each week. Do. The. Work, and success WILL come!

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Friend, I am freaking out. This week is a big one and I'm asking for your help. This week on the show I want to talk to you about the nerves that come with stepping into something new, the nerves that come with knowing that you're putting yourself out there that you've got your heart and soul into something you're really proud of. The nerves are real and I'm asking for some support in this. When we're here for one another, we're never alone. Thanks for spending some time with me today! I so appreciate you. Friend, this wouldn't be possible without you and I want to thank you for being here. I can't wait to chat with you next week but until then, come hang out with me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter @NicoleWalters. Thanks friend! SHOW NOTES:
Friend, this one isn't just regular story time. This episode is actually driven by you. Yes! You sent me your questions and I'm answering them today on the show. We're covering questions on momming, questions about the girls and their bio parents, questions about my marriage, the business, and more. We're about to take our friendship to a whole new level because I'm going to dive deep and answer your biggest questions right now. Thank you for showing up here each week. Chatting with you is one of my favorite things to do! Let me know that you listened to this episode over on Instagram, Twitter, or shoot me an email! And if you haven't joined the 1K1Day Academy, this is your last week to do so! I'm so excited that so many of you have joined. It is going to be the best. Read the transcript for this episode over on the show notes! SHOW NOTES:
After I update you on all the things that haven't happened this week, we're chatting about something that I've never talked about anywhere. Yes, anywhere! I'm excited to chat with you about this topic today because it's us and our time together is different. We both know it! So thanks for listening today and don't forget to tweet me or DM me your questions and life updates. I'm in it with you friend! 1K1Day Academy is opening THIS MONTH! Get on the wait list at - I only work with students a few times a year and I cannot wait to work together! Talk soon friend! Read the transcript for this episode over on the show notes! SHOW NOTES:
I thought we were going to get a break in 2021, am I right? Who would have expected the crazy year that 2021 has been, but you know what? I am still committed, despite it all, to this being the best year ever. All that to be said, it doesn't mean that the day to day isn't wiping me out! Man, have I ever felt like I am all the things for all the people all the time. I know you can relate friend and that's why if there was ever a time for me and you to chat about caring for ourselves, this is it. Thanks for spending time with me today and each week. I so appreciate it! Head over to the show notes for the links and resources mentioned in this episode. Until our next episode, come hang with me over on social @NicoleWalters! SHOW NOTES:
If you've been following me on social media for any time you know there have been a lot of cameras around here, a lot! We signed a TV deal with NBC universal and USA network and we're talking about the ins and outs of that decision in this episode! First things first, nothing is changing around here! You'll get to watch the funny hijinks my family gets into each week but I'll still be showing up on the podcast weekly, on social media, and you can still work with me at! I am so excited (and nervous!) about this and can't wait to hear what you all think when the show premiers this year! I'll share the exact premier date here on the show and on social, so stay tuned! Thanks for hanging with me today. I am so grateful for you, for sticking with me and my family, and cheering us on through all the things. Keep me updated on YOU by sending me a DM, a tweet, or an email at Talk soon! Read the transcript over on the show notes! SHOW NOTES:
This one is NOT easy friends. In this episode we're talking about parenting adult children. You've been asking where BigTiny is and how she is doing and I've got an update. Whether you are an adoptive mom, mom of a blended family, parenting adult children or not, this episode is for you. Lean in friend, let's chat. You can read the transcript over on the show notes! Thanks for being here and let's connect more on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter @NicoleWalters. Talk soon friend! SHOW NOTES:
If there is one thing I've learned from living through a pandemic it's that just because it glitters, doesn't mean it's gold. Yep, I've got work to do on myself and in my marriage. In this episode I'm sharing what I realized I needed to work on and what I did about it. Friend, there's an answer and a solution to everything. And we can do hard things! What have you learned anything about your marriage or close relationships over the past year? Let me know on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter - I'm @NicoleWalters everywhere! Thanks for spending time with me today. I love chatting with you each week! Read the transcript over on the show notes! Talk soon friend. SHOW NOTES:
Friend, how are you? I'm so excited to be back to our regular chats. I want to kick season 2 off with a conversation about survivor's guilt and well, 2020! If you're struggling to share the good that's happened to you over the last year (I know you've had some wins!) then this episode is for you. Let's chat together and give one another a little hope! Head over to the show notes to read the transcript for this episode. Thanks for spending time with me each week! Let's chat more on Instagram or Twitter - find me @NicoleWalters. Talk soon friend. SHOW NOTES:
We've collected some wins over the last week and you may start hearing people say, "Is it over yet?" and "Why are you still mad?" In this episode I want to have an open and honest conversation about how the Black Lives Matter movement isn't over and what we're really after. We need you to stay in this fight and not grow weary and this conversation will help. Thanks for being here friend. These conversations can be uncomfortable but are worth it. Alright head over to instagram and share your thoughts with me. Let's talk about this together. Read the transcript over on the show notes! SHOW NOTES:
It takes a lot to for me to be pushed to the place where I want to speak up about racism and what's happening in the United States right now. If you're one of my Rich Friends who has been along the journey with me and may not understand some of what's going on, please take 20 minutes to listen to this message today. If it makes you uncomfortable, please listen. If you know we can do better as people, please listen. I so appreciate you being here. I love spending time with you guys and this episode is one that I needed to put out. Head over to instagram and share your thoughts with me. Let's talk about this together. Read the transcript over on the show notes! SHOW NOTES:
I know, it's been awhile since we last spoke and this is quite the time to start our chats back up! The world is a dumpster fire but just because things are chaos out there, doesn't mean they have to be chaos in here. In this chat, we're keeping it real by talking about how the Covid-19 virus may be impacting your family and business and how to handle it. I'm sharing what I'm doing in my house and how it compares to what I'm telling my students. The answers don't change that often and in this episode I'm telling you how to weather this storm. Thanks for hanging out with me today! I know your time is precious and I am so grateful you're here week after week. Let me know what you're doing now and what you have planned for after this storm settles down. Just send me a message on social - I'm @NicoleWalters everywhere! Read the transcript over on the show notes! SHOW NOTES:
I don't know about you, but I'm over it already! New year, new you, new decade, new vision board, goal planning, journals, everything. Listen, I want to let you know that December 31st ain't that different from January 1st! It's all about the attitude and mindset that you want to bring into it and in this episode, I am walking you through how I'm actually getting ready for the new year. My goal is to shift your thinking away from feeling like you're something that needs fixed with a resolution and recognizing that you are already complete and ready to take on 2020! Thanks for hanging out with me today friend! I love hearing your thoughts on these episodes so keep sharing with me on instagram or even send me an email at! Talk to you soon. Read the transcript over on the show notes! SHOW NOTES:
I'm having one of those moments where if we had each other's number girl, I would be picking up the phone to say, "Girl, girl, why are we like this?!" So this episode is going to be a kick in the pants for both of us, cus I know we're the same in this way. Why do we have the ability to grant people way more grace, way more forgiveness, way more excuses than we are willing to grant ourselves? Am I right?! Listen in for a chat we BOTH need to hear. Thanks for listening! I love spending this time with you each week and hearing what you think about each episode. Come hang out with me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter so we can hold each other accountable to giving ourselves grace. Talk to you soon! Read the transcript over on the show notes! SHOW NOTES:
I love how we can come here to talk not just business but go deep on our values, things we believe, things that really matter! Because Thanksgiving is coming up, we're talking about family today and not just anything but the rules that keep my family run smoothly. I get so many questions on parenting and if you haven't heard the story of how many family was formed just 5 years ago, make sure you check out episode 1 of the show. It's the basis for everything! So today I'm diving deep into the rules that keep our family close, help each individual find success and helps me keep my mommy guilt in check. My hope is that you can learn something from these rules, maybe even to implement in your household. Thanks for joining me today - I always appreciate you showing up for our weekly chats! What rules do your families live by? Let me know on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. I can't wait to hear from you! Read the transcript over on the show notes! SHOW NOTES:
You've probably heard someone say, "Progress over Perfection" before and man, is that true! It's easy to get stuck in not producing in your business because of perfection. BUT it's not just about progress over perfection, it's also about making sure that you're focused on substance over appearance. In this episode I want to talk to you about leading with substance in your business and life and how not to get stuck comparing yourself to those that appear closer to "perfection" than you are. The truth is they aren't closer and I'm telling you how they're falsely giving off that appearance in this episode. Thanks for spending time with me today friend! Head over to instagram or twitter to share your sustainable wins with me! Talk soon. Read the transcript over on the show notes! SHOW NOTES:
Episode 34: Spoiled

Episode 34: Spoiled


It's been awhile - I know! In this episode, I'm back and ready to catch you up on what's been going on and why I took a break from these weekly chats. The truth is, it's been a tough few months and I'm sharing with you, how I got through! We're chatting about my favorite therapy resource - - and why I think trying therapy is so worth it. These chats aren't just one-sided though! I want to hear from you! Tweet me or send me a DM on Instagram or shoot me an email at I love to hear from you so don't say quiet! Thanks for spending time with me today and for being on this journey with me friend! Talk soon! Read the transcript over on the show notes! SHOW NOTES:
This chat is a little different than normal because instead of sharing a lesson with you, I'm coming here looking for advice! Why? Because I have a problem. My problem? All my mom friends are on the internet! Haha. But seriously listen in to hear what advice I need and then come find me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and share what is working for you! I so appreciate this time together and I want to hang out more so come chat with me on social! Also, I'd love to work together in my signature program, 1K1Day Academy. I only open enrollment twice a year and when this episode goes live, we're open! Head over to to join and learn more! Thanks for listening and talk soon! Read the transcript over on the show notes! SHOW NOTES:
So I've been getting the same question from a lot of you and that question is, "What do you actually do Nicole?" It makes me laugh but I get it! You see what I share on social but not what is happening behind the scenes with my clients, normal people just like you! So on this bonus episode, I'm spending a few minutes explaining how we can work together this year. Yes, we're opening the doors to 1K1Day Academy THIS month and I don't want you to miss it. Head over to to learn all about my signature program. It won't be the same without you so head over there now! I love spending this time together each week but I don't want it to be the only way we chat! Come hang out with me on Instagram or Twitter! Talk to there!
We're talking about three incredibly powerful words in this chat! These words are ones that we need to say to our children, our spouses, and in business. You may be surprised to hear what these three words are but know that these words will garner you respect at work and at home. You aren't expected to know everything and that's what we're talking about in this chat! So do you want to be a know-it-all or a learn-it-all? Let me know over on instagram! Thanks for hanging out with me each week! I so appreciate your time and I love spending this time together. Head over to to learn more about how we can start working together today! Talk to you soon! Read the transcript over on the show notes! SHOW NOTES:
This is a weighty topic but one that we need to discuss. Today I need you to ask yourself - are you being robbed of your power? And an even tougher one - are you robbing someone of theirs? This might have you take a step back but I am seeing this all over - online, on tv, even at back-to-school night and it's something we absolutely need to get right. Lean in friend, this is an important one! I always appreciate you spending time with me each week! If these messages are making an impact on your life, share this show with a friend that needs it too! And don't forget to come hang out with me on Instagram @NicoleWalters. Talk to there! Read the transcript over on the show notes! SHOW NOTES:
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Karen Johnson-Susko

First podcast, but a follower on line for some time now! Great podcast. loved the reality check and positive boost....and true....we are all in this together!

Jan 15th

Arleen Castillo

this resonated so much with me... fighting with myself daily to keep pushing through. I'm ok with it because it's the season to put in the work so that the next season there are less fights and more moving forward 🙏🙏

Nov 20th
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Deborah Todd

One of my favorite episodes!

Jun 23rd

bianca joh

you are great!

Mar 4th

Tonja Malvo

couples chat...please!

Feb 19th

Safiyyah Cummings

couples chat!

Feb 19th

Ashlee V. Grant

this was gooooooooooood!!!!!!!

Jan 22nd

Georgia Frangos

Jan 18th

Brianna Marie

you are so awesome Nicole!! I follow you on Facebook and watch your videos on Facebook!

Jan 3rd

Alfie Ballew

Wonderfully inspiring!

Jan 2nd

Carmen Mcallister

I'm going to find out about more about her on my tablet

Dec 31st

Deborah Todd

I have had podcast equipment in a box for a month.....a Christmas gift from my parents. I knew I wanted it but dont know what I have to say that would need to be heard. You are making a difference in so many peoples lives. Very heartfelt and inspiring. Thank you for all you do. Blessings, Deborah

Dec 30th

Trae J

You are truly amazing and walking in your purpose. such an inspiration as a mom, daughter, motivator and internet friend.

Dec 29th

Kathy King

I have been following you since periscope days. Chalene introduced me to to you. This is an amazing story! ❤

Dec 29th

Dam Stout

Wow, first of all...This is my very first Podcast. Nicole I followed you from before the babies, I remembered when they came in your home, I just didn't know how you got to be fully in their lives and to be their chosen mom. You were placed at the right place at the right moment. You are very brave. I know the area where you met them...I am so excited for more from you. I love your family and your mission.

Dec 28th

Tonja Malvo

You are such an inspiration. And I love your spirit.

Dec 28th
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