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Author: Jen Esquer & Dom Fraboni

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Join top-40 Physical Therapy Influencer, Doc Jen, and her Physical Therapy fiancé Dr. Dom, as they bring you the body tips and PT Pearls you need to help you understand your body, relieve your pains and restrictions, and answer your questions. Along with expert guests, the goal of The Optimal Body is to help you discover what optimal means in your own body.
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Resistant to sharing your vulnerabilities? Then don’t miss out on this groundbreaking interview with Beau Whitman – cancer survivor, coach, and high level athlete – as he opens up about his injury and cancer journey.  Tune in as Beau dives into his athletic background and major injuries as an athlete; touching on how his mindset helped him cope with not only his injuries, but his cancer diagnosis as well. Beau unveils the way he reframed vulnerability, shedding a positive light on it, and its importance in connecting him with his community.  Lastly, listen as he talks about his struggles with breath and the tools he found to help him mentally realign during panic attacks or flashbacks. What You Will Learn in This Interview with Beau Whitman: @beau.whitman 01:25 – Beau’s athletic background and medical history 04:01 – What bringing it back to the “basics” means to Beau 06:15 – Where the drive comes from for Beau to keep training at a high level 08:26 – How the gymnast mindset has influenced Beau in his journey 10:04 – How Beau’s athletic journey and injuries influenced his cancer reaction 17:07 – What vulnerability means to Beau and why it's important in his life and coaching 19:08 – Beau’s shift forward with his short life sentence - His vulnerability with his diagnosis 26:01 – How Beau reframed vulnerability 29:20 – Where Beau is now with his cancer story - His struggles with breath 32:26 – What Beau would do daily to mentally realign - Why pacing himself was so important About Beau Whitman Beau is one of seven children. Growing up with two younger brothers and four older sisters – all of whom are supportive, passionate, and wildly competitive athletes – shaped who he as an athlete, coach, trainer, and person. His athletic career began at Parkettes National Gymnastics Training Center where he was a competitive gymnast for ten years. After retiring, he competed as a five-sport varsity athlete in high school, participating in Soccer, Diving, Wrestling, Lacrosse, and Track & Field. With its close ties to Gymnastics, Pole Vaulting captured his heart and led him to join the Lehigh Mountain Hawks Division I Track & Field Team at Lehigh University. After college, he accepted a position at New York University as the Assistant Jumps Coach for the Track & Field Team. Here he uncovered his passion for coaching and helping other athletes. To augment his coaching abilities, he became a certified trainer and CrossFit coach to further help athletes achieve their goals, compete, and recover from injuries. During his athletic career, he underwent six major reconstructive procedures, giving him the experience necessary to understand the physical endurance and restraint, as well as the positive mentality necessary to successfully recover from an injury. Following the mantra, “Rebuilt To Inspire”, he worked with injured athletes to help them make full recoveries, while motivating them to come back both physically and mentally stronger. This work and passion for helping recovering athletes has now expanded to cancer survivors. In the summer of 2019, Beau was diagnosed with Stage III Germ Cell Cancer. Immediately... To see Beau Whitman's full bio and links, head over to the complete show notes here: --- Send in a voice message:
Embarrassed by your bunions? Join us as we explain what might be the root cause of your bunions and how common it really is.  Listen as we explain the importance of “checking up the chain” for underlying causes and why each diagnosis is individual.  Tune in as we dive into the taboos behind treatments and studies of bunions and why going to a physical therapist might be your best option.  Don’t miss out on the tools we provide that you can start today to functionally gain control of your feet; along with the insights on why VivoBarefoot shoes help build your foundation long term. 15% OFF VivoBarefoot Shoes with code “OPTIMAL15” at checkout: What You Will Learn in this PT Pearl: 02:09 – What a bunion is and why they form - Why the examination approaches are evolving 05:48 – Why looking up the chain is important - Why the causations for bunions are individual 08:12 – The prevalence, or commonness, of people with bunions 10:14 – The taboo behind treatments and studies for bunions - The importance in seeing a PT 14:49 – Some tools you can start using right now if you have bunions 21:01 – How you can strengthen your midfoot - Finding balance with pronation and supination 23:05 – How you can strengthen your ankle and hindfoot - Finding balance with eversion and inversion 25:12 – How VivoBarefoot shoes help gain functional control of your feet 26:55 – What we aim to fix with your bunion To Watch the PT Pearl on YouTube, click here: Items mentioned in this episode include: Tune Up Fitness Therapy Balls: We Think You’ll Love: FREE QuaranTeam Challenge The Free 7 Day Mobility Challenge Jen’s Instagram Dom’s Instagram YouTube Channel To see this episode's full show notes and check out the rest of Doc Jen's website, click here: --- Send in a voice message:
Confused what self-love really means? Why is everyone talking about it? Join us as Sierra Nielsen –personal trainer, nutritionist, and transformation coach –gives us wisdom on what self-love is all about and her journey with it.  Tune in as she explains what it's like to go through traumatic life events, even with a lack of support around, and how to work through loneliness along the journey. She dives in to how you can take your power back by bringing awareness and acknowledgement to those feelings surrounding your trauma; why vulnerability, although scary at first, is therapeutic and healing.  Lastly, listen as she gives advice on how you can truly focus on your self-love journey, without the distractions of social media, and how much the body and mind are intertwined. What You Will Learn in This Interview with Sierra Nielsen: @sierranielsen 02:20 – Why Sierra started her self love journey 05:30 – How Sierra addressed the pain she felt with the gaps she noticed in the medical system and her mothers fight with cancer - Why honoring your feelings is so important 12:25 – What Sierra recommends if you feel alone or feel people around you don’t understand you 15:25 – How our external world is a reflection of our internal selves - Why self love is not a destination journey but a daily practice 20:45 – How you can shut out the negative, or social media, and focus on your own self love journey - Why awareness and acknowledgement gives you your power back 25:50 – Why sharing your experiences and being vulnerable is a powerful way to connect to your own and other’s humanness 27:10 – How sharing your story gets easier the more you do it 28:42 – Sierra’s experience with physical issues due to her mental trauma 33:02 – Why understanding what stressors are going on within you body are so important About Sierra Nielsen: Sierra Nielsen is a speaker, entrepreneur and transformation coach. As a well-known entertainment executive she had produced 3 movies before she turned 28 and was executive producer of 2 notable movies with an A-roster celebrity clientele with the likes of Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Anniston and even Harry Potter himself (Daniel Radcliffe). But that’s just the beginning. Sierra holds a degree in Psychology from Vanderbilt University, is a certified personal trainer, fitness nutrition coach and meditation specialist as well as the founder of Your Soul Sexy, an online program and virtual community dedicated to helping you to own your worth and become healthy from the inside-out. Sierra has an online following of hundreds of thousands of individuals who tune into her message on emotional resilience, body positivity, inner confidence and personal empowerment. As a popular performance and transformation coach she has been featured in national media including USA Today, Variety and Self Magazine and has worked with anyone from D.C. Politicians and Hollywood Models/Actors to Award Winning Producers and NYT best selling authors. Items mentioned in this episode include: Sierra’s Website: To see Sierra Nielsen's full bio and links, head over to the complete show notes here: --- Send in a voice message:
Ever feel like your body is trying to tell you something? Listen as Doc Jen dives into her own movement journeys as a gymnast and her experiences with pain and injury.  Tune in as she explains what it was like being injured as a gymnast and how those injuries have impacted her body through today.  She also demonstrates from her own body why structure and diagnoses, although good to have at times, should not become a crutch for your everyday life; why it shouldn’t cause you to avoid certain movement patterns.  Doc Jen explains her scoliosis diagnosis and how she learned to take control of her body through her breath.  Lastly, hear how Doc Jen’s body talked to her, or gave her signs, and how you, too, can gain confidence within your own body. What You Will Learn in this PT Pearl: 00:56 – What movement meant to Doc Jen as a child - Her experience with injury 03:44 – Why Doc Jen is grateful for the injuries she experienced - How coaches responded to injury 05:38 – Why it’s important to see a physical therapist as an athlete 06:57 – What types of injuries would pop up for Doc Jen after she retired from gymnastics 08:47 – When Doc Jen started to figure out her own limitations 10:57 – What “squinting patella” means and its role in Doc Jen’s life - Why body awareness is important 13:46 – Doc Jen’s journey with her scoliosis diagnosis - Why a diagnosis shouldn’t become an excuse 17:04 – How Doc Jen responds to her pain with breath and mobility 21:16 – What Doc Jen continues working on daily - What movement brings Doc Jen back to peace 23:08 – How important internal support is vs needing external support like with orthotics 24:31 – Doc Jen’s take home message  To Watch the PT Pearl on YouTube, click here: About Doc Jen: Jen Esquer, PT, DPT, is an internationally-renown physical therapist who specializes in helping people overcome chronic pain and maximize physical performance. As the founder of two transformative programs, “The Mobility Method” and “The Optimal Body,” she brings a unique, whole body approach to strength, mobility and pain-free living. In 2019, Jen was named one of the top 50 most influential healthcare professionals. Jen’s easily accessible approach has garnered her more than half a million followers on social media and more than more than 5+ million views of her health and fitness videos. Jen has been featured in Shape Magazine, Self Magazine, Men’s Fitness and Muscle and Fitness and recently graced the cover of Oxygen Magazine. She was recently featured on Good Morning America, and has made other appearances on CBS, the RISE podcast with Rachel Hollis and much more. She is co-host of one of the Top New Shows in Health called “The Optimal Body Podcast” with her fiancé who is also a doctor of physical therapy. When they’re not busy, they’re doing breath work and AcroYoga together in sunny Los Angeles, California. To see this episode's full show notes and check out the rest of Doc Jen's website, click here: --- Send in a voice message:
Wish you could be vulnerable with people about your traumatic past? Join us as we interview Chase Chewning – Army Veteran, podcast host, and certified coach – as he explains his own traumatic story and how he has gained the courage to speak about it; his advice on how you can too.  Listen as he dives into his life in the Army, enrolling at 17 years old, and how it affects him in his current life.  He explains how his emotional traumas took a big role in his severe physical injuries and how he’s conquered those obstacles.  Lastly, listen in as Chase talks about how the body communicates to us and why it's so important to acknowledge those signs rather than ignore them. What You Will Learn in This Interview with Chase Chewning: @chase_chewning 02:22 – When Chase enlisted in the Army and why 05:27 – What Chase learned from the Army as a young man 07:00 – How Chase has applied those lessons to his current life and relationships 11:35 – What types of physical and emotional traumas Chase experienced during his service - How emotional health was confronted in the Army during his time serving 19:19 – How Chase’s disassociation of emotional health brought him to his severe physical injuries - How it led to his spiritual and emotional journey 22:52 – Chase’s advice for those who are hesitant to tell their own stories - The power of journaling and mental health awareness 26:10 – How Chase feels, physically and emotionally, when he begins to repeat unhealthy patterns 30:29 – How the body communicates with us - Why we shouldn't ignore those signals, despite ego 35:05 – Information on Chase’s podcast About Chase Chewning: Living a life of wellness has always been a part of him - since growing up eating fresh food from his grandparents' garden, playing baseball throughout school and enjoying time in the mountains surrounding his family's southwest VA home. After six years of active duty, Chase was medically discharged from the military due a string of injuries that ultimately required him to have bilateral reconstructive hip surgeries. After learning how to walk again, twice, exercise as medicine and healthy lifestyle modifications became his passion. He received his BS in Exercise Science, MS in Health Promotion and has been an ACE Certified Health Coach since 2015. Leaving the corporate world in late 2017 as the Wellness Director to a string of concierge medical practices along the East Coast, Chase stepped into entrepreneurship by launching podcast, Ever Forward Radio, now with over one million downloads and creating his own coaching and consulting business, Ever Forward Coach. He is also the founder of the podcast education, consulting, and production company Operation Podcast that helps others successfully launch, grow, and monetize their own podcasts. He now resides in Los Angeles, California with his wife May, RN, BSN and Family Nurse Practitioner, and their dog Nella. To see Chase Chewning's full bio and links to his podcast and website, head over to the complete show notes here: Chase’s Podcast “Ever Forward”: --- Send in a voice message:
Join us as Dr. Dom dives into his personal journey with injuries as an athlete.  Listen as he explains that, although a physical therapist, he still has functional limitations within his own body. He explains what type of injuries he has ran into, what he did in the past for them, and how he treats them now. Listen as we dive in to male pelvic floor control issues, knee injuries, and neck injuries with Dr. Dom and what he has learned from it all; explaining how daily practices are so important for the body. 15% OFF VivoBarefoot Shoes with code “OPTIMAL15” at checkout: What You Will Learn in this PT Pearl: 03:17 – Dr. Dom’s athletic background 05:45 – Dr. Dom’s first injury and physical issues he ran into early on - How it was handled 07:55 – Dr. Dom’s recovery, post surgery - Why fixing the symptoms don’t always fix the cause 10:01 – Why pelvic floor control issues are not just limited to pregnant women - What it entails 13:23 – Misconceptions of gaining pelvic floor control - What helps Dr. Dom gain pelvic floor control 14:59 – Why this limitation within Dr. Dom may have caused other functional limitations 15:52 – Dr. Dom’s knee injuries explained - How they affected Dr. Dom’s athletic performances 17:43 – What Dr. Dom is doing to gain his athletic abilities back 19:03 – Dr. Dom’s mobility journey - How one tight joint led to compensation of others 21:25 – When Dr. Dom started to find his neck to be problematic - Why he decided to get an MRI 24:48 – Where Dr. Dom has mentally landed with his neck injury - His daily breathwork routines 28:42 – What Dr. Dom does to help guide him foundationally, from the feet up - How long he’s been doing it and what to be aware of To Watch the PT Pearl on YouTube, click here: About Dr. Dom: Domenic Fraboni is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Lifestyle Coach. He earned his doctorate from Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences in Rochester, MN in 2018. He is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) and recent APTASA Board of Director member. In this position he was an active advocate for the advance of national healthcare quality and access to care in the USA. Domenic was an avid coach, unified partner, and volunteer coordinator for Special Olympics, and has assisted in coordinating events nationally for the NCAA and APTA. He has recently relocated to Los Angeles where he coaches people into their bodies using a unique approach of Health and Lifestyle consulting in the areas of mindset, movement, and meals. Domenic believes that true human healing happens through empowering individuals to independence in their journey. As cohost of The Optimal Body Podcast, he always hopes to continue to get this message of empowerment out to the masses. Items mentioned in this episode include: Vivo Barefoot Shoes: The Optimal Body: To see this episode's full shownotes and check out the rest of Doc Jen's website, click here: --- Send in a voice message:
Feel like you’ve tried everything, from working out to eating healthy, and still have little to no results? Listen to the interview with Julia Glanz – registered dietician, strength and conditioning coach, speed and agility coach, and former D1 athlete for soccer – as she enlightens us on what might be the true cause.  Tune in as Julia explains how stress levels can affect your weight loss progress and what tests and clinicians she recommends; going into detail on where to start.  She also lets us in on her own lab results (something she's never shared publicly) and the current steps she is taking toward healing her body through adaptation of her environment and behaviors; explaining the power of dialing it back.  Lastly, Julia goes over what time restricted eating, or intermittent fasting, is and how it differs from men to women. She gives us a glimpse into how women can schedule their exercise and nutritional habits around their menstrual cycle for an optimal balance. This podcast is full of juicy education. Get your pens and paper out because you will WANT to take notes! To start your journey with intermittent fasting and get your copy of Ultimate Guide to Intermittent Fasting Guide for Women by Julia Glanz, click here: What You Will Learn in This Interview with Julia Glanz: @juliaglanz 02:35 – Why you, even if doing all the “right” things, may have no results - How stress comes in 08:27 – Understanding what you can and can’t control - Where supplementation comes in 10:40 – How long it takes to feel results - Why it varies 12:09 – What types of testing and clinicians Julia recommends - Where to start 15:46 – How Julia found more from her thyroid results - What Hashimotos Disease is 19:40 – How Julia has changed her environment and behaviors to combat her results 25:51 – Why it's important to listen to your body and dial it back - Why more isn’t always better 29:35 – What time restricted eating means and the benefits of it - Problems that arise with women 31:43 – What it means to work with your menstrual cycle About Julia Glanz: Julia Glanz is a Registered Dietitian with her Master’s Degree in Nutritional Science, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and former Division 1 soccer player. Julia specializes in women’s health, hormones and metabolism. She combines her knowledge and passion for exercise science and nutritional biochemistry to help women balance their hormones so they can reach their wellness goals in a way that’s healthy, sustainable and fits into their lifestyle. Julia helps you navigate your unique journey to optimal health in your body by unraveling the layers of what’s truly in the way. She customizes nutrition care plans with each individual’s biochemistry and lifestyle factors in mind. With the tools, knowledge and guidance she provides, you’ll go from feeling stuck, overwhelmed and frustrated to feeling free, clear and confident knowing what works for your body. It’s Julia’s mission to empower you to become your own health expert. To see the episode’s full shownotes and check out the rest of Doc Jen’s website, click here: --- Send in a voice message:
What does it really mean to have a leg length discrepancy? Why do we feel better after getting our pelvis adjusted? Does it stay in place after it is adjusted? When did it fall out of place in the first place? How do I know this initiated my pain? How do I know if it will last? Adjusting the pelvis is one of the most commonalities we see amongst clinicians from PT to Chiropractor to Osteopath. Why is it so common? Listen in as we explain what these diagnoses mean and how common they really are.  Join us as we dive into why these diagnoses or manual techniques may not be the most beneficial for you long term.  Lastly, we go into detail on how you can create real, long-lasting change within your own body, without relying on a clinician for an adjustment! What You Will Learn in this PT Pearl: 00:58 – Hip related diagnoses that you might have heard - Why these discrepancies are common 03:07 – How practitioners diagnose leg or hip discrepancies - Why they may not always be accurate 06:21 – Why these methods and manipulations from someone else may not be useful long term 09:05 – Why radiographs are the most reliable tests BUT still not the best option 11:14 – Why those manual methods feel better right after - How they work 13:06 – Why activation of the muscles are needed - What the “shotgun technique” is 17:02 – How to create real, long term change To Watch the PT Pearl on YouTube, click here: Items mentioned in this episode include: The Optimal Body: We Think You’ll Love: FREE QuaranTeam Challenge The Free 7 Day Mobility Challenge Jen’s Instagram Dom’s Instagram YouTube Channel Thank you so much for checking out this episode of The Optimal Body Podcast. If you haven’t done so already, please take a minute to subscribe and leave a quick rating and review of the show! To see this episode's full shownotes and check out the rest of Doc Jen's website, click here: --- Send in a voice message:
Join us as Dr. Scott Lynn, Jen's very own Biomechanics PhD professor from California State University, Fullerton, breaks down the research of biomechanics and brings us back to the individual in movement.  With his background working in professional sports like baseball and golf, over 20 years of publishing and reviewing research articles and journals, Dr. Lynn has uncovered the best ways to avoid injury and optimize our movement patterns.  Listen as he unleashes all of his biomechanical wisdom on how you can achieve optimal movement.  Lastly, tune in as we breakdown what the Coba Board is, why Dr. Lynn is involved, and how his own research on this tool reveals how it can help you achieve optimal glute activation in both a squat and hinge pattern. Get your own Coba Board to start building that booty! Use code "DOCJENFIT" at checkout: What You Will Learn in this interview with Dr. Scott Lynn: @drsklynn 04:35 – Dr. Lynn’s approach in the classroom - Why it is effective for both students and teachers 06:51 – How human movement is still unknown and a mystery to us 09:29 – How Dr. Lynn became interested in biomechanics and human movement - Why your job should be more than the paycheck 15:30 – How long Dr. Lynn has been researching and the differences he's noticed over time 20:31 – How to decipher research and its reliability - How “messy” human beings are 24:02 – Why the “best” exercise or movement pattern doesn't exist - Why movement is individual 25:51 – Dr. Lynn explaining FMS theory (functional magnetic stimulation) and why he studied it 31:37 – What Dr. Lyn found researching FMS - Why variability in exercise is necessary 40:26 – What the Coba Board is and how Dr. Lynn got involved with it About Dr. Scott Lynn: Dr. Scott K. Lynn received his Bio- PhD, MSc in Orthopedic Biomechanics at Queen's University, Canada. He received his Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Spine Biomechanics at the University of Waterloo, Canada. Currently, he is a professor in Kinesiology (Biomechanics) at California State University, Fullerton. Dr. Lynn is also the Director of Research & Education for the Center for Sport Performance at California State University Fullerton. He is the creator of the video analysis software Swing Catalyst (Sport Technology company focusing on Golf and Baseball biomechanics). Dr. Lynn has been published by many peer reviewed research articles and book chapters related to golf biomechanics, exercise biomechanics & rehabilitation. Journals published in include: Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, Strength and Conditioning Journal, International Journal of Golf Science Journal of Sports Rehabilitation, Clinical Biomechanics, Journal of Science and Medicine in Sports Human Movement Science, Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, Medicine and Science of Sports and Exercise Journal of Electromyography, and Kinesiologist. To see Dr. Scott Lynn's full bio and links to his book and website, head over to the complete show notes here: --- Send in a voice message:
Want to learn how to activate your glutes and grow that booty? Been told you’re more “quad dominant”? Feel more quads, low back or hamstrings when you workout? Tune in as we explain how to truly activate your glutes and breakdown what those terms mean.  Listen as we explain the biggest mechanical leaks when deadlifting and how to improve your form.  Feel like you still can’t get that correct form? Tune in to learn how the Coba Board gives you the exact external cues you may be missing in order to get that perfect deadlift within your own body. Then, don't forget to catch the YouTube as well as we review other common exercises to perfect your form and maximize those glute gains. Get your own Coba Board to start building that booty! Use code "DOCJENFIT" at checkout: What You Will Learn in this episode: 01:56 – What “quad dominant” and “glute dominate” mean 04:14 – Why hinge patterns are so important 05:11 – What the Coba Board is and how it promotes “external cues” 07:08 – Most common problems that occur during a hip hinge - How it creates injury 14:18 – Dr. Dom narrates as Dr. Jen demonstrates the wrong way to deadlift 18:18 – How the Coba Board helps correct these problems 20:56 – Verbal external cues on correct deadlift form To Watch the PT Pearl on YouTube, click here: We Think You’ll Love: FREE QuaranTeam Challenge The Free 7 Day Mobility Challenge Jen’s Instagram Dom’s Instagram YouTube Channel Thank you so much for checking out this episode of The Optimal Body Podcast. If you haven’t done so already, please take a minute to subscribe and leave a quick rating and review of the show! --- Send in a voice message:
Listen in as Lara Heimann, Doctor of Physical Therapy and Yoga educator, explains how brain mapping has changed her yoga practice.  She outlines her LYT method, her experience with teaching yoga instructors, and how bringing it back to the basics can strengthen your practice.  Tune in as she explains why functional movement, mobility, and core integration are more important than getting that "next yoga pose". She also explains what her program entails and how you can become a more efficient yoga practitioner and/or teacher. We also mention Strong Coffee throughout the episode. To get your next quality latte for a discount using code “OPTIMAL15” at checkout, click here: What You Will Learn in this interview with Lara Heimann: @lara.heimann 02:26 – Lara’s initial introduction to yoga and what brought on her passion for it 04:00 – How Lara’s family background impacted her mind body relationship 06:51 – Lara’s principle with neurology and brain mapping - How it relates to your yoga practice 11:25 – How yoga creates mindfulness that, in turn, creates a healthier lifestyle 13:00 – How neural development, while practicing PT, changed Lara’s yoga practice - LYT Method 19:36 – Common injuries due to different practices - Understanding movement patterns and strength 24:49 – How Lara approaches poses in her classes - Why functional movement, mobility, and core integration are emphasized 33:31 – What Lara’s online yoga teacher training program entails About Laura Heimann: Lara is the founder of Movement by Lara. An international yoga leader, she has combined her background in physical therapy with her love of yoga to create the LYT Method. Many know her as “Yoga Mama” for the endless love, gratitude, and guidance that she has for all of her students and teachers. She developed the LYT Method to address the deficiencies and imbalances of our modern lives and limited movement patterns. Lara honed her LYT Method through 25 years of practice and more than a decade teaching tens of thousands of students internationally during workshops, training, and retreats. Her mission is to help everyone find freedom through smarter, safer, and more conscious movement patterns so they can then uplift others. She leads teacher training certifications online and in person at her studio, YogaStream, in Princeton, NJ. Movement has always been Lara’s favorite form of medicine, beginning with her early years as an athlete and dancer. She graduated from Duke University with a BS in Biological Anthropology and Anatomy and a MA in Physical Therapy. When she is not on her mat, she is out hiking with her dogs, traveling with her family, and mixing it up in the kitchen as a natural foods vegan chef. Lara’s personal mission is to help her students find their source of inner strength. She frequents top-tier media as an anatomy and yoga expert and presents at yoga festivals, spreading the philosophy of smart, strong, sustainable yoga and compassionate living. Items mentioned in this episode include: Lara’s Website: Lara’s Instagram: For full episode show notes, visit --- Send in a voice message:
Have a history with shin splints? Like to run, hike, or just have a real passion for walking the dog, but can’t go on with these favorite hobbies of yours because of that pain in your shins? Listen as we explain what shin splints, or medial tibial stress syndrome, is and how you can combat it.  We explain the differences between shin splints and other injuries and how they may feel similar. Then we dive into tools you can utilize to discover what is happening within your body. Then listen (or watch through YouTube!) as we walk you through different exercises that will help you avoid shin splint pain when paired with consistency. What You Will Learn in this episode: PT Pearl: Stop Shin Splints with These Shin Splint Exercises 00:51 – What shin splints or medial tibial stress syndrome is 03:31 – What the difference is between shin splints and anterior compartment syndrome 05:08 – What the difference is between shin splints and posterior tibial tendon dysfunction 08:01 – How you modify your workouts so you can avoid shin splints - What you should NEVER do 10:04 – Why assessing yourself, or getting assessed, is so important - Where to assess 14:31 – Exercises to help avoid shin splints 19:44 – How to strengthen your muscles eccentrically - Why its important 22:26 – Why ankle mobility helps avoid shin splints To Watch the PT Pearl on YouTube, click here: Items mentioned in this episode include: The Optimal Body: The Mobility Method: We Think You’ll Love: FREE QuaranTeam Challenge The Free 7 Day Mobility Challenge Jen’s Instagram Dom’s Instagram YouTube Channel Thank you so much for checking out this episode of The Optimal Body Podcast. If you haven’t done so already, please take a minute to subscribe and leave a quick rating and review of the show! For full show notes and the resources we use for this episode, head over to: --- Send in a voice message:
Experience pain on a daily basis? Don’t understand the differences between chronic and acute pain? Join us as we dive into these terms and what it really means to have pain.  We also explain how your beliefs about the pain you experience can change the way your body receives it. Listen as we break down methods for you to ease the pain within your own body. Then later, listen to Matt Erb explain why he transitioned from a doctor of physical therapy using traditional methods to a more integrated approach.  Listen as he breaks down what it really means to be an integrated or biopsychosocial therapist and how a session with one would look.  Join him as he takes you through simple breathing exercise to become more aware of your body.  Lastly, he explains how trauma can cause pain within the body and why. We also mention Strong Coffee throughout the episode. To get your next quality latte for a discount using code “OPTIMAL15” at checkout, click here: What You Will Learn in this episode: PT Pearl: Explaining Pain Perception and How to Approach Your Acute or Chronic Pain 01:06 – The difference between acute and chronic pain - Why they occur 04:42 – How to approach your acute pain 08:49 – How to approach chronic pain - Why pain can be good 14:54 – Things that do NOT cause back pain - Why trigger points do NOT determine pain 17:13 – What fills up your “bucket” that could cause chronic pain - How to address it 21:02 – How to change your beliefs on your pain 22:15 – Why, with chronic pain, doing movements that give you pain may be more beneficial To Watch the PT Pearl on YouTube, click here: Interview with Matt Erb:  26:27 – What inspired Matt to become a physical therapist with the beliefs he has today 28:01 – What caused Matt to transition from a traditional practice to a more integrated practice 30:26 – What integrated physical therapy is and what that means 33:17 – How you can find an integrated therapist under “biopsychosocial” - How a session looks 37:13 – How Matt evaluates his patients and changes the perception of him “fixing” them 40:05 – Breathing exercise with Matt to become more aware with your body 44:23 – How Matt leads people into the awareness of breath 47:31 – How trauma and early stress exposure can play a role in someone’s journey About Matt Erb: Matt Erb is a physical therapist, originally trained at the University of Iowa, and currently based out of Tucson. He is a Senior Faculty member, Clinical Supervisor, and a Clinical Program Lead for The Center for Mind-Body Medicine, Washington D.C. He has a clinical practice with Simons Physical Therapy, Tucson AZ, that focuses on mind-body integrated care. Matt is also Founder of Embody Your Mind, specializing in high quality writing, teaching, and consulting in integrative and mind-body medicine topics. For full show notes on Matt Erb and all other information, links, and resources from episode, visit: --- Send in a voice message:
Do you have pain on the bottom of your feet? Been diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis? Join us as we talk about the Dos and Don’ts for Plantar Fasciitis and how long you should expect for the pain to subside.  We also explain what Plantar Fasciopathy is and who may be at risk.  Later, we talk to Jill Miller, founder of Tune Up Fitness Worldwide and empress of massage therapy, about different massage therapy techniques and tools.  We also touch up on her personal journey towards regenerative fitness and how she created it.  Come listen to her explain myofascial release, the truths and myths about it, and how you can manipulate fascia to decrease pain. We also mention The Optimal Body and it’s limited time sale price. To grab your discounted membership account now and discover what optimal means within your own body, click here: What You Will Learn in this episode: PT Pearl: Plantar Fasciitis and What To Do 00:59 – What Plantar Fasciitis, how do you get it, and when it may be presented 03:04 – What Plantar Fasciopathy is and what it means - What a heel spur is 04:22 – Who is at risk? - Why you may not even know you have it 06:46 – Common techniques that do not work for plantar fasciitis 12:40 – Techniques that do help for plantar fasciitis long term - Finding the internal source of pain 15:39 – 2 example exercises that help plantar fasciitis 19:10 – How long it will take to relieve your pain - What to avoid during the healing process To Watch the PT Pearl on YouTube, click here: Interview with Jill Miller: @yogatuneup 23:53 – Jill Miller’s background with fitness, her business, and her content available 25:14 – Regenerative fitness and what that means 26:08 – What kind of massage tools Jill uses to deepen this practice - What led her to these tools 32:45 – What fascia is and how can you manipulate it 37:17 –  How long soft tissue massage lasts - The benefits found in long term routines 41:42 – What self myofascial release is and the truth behind it - What you should be targeting 46:36 – How your nervous system relates to muscle knots or trigger points 52:13 – Why smashing your muscles with hard tools may be harmful to your body 54:58 – How breathwork and position may be incorporated with the use of these massage tools 56:30 – When rolling out is the most beneficial and why To see Jill Miller's full bio and links to her book and website, head over to the complete show notes here: --- Send in a voice message:
How much water are you drinking? How often do you bounce? Join us as we talk about the Lymphatic system and how you can help regulate the fluids within your body.  We cover some nodule locations and neuro-lymphatic points to help you quickly activate and regulate that lymphatic system. We also explore dry brushing and how it positively affects our systems and overall moods. Then, we get some insight on nutrition and food tracking from registered dietician and business owner Toni Marinucci.  While getting her Masters degree in nutrition and dietetics, Toni struggled having that healthy balance with her nutrition; only focusing on how she looked rather than how she felt.  Dating the same kind of guy? Have the habit of emotionally eating? Listen to how Toni makes the connection between romantic relationships and emotional eating habits and how you can better your relationship with your food. We also mention Strong Coffee throughout the episode. To get your next quality latte for a discount using code “OPTIMAL15” at checkout, click here: What You Will Learn in this episode: PT Pearl: Improve Your Lymphatic System, Improve Your Mobility 01:03 – What the Lymphatic System is, big nodule locations, and why it's important to understand 05:48 – Breathwork importance for fluid clearance 07:35 – What fluids are you drinking? Water importance 09:08 – What types of foods do you normally eat? Nutrient dense food and their importance 10:47 – Bouncing and how it improves your fluid regulation 12:09 – Neuro-lymphatic points - What that means and how to activate them 15:20 – Dry brushing, how to do it, and why it helps your Lymphatic System 18:42 – Keep moving! Its role in your fluid regulation and healthy living To Watch the PT Pearl on YouTube, click here: Interview with Toni Marinucci: @tips_with_toni 22:52 – Toni’s nutrition journey and why she became a registered dietician 27:05 – How to find a healthy relationship with your food foundation 29:42 – Strategies on how to maintain balance in your nutritional habits 33:26 – Food tracking and how individual it is 37:34 – Emotional eating - Why it's not good or bad and independent of you 39:40 – How nutritional habits and romantic relationships relate 44:02 – How nutritional habits depend on hormones, body acceptance, and lifestyle changes 46:52 – Diet myths 47:28 – Some carbohydrates Toni recommends for your diet 51:23 – Key points to take away for your nutrition journey To learn more about Toni Marinucci, head over to the website for full show notes! Find Full Shownotes at --- Send in a voice message:
How long has it been since you’ve rolled, crawled, or squatted?! In this episode, we explain neuromuscular re-education and why these movement patterns are important. Dead Bugs? Bridges? What are these? Join us as we explain these exercises and how they will benefit your everyday life.  Then, we interview Dr. Jennifer Hutton, aka Dr. JPop, a pediatric physical therapist, who practices a holistic approach by maintaining open communication with her patients. She also mentions her experiences with systemic racism in the medical field and how you can combat uncomfortability in today’s movement for black and indigenous lives across America. 15% OFF VivoBarefoot Shoes with code “OPTIMAL15” at checkout: Improve your feet = improve your body! What You Will Learn: PT Pearl: Importance of Rolling, Crawling, and Squatting 00:43 – What Neuromuscular Re-education is, what it means to you, and how it relates to children 03:45 –  Re-training fundamental developmental stage 1 - Back and Front laying 07:00 – Re-training fundamental developmental stage 2 - Rolling 10:12 – Re-training fundamental developmental stage 3 - Quadruped Position 11:03 – Re-training fundamental developmental stage 4 - Crawling 15:10 – Re-training fundamental developmental stage 5 - Half Kneeling 17:16 – Re-training fundamental developmental stage 6 -  Squatting 18:41 – Re-training fundamental developmental stage 7 -  Standing / Walking 21:08 – Exercises meant to help you re-educate your neuromuscular system - Dead Bugs / Bridges To Watch the PT Pearl on YouTube, click here: Interview with Dr. Jennifer Hutton “Jpop”: @dr.jpop 30:22 – Jen’s life journey that lead her to Pediatrics 33:10 – Why breaking the label of disabled people not being able to do certain things is important 37:40 – What it means to be health provider with the socioeconomic inequalities in America 40:14 – Why taking socioeconomic factors into consideration while diagnosing is important 45:15 – What “microaggression” means and how to address it 46:26 – Dr. Jen’s personal experience with microaggression in her profession 50:06 – How America has institutionalized racism and racial inequalities within the medical field 57:33 – How to be anti-racist and support the movement Dr. Jennifer Hutton’s Website: Dr. Jennifer Hutton’s Instagram: Dr. Jennifer Hutton’s Webinar “Anti-racism and Allyship for Rehab and Movement Professionals”: Full Shownotes: --- Send in a voice message:
Wrist pain during push-ups and planks? They shouldn't be. In this episode, we'll break down the common wrist diagnoses and help guide you into what you can start doing to hopefully help relieve some of those symptoms! Then, we get into an insightful interview with our friend, Amanda Rocchio, more commonly known as MeowMeix on Instagram. After recovering from anorexia, Amanda dove into nutrition to learn how to start truly fueling her body. Through the process, she's become an expert in nutrition and meal prep. She currently helps educate millions of people all over the world on easy ways to start prepping food and understanding complex nutrition. We also mention Strong Coffee throughout the episode. To get your next quality latte for a discount using code “OPTIMAL15” at checkout, click here: What You Will Learn: PT Pearl: Why You're Having Wrist Discomfort 00:46 - Common diagnoses related to the wrist and why they develop 03:00 - How to check your wrist support and mobility 07:28 - Passive and active stretches to help with your wrist mobility 10:35 - What your wrist problems may be a product of -  How nerves come into play 13:38 - Why being active in your entire body is important To Watch the PT Pearl on YouTube, click here: Interview with  Amanda Rocchio: @meowmeix 18:07 - Amanda’s Introduction and her nutrition background 20:21 - Why Amanda began sharing nutrition content and dedicating her life to healthier eating 22:47 - How Amanda got help for her eating disorder - Her journey with it 28:55 - What “healthy living” looks like 30:56 - What oils are good and bad for your diet and why - Omega 3 and 6 explanation 33:03 - Food language and its importance 35:19 - What “balance” looks like in your everyday foods 38:25 - Some steps to get you started on meal prepping - How to address possible failure 41:42 - Some healthy food tips to keep in mind 43:45 - Some of Amanda’s protein rich food recommendations 45:55 - How Amanda stays knowledgeable on healthy foods and nutrition About Amanda Rocchio: Amanda Meixner is a meal prep maven, nutrition guru, and social media influencer living in Los Angeles, California. After struggling with an eating disorder in high school, she realized that being healthy was about fueling your body with the right foods, not starving yourself. From that point onward, she started educating herself on all things nutrition and began crafting her innovative meal prep techniques. Today, Amanda inspires more than 1 million followers every day with her simple recipes, healthy swaps, words of encouragement, and hacks for maintaining a healthy diet. Thank you so much for checking out this episode of The Optimal Body Podcast! Check out the full show notes HERE.  Subscribe, rate, and review HERE.  --- Send in a voice message:
Why do our joints hurt?! What is tendonitis, tendonosis, and tendinopathy?! Doc Jen and Dr Dom dive into what the differences are between these and how to address them. After this we interview Natalie Jill, fat loss expert and author. Natalie opens up about her journey with chronic pain, her two back surgeries, a distal bicep repair and how being an influencer and author in the wellness space has impacted her experience. 15% OFF VivoBarefoot Shoes with code “OPTIMAL15” at checkout: Improve your feet = improve your body! Free your feet of the shoe prison they were previously living in.  What You Will Learn: PT Pearl: Tendinopathy vs Tendonitis | What it is and what to do about it 00:53 - Where you might find Tendonitis, Tendinosis, or Tendinopathy 01:35 -  What the difference is between Tendonitis,Tendinosis, and Tendinopathy 04:34 - What the difference is between a tendon and a ligament 07:59 - 3 stages of Tendinopathy 11:03 - What does it mean to take off load? - Why mobility and a therapist are important 20:20 - How to be realistic about your healing process 21:16 - VivoBarefoot Shoes and how they can help you To Watch the PT Pearl on YouTube, click here: Interview with Natalie Jill: @NatalieJillFit 29:04 - Natalie’s involvement with health and wellness 31:09 - How Natalie would create vision boards and apply it to her life 35:30 - Natalie’s experience with competition and injury 40:05 - Natalie’s experience with back surgery and post-surgery - How she manages her injury 48:08 - Some exercises Natalie does for her own optimal body - How she reforms her injuries 52:28 - Why Natalie believes excuses should not hold you back - Her journey with hypnosis 57:00 - Where to find Natalie About Natalie Jill: Natalie Jill is a Fat Loss Expert turned high performance coach who helps women Age In Reverse and level up their lives! At age 48, she herself has rebuilt and created everything from nothing three times over! She is gifted at helping women uncover what is holding them back from results and guiding them to uncover and then master their true passion and callings for a life that THRIVES. In the process, Natalie Jill has created a globally recognized brand with well over 2.5 million social media followers worldwide, two best selling books, recognition from Forbes and Greatist several years running as one of the top health and wellness influencers in the world. Some of her NEWEST accomplishments: She has now released her NEWEST BOOK “Aging in Reverse” NEW BOOK: Aging in Reverse: and founded the community Aging in Reverse She is the creator and host of the top ranking podcast Leveling Up Creating Everything from Nothing. Natalie Jill ’s Website: Find the full show notes at:   --- Send in a voice message:
Waking up feeling achy, stiff and sore? Thinking it may be your bed, mattress, pillows or sleeping position?? Tune into this episode as we guide you through the "optimal" sleeping positions and stick around for the interview with Adam Von Rothfelder, owner and CEO of Strong Coffee. To check out Strong Coffee and get your next quality latte, click here: For 15% OFF use Code: OPTIMAL15 Get your Strong, Mobile, Free Coffee Mug: HERE (limited time offer only!!!) Full Shownotes: What You Will Learn: PT Pearl: Finding Your Optimal Sleeping Position 06:38 - Back sleeping - Finding your optimal position and why it's important 11:31 - Side sleeping - Finding your optimal position and why it's important 15:21 - Stomach sleeping - Finding your optimal position and why it's important 17:30 - Pillows types best for your sleep 18:33 - Extra side sleeping pillow information 19:00 - Mattress types best for your sleep 22:06 - Snoring and teeth grinding - How to train yourself on how to breathe during sleep To Watch the PT Pearl on YouTube, click here: Interview with Adam Von Rotherfelder: @strongcoffeecompany 29:19 - Adam’s background with fitness to his transition to strong coffee 38:20 - How Strong Coffee helps your brain health and nutrition intake in the morning 42:57 - How Adam keeps you educated on the nutrition behind Strong Coffee 47:42 - How Strong Coffee promotes gut health 53:47 - Why collagen is important - The difference between good and bad collagen 57:48 - How Strong Coffee stays transparent with their brand and why it’s important About Adam Von Rotherfelder: Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI Adam Von Rothfelder is no stranger to the hard and adversity. Losing his brother at a young age to Drugs and his dad to cancer Adam is a testament to what being STRONG is all about. Retired pro fighter, star of STRONG on Netflix, Husband, Father of two little girls, and now CEO of STRONG Coffee Company. Items mentioned in this episode include: DocJenFit Youtube Channel: DocJenFit Thank you so much for checking out this episode of The Optimal Body Podcast. If you haven’t done so already, please take a minute to subscribe and leave a quick rating and review! --- Send in a voice message:
Experience pain at the side of your knee? Ever been told it's your IT Band and you should probably roll it out? Well, we'll break down what the IT Band is, why you might be getting pain, and what you can start doing today to relieve that pain! Then, we dive into an awesome interview with fitness expert, Danielle Pascente, as she walks us through her journey with overtraining and the consequences her body took on as a result. Especially if you're a woman, you're going to want to tune into this one! What You Will Learn: PT Pearl: What is ITB Syndrome? Stretch it, Roll it, or Smash it?! 00:49 -What the IT band is, why do we need it, and what causes pain 04:40- Why rolling your IT band out does notwork 08:17- Looking at the bigger picture - paying attention to our foundation To Watch the PT Pearl on YouTube, click here: Interview with Danielle Pascente: @daniellepascente 18:39 - Where you can find Danielle Pascente and her background with training 20:54- Danielle’s approach with newcomers to fitness - some foundational movements 24:19- Danielle’s cues and signs toward her adrenal fatigue - how she confronted it 33:13- How Danielle confronted major life changes and the barriers that came with it 41:10- How Danielle balances everything now 43:49- Danielle’s recommendations for those who experience those initial warning signs About Danielle Pascente: Danielle is a fitness expert in Los Angeles and the creator of the Danielle Pascente Training Guides. She can be found as the lead trainer for FitOn App, BeFit, & Pop Sugar Fitness. Danielle was recently named "trending fitness star" by Shape Magazine. Her workouts have been featured in publications like Oxygen, Huffington Post, Studio ToneItUp, PopSugar Fitness, and Runner's World. Danielle has been featured on the cover of Runner's World and Scottsdale Health. She's been in the industry for over a decade and is responsible for thousands of women's transformations online. She's a firm believer that movement is medicine and connection is the biggest form of currency. 15% OFF VivoBarefoot Shoes with code “OPTIMAL15” at checkout: Improve your feet = improve your body! Free your feet of the shoe prison they were previously living in. These are the only shoes Doc Jen & Dr. Dom wear daily when walking and working out. They have drastically improved the function of Doc Dom’s feet and allowed Doc Jen’s toes to improve functional mobility and decrease the big toe from drifting into the other toes! Items mentioned in this episode include: The Optimal Body: Danielle’s Website: Danielle's Programs: Thank you so much for checking out this episode of The Optimal Body Podcast! --- Send in a voice message:
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Rob Wu

I did not know much about twisted colons or hernias. Wow. I'm cringing.

Aug 24th

Donna Pilates Adams

This was so interesting. Listening to what you said about anterior pelvic tilt , it was like you were talking about me, and it suddenly made sense about so much. Unfortunately I can't find the YouTube clip for it! Please can you point me in the right direction. Thank you....

May 17th
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