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The One Fifty Marchers

Author: Frazer Flintham & JD Stewart

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The One Fifty Marchers follows Frazer & JD's journey to track down the 150 men and women who took part in the first LGBTQ+ march on Highbury Fields, London, on November 27th, 1970. This march took place to protest the way in which gay people were being treated and was the spark which began the UK gay rights movement. This podcast is a celebration of the original marchers, a number of which we will speak with throughout, and the work they did in making LGBTQ+ rights move forward in the United Kingdom. The podcast includes interviews with current LGBTQ+ campaigners in the United Kingdom about the brilliant work they are doing to support the community.
13 Episodes
In this episode, Frazer and JD talk with marcher Philip Recorla who shares memories of his friend and fellow marcher, Martin Grant. They also talk with Jeffrey Weeks who shares his memories of Mickey Burbidge. This is the final episode of season one, and we look forward to returning to you in the Autumn of 2021!
Last summer, we spoke with Phil Samba who works for PrEPster, an organisation which aims to educate and agitate for PrEP access in England and beyond. Tune in now to hear his journey, to learn about PrEP, and to hear why looking after your mental health is important.
Join Frazer and JD in a slight format switch up as they share interviews with current UK LGBTQ+ campaigners.  This episode features their interview with Sir Ian McKellen.
Frazer and JD take a look at Louis Eakes, the man who was responsible for bringing the marchers out into the open on November 27th, 1970. They speak with LGBTQ activist, Bernard Greaves, who knew Louis at the time and he also shares the work he did in fighting against the Pretty Policemen. This episode contains additional vocal contributions by Afton Moran, Kevin R. Free, Andrew Pollard, Olivia Fischer, and Nate P. Willey.
Frazer and JD look into the  Gay Liberation Front demands, and speak with Nettie Pollard: a member since 1971 and activist ever since. Michael Cashman talks about the paperback release of his autobiography, 'One of Them' and his journey from East End boy to the House of Lords. Features additional vocal contributions by Jeffrey Weeks, Stuart Feather, and Philip Rescorla.
Episode Seven: Nailing It

Episode Seven: Nailing It


Frazer and JD talk with confirmed Highbury Fields marcher, Jeffrey Weeks, about how the experience of the march changed his life. They also talk with trans activist, Charlie Craggs about activism and her unique way of connecting and engaging with people on trans rights.
Frazer and JD chat with Michael Breslin, nephew of actor John Breslin who attended the march on Highbury Fields in 1970. Then, they chat with Lewis Hetherington, Creative Lead for the Coming Back Out Ball and LGBTI+ Elders Social Dance Club which is a co-production between the National Theatre of Scotland and All The Queen's Men. Lewis shares his experiences along with David Allan, one of the Elders of the club. This episode contains some strong language.
Welcome to 2021! Frazer and JD look into one of the confirmed marchers: Mick Belston. They chat with Dan Glass (author of United Queerdom: From the Legends of the Gay Liberation Front to the Queers of Tomorrow and creator of Queer Tours of London) about his part in the reformation of the Gay Liberation Front. They also chat with Queer Activist, Dani Singer, and their involvement with the 50th anniversary event. This episode contains vocal contributions from Debi Pirie, Michael Dylan and Flinn McManus. 
Episode Four: March March

Episode Four: March March


Frazer and JD finally speak with two men who were at the first LGBTQ March on Highbury Fields, November 27th, 1970. First up, is Stuart Feather (also author of the book, Blowing The Lid) and then, Philip Rescorla. This episode features additional vocal contributions from Laila Noble.
Frazer and JD look into the two names from The Times article discussed in episode two:. They also get some exciting news from The Times and receive an email from a marcher they thought was no longer with us... John Breslin?!
Episode Three: Trailer

Episode Three: Trailer


A sneak peak at Episode Three: A Sign of the Times... coming SOON! 
Episode Two: Progress

Episode Two: Progress


In this episode, Frazer and JD look into where Bob Mellors and Aubrey Walter are now. They  talk with Andrew Lumsden, who joined the Gay Liberation Front after reading about the Highbury Fields March in The Times Newspaper. They also speak with Geoffrey Wansall, the author of the article in The Times. Additional vocal contributions by: Jack Deeney, Joel Samuels, Afton Moran, Adam Brown, Vincent Franklin, Mitesh Soni and Charles Brunton.
Join Frazer and JD as they begin their journey to find the 150 LGBTQ+ men and women who marched on Highbury Fields, November 27th, 1970. This episode covers the beginnings of the Gay Liberation Front in the United Kingdom and its links to the Black Panther Movement in the USA. The episode includes additional material by Charles Brunton and Tia James.
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