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The Officer's Wife

Author: VAULT & 11Alive

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In April 2016, hours after an argument with his wife Jessica, Griffin, Georgia police officer Matthew Boynton radios for assistance and reports hearing two gunshots coming from inside his home. Officers rush to the scene to find Jessica Boynton inside a locked closet, with an apparent gunshot wound to her head. Underneath her body, officers find her husband's service weapon. But this story of small-town romance gone wrong was far from over. The investigation into what really happened inside that closet and what happened next would captivate a small town and change the lives of one family forever. The Officer's Wife is a VAULT Studios production in collaboration with 11Alive in Atlanta.

3 Episodes
The Officer's Wife premieres January 13, 2020.
Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed Doors


Jessica and Matthew Boynton's marriage was in trouble. But on April 14, 2016, shots were fired inside a closet in the couple's Griffin, Georgia apartment and their lives would be forever altered.
A Messy Affair

A Messy Affair


In the early morning hours of April 15, 2016 Jessica Boynton is found with a gunshot wound to her head. Investigators start digging into the details of that night...and the volatile marriage that seemed to fuel whatever happened inside the closet.
Comments (6)

Jacob Lukaszek

I wish I knew

Jan 14th
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when is next episode?

Jan 13th

Wicked Lil Pixie

I will never believe Jessica did this. Matthew is a murderer.

Jan 13th

Jeremy Burns

He did it!

Jan 12th
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