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Tired of the daily news doom and gloom? Looking to explore curious stories instead? Every Monday through Thursday, we bring a story on the theme of Power, Culture, and the Future, handpicked from The Outline. We guarantee you’ll feel smarter and more hydrated.
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Pearse Anderson

wait you fired your staff and now freelancers are boycotting you?? not cool please do an episode on your mistakes thank you

Sep 7th


what an awful episode. you play one sound clip of him totally outside context ("let's talk about white privilege"), then in the time machine segment your only analysis is jumping in the middle of a lecture he gave, talking over it, and giving up on it after 30 seconds. then the rest of the episode is making claims that he's trying to recruit vulnerable people to his "cult like" ideology and even compare him to ISIS and neo Nazis. What?? On what grounds can you make this connection? Have you read his book? 12 Rules for life? I'm reading through it now and have been taking notes on the topics. So far he's covered how to be a fair critic of yourself and the psychology of negative and positive feedback loops. There's even a whole chapter in here about how to shape the development of children as a parent including how to raise kids so they won't become abusive, manipulative, and self-asserting. Basically teaching parents how to raise boys that won't become rapists. remember when that was a thing? Teach men not to rape? here is someone doing just that, but you won't even look into his work enough to see it. I can see now that your group is the worst kind of gatekeepers of social justice, that are fine with complaining about everything and simultaneously doing nothing about it other than demanding someone else initiate change, then pick apart those people that make the change.

May 21st

Ted Giraldin

This is pretty cool!

May 16th
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