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Tony, Jonathan and other "Method actors" weigh in on topics related to cooking, learning, and maximizing your success in the kitchen.
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Tony and Jonathan talk about how adding historical context to our teaching sparks interest to everything from our One Night courses....all the way through our professional programs.
In this episode, Tony and Jonathan discuss the controversy surrounding what is Italian cuisine. What is recent and what is "traditional" and "authentic"
In this episode Eric and Jonathan talk about Eric's recent trip to San Fransisco and the changes in tipping culture and, most importantly, the great food!
In this episode, Tony and Jonathan talk about the concept of "tip-flation" - where literally everything you pay for has tip option. What has this done to the restaurant industry? And how can we take cues from other countries to ensure that restaurant staff are paid, not just a living wage, but a wage commensurate with the fact that the people working there are professionals? Any maybe we can move tipping back to what it was truly meant for - to reward exceptional service.  Instead of a crutch used to subsidize low wages. 
In this episode Eric and Jonathan answer five questions that were posted to the AskCulinary sub-Reddit as if these people were sitting in our classroom. Find out about batters, testing rubs, cornmeal on no-knead bread, and broth substitutes.  And of course we use these questions to go down rabbit-holes. 
Eric and Jonathan discuss their top 3 restaurants they'd go for Dine Out. Plus a couple of honourable mentions.  #nightshade #mackenzieroom #hawkersdelight #bombaykitchen #askforluigi #maenam #fannybayoyster #carderos
In this episode, Eric and Jonathan talk about their favourite places to buy groceries in the city (and in the suburbs). 
***WARNING - This is going to be a lonnnnnng one*** In this episode Tony, Eric, and Jonathan chat about the recent announcement of Noma, the most famous restaurant in the world, closing at the end of 2023.  Is this the death knell for fine dining? Find out over a nearly 45 minute episode. 
In this episode, Eric and Jonathan talk about their favourite "hole-in-the-wall" food joints. From places like Cache Creek and Chemainus to a place in a lumberyard? 
In this episode, Eric and Jonathan talk about stuff they got for Christmas for the kitchen. Eric's gifts helped him on a deep dive into his coffee-making (a competition-grade grinder basket and a coffee wire) while Jonathan's were a little more eclectic - an Instant Pot Duo, George Motz's encyclopedia of American burger joints, a beautiful bottle of Old Forrester bourbon, and a gift certificate for his favourite restaurant - Say Mercy! <spoilers!>
In this episode, Tony, Eric, and Jonathan discuss all the changes at the school, in people's homes, and online. It has truly been an incredible year for us and for our students (both pro and enthusiast).  Happy Holidays everyone. Look for a new episode just after Christmas!
In this episode, Tony talks about the influence of Italian culture on its cuisine as well as how being away from family pressures allowed him, his brother, and eventually his mother to broaden their food horizons. 
In this episode, Eric and Jonathan discuss the in-house Basics 1 and its origins as the foundation for Fundamentals 101, its value for the home cook, and how even more amazing the students have been since COVID.  
From beets and brussel sprouts to turnips and sirloin steak, Eric and Jonathan talk about their top underappreciated ingredients. 
In honour of the release of our Italy Fundamentals as well as our Fundamentals 101 V 2.0 for Black Friday week, we thought we'd have Tony chat about Tomato Sauce and Sugo. But by extension he fondly talks about his Mom, Italian Culture, and the Sopranos.  By the way, those of you interested in our online courses can go to and find out more about our Black Friday Sale. 
In this episode, Eric and Jonathan talk about their favourite tools. And in a shameless plug, those people who sign up for our Black Friday deal on, they'll get a full list of all our essential tools. 
In this episode Eric and Jonathan answer some questions posed on the cooking sub-Reddit ranging from maintaining the protein integrity in a family soup recipe, re-using old frozen stock in new stocks, the order of ingredients in a mushroom risotto, and simple, but tasty recipes. PLUS, there is one bonus question. 
In this episode. Eric and Jonathan talk about the newly released Michelin Guide recommended restaurants in the city including 8 who got one star and those who got the Bib Gourmand and Recommended status.  For those wanting a full list you can go here.
In this episode Tony and Jonathan talk about a few more things including a continued chat on kitchen ergonomics, mise en place, nightmares, and an ingredients "this or that" quiz. 
In this episode, Tony and Jonathan touch on a number of topics including cutting boards, choosing a knife, and using recipes to emphasize techniques (why Azteca-style soup is in Chapter 1 of the Fundamentals 101) 
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