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The Odd Past with Matthew A. Perry

Author: Matthew Perry

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Welcome to the Odd Past where the weird, wacky, odd and grotesque side of history collide. Join History teacher and author, Matthew A. Perry as we explore the odd side of our collective past. Support this podcast:
25 Episodes
Live Recording: John Brown

Live Recording: John Brown


John Brown's Raid on Harpers Ferry--- Support this podcast:
The long-told and wide-spread tale of phantom hitchhikers --- Support this podcast:
This week's footnotes edition, Matt discusses the dangers of organized religion in the public schools--- Support this podcast:
The Miners and the Private Police meet in the field of battle. --- Support this podcast:
The Murder of Sid Hatfield and the Explosion of Violence at Blair Mountain--- Support this podcast:
The largest armed insurrection during 20th century America--- Support this podcast:
Roosevelt destroys the civil liberties of an entire race of Americans with one signature--- Support this podcast:
Mothers who kill

Mothers who kill


Join Matt and medical history researcher Sherry Perry as they discuss three women who snapped --- Support this podcast:
The defense of Little Round Top at the Battle of Gettysburg--- Support this podcast:
In this first footnotes edition, Matt discusses why people are terrified to talk about religion and politics --- Support this podcast:
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