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Geeking out on all things in the Northwoods.
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If this week was any indication, summer is officially here. In this episode, I discuss the signs of summer that were sent in by members of the "Nerd Herd" and also give recommendations on things to do in the Northwoods. Crank up the AC, crack a cold one, and enjoy our latest episode. Episode Sponsor: Sublime Subs
No one on this particular episode was safe from roasting as we recorded from my kitchen. The grammar police were in full force as well as many random promo codes which may or may not be legit. (But we're like 99.9% sure they're not legit.) We had special guests, Gary Haack and Taylor Egge on the show along with a rather interesting appearance by Beau Petersen. We discussed vacation plans, the Aaron Rodgers situation, gave our recommendations and went off on site quest tangents like we usually do. Enjoy this latest episode!Episode Sponsored by: Robin & Darryl (two legit people that we've come to know from nights at The Whistle Punk.)
After Hours: Heelys Man

After Hours: Heelys Man


We've all got cabin fever and it's inherently obvious in our latest episode involving Birkie talk, a weather update, our latest recommendations or "recs", fake ads and our horrible book club stories that we made up. Enjoy our debauchery and we thank you for listening.
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel the country while living in a van? In my conversation with Mackenzie and Will I was able to get some insight into the "van life." They shared their inspiration behind the switch to this kind of lifestyle as well as how they went about building out their van. Mackenzie and Will discussed some of their highlights of the journey so far and share many pieces of advice as well. Enjoy our conversation as I talked with them from sunny Sedona, Arizona! Follow their journey on Tik Tok and Instagram: @kenzklem
My high school friends Eddie, Mitch, and David came over to break in The Northern Nerd garage studio. (It sounds fancier than it actually is.) We discussed Birkie, small town bars, shared college stories, and gave you some good local directions to follow. Enjoy our latest episode and you'll probably want to listen to it with a cold brew in your hands.
After Hours: Cheers to 2021

After Hours: Cheers to 2021


The band got back together for another "After Hours" episode to discuss the recent happenings in the stock market with GameStop (in which we have 0 expertise), discussed sports, music, movies, fake ads, and even tried out some new bits to kick off the new year! Enjoy the latest episode and here's hoping that Malcolm Gladwell joins us on the next show.
Rebecca and I grew up together and when I found she completed this incredible journey of hiking the Appalachian Trail, I knew that I just had to sit down with her to hear her story. Enjoy recounting this adventure with Rebecca as she tells her story and the lessons she learned along the way. Perhaps you'll be inspired to venture out on your own as well.
I met Ryan and Amy Sportel last year when I had their daughter in my classroom and I knew something was special about these people. They are an avid outdoors family, but are also very community minded as well. They moved to the Hayward area back in June of 2019 and I wanted to know why they left the big city behind to come live in the northwoods of Wisconsin. Enjoy our fireside conversation and know that this may be a shameless plug to get you to come visit Hayward, WI if you haven't already. P.S. - John Mayer, if you are listening, we weren't kidding about you coming to play at The Park Center. We will see you soon.
We close out 2020 with sitting by the fire at The Whistle Punk with some cold beers and snow falling from the sky. It was a time for reflection on the holidays, the albums that got us through the year, fake ads, beer recommendations, and another "Santa's Dead" rant to end the show. Enjoy!
This isn't a podcast episode where we "Uncle Rico" ourselves and talk about our high school stats and different ways we could've won state. This is the episode dedicated to growing up in a small northern Wisconsin town and all that it implies. I had my good high school buddies (Ed, Mitch, and David) over for some pizza and Angry Minnow brews and we hit record. Enjoy!
After Hours: Beau Petersen

After Hours: Beau Petersen


We were on location at Beau Petersen's house (which is also a highly ranked VRBO) to sit around the fire and record our latest podcast. Bourbon from 45th Parallel in New Richmond was in our cups and it was a nice addition to the show. Beau has shot photography for thousands of weddings through "Beau Petersen Photography" as well as helped people travel the world with "Superior Travel Planning." He was a great guest to have on the show, a wonderful host to us and we hope to have him on again some time. Enjoy the show!
In this week's episode, I recorded solo as I wanted to extend a message to young creatives. Whether you're just starting out as a writer, photographer, videographer or artist, I really hope you gain inspiration through this podcast episode. As always, thanks for listening.
It's October and it's officially "spooky season." Hear our latest pitch for a scary movie, a discussion on board games we hate the most, a dive into our latest music and show recommendations, and whatever else we came up with down at The Whistle Punk. Enjoy!
After Hours: ADD

After Hours: ADD


In our latest episode, we give you all of the entertainment recommendations you can handle while bouncing around from topic to topic like a drunken squirrel. Enjoy!
I had the pleasure of having Minnesota rapper, Pharaoh, over to The Northern Nerd HQ to talk about his music and the highly anticipated Aki Festival happening at the end of August. Hear some wonderful insight from Pharaoh about what it means to pursue your passions and to hear his story. Enjoy!Be sure to check out for more information on the festival and to purchase your tickets which go on sale August 1st.
After some time away from each other, we were finally able to meet up once again for another After Hours podcast session. We were posted up outside of The Whistle Punk for this one. You'll hear traffic occasionally, but we'd like to think it makes us more genuine to the northwoods. We hope you enjoy our Stone Lake traffic report as well. (Yes, we are expecting some of you to send us that "Wagon Wheel Dubstep Remix").
Ian Malcolm has once again joined our podcast and I'd like to think that he's pretty much a co-host at this point. He came over to "the studio" (my living room) and we talked about his latest book "Waking Spero" as well as the writing process and zombie geese taking place in the distant future at the haunted McCormick House. Enjoy!
Quarantine has been tough, okay? The crew was able to get together via Zoom to record this latest podcast episode. We give you some great shows to watch, some hot takes and focus on moving hears and not asses. We're not sure what it means either, but it's provocative and gets the people going. Enjoy!
James Tumminia is a producer/actor/director and received a 2019 EMMY nomination for producing the feature documentary "Love, Gilda" that opened the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival. I met James through a contest from the NBC show "This Is Us" and we've been friends ever since. It was great to chat with James to discuss what it's like to be a producer/actor/director and I even got him to tell me about his most embarrassing audition story! James was a great guest to have on the show and you'll definitely learn a lot about the entertainment industry through this episode. Enjoy!
Katie Krall was hired by the Cincinnati Reds as a Baseball Operations Analyst in January 2020. Inher role she develops and integrates new tools and technology to improve Baseball Operationsdecision making processes, provides comprehensive scouting coverage, and statistical requestsupport to the front office. I had the opportunity to talk with Katie about her role with the Reds, what she enjoys most about working in the MLB, and what her future goals are. In a time where baseball is on hold, it was great to talk about life and baseball this past Sunday with Katie. Enjoy!
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Cassandra Anne

love the UWEC discussion- can totally relate whenever I go back to Water Street! 🤣😂

Nov 7th
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Riley Dougherty

love Pete!

May 7th

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What a great podcast! So true!

Apr 27th

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great podcast by a great guy!

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