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The Official Average Boy Podcast

Author: Focus on the Family

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The "Official Average Boy" podcast encourages children and parents to laugh and learn about God together. Hosted by Focus on the Family Clubhouse editor Jesse Florea and Christian comedian Bob Smiley. This podcast joins Focus' already very popular "Official Adventures in Odyssey" podcast as great entertainment and faith-building fun. The 13 episodes of season 1 cover topics such as technology, reading the Bible, handling peer pressure, finding identity in Christ, sibling relationships and being part of God's body.
35 Episodes
Bob and his best friend, Billy, host the Billy-Bob Olympics in Bob’s backyard. This highly competitive neighborhood competition features a bowling ball toss, long jump and melt-athon. Who wins, and what are those events? Listen to find out. Also, discover what it means to run the race that God has prepared for each of us. Spoiler alert: Endurance plays a big part.
Doctors have patients, but everyone should all show patience. Waiting for what we want isn’t easy. Bob discovers life is no cake walk. Plus, listeners receive fantastic pointers from the Bible and Bob’s grandma about the importance of patience. Patience certainly helps the situation when “someone” packs a trumpet to practice playing during a family road trip.
Bob helps his neighbor Mrs. Dodd clean out her garage and get organized. It’s a big job with big consequences when Bob breaks a cherished keepsake. What will he do? What will Mrs. Dodd do? And what will “Charity” do with all the stuff donated from the garage? Find out, and hear a great joke from a podcast listener.
God created people with different personalities. The more we understand about each other, the better we can get along. In this podcast, Bob takes a personality test to discover if he’s a Talker, Leader, Thinker or Peacemaker. The results are surprising . . . so are Bob and Jesse’s response to a listener who asks for tips on being kind.
Honesty truly is the best policy. And honestly, Bob is not a very good pickleball player. (And what exactly is pickleball? Can you squeeze it on a hotdog?) On the other hand, Bob is really good about being honest, which we learn after he and his brother return a lost wallet.
In this podcast Bob explains the power of logical reasoning. He just learned about it at school and has lots of great, err, good examples that he thought up. God’s Word encourages us to “acquire knowledge” (Proverbs 18:15) and use our brains. Bob and Jesse also share their best pieces of advice.
Sharing your faith can be scary. But the Bible tells us in 1 Peter 3:15 to: “Always be ready to give an answer to anyone who asks you about the hope you have. Be ready to give the reason for it. But do it gently and with respect.” Bob talks about ways he tells others about Jesus, including a story about winning a radio contest.
It’s not good to take things for granite. After all, it’s a really hard rock and it might actually be quartz, dolostone or basalt. But seriously, we should express thankfulness to all the people who help us and give us gifts. Bob and Jesse share some of the things they’re thankful for and their favorite Bible verses.
Jesse shares the “Rule of 2’s” for math. Bob talks about volunteering with his family at a food bank and at church. All of this adds up to a podcast filled with tips about helping others and using our time for God’s glory. Bob and Jesse also give encouragement to Daniel—a podcast listener who gave up following God because it was too hard.
Bob’s class just celebrated Valentine’s Day, and Bob wonders why all those candy hearts have the same saying on them—“No way!” (There should be other sayings too, right?!?) Relationships and friendships can be hard, because sometimes people’s feelings change. But God’s love always stays the same. He loves us unconditionally, and we should try to follow His example. This podcast also reveals which pet Bob likes best: Dogs or Cats?
God’s armor can protect and keep us safe—even if someone happens to attack with a giant turkey leg. (You’ll have to hear this story to believe it.) In the end, Bob and Jesse agree that God’s shield of faith is waaay better than Captain America’s shield.
The Bible says to “pray constantly,” but Bob keeps running into things when he prays and walks with his eyes closed. Jesse shares an acrostic to help guide P-R-A-Yers. Then something amazing happens. Jesse tells a funny joke!
Bob shares that he’s really good at shouting out comments during school assemblies. Sometimes the speakers ask for comments . . . but sometimes he shouts things even when don’t ask. Getting laughs is great, but it’s even more important to “Show proper respect to everyone” (1 Peter 2:17). This podcast also tries to answer the question: What’s the deal with Satan?
Bob remembers some historic family vacations and tells how he took his parents to the zoo to show his appreciation for everything they do for him. (Plus, he really wanted to go to the zoo.) Bob admits to not always liking his parents’ rules and punishments. But he knows it’s wise to make his mom and dad happy.
It’s a fruit of the Spirit, and we all need it. In this randomly rhyming podcast, Bob and Jesse explore how showing self-control can help in controlling anger. Bob also unveils his amazing chess-playing abilities. Spoiler alert: He’s especially good at moving those castle-y thingies.
Bob sets a goal to try something new every month. But what should he do? Brush his teeth every day? Learn new words? Live out his faith in more obvious ways? Bob and Jesse come up with a plan . . . then they ask podcast listeners for additional ideas.
Season Two of the “Official Average Boy” podcast starts off with a slam-dunk! Bob helps Jesse forgive a basketball player who keeps bashing into him on the court. Then Bob shares a cross-country canine encounter that puts him face-to-face with the school bully. Plus, we debut our first listener call-in question.
Free doughnuts are the best! So is using our gifts and talents to help others. In this podcast, Bob explains how he tries to notice the needs of people around him – neighbors, friends, people at church – and how he boldly steps out to serve.
Free doughnuts are the best! So is using our gifts and talents to help others. In this podcast, Bob explains how he tries to notice the needs of people around him—neighbors, friends, people at church—and how he boldly steps out to serve.
Oh brother, Average Boy talks about his brother. There's never a dull moment around his house with two wild brothers running around. After getting in trouble at church, Bob gives some great tips for getting along with siblings.
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