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Geeking out on all things in the Northwoods.
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It's October and it's officially "spooky season." Hear our latest pitch for a scary movie, a discussion on board games we hate the most, a dive into our latest music and show recommendations, and whatever else we came up with down at The Whistle Punk. Enjoy!
After Hours: ADD

After Hours: ADD


In our latest episode, we give you all of the entertainment recommendations you can handle while bouncing around from topic to topic like a drunken squirrel. Enjoy!
I had the pleasure of having Minnesota rapper, Pharaoh, over to The Northern Nerd HQ to talk about his music and the highly anticipated Aki Festival happening at the end of August. Hear some wonderful insight from Pharaoh about what it means to pursue your passions and to hear his story. Enjoy!Be sure to check out for more information on the festival and to purchase your tickets which go on sale August 1st.
After some time away from each other, we were finally able to meet up once again for another After Hours podcast session. We were posted up outside of The Whistle Punk for this one. You'll hear traffic occasionally, but we'd like to think it makes us more genuine to the northwoods. We hope you enjoy our Stone Lake traffic report as well. (Yes, we are expecting some of you to send us that "Wagon Wheel Dubstep Remix").
Ian Malcolm has once again joined our podcast and I'd like to think that he's pretty much a co-host at this point. He came over to "the studio" (my living room) and we talked about his latest book "Waking Spero" as well as the writing process and zombie geese taking place in the distant future at the haunted McCormick House. Enjoy!
Quarantine has been tough, okay? The crew was able to get together via Zoom to record this latest podcast episode. We give you some great shows to watch, some hot takes and focus on moving hears and not asses. We're not sure what it means either, but it's provocative and gets the people going. Enjoy!
James Tumminia is a producer/actor/director and received a 2019 EMMY nomination for producing the feature documentary "Love, Gilda" that opened the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival. I met James through a contest from the NBC show "This Is Us" and we've been friends ever since. It was great to chat with James to discuss what it's like to be a producer/actor/director and I even got him to tell me about his most embarrassing audition story! James was a great guest to have on the show and you'll definitely learn a lot about the entertainment industry through this episode. Enjoy!
Katie Krall was hired by the Cincinnati Reds as a Baseball Operations Analyst in January 2020. Inher role she develops and integrates new tools and technology to improve Baseball Operationsdecision making processes, provides comprehensive scouting coverage, and statistical requestsupport to the front office. I had the opportunity to talk with Katie about her role with the Reds, what she enjoys most about working in the MLB, and what her future goals are. In a time where baseball is on hold, it was great to talk about life and baseball this past Sunday with Katie. Enjoy!
JT and I have been friends since the days we spent together at Grandma's Too in Hayward. It was great to have him on the phone to talk about what it's like to work for NASA, reminisce on our glory days of working at the go kart track and our favorite Coach Heinrich memories. Enjoy our latest episode!
On most nights, you can probably catch James working at The Lakely in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. CO-VID 19 has gotten in the way of that, but that didn't stop me from bending the ear of my favorite bartender and good friend, James. I'm not going to lie, we covered a lot of topics in this episode, but we hope you learn something along the way and if not, enjoy two friends catching up!
If you know what day of the week it is during quarantine, I'd say you're doing just fine. With all of this free time, I figured I'd call up my college friends from the Murray Hall days at UWEC to catch up for a bit. In this episode, you'll learn about what it takes to be a pilot, what living in a new state during quarantine is like and much more. Enjoy!
Linsi Osland and I went to college together at UWEC, but now she is teaching in Hawaii. In this episode, we discuss her leap of faith to teach in Hawaii, what her first year of teaching has been like, and how to spot a tourist in Hawaii. Enjoy!
Erik Van Vleet is one of my college friends and it's been a while since we've talked, so I figured now more than ever was a great time to catch up. During our conversation, we discussed things we are doing to stay active during quarantine, our UWEC days, things that annoy bartenders and what it was like to sit through "Step Brothers" with his grandma. Enjoy! Unlikely Sports Heroes Video Link:
Quarantine has provided a unique opportunity for friends to reconnect. It's been a while since I've been able to talk with one of my best friends, Kyle Naber. He lives down in Milwaukee and I got to pick his brain a bit involving the lack of sports, our college days, and what he's doing to stay busy during this time. Enjoy!
After Hours: Episode 5: The Gang Gets Quarantined Hello Nerds, We recorded this episode from our own apartments/houses and we hope you enjoy it. During this time of uncertainty in society, we wanted to bring you some laughter at our own expense. Thanks for listening to the show, be kind to one another and wash ya hands! James' Playlist: Ian's Sexy Music Video Recommendation:
After Hours: Episode 4: Post Birkie Buzz with Stu Birkie week was a whirlwind, but we lived to tell the tale. In this episode, we had a great friend, Stu Neville, join us as a co-host and show guest. We talked about everything from the Birkie to dried mango misfortunes. Enjoy! 80s Birkie Documentary Link:
After Hours: Episode 3 with Chris Mahoney In this episode, we were joined by our friend, Chris, to talk about beer, life in the northwoods, what the heck "Goldberg" from the Mighty Ducks has been up to, give you our hot takes and our fake ads. Enjoy! Link to Andy Reid Video as promised:
Episode 23: Stories with my Sister Last week, I got a chance to sit down with my brother, so it only seemed fitting to sit down with my sister, Alli Parr, for our latest episode. In this episode, we shared A LOT of laughs, but also talked about the life of a small town youth pastor/substitute teacher/waitress and were able to share stories from our childhood. Enjoy! Intro/Outro Music by Beak Nasty
Episode 22: Brothers

Episode 22: Brothers


Episode 22: Brothers I was able to find time to sit down with my brother while he was home on break from Madison. We were able to talk about what college life is like down in Madison, but this conversation also provided an avenue to talk about our favorite vacations as children. We also "roasted" our parents towards the end of the podcast. It was a fun episode to record and I hope you enjoy it! Episode Music by Beak Nasty
After Hours: Santa's Dead

After Hours: Santa's Dead


After Hours: Santa's Dead - The guys got together again for pizza and beer to talk about all things Christmas and much more. We aren't going to say we are "Scrooges" by any means, but we pushed some boundaries. Enjoy!
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Cassandra Anne

love the UWEC discussion- can totally relate whenever I go back to Water Street! 🤣😂

Nov 7th
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Riley Dougherty

love Pete!

May 7th

Dior Pulatov

What a great podcast! So true!

Apr 27th

Tyler Henke

great podcast by a great guy!

Apr 8th
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