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The Other Marketing Guys

Author: Simon Elkjær & Martin Khan

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The Other Marketing Guys is all about organic marketing. We talk about almost all marketing you can do, in your business to keep growing. But we don't like talking about paid ads, paid clicks or other paid advertising.Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Content Creation, Blogging, YouTube, Podcasting and Pinterest is more interesting for us.Are you looking to grow your business, then follow along! we might learn something from you. #othermarketingguys
14 Episodes
On this, the first episode of The Other Marketing Guys we are going to talk about the news, related to organic marketing, and we are going to talk about the format of The Other Marketing Guys. 
The second episode of The Other Marketing Guys.
This is the third episode of The Other Marketing Guys. We talk about netflixification of content. Long form SEO. And social media evolving
This is the fifth episode of The Other Marketing Guys.
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This is the seventh episode of The Other Marketing Guys.
This is the eight episode of The Other Marketing Guys.
The 9th episode of the TOMG podcast. Here we discuss:- How we are "hacking the YouTube growth engine"- New year new me -- our goals for 2020- What is to come in the next decade -- both in marketing in general and in personal perspective
Google is being forced, by the european union, to let users choose a new search provider and not let Google be the standard search engine. Will this finally be the break that Duck Duck Go has been looking for? Is Duck Duck Go going to be the next search engine of choice? Will Apple step up and make some search product?This episode of explores new search engines if Google fails to live up to the users demands.Listen to this podcast on our YouTube channel:
We live in a World, or.. We Work in a world of SEO where everybody is using the same SEO-tools, but what if they are completely wrong? Simon talks about lackings in the biggest tool online. Martin talks as a SEO-tool vendor. But what is wrong with all these seo tools to this podcast on our YouTube channel:
Like a page from the book:   #killingmarketing we talk about how you could turn your marketing efforts around and use it as a direct revenue driver, instead of a traditional spend and loss in the business.We come up with some ideas for you, but this is mostly an idea of thinking. A way you could turn profits directly from your marketing efforts.Podcast: to this podcast on our YouTube channel:
I bet that you have not heard tip number 9 before! This could be  a great side hustle for college students. Build an empire with a work from home job today! Some of these tips would even be a way to make money as a younger person. In 2020 there is a ton of ways to make money online with a side hustle. But we also include some more easy ways to make money. Number 9 would be a great way to make money as a stay at home mom, or stay at home dad.Some calls it side hustles, but some of these 2020 business ideas, could explode into a big business at some point. Some of these tips is about making SOME money fast, and some of the tips includes making BIG money but slowly.If you want to work from home, this video might be THE one you have to view today. I bet that TIP number 9 could be done by 10,000 people and not just by the first person doing it.These are legit ways on making money, and be aware, they are mainly not pasive, they are very active, but also 100% real ways to make easy money!If you are good at sales, there is some great tips for you. Did you know that you can sell something, without having any goods? THESE WAYS requires NO EXPERIENCE and best of all NO EDUCATION. Listen up! Some of THESE WAYS are FAST and can make you money TODAY, AND NEXT WEEKJoin our community on facebook: to this podcast on our YouTube channel:
I have personally lost stacks of cash. In this video i will explain to you how NOT to lose your money. You should really watch this if you want loose less money.In this video you will learn about amazon affiliate marketing mistakes, and dividend stocks mistakes, mistakes in real estate.I will cover how i lost money in stocks, how i lost money in real estate, how i did not earn money in affiliate because of basic mistakes.
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