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True ghost stories; haunted places, haunted people, and the mysteries that surround them. Follow host Stephen Belyeu and his team as they investigate paranormal events and those who are affected by them. Have a personal ghost story or haunted home or business? Share via voicemail at (512) 270-8859 or email
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Tonight, the Night Owl team is packing their bags and traveling to the haunted Hotel Havana in San Antonio, Texas. Built in 1914 and designed in the Mediterranean revival style popular in Cuba at the time, the legendary Hotel Havana is located on a quiet part of the San Antonio Riverwalk. In the previous episode we heard from several staff members, as well as a resident psychic/medium who works with the hotel to provide tours and psychic services. Through these interviews we discovered that t...
Throughout history, hotels have been a common hotbed for reported paranormal activity. In most major cities, you’re bound to discover there is at least one well-known hotel in town rumored to be haunted. Texas alone is riddled with them. There’s the Historic Jefferson Hotel in Jefferson, Texas, Hotel Paisano in Marfa, the Magnolia in Seguin, Texas, and here in Austin, the notorious Driskill Hotel. But tonight, the Night Owl travels to San Antonio, Texas, where haunted hotels aboun...
In the previous two episodes, the team has been investigating the mysterious happenings at the Pompee house - a transplanted historic home now sitting atop a cliffside in far west Austin. Homeowners Kevin, Sherry and their six year old daughter Jolene have been having strange experiences since moving in in 2018. Through interviews the team learned that the family were having sightings of what they believed to the spirit of a little girl in white stockings, shadow figures in doorways and...
It’s one thing to experience a haunting or isolated paranormal encounter, and another all together to discover you may possess an ability to see and communicate with the dead. In tonight’s campfire episode, young psychic/medium Kate found herself in this very situation. Beginning in her early childhood with paranormal activity occurring at each new home she moved to with her family, she just assumed they were unfortunate in that they were moving into haunted house after haunted house. However...
A transplanted historic home, now sitting atop a cliffside in farwest Austin, has its residents questioning whether or not they are alone in their residence. Kevin, Sherry and their 6 year old daughter Jolene moved into the home in 2018 and each has been having both unique and shared experiences ever since. Kevin, a local musician, candidly shared with us in the previous episode all he’s experienced in this home. He’s reported faces peering from bookshelves while recording music, shadow figur...
A historic home in Austin, TX, originally built in the University of Texas campus area in the late 1800s, now sits nestled on a picturesque cliffside in far west Austin. Just stepping into this house, you can immediately sense, it has stories to tell…and possibly spirits wanting to tell them. Kevin, a local musician and his wife Sherry, a realtor truly felt they had found their dream home when they purchased the Historic Pompee House in 2017. However, upon moving in in 2018, they quickly real...
Tonight’s campfire takes back twenty years ago, to a quaint Ohio college town, where Lindsey and her two roommates were scrambling to find new lodging for the semester. But when a seemingly perfect place magically comes to them, Lindsey soon begins to question how this place fell in their lap. There were some strange things she began to notice about the home. Her bedroom had a deadbolt lock on the inside, there was a feeling that you were never really alone in the house, and then there was th...
Multiple reported sightings of a woman in white. Electronics going off in unusual ways. Disembodied voices throughout the building. Feelings of being watched. Sounds of furniture moving or being displaced. Displays and objects falling or being moved far from their original locations. These are just a few of the strange occurrences reported at the Williamson Museum located on the historic downtown square of Georgetown, Texas. After gathering testimony from all the staff and volunteers who came...
The Williamson Museum is located in the gorgeous and historic downtown district of Georgetown, Texas. The museum is housed in a historic building whose lot and early foundations date back to the early 1800’s. It was in 1997 that the building was purchased by The Historical Commission and became home to the Williamson Museum, which has been collecting, preserving, and exhibiting the rich culture and heritage of Williamson County ever since. However, staff and patrons at the museum started to r...
In this concluding episode of this series, investigating a popular Haunted House attraction here in Austin TX, the Night Owl team brings in psychic friend Sara to explore the haunt and its corridors in hopes of gaining more clues to the mysterious happenings at this unique site. From previous episodes of interviews and exploration, they learned that the haunt has been experiencing paranormal activity since its early beginnings at their Highland Mall location, but continues to this day i...
Haunted House attractions have been around for over a century and here in Austin, The House of Torment has been evoking fear and eliciting screams from guests for over 20 years. However, in a place designed to scare attendees with props, sound effects, and professional actors, in this long standing haunt, the actors hiding behind hidden doors are experiencing strangeness that has them fearful to do their job. In the previous episode the team learned from some of the staff and founders that th...
Chainsaws, strobe lights, blood-splattered walls, creepy clowns and blood-curdling screams. These are just a few things you would expect to encounter at a haunted house attraction. But for one particular haunt here in Austin, Texas, there are things other than actors and props eliciting fear in their venue. The House of Torment is a long-standing commercial haunted house where its employees are paid to scare the pants off their guests. But at this location, something is literally scaring the ...
Stowaway Spirit - Part II

Stowaway Spirit - Part II


Previously, we heard husband and wife Lukas and Witney recount the strange activity that has been occurring in their recently purchased home. Conducting interviews via phone with them and two of their former tenants, Stephen learned that they were experiencing paranormal activity including falling objects, phantom smells, shadow figures, strange noises, sleep disturbances, and the overall feeling of an ominous presence watching them. With their young daughter in their home and also being subj...
Stowaway Spirit - Part I

Stowaway Spirit - Part I


In December of 2019, husband and wife, Lukas and Whitney, began a new chapter of their life in a new home they purchased in Austin Texas. They had their first baby on the way and Whitney’s sister, Erika, transitioning with them until she could find a place of her own. But with a new baby arriving and an unexpected pandemic unknowingly about to hit our country, Whitney and Lukas were about to face one of the most challenging times of their lives. Fleeing New York during the pandemi...
Haunted Vision - Part III

Haunted Vision - Part III


A boutique vision center, nestled in the Texas Hill Country has been experiencing a plethora of unusual phenomena. The staff experience eye frames falling off the racks, objects going missing then rediscovered in unusual places, loud recurring bangs on the interior walls, rubber balls seemingly appearing out of thin air, disembodied voices and sounds, shadow figures, and even two full-bodied apparition sightings of a female spirit in their Exam Room 2. After investigating these cl...
Haunted Vision - Part II

Haunted Vision - Part II


With initial phone interviews and a preliminary investigation of Dripping Springs Vision Center complete, the Night Owl team learned that this establishment was experiencing a wide range of unusual activity - including what appeared to be mischievous displacement of objects, rubber balls appearing out of nowhere, loud recurring bangs on the interior walls that could not be traced to a rational source, disembodied voices, whistling, shadow figures in the hall and even a sighting of a female ap...
Haunted Vision - Part I

Haunted Vision - Part I


Whenever you go to see your eye doctor, you expect to see and hear the usual sights and sounds associated with an Ophthalmologist's office. Eye Charts, rooms filled with the latest examination equipment, walls covered in frames of various styles and colors, telephones ringing, and the background ambience of patients and staff. But what if those weren't the only sights and sounds you experienced at your visit? What if that field of vision test included full-bodied apparitions...
In this concluding episode of the series, the team work to help single mother Luna and her two children, obtain some much needed answers for the oppressive and disturbing paranormal activity in their home. Taking what he’s gathered from interviews and their most recent investigation of the home with team psychic Sara, Stephen begins the grueling work of researching and piecing together any clues he can unearth. After hitting many dead ends, he makes a hair raising discovery - one that takes t...
A single mother, Luna, along with her teenage son Finn and young daughter Shiloh had to recently flee their home due to unsettling activity in their home. Unable to afford staying in a hotel for an extended amount of time, the family has since returned to their residence. However, they now live in fear that, whatever’s been tormenting them the past seven years, is going to strengthen its attacks against them. In part I of this series, in an interview with Luna, she recounted in de...
After fleeing their home for a week, Luna and her two children now return to their home where unexplained activity has plagued them for the last 7 years. Disturbing sightings, unsettling sounds, foul odors, and more upsetting, physical attacks, are just a few of the paranormal experiences Luna, Finn and Shiloh have had to live with. After conducting the first phone interview with Luna, which you heard in the previous episode, it was revealed to Stephen that there were a lot of layers to this ...
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Beth Waugh

This episode seemed so unfinished. There is a dark energy in the house that is targeting the child, and the female medium said early on that the child may be sensitive and that a voice told her the girl needs to be trained. But at the end they leave the family hanging.They never found the negative spirit , and just told the family to just tell that spirit to leave. Not sure how that is helpful....

May 6th

Synister Williams

wow this is crazy I've had a similar experience but I don't think mine even compares

Jan 17th


couldn't Sara have gotten the name Emily from the sign on the shoes by the bar?

Jan 25th

Desireé Zyla

Listened to this in the middle of the afternoon.. all of my lights are on now and I'm impatiently waiting for my husband to come home. hearing the sound of running footsteps is going to keep my up more than just tonight. ugh goosebumps haha

Dec 8th

leo garza

unsubbing you guys are all over the place.

May 15th
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hrselver reiter

an excellent podcast, documentary style

Mar 13th

Jamie Hooper

instead of "prostitute," maybe say "sex worker" in the future :-)

Jul 8th
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Marcel Cuellar

Nice rhythm and content! Spooky stuff! 👻 #KeepAustinWeird

Nov 10th