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Anxiety, depression, fears, obsession, panic, or any relationship, marriage or family issues, this show will help you achieve less stress and more happiness. Become empowered and honor yourself so that you can make decisions that are right for you. Mindfulness, compassion and being in the present moment are only components of a bigger picture. Live authentically and strengthen your emotional intelligence to avoid emotional abuse. Get to the root of emotional issues with solid relationship advice and personal help. If affirmations don't work and you're tired of being told to "think positively!", start listening to this show for a better life.
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Making impossible decisions

Making impossible decisions


If you're always looking in the rear view mirror, it's quite possible you're not creating the life you want. Sometimes you get to the tipping point where you just can't stand it anymore and you take action. On segment two, there's a seriously difficult decision facing someone who wrote to me who is married but wants to explore being transgender, but his wife is upset and the marriage is in limbo. The impossible decision looms over him.
When you have a challenge that causes you stress and you want to make the right decision, you may need to dive in a little deeper to get a good answer. Whether you're preparing for what you know will be a difficult time, or you're helping someone else with their problem, there's a way to get to access that inner wisdom for a possible solution.
The feelings of jealousy or envy can quickly take over when someone else gets what we want, or succeeds at something we're trying to accomplish. There's a choice we make in that moment: To be upset and feel defeated, or be inspired to try harder and make something happen. What you choose determines whether you win or lose.
Will you ever have enough love, or enough money, or enough time, or... When you're always trying to get more but never seem to get ahead, it's time to figure out why that is. I talk about that and more in this first episode of 2020.
If you could loosen the grip old emotional pain has on you, do you think you'd feel better and be happier? Whether you're holding on to old negative feelings or you've discovered past emotional wounds, this episode will help guide you to your first step toward healing.
It's important to bounce back from the setbacks and always move forward so that you aren't drowning in the anger, sadness, or upset from the past. Sometimes even present circumstances can be enough to stall your forward momentum. This is why it's vital to make sure you recharge your personal power so that you are no longer a victim to the world and can start taking charge of your life.
Are you really angry at the person standing in front of you? Or is that past unresolved trauma coming up in the moment adding tension and making your loved ones not want to be around you (or you around them)? With holidays and other gatherings, it's a good time to talk about what to do with those repressed triggers that are lying in the deep recesses of your mind.
So you did something you regret and now you walk around feeling guilty... that has to end. Guilt isn't something you keep, it's supposed to be a message that disappears after you've learned the lesson. If you carry guilt, it's time once and for all to let it go.
Being alone

Being alone


Sometimes it's a choice, sometimes you don't want it at all, but at one time or another, you're alone. Even when someone you love is right next to you, there are times you still feel alone.
When you go through any type of self-improvement, there will be people that won't support your growth, and there will be those who love that you feel good about yourself and are becoming happier. Those who don't support you improving yourself and making changes that are good for you want you to stay the same so they don't have to adapt to the new you. Those that do support you are just happy that you're happy. I'll give you one guess which ones create the most conflict in your life. Whether its gatherings during the holidays or just regular get togethers, it's time to make a choice about who you're going to be when you see those people again.
What lurks inside the depths of your emotional state that is conjured up when you are triggered? What happens when someone pushes you over the edge? Do you keep your composure or do you lose control? The unhealed emotional space inside you tends to come out in triggered moments. It's time to heal what's left unresolved so that you get the results you want instead of the ones that come from "losing it".
When you dread that phone call or personal visit with family that you hope goes well but never does, it's important to learn how to establish boundaries. You don't want to spend most of your time in anxiety waiting for the next family reunion. Toxic family can make life hard. Not being able to avoid toxic family can make it even worse. Hopefully this episode gives you some tools that help you survive those dreaded family gatherings once and for all.
We can get so good at convincing ourselves how broken or terrible we are sometimes. In fact, some of us go through life thinking that there must be something wrong with us because why else is our life turning out as it is? This is a deep episode that covers a lot, so be prepared to be empowered to learn just how not broken you are.
Challenges are inevitable. They are impossible to avoid. And when you manage to avoid them, do you really learn what you need to in order to get through the next one? You can spend your whole life avoiding challenges, but will you ever feel liberated from the stress and anxiety of life if you do so? I tackle those questions in today's episode.
Is it possible to argue with love and respect for the other person? What if they can't but you can? If you ever feel small or are made to feel inferior after an argument with a loved one, it's time to learn what to do when it goes too far.
What happens when you can imagine what would make you happy, but you can't have it in the real world? Sometimes you have to tolerate the bad to get to the good, and sometimes you just have to get away from the bad altogether.
Sometimes you don't have a coach or therapist around to walk you through the challenges. When you are experiencing a negative emotion, there are questions you can ask yourself to reach a new level of processing and healing. The work of Byron Katie plays a role in this episode as I talk about "The Four Questions" from her writing on "The Work".
If you can't ever seem to win an argument with a certain person in your life, or you feel like you can never get closure on an issue because that person keeps turning it back on you, this episode will give you some tools to use next time you feel like you're losing your power.
When your boss is a jerk, do you still go to work? Most people do, but then what? You continue to accept your boss's bad behavior and just pretend you're not affected? This episodes provides great communication tips not just for your superiors, but for anyone in your life that might just be very difficult to deal with. Free career resources at
Jealousy in the relationship

Jealousy in the relationship


Several major components need to exist in a relationship in order for jealousy to take control. When there's jealousy between you and your partner, there is almost always a decrease in love and connection, and an increase in unhappiness and anxiety. It's time to put jealousy to rest once and for all.
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Loretta McLean

I do agree

Jan 20th


Thank for all that u do. U have no idea how u helped me

Dec 17th
Reply (1)

Discernment Queen

I love your work. 💯🙏🏽My favorite Podcast by far. I am having a hard time breaking up with boyfriend of 15 years. I am very close right now after binge listening to your Podccast. 🤔🤷🏽‍♀️

Dec 11th
Reply (1)

Amanda Odom

this podcast is the most amazing thing in the world. I have listened to so many different podcast that try to speak about the same things that have only made me feel worse. this gives me so much hope and happiness it's insane that one man can explain so many things in such a different way that really reach you. I only wish I found it sooner thanks for all you do you paul you are truly and inspiration.

Nov 18th
Reply (1)

Stacey Willard

as always, you are spot on. very helpful, valuable information.

Nov 17th
Reply (1)

Rhonda R Rhoades

Thank you for this podcast, it literally brought me to tears. It is everything I am dealing with and it is so helpful to know I'm not alone in these experiences.

Oct 24th
Reply (2)


im a male from a sydney australia, discovered your podcast in September 2019. love your style and love your work

Sep 28th
Reply (1)


uh oh.... you hit a nerve with this one Paul. I'm glad my nerves are less aggressive & more absorbent! high levels of tolerance!

Jul 27th
Reply (1)

Gülay Kilic

Dear Paul, thank you so much for finding the right words and topics! 👍 👍 👍 👍 It's sooooo great to listen to your podcast and all the amazing advice you share!👌 I've just started recently, therefore still catching up with the old episodes. Greetings from Germany 😊

Jul 24th
Reply (1)

Gülay Kilic

Great episode and show! Thank you so much! ❤️ P. S. I'm listening from Germany and wanted to use your link to Amazon, but apparently it only works for the "Amazon.COM" version and not for the one in Germany = ending with " .De" ==> any chance to also get this implemented for other country domains? I would be happy to purchase then via your link 😊 Thanks again and greetings!

Jun 18th
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Shawnelle Brown

you can't be serious

Jun 8th
Reply (1)


I liked this episode, not for dealing with others that are passive aggressive to me but looking for ways to help my own passive aggressive tendencies.

May 28th
Reply (3)


I am loving this episode. You are hitting the nail on the head. I'm in a toxic environment at work where I feel I am in a rut and the job has become stagnant. This is a wake up call for me that I need to make a change for myself and quit contributing to this toxicity. Thank you so much... ❤️

May 13th
Reply (3)

Troy Silliman

agreeing with someone to de escalate conflict good or bad people ..called disarming technique. one of the 5 secrets of effective communication..

May 7th
Reply (2)


I miss these intro's paul!!☺they were like a big bear hug!☺☺😊

Apr 1st
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Mackenzie Kipp

I enjoyed this so much, I'm listening to it a 2nd time.

Mar 29th
Reply (1)

Marjolein Cino

Wonderfull episode without great insight!

Feb 5th
Reply (4)

Fabian Vindas

Did John/Jack ever replied and talked about it?

Jan 30th
Reply (1)

Mira Adolfsson

I just can't... You posted exactly what I need three times in a row! 😂 The silent treatment, the understanding, the vulnerability... You are amaizing and I love you! ❤️

Nov 12th
Reply (1)


my words fall short. i can't describe how amazing and great this episode is. i have been feeling so down and awful about most of the things in my life. u said all the things i wanted to hear so badly. thank you so much.

Aug 26th
Reply (1)
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