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The Nifty Show: Digital Collectibles and NFTs Podcast
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The Nifty Show: Digital Collectibles and NFTs Podcast

Author: The Nifty Show: Digital Collectibles and NFTs

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The Nifty Show is the podcast for digital collectibles and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Blockchain technology has made it possible to take digital ownership of assets. Each asset is one-of-a-kind and trackable on the blockchain.

From pieces of art and trading cards to business assets and concert tickets, the world is finding new ways to create digital assets which are secure, portable and collectible.

Join Joel Comm and Travis Wright, hosts of the popular The Bad Crypto Podcast, for a weekly exploration of the emerging world of NFTs and digital collectibles.

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45 Episodes
Are NFT collectibles the future of trading cards or a big hype bubble that will soon burst? Over $8 billion is staked into Binance for Alien World’s Trillium token. The Sandlot is coming to the NFT world. And speaking of baseball, Topps has finally gone major league. We’ll be joined by William Quigley to discuss the most anticipated sportsball NFTs of the year. Conjugate the verb “Nifty”. I Nifty. You Nifty. He Nifties. She nifties. We nifty. You nifty. They nifty. Zir nifties. It’s the Nifty news episode #46 of The Nifty Show.  ARTICLES MENTIONED IN SHOW:    Coin Gecko NFT charts -   CURRENT EVENTS Are NFT collectibles the new trading cards or a hype bubble soon to burst? Is The NFT Craze Over?   INNOVATION The Next Big Thing in NFTs: Breaking Them Apart   GAMING Mythical Games will launch NFT marketplace for Blankos Block Party $8 Billion+ Staked into Binance for Trilium (TLM); largest decentralized app in world   SPORTS Topps baseball card maker and MLB will issue official NFTs Tom Brady is launching an NFT company College basketball star, Iowa's Luka Garza, on launching his NFT ART Christie’s Former ‘Rainmaker’ Brings NFTs to Fine Art Collectors   MUSIC Winklevoss Twins Nab Virtual Real Estate in 'NFT Metaverse' The Sandbox   ENTERTAINMENT The Cast of The Sandlot Announce Limited Edition Digital Baseball Cards   INTERVIEW WITH WILLIAM QUIGLEY   See for privacy information.
Extremely HUGE Nifty Show today! We've got BitBoy Crypto, Quidd App, Bad Days and .gems for a packed episode - What? It all happens here on the Top #NFT show in the Universe! @WAX_io See for privacy information.
It’s another big week in Niftyville and there just isn’t enough time to discuss it all. Two coinbase employees exchanged NFT rings with their wedding vows. Topps is getting ready to go public. Atari releases a new wave of digital collectibles. And the overly attached girlfriend NFT sells for an overly ridiculous price.  Synchronize your watches for Nifty o’ clock for a nifty news episode #44 of The Nifty Show.    ARTICLES MENTIONED IN SHOW:   Upland Collectibles - Successful sale at   CURRENT EVENTS ‘Silent crash’ as price floors collapse across NFT space Coinbase employees exchanged NFT rings with their wedding vows   Overly Attached Girlfriend NFT Sells For $411,000 Global fashion brands reportedly considering NFT foray   Topps to Go Public NFTs Now on Theta   INNOVATION Crossovers Set to Conquer NFT Worlds Introducing Efinity: NFT Blockchain on Polkadot Logan Paul Talks VeVe NFTs and OMI   GAMING A Super Mario game sold for $660,000, and no, it wasn't an NFT Atari’s Latest Nostalgia NFT Collectibles: Pong And Centipede   ART World’s 1st Physical NFT Gallery Sets The Standard For Crypto-Art Displays   SPORTS Lineal Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury Becomes First Boxer To Launch Exclusive NFT Collection   MUSIC Return of the oracles: Band Protocol, API3 and DIA price soar to new highs NFTs in music: Black female artist Shontelle paves the way   MAINSTREAM NFT ARTICLES Guy Oseary, Ashton Kutcher, Mark Cuban and Snoop Dogg Team for ‘Shark Tank’-Like ‘NFTs: The Pitch’   NAYSAYERS Did we already see the peak of the NFT NFTs Were Supposed to Protect Artists. They Don't. Highest Valued Living Painter David Hockney: NFTs are for 'Crooks and Swindlers' See for privacy information.
Today's Nifty Show #43 is PACKED with amazing #NFT goodness! The world's first NFT podcast will feature VulcanVerse, AlienWorlds and Grammy-nominated Shontelle!  See for privacy information.
Nifty News #42 March 30th The NFT hype continues to spread as everyone wants to know how they can get a piece of the digital collectible world. NFT searches are at ICO-mania levels. Even Marc Cuban is finally on the NFT bandwagon. Video games, art, AI and much more are covered in our Nifty News episode #42 of The Nifty Show.   ARTICLES MENTIONED IN SHOW:  CURRENT EVENTS What the Hell is an NFT? SNL Introduces Masses Billionaire Mark Cuban is building a digital art gallery for NFTs Nifty News: NFT searches at ICO-mania levels, a robot and Snoop Dog drop NFTs, plus more ‘Castle’ production company’s new TV crypto comedy to drop an ep as an NFT Feature Film on Blockchain Fatal Contracts NFT boom: VCs pump millions into digital collectibles start-ups NBA Top Shot company Dapper Labs valued at $2.6 billion after funding Is Major League Baseball coming to WAX?    INNOVATION Smells like NFT spirit? Look Labs launches first digital fragrance Vitalik Buterin: NFTs can be a social good, not just a casino for rich celebrities   GAMING Assassin's Creed Publisher Is Making The Next Generation Of NFT Games NFTs Are Spurring a Digital Land Grab—in Videogame Worlds (Gala Games)   Brave and Gala Games Unveil Their Second Physical NFT Collectible (Gala Games)   The Sandbox Game Jam — “A Glitch in the Metaverse” (Animoca)   ART NFT digital artwork by humanoid robot Sophia up for auction Aleph introduces DApp to 'back up' NFT art pieces Navigating the Crypto Art Market: What You Ought to Know launching NFT platform with exclusive content from artists Meet The “Meta-King” Whose Investment Fund Spent $69M On A Beeple NFT Beeple Immediately Converted His $53 Million NFT Earnings From ETH to USD    MUSIC Gorillaz celebrate 20th anniversary of debut album with reissue and NFT teasers   MAINSTREAM NFT ARTICLES The NFT Craze and the Future of Spotify and Streaming Music - Harvard Biz NFTs: What Are You Paying for When You Buy a GIF for $25,000? - NYTimes People's Expensive NFTs Keep Vanishing. This Is Why - Vice The Top Ten Most Influential In NFTs - ReadWrite   See for privacy information.
Join us for a packed journey into the world of NFTs as we focus on the upcoming Upland Collectibles: Blockchain Heroes edition, Defi + NFTs in The Wolves of Wall Street, and the wacky and irreverent Cartombs! See for privacy information.
With the increased interest in NFTs and SO much to talk about, we are expanding The Nifty Show broadcasts to twice/week! The new Tuesday show will be focused on The Nifty News, and to kick it off we bring you a re-airing of the latest episode of The Bad Crypto Podcast, where we discuss the good, the bad and the ugly of the NFT world.  Be sure to subscribe and join us live every Friday at 5 pm EST / 2 pm EST at  See for privacy information.
Today's Nifty Show is packed with digital collectible content featuring Mr. Digital Oil of Hashmasks fame, Julie Nimoy & David Knight representing The Leonard Nimoy Collection and a special musical performance by Taylor Alexander!  See for privacy information.
Today's Nifty Show will be LIT! VESA & Brittany Kaiser are collaborating on a new art project, Daniel Sun is evolving on Ethereum with Proof of Beauty, and we've got a new Bitcoin Collection drop! Special co-host is Zach Comm!  See for privacy information.
It's a MASSIVE extra-large Nifty Show today as we welcome Whaleshark to the show, and feature Bitcoin Origins, and Uplift World! See for privacy information.
It's a BIG Nifty Show #36 today as we welcome renowned artist Ben Mauro to the show to discuss his new Evolution launch, Marc Seal from Topps comes for a Food Fight and Aaron from Greymass discusses the Anchor wallet app.SHOW MORE See for privacy information.
NBA Top Shot is all the rage, and today on The Nifty Show we welcome Alan Carr from Dapper Labs to talk about this sensation. We're also going to be featuring Kurt Braget from DUST to talk about how mining crypto on social media is the future, and how NFTs figure into it all. See for privacy information.
Capcom's legendary Street Fighter collection is coming to the WAX blockchain in the form of digital collectibles.  Today we welcome Lee Jenkins of WAX to the show to discuss what is expected to be a blockbuster release.  See for privacy information.
The NFT world is exploding! Today we welcome, VeVe and R-Planet to The Nifty Show to discuss how they are bringing massive value to the digital collectible space! See for privacy information.
It's a huge Nifty Show #32 today as we welcome Michael Blu from to share his latest drop, the team from Makersplace and we'll talk about the insane BTC Origins launch. See for privacy information.
Today's Nifty Show is going to be off the hook! We've got Topps to discuss the GPK Bernventures miniset, an inside look at 22 Racing on Phantasma chain and you'll discover how to mine BTC on your high-end gaming PC! See for privacy information.
The Nifty Show is back with a packed show featuring the second series of VanCity Outbreak, the creators of the upcoming documentary I Want My NFTs and a BIG announcement from Topps Digital! See for privacy information.
It's a special Monday night Nifty Show coming at you! We've got Yat Siu from Animoca Brands to talk about F1 DeltaTime and a lot of big launches causing a big stir in the NFT world! See for privacy information.
It's an EPIC Nifty Show today as we'll have team members from KOGS, HODLGod and Monsters of Rap on the show today! See for privacy information.
An INCREDIBLY Nifty Show is coming your way today! We've got a Trifecta of NFT delight, featuring @terra_virtua , #DeadMau5 and #DoctorWho collectibles! See for privacy information.
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