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If it's Pop Culture related, in the movie theater, on TV, or trending on Twitter, it's gotta be fangirled!

Meet Patty Holliday, your host, and head fangirl in charge

Topics and reviews will include Marvel movies, Star Wars, Agents of SHIELD, Veronica Mars, Schitt's Creek, Game of Thrones, D23 Expo, Disney Parks, Stranger Things, movies- you get the idea!
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Happy Monday everyone! We gotta discuss what happened at the box office this weekend. Hey, anything to make Monday a little better! Thanks for joining the No-Guilt Fangirls Podcast Monday Movie Minute for November 18, 2019. Topics this week (including parent movie reviews- you gotta know if these are safe for kids, right?! Right!) Topics this week (including parent movie reviews- you gotta know if these are safe for kids, right?! Right!) Frozen 2 Parent Movie Review Frozen 2 Press Junket  Charlie's Angels- and Kristen freakin' Stewart Y'all, I loved K-Stew in this one. And it's been a long time since I've been able to say that about her. Don't read the drama on this movie; women, this is 2019 and we're better than all that. Most of the complaints are men who want their 1970s Angels back... and that's pretty much all you need to know about all that.  I've seen it compared to Ghostbusters: guys, that movie wasn't good. This one? This one is. I mean, not great, but good enough.   Totally cannot compare and lump together as "women for the sake of women in film" because Charlie's Angels 2019 is NOT that movie.  Or at least, not totally that movie. Because, sure, there's some of that- and that's not a bad thing, yo!
Tania and I are great friends, but we don't agree on everything. I like to think that's what keeps our friendship spark magical. Errr, or something like that.  But what we do agree on without hesitation is that Kristen Bell deserves to be in The Good Place. She's our fangirl topic of the week since we just got back from the Frozen 2 Press Junket. Tania's Frozen 2 Kid-Friendly Review Patty's Click Bait Frozen 2 Review (I kid, there's good info in here!) The Frozen 2 Press Junket and Sing-A-Long. True story; we sang with the cast to Bryan Adam's Heaven. Because... why wouldn't that happen?!  
*This was supposed to publish last week, but with some travel, it never happened! So here's a bonus Podcast Episode this week- which works since it's about Lady and the Tramp (and you can watch this on Disney+ starting in a few hours!) This one's kinda a mish-mash of subjects, but they tie in together. Take a listen and you'll see why- it makes sense, I promise.  As my guest today, I have Andria, a brand new DVC Member.  She got off the DVC Disney Cruise Line voyage in October and had some sweet surprises to share about her voyage: there were nightly gifts tons of characters Disney cast member and entertainment interviews and panels the first audience to see Maleficent 2 the first audience to see Lady and the Tramp from Disney+ And those last two are why I knew I had to have her on the show!  Here what a Disney purist and HUGE dog lover had to say about the new Live-Action Lady and the Tramp coming to Disney+ on November 12.  No spoilers! 
Happy Movie Monday, y'all! This one is a little different- so make sure to read the show notes for all the details. I just got back from LA where I was an attendee of #thegeeklyretreat (check the hashtag on Twitter if you want to see all the deets!) As part of the retreat, we saw a lot of movies. A LOT. My brain's a little on overload, tbh.  I can only review Playing With Fire for you at this time, but I can share initial reactions to Noelle & Frozen 2.  Is Playing With Fire something your kids can watch? My Parent Movie Review will let you know!
*Interrupting Lady and the Tramp coverage for Stranger Things Day. Because it's November 6 and that's the day Will Byers went missing. Dun dun dunnnnn....!  Relive a little 80s nostalgia with us today   Originally published July 3, 2019 Is it wise to bring your husband on the show? If your husband is mine, who also happens to be as nerdy about the same fandoms as me, then YES. Plus he just really makes me laugh! As you can guess: Stranger Things happened, y'all. I finally got past episode 1. And yes, I am full on obsessed with this show. Stranger Things: you've got a new fangirl. Today I have my husband, Rob Holliday, on the show to talk about how totally awesome the 80s really were. He's been a Stranger Things fanboy for years. We talk the music, the clothes, the legendary 80s actors, phones on the wall with chords and the arcade. I'd appreciate it if you'd check out my Patreon page- and maybe consider supporting the content created here. 
Everybody's Special or No One Is Last year I had the incredible experience of visiting Savannah, Georgia and the set of Lady and the Tramp. We met the dogs (oh yes we did!) and the actors, director, producers and the delicious craft services table. Look, writers gotta eat too. And that was some fantastic lunch, I'm just sayin'!  Lady and the Tramp Set Visit Lady and the Tramp Review One of the highlights of the trip was interviewing Yvette Nicole Brown (Aunt Sarah) and Kiersey Clemons (Darling). For 15-minutes they shared their stories of being in the movie, getting the roles, and what it means to be lovers of dogs and babies.  And Yvette drops some truths about working in Hollywood, choices she's made- and now I'm one of her biggest fangirls. I think you'll get on board too when you hear what she has to say! 
Monday Movie Minute has a different look this week. First up: talking Lady and the Tramp coming to Disney+ on November 12. IT'S TIME, YALL! More Disney+ show reviews can be found on Now Streaming Disney Plus Podcast. Come check us out!  Lady and the Tramp Set Visit My guest is Tania from and we are FINALLY able to share about our experience visiting the Lady and the Tramp set in Savannah. Y'all- that was a year ago. Ha! We also had a screener of the movie and give a non-spoiler review for the movie. I also watched Doctor Sleep this week- and have some thoughts on this one. This is the follow up to The Shining and continues the story of Danny Torrance. Doctor Sleep Parent Movie Review As always: we cover if kids can/should see these movies and the reasons why.
Last fall I spent some time on the set of Lady and the Tramp in Savannah. We've been under embargo for a year- but finally- all the goodness from this experience can be shared! During the visit, we interviewed Oscar-winner and production designer John Myhre in Lulu's nursery. He shares a host of behind the scenes nuggets about the creation of this special room where one of the pivotal scenes takes place (spoiler alert: action from the original movie is mentioned) Lady and the Tramp Review Lady and the Tramp Set Visit in Savannah
It's been a week of fangirling runDisney- but that's because this is the kick-off of the "runDisney race season." Or as my kids like to call it, "Mom leaves us to play with her friends at Disney season." Look- it's work, I swear. I just happen to have a really cool job that requires a few trips a year to runDisney! And if you want to runDisney, let me know. I'm a travel agent that specializes in runDisney events. Here's a quote form for the next race weekend See? #ItsWorkISwear Perfect Wine & Dine Runner Megan is my guest today and she's a Perfect Wino. What does that mean? It means she's run all 10 years of the Wine & Dine Half Marathon at Walt Disney World. Even the unfortunate weather years. Megan tells all today and explains why she keeps running Wine & Dine Half Weekend- and if she has plans to keep doing it or not! You can find her - and the #PerfectSpatula on Instagram at @meganightmare
I can talk about runDisney all day, every day. In fact, some days I actually do just that! If you're looking for a runDisney podcast that answers some of those 101 or FAQs that come up, then I've got the series for you. This is a multipart series talking about the basic runDisney FAQ's that come up before every race.  Want more about runDisney? Check out No-Guilt Disney for all the runDisney news and tips!
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