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Geeking out on all things in the Northwoods.
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After Hours: Episode 5: The Gang Gets Quarantined Hello Nerds, We recorded this episode from our own apartments/houses and we hope you enjoy it. During this time of uncertainty in society, we wanted to bring you some laughter at our own expense. Thanks for listening to the show, be kind to one another and wash ya hands! James' Playlist: Ian's Sexy Music Video Recommendation:
After Hours: Episode 4: Post Birkie Buzz with Stu Birkie week was a whirlwind, but we lived to tell the tale. In this episode, we had a great friend, Stu Neville, join us as a co-host and show guest. We talked about everything from the Birkie to dried mango misfortunes. Enjoy! 80s Birkie Documentary Link:
After Hours: Episode 3 with Chris Mahoney In this episode, we were joined by our friend, Chris, to talk about beer, life in the northwoods, what the heck "Goldberg" from the Mighty Ducks has been up to, give you our hot takes and our fake ads. Enjoy! Link to Andy Reid Video as promised:
Episode 23: Stories with my Sister Last week, I got a chance to sit down with my brother, so it only seemed fitting to sit down with my sister, Alli Parr, for our latest episode. In this episode, we shared A LOT of laughs, but also talked about the life of a small town youth pastor/substitute teacher/waitress and were able to share stories from our childhood. Enjoy! Intro/Outro Music by Beak Nasty
Episode 22: Brothers

Episode 22: Brothers


Episode 22: Brothers I was able to find time to sit down with my brother while he was home on break from Madison. We were able to talk about what college life is like down in Madison, but this conversation also provided an avenue to talk about our favorite vacations as children. We also "roasted" our parents towards the end of the podcast. It was a fun episode to record and I hope you enjoy it! Episode Music by Beak Nasty
After Hours: Santa's Dead

After Hours: Santa's Dead


After Hours: Santa's Dead - The guys got together again for pizza and beer to talk about all things Christmas and much more. We aren't going to say we are "Scrooges" by any means, but we pushed some boundaries. Enjoy!
After Hours: Pilot

After Hours: Pilot


Throw some good friends together with pizza, beer and hit record. That's essentially what we did on this first episode of "After Hours" and we hope you enjoy our stories, ramblings, and goofiness. Enjoy this podcast with Dalton, James and Ian. Let us know what you think of the show in the comments or if you've got any beef with our Hot Takes. Spotify Playlist Recommendation from James:
This week, I spill my guts on what the life of a DJ is like. I talk about some of the best parts of DJ gigs and some of the worst parts as well. I also try my hand at a little philosophy, but that might have just been the tacos talking. Enjoy!
We're back! It's been a little while, but I was able to chat with three-time guest, Ian Malcolm, to discuss his latest writings! The story, Catch Island, is a part of the Contact This! anthology in which all the stories revolve around the idea of first contact with aliens. It's kind of like what would happen if the movie Alien took place on the set of Bachelors in Paradise. The story, Kyle: Respawned, is part of the Storming Area 51 anthology. This story is about a Kyle and his naruto runner trying to figure out why he keeps coming back to life during the Area 51 invasion. This anthology also includes a story from New York Times Bestselling Author Declan Finn and a story from USA Today Bestselling Author Michael J. Allen. Enjoy!
The Northern Nerd traveled to the land of Lambeau this past week to experience the Packers Shareholders meeting and Packers Training Camp. During that time, I was able to sit down with one of the best families I know, the Kujawas, and we were able to talk about life in Green Bay, but also why you should never eat airport flounder in London. Enjoy!
Yep, it's just The Northern Nerd and an Abraham Lincoln Cheesehead filled with questions. Enjoy!
Catching up with friends is an absolute must. I invited my good friend, Jacob Stuttgen, up to the northwoods for the day. After playing tour guide for the day, we came back to Northern Nerd HQ to record this here podcast. Enjoy! Sponsor: The Northern Nerd Online Store Music: Beak Nasty - Chill Funk Files Vol. 1
Meals bring people together and Nathan Bochler, owner of The Ranch Supper Club, is no stranger to the stories that often accompany food. He shared a few of his stories with me on the podcast as well as shared a few of the nerdiest things that he owns. Enjoy our latest episode! Sponsor: The Northern Nerd Online Store Music: Beak Nasty - Chill Funk Files - Vol. 1 - Optical Illusions
Episode 15: Jake Reich

Episode 15: Jake Reich


Jake came over to the new Northern Nerd HQ to record this podcast and we had a blast talking about his podcast "30 Minute Break with Jake", summer plans, the series finale of Game of Thrones and much more. Enjoy! Sponsor: The Whistle Punk Music by: Beak Nasty
The Northern Nerd recorded their first back porch podcast with Riley Doughterty this past weekend in Eau Claire and it was a podcast to remember. Special guests appearances were made by landlords while we discussed Riley's upcoming move to Texas as well as romance in today's society. Enjoy! Sponsor: Hurricane Lawn Care Music by: Beak Nasty - Optical Illusions Album: Chill Funk Files - Vol. 1
Ian Malcolm now holds the title for most guest appearances so far on our show. (A title he doesn't want to give up any time soon.) In this episode, I got a chance to talk with Ian over the phone about his new book "The Land of Unlived Dreams" and how his writing process differed from his first book, "The Draxler Program" (among many other things). Enjoy our latest episode! Sponsor: Hurricane Lawn Care Music by: Beak Nasty - Optical Illusion Album: Chill Funk Files Vol. 1
The Northern Nerd was able to sit down with world renowned BBQ master, Dave Anderson. Famous Dave shared some valuable insight on the life of an entrepreneur and offered some words of encouragement for those struggling with their purpose. Take a listen and thank you for tuning in! Show Sponsor: Hurricane Lawn Care Music by: Beak Nasty - "Optical Illusions" Album: Chill Funk Files Vol.1
The Northern Nerd was able to sit down with soon to be graduate of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Sawyer Young. It were able to chat about engineering, what life is like as a student-athlete in college, maintaining your faith in college, and how life is about being able to embrace your awkwardness. Enjoy! Our sponsor for this week's episode is Parr Enterprises, LLC. With years of snow removal experience, you're going to want to give them a call if this latest snowstorm has got you down. Don't worry about shoveling your driveway, just give Parr Enterprises, LLC a call at 715-558-0946 of find them on Facebook.
The Northern Nerd went back to his college town of Eau Claire to visit some of his buddies to talk about Water Street, life after graduation, and Space Jam 2. (We basically wrote the new script in this episode.) What's your ideal Monstars team look like? Let us know by messaging our page. Enjoy! Our sponsor for this week's episode is Johnny B's Lakeshore Grill & Pizza. Whether you're staying at Blueberry Hills Resort or just swinging by to try their Italian beef, mouth watering racks of ribs, or their amazing pan pizza; Johnny B's is the place to go. Give Johnny and Trish a call at 715-945-2686 and also visit them on Facebook at Johnny B's Lakeshore Grill & Pizza.
Episode 9: Stu Neville

Episode 9: Stu Neville


The Northern Nerd spent an evening with the humble local fly fishing guide, Stu Neville. We discussed fishing of course, but also life as an official local, our favorite spots to eat, and Stu shared the story of a unique deer named Vennie (who is not a pet). Enjoy! Thank you Hurricane Lawn Care for sponsoring this week's episode. Contact Hurricane Lawn Care for all of your mowing, weed whacking, raking, and many outdoor needs at 715-558-8611.
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Cassandra Anne

love the UWEC discussion- can totally relate whenever I go back to Water Street! 🤣😂

Nov 7th
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Riley Dougherty

love Pete!

May 7th

Dior Pulatov

What a great podcast! So true!

Apr 27th

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great podcast by a great guy!

Apr 8th
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