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The Nitty Gritty Show is about challenging boundaries and being intentional about how we pursue our own definitions of success. Our hosts are Andrew Van Buren, an entrepreneur in the financial advising industry, and Cameron Treu, a successful restaurant founder and owner. The entrepreneurial spirit drives us and inspires us to be ever-improving. Our guests are examples of how this can be done in various settings and with various tools, usually the unconventional. Join us as we explore real life, real people, real stories, and how pushing back can make all the difference.
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Joining us this week are Maggie and Ryan Sterling. Maggie, known as the Low Carb Life Coach, got her start after a major postpartum mental health struggle. Her life changed dramatically after discovering the power of keto. Maggie now drives a massive social media presence and a monthly coaching program to help women everywhere unlock sustainable weight loss.
On this week's episode, Andrew and Cam discuss their areas of expertise: money and meat. Andrew goes into the importance of understanding personal finance and introduces his soon-to-launch financial literacy course, and Cam divulges some keys to success around grilling delicious meats.
Joining us today is McKenna Brown, creator of My Wonder Woman Journal. Driven by her own harrowing experiences with postpartum depression and anxiety, McKenna has found incredible power in journaling. She now teaches women and girls about mental health and how to flip the script. Hers is a message of recognizing and celebrating the positive, regardless of imperfection.
Today we have Megan Faulkner Brown, owner and founder of The Sweet Tooth Fairy. Known on the national stage for winning Cupcake Wars, she takes us through her progression from baking with her mom, working for a congressman in Washington, D.C., and eventually owning an award winning bakery.
Don Watkins joins us to share his story of true entrepreneurship, which is opportunism. Don brings years of experience in building businesses around products such as the mouse pad, car air fresheners, and many others. Now he spends much of his time teaching university students and leading Operation Smile in Utah. In his own words, "If Don can do it, you can do it."
Known for @kidsaretheworst, @annaistheworst, her social media courses, and more, Anna Macfarlane joins us again. She's here to talk about the behavioral side of social media. Listen and laugh with us, as we learn how to really use it in a beneficial, uplifting way.
Today we get to know Jacob Chrisman, best known for playing both basketball and baseball for BYU. He takes us through his wild days as a High School baller, meeting his wife, playing pro basketball in Europe, all the way to finding a career as a power broker for an energy company.
Joining us today are Betsy and Gentry Mikesell, best known for their family's YouTube channels as well as for co-founding Beddy's (episode 35). Today they share their incredible experience of narrowly escaping tragedy following a serious plane crash in August 2020.
Dan Davis is the founder of Stiry, a video production company that seeks and creates "stories that stir". Dan shares his journey to creating his business, Stiry, and eventually to the point of meeting Kim White and documenting her powerful story.
As a Nurse Practitioner, Bobbi Heaney, APRN, volunteered to join the COVID Intensive Care Unit in her hospital, and now she deals with the worst of the worst COVID-19 cases in the State of Utah. She joins us to share her perspective from the front line battling the disease.
Joining us today is the extraordinary Natalie Monson. Dietitian and mom, she's managed to package her skills in an extremely helpful way through her two companies, Super Healthy Kids, and Prepear. Through these companies she gives countless families the knowledge and the tools to make healthy decisions.
Trisha Zemp joins us today to tell her incredible journey through adversity as she built TWO amazing companies. She's a highly sought after Stop Motion Animator, and is also cofounder of Golden Coil, customizing personal planners.
Founder/CEO Steve Anderson and CMO Ricky Hacking, of Elevate Promo, join us today to discuss their company's evolution into a marketing powerhouse. Elevate Promo started as a brand swag provider, but found more powerful leverage as they developed as a marketing strategy partner for their clients.
This week Cam and Andrew discuss change and what has to happen in order for change to actually occur in sports, business, our personal lives, social media, and more. Enjoy.
The Modern Dad is back. Jason Dunnigan rejoins us this week to talk about his life in 2020, including his business developments, his take on social media, and to have an all-around good time.
Stephanie Bogan is a business coach who focuses on mastering mindset. The founder of Limitless, she coaches founders and advisors to elevate their success beyond limits. She joins us to share her story and to give us a view into how to break through perceived boundaries to live life at a superior level. As she puts it, more isn't better; better is better.
Nick and Janessa join us to share a story of pain, hope, resilience, and giving back to others. They lost their son Nixon to a form of childhood bone cancer, osteosarcoma. Though devastated by their loss, they rose up and started NixonStrong Foundation to help other families dealing with childhood cancer. And if that wasn't enough, then they launched the fast growing G.O.A.T. Haircuts at the same time.
Danny Deaton is back, and this time he brings his wife, Emily Deaton. They join us today to discuss the launch of Living Proof's newly released courses, designed to support family members of those struggling with addiction. Danny and Emily also share the incredible story of how they met.
As an IT specialist and a mother of two, Sarah Kimmel is the perfect combination to help you navigate technology in your family. Using her expertise as a digital parenting coach, she's traveled around the country speaking for companies such as Verizon, Dell, Microsoft, and more. Listen in as she teaches us how to support healthy technology use in the home.
Jess Toolson is the owner and founder of Mixhers. Bringing to market a natural solution for women facing discomfort from their monthly cycle, it is now her mission to normalize period talk and provide proper care, education, and nutrition for women all around the globe. Hers is truly an inspiring story of building a business from scratch.
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love rawness of this episode. thank you for sharing. it give me hope for my loved one.

Nov 30th
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