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The On-Call Room: A Grey's Anatomy Podcast

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Do you feel like one episode of Grey's Anatomy a week just isn't enough to get you through? Well pour yourself a glass of wine (or a shot of tequila - we're not picky) and join veteran Grey's fans Abbey Moore and Bri Babbitt to discuss, dissect and indulge in chatter of your favorite characters, heartbreaking moments and everything in between. We will be re-watching the entire series starting with Season 1 Episode 1 - and encourage you to do the same.

You won't be sorry!
Or you might, but we will just forget that.
Just like we did with the musical episode in Season 7.
188 Episodes
We are back! Season 12 is here and we have a new format. We hope you enjoy our changes. Bailey becomes Chief of Surgery, April is back and is put in a bubble, and Mer, Maggie, and Amelia are roommates. We are so excited to begin another season! Greys discussion starts at: 13:40 Support us on patreon!
We talk about the last two episodes of grey's and discuss Bri's wedding!
We react to Jackson's goodbye episode! Join patreon at
We react to Jackson and April's episode! Join us on patreon at:
You asked for it, we are reacting! Our thoughts on the newest episode (season) Become a patron at
This is the finale! Catherine and Richard are about to get married, but then get in a fight, but then makeup and still get married. Meredith is moving on with her life and dances it out in her home with Amelia and Maggie. Goodbye Derek you may or may not be missed. Greys Content: 10:56 Post Op Discussion for $10 Patrons : New interns including Andrew Deluca! Become a patron >>>>>>>>>>>>>
These are the episodes where we say goodbye to Derek. We watch Mer grieve and heal and we walk alongside her. Greys Content Starts: 15:10 Become a patron at >>>>>>>
We have a few more episodes where Mer and Der are in a good place...before we lose him. Even though Mer and Der are in a great place, Owen and Amelia are struggling and breaking up. Let us enjoy these last moments of alive Derek. $10 Patrons Post Op Discussion: MAGGIE'S DATE Greys Content Starts at: 14:10 Become a patron at
Derek has shown up and he is telling us all about his almost affair in DC. Mer can live without him, but decides she does not want to. There is also a TERRIFYING parasite up someones nose. Ew. Greys Content Starts: 23:29 Post Op Discussion for $10 Patrons: Owen's Mom is dating a firefighter MUCH younger than her. GOOD FOR HER! Become a patron at:
WHERE IS DEREK?? We don't know but we heard a woman pick up his phone! What does that mean?? Also we have a devastating Alzheimers story, that includes Maggie getting punched. Post Op Discussion for $10 Patrons: MILLIE BOBBY BROWN Greys Content: 19:12 Become a patron at >>>
We are back from our week off! We are so happy to be here talking about Dr. Herman's final two episodes. We loved them and we hope you do too! Greys Content: 14:35 Become a patron at:
This episode with Jackson and April is one of the saddest episodes we will watch. We also have Mer lying to Maggie and her weird photo of her jumping on a bed in a hotel room. Leia is scrubbing in and joins us for post op discussing Hilarie the patient who "fainted". If you want this part of the episode become a $10 patron at the link below. Hit play and have a listen! Greys Content: 19:56
Mer and Der are making up and she is sleeping with a 3D tumor. April and Jackson find out some devastating news. Dr. Herman finds out that Arizona stole her scans and agrees to let Amelia operate on her. Greys Content: 18:11 ____________________________________________________________
Amelia's addiction story is broadcasted to the whole hospital, Derek is a real D about it. Arizona steals Dr. Herman's scans and we find out that there is something wrong with April and Jackson's baby. Post Op Discussion: Callie and Owen Note: Bri says Maya Whitman and it is MAE Whitman (don't come at me) Greys Content: 27:24 _______________________________________________________ Become a patron and cohost!
This week we have Kayla scrubbing in! The first episode is the end of Callie and Arizona as they try and work their shit out in therapy. Some people like it and some people hate it. Arizona is still working with Dr. Herman and finds out some intense information. Mer and Der....still fighting. Greys Content: 14:08
This week we have the lovely Becky scrubbing in with us! These are the episodes we have been waiting for, the carousel is here and it is giving up so many GGBs. Mer accepts that Maggie is her sister, Maggie finds out Richard is her father and we are all feeling things. Bailey and Karev fight to the death for the board seat, spoiler alert Bailey ends up getting it. Hit play and have a listen! _________________________________________________________ Greys content starts at: 21:47 Become a part of our community at
We have made it to season 11. Cristina is gone, but she is replaced by the fierce Maggie Pierce. Maggie struggles by saying a few wrong things and is delivered a singing fish telegram, BUT she solves the McNeal family puzzle. Bailey and Alex are fighting for the hospital board seat while Mer and Der are falling apart. Hit play and have a listen! Greys content starts at: 20:13 Join Patreon at
FINAL EPISODE BEFORE SEASON 17 BREAK!! We are ready to welcome 2021, we almost made it through 2020 everyone! See you in the New Year! Patreon:
Bailey tells her story of her family and gives a beautiful performance. The writing in this episode was so poignant, and we are so grateful to the writers of Grey's Anatomy for giving us these stories. Become a patron at :
GEORGE. GEORGE!!!!!!!!!!!!! You changed my life. That is all that needs to be said.
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Emily Burchfield

I'm obsessed! ❤❤❤

Oct 15th
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Kendahl Newman

I am OBSESSED with Abby and Bri! This podcast keeps me going. love the banter and jokes as they discuss the best show ever!

Jan 30th
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