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The NiFTy Show is the first of its kind. Started in mid-2020, we have interviewed some of the top NFT pioneers. From Crypto Kitties to Garbage Pail Kids to Blockchain Heroes to NBA Top Shot NFTs and everything in between and beyond, this live show and podcast is sure to bring a smile to your face and new collectibles in your wallets!
66 Episodes
Nifty Show Live with Cryptoslam, Quidd, Imposter Punks Randy with Cryptoslam - Michael Bramlage Imposter Punks Releases Nifty.Deals/Elite See for privacy information.
NFT Genius Scores Big! - Nifty News #66 for Tuesday, June 15th These are exciting times in the NFT space as our friends at NFT Genius have raised $4 million from Mark Cuban and Ashton Kutcher to build their own product offering. Ron English is bringing his iconic cereal killers to life. And the first official US Space Force NFT drop is taking place thanks to Star Atlas. It’s one big step for NFTs and a seriously brave step for you to join us for the nifty news episode #66 of The Nifty Show.  Check out the full show notes at Nifty.Show/66 See for privacy information.
The guys are back with awesome guests, cool NFTs and a healthy dose of silliness.  It's Nifty Show #65! Nifty Show #65 Live with Yoshi Coin, Cyberpuppies & Ishiki Arata Yoshi Coin, Michael  YoshiDrops is a collective of international rising stars and celebrity content collaborators delivering monthly music NFT drops while aiming to make the entire NFT industry carbon negative. Random Drops of Awesome. This unique subscription service gives users six tiers of random, high-quality music, media and art NFTs directly into their WAX Wallet every month. Cyberpuppies The Barkery consists of 45 collectible trading cards from Cyberpuppies. The packs are launching 20:00 UTC on Friday June 11th, and you’ll be able to unpack them one hour after the sale.  Ishiki Arata COLLECT, INCREASE POWER POINTS, EARN WAX! Improve your character, enter Arena fights, defeat the Champions and receive the WAX rewards! NO STAKING! Your cards stay right in your wallet, where they belong! Release date: 10th of August, 2021 See for privacy information.
Pepe the Frog Comes Home as an NFT - Nifty News #64 for Tuesday, June 8th The iconic Doge meme is going to be auctioned as an NFT. The creator of Pepe the Frog is reclaiming his creation for an NFT. And Friends have auctioned off an art set as NFTs.  HODLGod is dropping more toys. Cyberpuppies are opening their barkery. And you may soon be able to own a Weiner of your own. Confused? I know we are. So why wouldn’t you be? Welcome to our nifty news episode #64 of The Nifty Show.  Full show notes at Nifty.Show/64 ARTICLES MENTIONED IN SHOW:  The start of the Nifty Show --Episode #1 - Coin Gecko NFTs CURRENT EVENTS Bitcoin 2021 Miami continues with Tony Hawk, Kevin O’Leary and more Iconic 'Doge' meme to be auctioned as NFT The NFT bubble may have popped, but the sector is still primed for expansion Justin Sun Wins The Bid For NFT Glee’s Golden Whale Pass : The Highest Priced Bitcoin NFT To Date ‘Friends’ Set Art to Be Auctioned Off as NFTs INNOVATION NFT as Collateral Coming to Aave - CEO Smart NFT Project joins major telecom to power future of smart cities SPORTS Floyd Mayweather Urges Fans to Buy NFT, Says Cryptocurrency the 'New Wave' Mexican Football Federation Shows League Club’s NFT Equity Sale Red Card ART Artdeco NFT Project On A Mission To Become The Backbone For Art Creators In A Thrilling Way MUSIC Rising Russian pop star makes music history with NFT under Swiss law Lil Dicky Song Is First-Ever Music Publishing NFT FUNNY WTF NFT’s Pepe the Frog Reclaimed as an NFT by Creator Anthony Weiner may sell his infamous crotch shot as an NFT TechCrunch Founder to Sell His Crypto-Bought Kyiv Flat – as an NFT UPCOMING RELEASES Cyberpuppies Barkery Pack Drop June 11 HodlGod Dropping More Toy Collectibles on June 10th Wax Guide  NFT Insider See for privacy information.
The Nifty Show #63 - Luck & Neat, Immersys, Crazy Eggs and More! Full Show Notes: ttps:// Luck & Neat  MOBO Award Winners DJ Luck & MC Neat have teamed up with the King of NFTs ‘WAX’ to give you this once in a lifetime NFT Drop. On the 10th June, 4PM the No.1 selling UK Dance act will release a limited supply of the critically acclaimed ‘A little Bit of Luck’ NFT Album. 3 lucky fans will have the chance to win exclusive perks and rewards hidden inside the album packs, including a Global VIP Backstage Pass. Dan @ The WAX NFT Metaverse Currently in Closed Beta. Immersys takes your favorite WAX NFT collections makes them in-game items, apps, games, wearables, and access keys! The Scrambling of Crazy Eggs happens June 7th See for privacy information.
Marilyn Monroe’s legacy will be immortalized via an NFT auction, GameStop is building an NFT platform on Ethereum, and just when you think you were done hearing about Tiger King, Joe Exotic has launched his own cryptocurrency. The Binance NFT marketplace is coming, one million Yoshi coin NFTs were airdropped into WAX wallets, and in the continuing saga of Charlie Bit Me, we’ve got news for a third week straight.  If the NFT world were viewed in terms of ages of man, we’d be somewhere in the mesolithic age.  Not sure what that means?  Well study up on your archaeology as we welcome you to our Nifty News episode #62 of The Nifty Show. ARTICLES MENTIONED IN SHOW:  CURRENT EVENTS Joe Exotic Launches Tiger King Cryptocurrency Winklevoss Twins Release Charity Authenticated NFT on Ethernity Chain. Marilyn Monroe’s Legacy to Be ‘Eternalized’ via NFT Artwork Auction 'Charlie Bit Me' Will Remain On YouTube After NFT Auction Switcheroo INNOVATION Rich B. Caliente and Rick Ross-Painted Porsche 911 Is Actually an NFT Gaming retailer GameStop is building an NFT platform on Ethereum GAMING From Neigh to Zed: How Digital Horse Racing Became an NFT Favorite Gaming retailer GameStop is building an NFT platform on Ethereum Blockchain and NFTs are turning gamers into Investors SPORTS MLB, Candy Digital to enter NFT world with Lou Gehrig speech ART Binance NFT Marketplace looks to capture market share via ‘100 Creators Campaign’ MUSIC MEME Harambe Photo to Be Sold as NFT UPCOMING RELEASES See for privacy information.
The Nifty Show #61 - NeftyBlocks, Crypoquarium and Corporate World We've got Juan from Neftyblocks, the fellas from Cryptoquarium and a new independent project called Corporate World! Also news about the latest Blockchain Heroes event! For full show notes check out Nifty.Show/61 GUESTS: - Juan CryptoQuarium - Jacob-Jan Mosselman Corporate World - Joennie Sindo Welcome to the Corporate World (Hell on Earth)! Dan Tenferno felt something amiss when he joined Herr E-tech Labs Limited as their new employee. He has been experiencing “daily work-life imbalance”. From what he gathers, the CEO’s unique aura has corrupted the long-time employees and morphed them into worst versions of themselves. Even the office equipments have a mind of their own! Will Dan survive this godforsaken place? Will he be corrupted, or will he escape? Get updates on upcoming drops and packs via Telegram or Twitter page. See for privacy information.
Instagram to Do NFTs? - Nifty News #60 for Tuesday, May 25th The NFT market is projected to double by October as trading volume surges. So are NFT collectibles actually securities? Akon is selling an NFT featuring DNA art. Andy Warhol is getting another 15 minutes of fame posthumously. And does Instagram have their eyes on NFTs? Would it be NFTstagram? The crypto markets may be up and down but the NFT world soldiers forth with more creators entering the space. Thanks for making us a Top 100 Technology show. We hope to continue providing value for you on this nifty news episode #60 of The Nifty Show. For the articles mentioned in the show visit Nifty.Show/60 See for privacy information.
Graffiti Kings, Rare Pizzas, GnomeSeries and Novellia – The Nifty Show #59  We've got four great guests on this episode, including Graffiti Kings, Rare Pizzas, GnomeSeries and Novellia. We've got BIG news regarding RPlanet staking and the newest Bitcoin Collection release. Join us live or watch the replay! For full show notes visit Nifty.Show/59 See for privacy information.
Charlie Bit My NFT - Nifty News #58 for Tuesday, May 18 Another first in the NFT space as a patent is being auctioned as an NFT. And NHL star is launching an NFT collection to commemorate career highlights. And in the classic meme world, Charlie Bit Me is being sold as an NFT, and scrubbed from the Internet.  Dan Harmon, creator of Rick & Morty, is getting into the NFT game. You’ll discover what Bitski is. And rapper Tom McDonald has turned the hip hop world on it’s ear by purchasing an Eminem NFT beat and turning it into an amazing song.  We’re not rappers. We’re barely podcasters. But since we’re here and you’re here, let’s proceed as though that doesn’t matter for the Nifty News episode #58 of The Nifty Show. ARTICLES MENTIONED IN SHOW:  CURRENT EVENTS Look at @bc_heroes there right beside Marvel as a top brand on @Quidd Fomo Lab to launch ‘For The Culture’ NFT collection Buyer of Jack Dorsey's 'genesis tweet NFT' reportedly detained in Iran INNOVATION First Patent Being Auctioned as an NFT The Patent link SPORTS NHL star Tyler Seguin launches NFT collection commemorating career highlights: 'They all tell a story' Raiders Hall of Fame WR Tim Brown launches first ever H2H collectible NFT ART This digital bazaar wants to make it easier for artists to showcase their NFTs Highest Selling Female NFT Artist Itzel Yard Nets 500 ETH for ‘Dreaming at Dusk’ MUSIC What is Bitski & Why Does Jay-Z Want To Invest In It? Internet-Breaking Rapper Tom MacDonald Purchases Eminem's $100,000 NFT Beat & Uses It To Make His New Single And Video "Dear Slim" MAINSTREAM NFT ARTICLES Fox, 'Rick & Morty' creator plan a blockchain and NFT-enabled animated series FUNNY WTF NFT’s Farewell, "Charlie bit my finger": The NFT gold rush is destroying digital history UPCOMING RELEASES WAX Blockchain Announces New Brand Partnerships See for privacy information.
Robotech, Square Rooted and the World’s First WAX-Based DeFi token - The Nifty Show #57 One of the most popular anime brands is coming to the WAX blockchain! On today's Nifty Show we are joined by Lee Jenkins from WAX to discuss the upcoming Robotech launch.  Then Jason from WAX Whales joins us to share the Square Rooted project. Finally, we've got Micah Dewey from C.A.I.T. to discuss the first DeFi project built on WAX.  Lets get Nifty!  GUESTS Robotech - Lee Jenkins  Sony's Funimation and Harmony Gold bring extraordinary anime experiences to the WAX Blockchain! Square Rooted - Jason  Your favorite NFTs have been glitched and locked away in a space known as the Radical. A card game, once for kids, is the only way to get them out. Twitter C.A.I.T. DeFi - Micah Dewey  Blog: Matt Hill from The Damn Tasty Corn Chips wrote us to say: Tell Travis and the team that  Nervous Aussie says that you guys rock! This has got to be the most money I've ever had at one time. Life changing. Also I took your advice. I'm now the proud owner of See for privacy information.
eBay Taps into NFTs - Nifty News #55 for Tuesday, May 11th Can you create NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain? Merriam-Webster has a new succinct definition of an NFT and NBA players are making a fortune from NFTs. What we referenced as a possibility last week has manifested as a reality this week. eBay is getting into the NFT game. Memes are also becoming big NFT business, but some are more valuable than others. We’ll cover all this and more on our Nifty News episode #56 of The Nifty Show ARTICLES MENTIONED IN SHOW:  CURRENT EVENTS Merriam-Webster has a succinct new definition of an NFT $85 million ‘Meebits’ NFT project exploited Vitalik Buterin Talks NFTs, DAOs, DeFi and the Next Billion Ethereum Users Redesigned Chadwick Boseman NFT art revealed after Oscars controversy EBay taps into NFT frenzy, allows sale on platform   INNOVATION Bitcoin: NFT development launched GAMING VulcanVerse Users makes Amazing Stuff on His Land SPORTS NBA players are making a fortune from NFTs. UFC fighters may not be so lucky Mark Cuban Joins Ethereum NFT Game Axie Infinity’s $7.5 Million Raise ART Wilder World raises $3 million for a metaverse built around NFT art Art Has a Money Laundering Problem. NFTs Could Make It Worse Sotheby’s To Auction 'First NFT Ever Created' MEME The 2009 viral video 'David After Dentist' sold for over $10,000 as an NFT FUNNY WTF NFT’s Invisible NFTs To Generate $1 Million In Sales Tidbits Gary Vee -- VeeFriends 5:55 ET May 11th   See for privacy information.
Gary Vaynerchuk Discusses NFT's Gary Vaynerchuk is the chairman of VaynerX, a modern-day media and communications holding company, and the active CEO of VaynerMedia, a full-service advertising agency servicing Fortune 100 clients across the company’s 4 locations. In the late 90s, after identifying “the internet” as a land-grab opportunity, Gary transitioned his father’s local liquor store into one of the first wine e-commerce platforms resulting in growing the family business from $3-60MM in sales during a 5-year period. Gary Vaynerchuk Announces His First NFT Collection, VeeFriends The way NFT projects should be... 10,255 token NFT project consisting of 9400 admission tokens, 555 gift goats, and 300 access tokens; including many one-of-ones. The main ambition of this project is to create meaningful intellectual property and create an extraordinary community. All tokens are a three-year admission token to VeeCon, an annual super-conference. We know a lot of you are new to the NFT world, so before you do anything, get acquainted with the FAQs. See for privacy information.
Star Atlas, Bosak the Bro Bro and Damn Tasty Corn Chips - The Nifty Show #54 Michael Wagner, Star Atlas Kenn Bosak Damn Tasty Corn Chips  The Crazy Eggs - Coming Monday, May 10th at 12 pm EDT Gary Vaynerchuk interview coming Monday, May 10th  See for privacy information.
My NFT is a Centerfold - Nifty News #53 for Wednesday, May 5th The makers of crypto punks are coming back to the NFT table for more. eBay is exploring crypto payment options and NFT auctions. The Eiffel Tower NFT is up for bids. And Playboy enters the NFT ring with their first digital collectibles. Sega, Kurt Cobain and BabyMetal are in the news, and the Blockchain Heroes meets HODLGod sale was over in less than 30 seconds today. We’ll tell you more, so come along for a nifty ride on the nifty news episode #53 of The Nifty Show. For full show notes & articles ▶ SUBSCRIBE, RATE, & REVIEW: iTunes: Spotify: Stitcher: Google Play: Soundcloud: YouTube: FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter: @BadCrypto - @joelcomm - @teedubya Facebook:  /BadCrypto - /JoelComm - /teedubyaw LinkedIn: /in/joelcomm - /in/teedubya Instagram: @BadCryptoPodcast DISCLAIMER: Do your own due diligence and research.   Neither Joel Comm nor Travis Wright are FINANCIAL ADVISORS. We are sharing our journey with you as we learn more about this crazy little thing called cryptocurrency.  We make NO RECOMMENDATIONS.   Don't take anything we say as gospel. Do not come to our homes with pitchforks because you lost money by listening to us. We only share with you what we are learning and what we are investing in. We will never "pump or dump" any cryptocurrencies. Take what we say with a grain of salt.  You must research this stuff on your own! Just know that we will always strive for RADICAL TRANSPARENCY with any show associations. See for privacy information.
Travis and Joel have exciting news regarding Blockchain Heroes. And they are joined by YouTube sensation Ali Spagnola, the guys from AlpacaWorlds and Gary of Dusty Pixels.  It's Nifty awesomeness!  See for privacy information.
When you think of all the things you could purchase in the form of an NFT, what would be your dream digital collectible? The Kobe Bryant NFT that Travis can’t get enough of? A low-mint Crypto Punk? How about Electric Genesis? Or perhaps you’d like to own Dave Portney’s soul. Well, if it’s the latter you are in luck because the Presidente of Barstool Sports is making that available.  And speaking of soul, Paris Hilton’s soul has been taken over by NFTs. Perhaps she’ll put that up for sale next. Binance is launching an NFT marketplace, the Golden State Warriors are getting in the game, and those with TDS can now buy Trump tweets as NFTs… for some bizarre reason only known to those afflicted with the syndrome.  We’ll share upcoming releases along with the latest from the digital collectible space on this Nifty News episode #51 of The Nifty Show. ARTICLES MENTIONED IN SHOW: ARTICLES MENTIONED IN SHOW:  Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy Is Selling His ‘Soul’ as an NFT NFTs and US taxes: What you should know NFTs: Trend is Cooling Off, Will it End Like ICOs in 2018? Binance To Launch NFT Marketplace in June Medicinal Marijuana GROW Celebrates Its Launch With NFT Giveaway IBM is turning patents into NFTs—says it's a future 'trillion-plus dollar market' The Future of VeChainThor: Enterprise NFT (eNFT) Ecosystem Enjin’s New PoA Blockchain JumpNet Counts 50 NFT Projects Weeks After Launch Golden State Warriors Release NFT Collection NFL prospect Zach Davidson launches first ever rookie NFT Paris Hilton: 'NFTs Have Taken Over My Entire Mind and Soul' - CoinDes Emily Ratajkowski to Auction NFT How many layers of copyright infringement are in Emily Ratajkowski’s new NFT? Hip Hop Titan Eminem Announced an NFT Collection Tom Macdonald bids $100,000 to win STAN'S REVENGE Eminem NFT Steve Aoki makes a bold prediction on digital art as he debuts new NFT A$AP Rocky Becomes The Latest Artist To Venture Into The NFT Game With His First-Ever Collection Chadwick Boseman NFT artwork for Oscar nominees backfires after best-actor shocker ‘Disaster Girl’ makes over $430,000 selling the NFT of her meme Trump haters now can pay for his tweets as NFTs just out of spite Mirandus Monday: Seeing the Forest Through the Trees UPCOMING RELEASES Colonize Mars - April 28th - Weezer - April 28th - See for privacy information.
Today your second-favorite hosts are joined by Colonize Mars, Gala Games and Mutant Rockers.  See for privacy information.
The IRS thinks you might not be paying taxes on your NFTs and they are probing the dark web to investigate. An actual house is an NFT now. And the NFT game market is booming as startups raise millions of dollars. Jake Paul’s NFT sale didn’t go gangbusters. Major League Baseball cards have finally arrived as NFTs. And Blockchain Heroes make their first appearance on Ethereum. If you like digital collectibles, you’re in the right place for episode #49 of the mostly unlistenable Nifty Show.  ARTICLES MENTIONED IN SHOW: CURRENT EVENTS Animoca Brands sells ~$9.28m of NFTs in three days for F1® Delta Time and The Sandbox Edward Snowden's NFT sold for $5.5 million at auction for charity  IRS is probing the dark web to look for cryptocurrency, NFT tax evasion   INNOVATION   An actual house is an NFT now Hashed Supports NFT Portfolio Management Platform   NFT, SPAC, and the Future of Money   GAMING Cutting-edge governance system comes to established crypto game NFT Game Market Booms as Startups Raise Millions of Dollars   SPORTS Topps to launch NFT baseball card series in partnership with Major League Baseball ToppsMLB  Jake Paul NFT Fail: A Sign Of Things To Come?   ART Rare CryptoPunk NFTs Will be Auctioned Who can sell a Wonder Woman NFT?   MUSIC Mick Jagger, Dave Grohl NFT Raises $50K for Indie Music Venues   FUNNY WTF NFTs HOW AN AD COLLECTOR PAID $2 FOR A PRINGLES NFT, AND SOLD IT FOR CLOSE TO $1,500 Artist Sells NFT of Single Pixel for $1.7 Million 'Leave Britney Alone' Viral Video Sells as NFT for $44,000 It’s almost touching that the NFT world sees itself as radical UPCOMING RELEASES April 21st // Jay & Silent Bob Smokin’ Tokens - April 21st 12 PM ET // Bitcoin Elite Collection - April 24th, 1:37 PM //   See for privacy information.
It's a fully loaded show as we welcome four guests from four remarkable projects! Segment #1 - Barnaby Andersun from BAND token joins us to discuss a revolutionary model for using NFTs to own a piece of music royalties. Segment #2 - Remember the film, The Sandlot? Grant Gelt and Victor Dimattio, two of the child actors are now adults and join us to discuss the new Boys of Summer NFT card series. Segment #3 - We love seeing great art on WAX, and the Exit Limbo series does not disappoint.  Artist Giovanni Cantele shares about this amazing set. Segment #4 - The Chronicles of Dr Zammsy is a whimsical and artfully crafted set of digital collectibles launching on WAX. Learn more in this episode!  See for privacy information.
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