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The Nightstar Specters

The Nightstar Specters

Author: Max Werkmeister

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In October of 1929, a witless vampire and a pompous detective set out to prove their intelligence by solving a bloodsucking murder in the hamlet of Nightstar, NY. It's a mysterious mystery that's not really about the mystery.

Written + Directed by Max Werkmeister
Music by Sean Kelly + Brendan Kelly, Courtesy of MPress Records
Starring Henry Kiely, Ryan M. Sero, Brenda Holiday, Alison Taylor, Don McDonald, Wolf Reigns, Autumn Harrison, Reginald West, Josiah Robinson, Susan Abbey, John Stokes, Megan Therese Rippey, Frances Broudie Oldridge, Robert J. Harrower, Ryan McGrady, and Alexandra Landau
6 Episodes
Remy and Willow set out to undermine one another before discovering they've been pursuing the wrong type of intelligence all along.
Part 4. Con-Fi-Dents

Part 4. Con-Fi-Dents


Sadie takes advantage of everyone's mounting insecurities to sow conflict in Nightstar after becoming fed up with its occupants.
A bloodthirsty Remy stalks a suspect on Halloween night. Detective Willow seeks counsel from a personal idol, on topics beyond just the investigation.
Part 2. Stab Me

Part 2. Stab Me


Detective Willow reflects on his complicated upbringing in a Nightstar-like hometown. Remy practices his agility and attempts to think outside the box in his investigation.
Hot off a nasty bloodsucking session, Remy flees to Nightstar and makes a new friend who meets a similar fate, leading him to cross paths with the detective on his tail.