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Author: Travis Maxel Boone

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Welcome to The Night Club, a podcast featuring horror films, the supernatural and paranormal, true crime and esoterica... when we commune it is to evoke the feeling of being alone and awake while all the world sleeps beneath the stars in the pitch black of midnight. Join us, embrace the darkness and stay spooky.
31 Episodes
Two podcasts come together to share their respective Top 20 Horror Films of 2020! Join Travis, Ricky and Angel along with the creator and Travis' cohost of the Joe Blow Horror Show, Bostuna, in this roundtable style run through! Yeah bud! Joe Blow Horror Show hosted by Bostuna & T-Boo: You can also find the Joe Blow Horror Show on Facebook, Twitter and Slasher! Special Guest: Bostuna.
The Coven starts the new year with a Midnight Ritual of Rob Zombie's debut feature film, House of 1000 Corpses(2003). There is much gibbering madness within the insanity and chaos.... Join us!
Episode 28: Surreal Giggles

Episode 28: Surreal Giggles


On the last episode of 2020 The Coven perform a Midnight Ritual of Don Coscarelli's Phantasm(1979). Some solid sounds are abound in another segment of Ricky's Rippin' Riffs and the return of the make-your-own-movie game, Genre Blender. Avoid all of the Tall Man's dwarves and join us! Ricky's Rippin' Riffs: Nattens Madrigal by Ulver Colony Collapse by WVRM New Grave by Night Sins Love Venom by Cobra Spell
The legend lives! Beware the Madman Marz! Join the coven as they perform a Midnight Ritual of 1981.... or 1982's Madman and retell the urban legend of Cropsey. A brand new segement known as Schlocky Seconds is also introduced in which a film thats so bad its great is covered: Night of The Demon(1980). Its all too cosmic....
On this massive edition of The Night Club we end Blodmonath with cosmic indifference.... Join Travis, Angel & Ricky as they bare witness to the epic Kaiju and Great Old One showdown: Godzilla vs Cthulhu! The fight ends up kind of one sided but after some recent watches the coven performs a Midnight Ritual of Black Mountain Side(2016). Before departing for the gaping maw of oblivion we also talk to the writer and director of Black Mountain Side, Nick Szostakiwkyj! Please visit his website: and watch his latest film, Archons(2020). You can also find him on Instagram and Twitter @CanuckCreatures. Special Guest: Nick Szostakiwskyj.
Blodmonath has begun! We commune under the sanguine moon before entering in to winters gloom pursing lips for penance and a prayer in hopes that the dead go somewhere. Annihilation is always near yet out of reach, the closest we come is when stars speak through an eternal all hollows eve until black holes silenty bleed.... Join solo practitioner Travis Maxel Boone as he reveals all the films he watched during the 31 Nights of Halloween! The stars are speaking again.... They crank and wind in timeless motion.... A stir of malice in the cosmic machine.... Now is time to put pretend to bed.... During blood month even the ghosts are dead! Many of tonights selections have been talked about on The Joe Blow Horror Show, hosted by Bostuna and T-Boo(Travis Maxel Boone). You can find Joe Blow here: Night of The Demon(1980): Cinemassacre's Monster Madness Night of The Demon(1980) Review:
The Night Club presents Halloween Havoc! This is our first ever Halloween special and its a ghost pale full of spooky fun.... Join the coven as they welcome a special guest to spill their beans and reveal their list of favorite horror icons. During this communion horror remakes are on the table as well as which horror films the coven would reimagine if given the opportunity. Tonight also features Trick or Treat Trivia, a revamped trivia game wherein wrong answers award rancid or sweet jellybeans. Best come with your horror knowledge or risk a mouthful of disgusting! Finally, two haunted house films from the early 2010s face off in a compare and contrast.... Its the astral possession spookshow Insidious(2011) versus the snuff film murder mystery Sinister(2012)! Gather 'round the campfire, throw back your brews or java and get ready for a bloodbath! Autumn came with awe and change Turning leaves to hues of butterscotch Candy corn adorned the lawn Black cats crept to keep closeful watch The chilly evenings promised creepy frights Mornings drenched in pumpkin spice O, the tricks and treats briefly suffice In a cauldron cooking a witches brew In the howl of a wolf staring at the moon In a dark castle the bats all flew The children of the night sing Happy Halloween to you! Special Guest: Trevor Jordan Blanchard.
Episode 23: Dead & Dreaming

Episode 23: Dead & Dreaming


Cosmic indifference and nihilism coalesce on this coupling as Ricky and Travis discuss some of their favorite cosmic and Lovecraftian horror films.
Join us in a vortex of recent watches, PG-13 horror rants, lucid dreaming, fears of body horror and listen as we ponder what is too far for Gwar.
Episode 21: Kaiju Giallo

Episode 21: Kaiju Giallo


The harvest moon has waned but the month of October is just beginning. Join the Coven as they discuss some recent watches and play another round of VVitch Do You Fancy? Also on this episode a brand new game based on combining various horror subgenres is introduced. You are promised horror and hilarity a-plenty! Special shout out to Paranormality Podcast Network: and its flagship show Prairieland Paranomral Podcast: Subscribe, rate us with five pentagrams, share the show with your friends and as always reach out and touch pure evil using our email: Find us on Facebook, Instagram and Slasher or visit the official website:
Welcome to the twentieth episode of The Night Club! Join Travis, Angel & Ricky on this variety style show featuring a few fun mix-matched horror with non-horror properties, special shout outs and some metal recommendations. The meat of this evenings communion consists of each host listing their favorite horror icons and a brief reprise of Stephen King memories as well as a tease of terrors to come! Subscribe, rate us with five pentagrams, share the show with your friends and as always reach out and touch pure evil using our email: Find us on Facebook, Instagram and Slasher or visit the official website: Stay spooky! SHOUT OUTS: Lunar Light Cinema Tenebrific Acrylics All We Need Is Sleeze The Friday Nightmares Podcast hosted by Heather Powell & Scott Crawford RICKY'S RIPPIN RIFFS: Blood For The Master by Goatwhore(2012) Haunting The Chapel by Slayer(1984) Summerlands by Summerlands(2016) Pain Will Define Their Death by Vitriol(2017) Empathica by Unreqvited(2020) Caustic by Primitive Man(2017) Nocturne by Unreqvited/Asunojokei(2020) Jaish by Al-Namrood(2013)
On the nineteenth communion of The Night Club join TMB and Mashed Potato Johnson for a tribute to an icon of horror, legendary author Stephen King! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @thenightclubpodcast and email us with your thoughts on Stephen King or any horror topics at Official website:
This episode is a deadly buffet of horrific delights! Join Travis, Ricky and for a brief period Angel, as they toss a few shout outs, cover some metal recommendations, feature the creature of folklore and legend: the ogre, and perform a Midnight Ritual of Pan's Labyrinth! Poltergeist OD Youtube: Instagram: Facebook:
During this communion TMB W.D., Travis Maxel Boone, Witch Doctor, will give a few shout outs and be humbled before 'lighting the black candle' which features an original short story.
Beware The Wendigo! Join solo practitioner Travis Maxel Boone this evening as he discusses the dark heart of the northern woods and the dark heart of man. A Midnight Ritual is also performed featuring Ravenous(1999).
Episode 15: Butt Top Ramen

Episode 15: Butt Top Ramen


Sink into the floor and join The Night Club Coven as they perform a Midnight Ritual of Get Out(2017). Hosts Ricky, Travis and Angel also welcome a new witch: Billie! Ricky's Metal Recommendations: Bad Brains Blasphemy Mystifier Suffocation Death Grips Demogoroth Satanum Zeal and Ardor Special Guest: Billie Jo.
Episode 14: Dauber

Episode 14: Dauber


daub·er /ˈdôbər/ noun - a crude or inartistic painter. On this episode Travis and Angel take a peek at some of the upcoming horror films in 2020 and you can too! Here in the show notes you will find links to the same trailers, as well as some other goodies, and you can watch along with us. Stay spooky.... The Turning Gretel & Hansel The Lodge After Midnight Antlers The Best of Godzilla Ice Cream Man Yonnie!!! Subscribe on your favorite podcatcher, give us that five pointed pentagram rating and write up a review. Any thoughts or comments you want read on the show? Email us at
The Night Club Coven has reunited at last! Join Travis, Angel & Ricky as they perform a Midnight Ritual of Hereditary(2018). Ricky's Metal Recommendations: Anaal Nathrak - Blood Incantation - Horrendous - Nails - American Sharks - Official Website: Email: Instagram: thenightclubpodcast Facebook: thenightclubpodcast
We've explored the depths of madness, the depths of ourselves, the depths of another elsewhere.... now join Travis Maxel Boone to discover the terror of John Carpenter's The Thing(1982). Join The Night Club on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, iHeartRadio, RadioPublic, Stitcher and more at Find us on Facebook and Instagram @thenightclubpodcast Email the coven:
Welcome to The Night Club.... commune with Travis Maxel Boone as he talks about The Fermi Paradox and performs a Midnight Ritual of The Void(2016). Find The Night Club on Apple, Stitcher, Google Play, iHeartRadio, RadioPublic and many other podcatchers by visiting Facebook: The Night Club Instagram: thenightclubpodcast Email:
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