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Author: Patty Holliday, Fangirl, Reviewer & Podcaster

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If it's Pop Culture related, in the movie theater, on TV, or trending on Twitter, it's gotta be fangirled!

Meet Patty Holliday, your host, and head fangirl in charge

Topics and reviews will include Marvel movies, Star Wars, Agents of SHIELD, Veronica Mars, Schitt's Creek, Game of Thrones, D23 Expo, Disney Parks, Stranger Things, movies- you get the idea!
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Thanks for joining the No-Guilt Fangirls Podcast Monday Movie Minute for September 16, 2019. This is where we talk about the movies we saw last week and give a quick review to let you know if you should see them too. Plus we cover the top 10 at the box office, which is always fun to take a look at! Topics this week (including parent movie reviews- you gotta know if these are safe for kids, right?! Right!) Hustlers Downton Abbey Downtown Abbey Recap:   
I can't believe it took me THIS LONG to talk about one of my all-time favorite shows. Agent Coulson, forgive me! We make up for the lapse with a lot of enthusiasm on this episode. Join us as we fangirl Marvel: Agents of SHIELD in preparation for the last and final season next summer. If you aren't watching AoS- take a listen and let's see if we can talk you into starting the series. It's crazy- it's nuts- and it's got some of the best Marvel characters you will ever find. Enter the Ming-Na Wen & Clark Gregg fan club- these two do NOT disappoint! My guest is Michaelyn Pouncey, and you can find her at
Happy Monday everyone! We gotta discuss what happened at the box office this weekend. Hey, anything to make Monday a little better! Thanks for joining the No-Guilt Fangirls Podcast Monday Movie Minute for September 9, 2019. Topics this week (including parent movie reviews- you gotta know if these are safe for kids, right?! Right!) IT Chapter 2 Parent Movie Review Brittany Runs a Marathon (LOVED IT, runner friends!) Nancy Drew and The Hidden Staircase  Also: Overcomer review from my friend Lolalambchops
Fangirls Run In My Family

Fangirls Run In My Family


In this episode of The No-Guilt Fangirls Podcast Patty brings on guest Diane Watkins- the biggest fangirl Patty knows! Diane's fandoms include Justin Timberlake, Disney, Marvel, The Batchelor/Bachelorette Nation and The Young and the Restless. And she has killer selfie skills, y'all! Hear just how she got this way, her tips for getting close to celebrities, why being called a stalker is not cool- and what she's doing to raise the next generation of fangirls.  
Monday Movie Minute is here and we're talking horror and comedy this week.  Topic this week (including parent movie reviews- you gotta know if these are safe for kids, right?! Right!) is simple: I only saw one movie over the past 2 weeks. I know, I know. I'll do better now that I'm not traveling! Parent Movie Review for Ready or Not If you love what you're hearing and want to do more to keep the show going, I'd love to have you as a patron. Your support would help with the hosting fees, equipment upgrades, and just keeping the costs down on a production like this. is where you can do that if you are so inclined As always, thanks for your support in #alltheways!
Bright Suns and Rising Moons, Travelers! Fangirling the opening day- of anything- takes a special kind of person. And we are those "special" people that love that kind of thing. From the opening of the latest Marvel movie to the Black Friday rush to opening Batuu at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge in Walt Disney World. WE LOVE IT! Here's why and what happened as we were part of the first couple hundred guests to officially walk into Batuu on opening day. Til the Spires! Jane, Heather, and Jill are my guests today- along with a stop in by a security guard. Because of course. 
Delayed reporting due to the sheer CRAZINESS of 3 days of the D23 Expo experience! I'm tired and my voice shows it.  Day 3 of the Expo included exploring the show floor and the Disney Parks Panel. Epcot is getting a HUGE overhaul and Avengers Campus is coming to 3 Disneyland Parks. Blog recap:  Also adding the update to Day 2 of D23 Expo - The Musical Journey of Aladdin was beautiful & funny & my kids are super jealous that I saw Steve Hale from Full House on stage (Scott Weinger is animation Aladdin)  
So much to unpack from Day 2 of the D23 Expo where we talk all the movies coming from LucasFilm, Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Studios, Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios. This is my FAVORITE panel of the event- and I was mildly disappointed until I had a gut-check moment. And then The Rock came out on a Jungle Cruise boat and Tom Holland said he loves us 3000. And I went back to my fangirling ways. LIVE Blogging happened over here if you want to take a peep! -->    Sarah Bergman (@noguiltsarah on Instagram) joined me so I didn't have to fangirl alone!  Here's what we have to look forward to from all the Disney Studios (minus Fox) in the next couple of years.
Crazy long but awesome day at the 2019 D23 Expo! Sharing our thoughts on the Disney Legends panel, the Disney+ panel, and High School Musical: The Musical The Series Panel. (yes, that's really the name!) Joined by a few friends, we talk about our favorite legend moments. And guess who's name was NOT mentioned? (starts with an R and ends with a J) Want more Disney+ info from the Panel? Hop over the Now Streaming Disney Plus podcast to hear the scoop! 
When you say D23 Expo, I say Disneyland! Because that's how these trips always start and end! This is the first of the D23 Expo coverage. Today is short and sweet with a quick recap of the travel, media check-in and our first Disneyland day. Including some mega pixie dust! If you want more (including video of The Lamplight Lounge Secret Room) head over to for an IG TV video.
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