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Learn how to maximize your business’ impact and growth with The PT Buzz Podcast, brought to you by The PT Services Group. You’ll gain valuable industry insight from business leaders and experts covering issues including emerging tech topics, business trends, and marketing advice. Our guests will include everyone from CEOs to subject matter experts and trend forecasters. Some episodes will deep dive into topics of interest to MSPs, Financial Advisors and Planners, and Insurance Pros, while others will be filled with advice that any business professional can use.
16 Episodes
PT’s John Pojeta welcomes the founder and CEO of the Flourish Group, Niki Campbell. Niki and John discuss Niki’s path to being a wellness coach and building her business. She shares unique challenges to her work, how she approaches business development, and the benefits of investing in employee wellness. The Flourish Group is dedicated to empowering individuals to embody strength, vitality, and confidence in mind, body, and spirit. Through personalized 1:1 and workplace wellness programs, they cultivate happier, healthier lives through simple, safe, and sustainable methods.
PT’s John Pojeta Founder and CEO of Accupoint Solutions, Gary Weber to the podcast. Accupoint Solutions caters to the Insurance Industry, by providing a database and portal solution which provides information on over 2.56 million insurance professionals and the firms with which they are associated. John and Gary discuss the business and what differentiates their product from others in the industry. This type of information, experience, and services can assist ​firms with ​their ​sales, marketing, recruiting, and data enhancement efforts. They also tackle some of the challenges faced in the data sector.
PT’s John Pojeta welcomes owner of 401K Marketing, Rebecca Hourihan. Rebecca shares how her firm is uniquely positioned to help advisors with their marketing efforts. She discusses how they stay current on industry trends and regulations and details the benefits of working specialists to produce and share great content.
Bruce and Jordan Johnston, the father/daughter team behind Two Dogs Social, talk to John Pojeta. They share how their company works with advisors to elevate their profiles and maximize business growth on social media platforms. Experts in the sector, they share working through compliance issues, among other challenges unique to the field.
Jeff Chesier, Vice President, Retirement Services, Institutional Client and Member Relations for NFP joins John Pojeta, from PT, to discuss RPAG - Retirement Plan Advisory Group. They discuss RPAG’s mission of providing premier technology, training, solutions, and resources for retirement plan advisors and institutions who want to reach their highest potential.
PT Asks Dan Podcast

PT Asks Dan Podcast


Last month, PT launched a new, daily video series - PT Asks Dan, with our resident sales guru, Dan Hudock. In these 2-3 minute videos PT’s John Pojeta asks Dan about one, specific topic and Dan provides unique, actionable advice. We’ve collected 10 of these sales tips into one podcast, that will leave you energized and excited to attack your lead list.
In our newest episode, John Pojeta from PT welcomes father/daughter team Ron and Ally Bland of AEIS Advisors in San Mateo, California. Ron and Ally share how their business has seen success in growth through acquisitions of other companies or books of business. They share challenges they’ve encountered and tips that have helped them successfully employ this strategy. Tune in to gain some insight that can help you in the new year.
At the onset of the pandemic, Mitch Haber of One America came up with a novel approach to support their clients - a podcast. But instead of venturing into a typical business podcast, he took a different approach. Mitch decided to interview people from all avenues of life: sports, business leaders and consultants, authors, everyday people who overcame challenges - for the purpose of sharing their life experiences and collective knowledge. In this special episode of The PT Buzz, John talks with Mitch about the hope, wisdom, and practical business advice that has been learned and how this has been a terrific, unexpected way to connect with clients during these unusual times.
In our latest episode, PT welcomes a return from our friend and sales guru, Dan Hudock. First appointments with new prospects are exciting and challenging.  Apathy and the feeling of already having what you offer often position you behind the eight ball from the start.  Join John Pojeta, from PT, and Dan, as they discuss the approaches to help overcome apathy while driving a wedge between the prospect and their current advisor. How do you measure success?  Short-term do you leave the first meeting with the second one in hand. Long-term are you acquiring new clients at a high pace?
In May of 2021, the president issued an Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cyber Security. The order calls for enhancing cybersecurity through a variety of initiatives related to the security and integrity of the software supply chain. In the latest issue of PT Buzz, John is joined by Chris Crellin, of Barracuda MSP to discuss what is included in the cyber order and what this means for the private sector, particularly MSPs.
In our new episode, in partnership with Barracuda MSP, PT welcomes Jimmy Hatzell, Marketing Director for Barracuda SKOUT Managed XDR, for a conversation for MSPs about how a Security Operations Center (SOC) can help protect their customers. As Cyberthreats are escalating both in volume and sophistication, SOCs can be a valuable asset. Jimmy shares valuable advice on the value of SOCs, along with options for development and out-sourcing.
In our latest episode, PT welcomes our friend and sales guru, Dan Hudock for a timely conversation about sales in today’s world. Dan and PT’s John Pojeta discuss some of the hurdles sales people are having these days –particularly as a result of the pandemic and the shift to virtual meetings. Dan shares some great insights, including new behaviors that salespeople are succeeding with. It’s a topic that will resonate with anyone who is looking to improve their sales today.
Keys to MSP Security

Keys to MSP Security


Join the PT Services and Barracuda MSP for a conversation about changes in the managed services space. We touch on the key shifts and developments that have impacted the service delivery requirements of MSPs, share some security-centric recommendations for success, and consider how MSPs can further improve their ability to detect, prevent and remediate cyberattacks that emerge in the evolving threat landscape.
Join us for a great conversation in the health care and benefits arena featuring Bill Kite, president of D & S Agency and recent board president of United Benefits Advisors. During this fascinating conversation, Bill shares the history behind the creation of Cherry Tree Collaborative, an employer health insurance initiative that funnels the power of many employers into single-source negotiation that results in the same purchasing advantages experienced by large employers. Bill shares candid thoughts about the challenges of the field and what may lay on the road ahead.
In the inaugural episode of The PT Buzz, The PT Service’s John Pojeta welcomes Mark Whiffen and Ken Bartlett from Barracuda MSP to share their expertise on Ransomware protection in the MSP arena. The episode takes a look back at the history of ransomware and quickly jumps into the implications for MSPs and their clients. From considering vulnerabilities to discussing how to prepare and look forward, the episode gives more than just an overview, by providing some implementable tips and insights on how MSPs can better prepare themselves and their clients. For more information and other episodes of The PT Buzz podcast, visit
If you’re an MSP, Financial Advisor and Planner, Insurance Pros, or a business leader or owner looking for some great business insight, we've got a new podcast just for you. Learn how to maximize your business’ impact and growth with the PT Buzz Podcast, brought to you by PT Services Group, an industry leader in appointment setting and data collection. You’ll hear from business leaders and experts covering everything from tech topics, business trends, marketing advice, and more. Learn more at
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