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Author: Lyndsay Soprano

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Join Lyndsay Soprano and her guests weekly on The Pain Game Podcast about the game of living with chronic pain and trauma as we get to the heart of how to heal.
33 Episodes
In this episode, Lyndsay Soprano talks with Shelley Loving, a certified Nutrition Chef, whose husband had a gnarly health issue that changed the trajectory of their life, and FOOD saved them both. They talk about simplicity in the kitchen, foods that cause inflammation, and those that help reduce it!She has an AMAZING cookbook, What’s on Your Fork?! that will make your kitchen and body healthy and happy. newsletter is full of healthy eating and cooking inspiration, as well as a little humor along the way! has a FREEBIE for 5 Simple Steps to Healthier Cooking a Member ship-based online community through her app as well! can find her online at:Instagram:
In this episode, Lyndsay Soprano talks with Elana Israel a former therapist who turned relationship coach about Releasing Resentment Demons in our lives! Elana discusses her story of addiction, infidelity, loss, and resentment and how all of those contributed to her growth, her business, and her self-care. She is a rockstar and a podcaster with her show Partnership Aligned Podcast and Coaching Program. You can find her below: FREEBIE: 5 Ways to Deepen the Connection with Your Partner Aligned 1:1 Coaching Program Instagram: @partnershipaligned LinkedIn:
#30 Oasis of Calm

#30 Oasis of Calm


On this episode, Lyndsay Soprano talks with Kathy White a yoga instructor and art psychotherapist. She developed her Joint Renewal System after entering menopause and saw that her current yoga practice was no longer working for her. Kathy experienced significant trauma in her own life when an emergency c-section operation ended with the stillbirth of her first child. She has used yoga as a major part of her healing path. Kathy shares her unique perspective on pain, trauma, and the healing power of sign-up for her free Joint Renewal GuideInstagram White Yoga Blog
On this episode, Lyndsay Soprano talks with Biz Cush a licensed clinical professional counselor and a women’s life coach, about sexual abuse, substance abuse, horribly toxic relationships, and anxiety and how healing from trauma starts with Embracing Your Wisdom.
#28 Unwavering Love

#28 Unwavering Love


On this episode, host Lyndsay Soprano, talks about love and forgiveness on this Valentine's Day and she wanted to show a little love to some of her favorite guests! And disclaimer…every guest has been insanely amazing. So this was a tough decision to pull a few of her faves out.
On this episode, Lyndsay Soprano talks with Mary Crafts about her journey from sorrow to summit. And how she courageously climbed out of abuse, fear, and sadness to find a life full of safety, love, and light. She is a badass and you must listen to her story.
On this episode, Lyndsay Soprano talks with Fitz Koehler a noisy and fantastically amazing woman filled with grit beyond your belief, about her story of breast cancer and how she chose to not be victimized but to make some noise instead.
On this episode, Lyndsay Soprano speaks with Adam Slater the New Jersey-certified civil trial lawyer from the Netflix documentary, The Bleeding Edge. They talk about the medical device industry, the FDA, large corporations, marketing, and the doctors that lie to their patients causing lifelong and debilitating chronic pain.
On this episode, Lyndsay Soprano speaks with guest Kimberly Clark, a Navy Veteran, and survivor of military sexual trauma. After being medically discharged and diagnosed with PTSD, Kimberly struggled with severe drug addiction and alcoholism. Hear her story of recovery and what she has been doing to inspire, support, and care for those who have been through similar life experiences.
On this episode, Lyndsay Soprano talks with her EPIC guest Lauren Fonvielle about not running away from emotions but acknowledging the emotions we have because they need to be felt, so we can move through them. After all, emotion by definition is energy in motion. “You gotta feel it to heal it, baby!”
On this episode, Lyndsay Soprano talks to her guest, Shannon Petrovich a therapist for 35 years, about how to heal from toxic and abusive relationships. She helps others clear their way OUT OF THE FOG after having been emotionally and or physically beaten down by another, and it has turned into her life's work.
On this short episode, Lyndsay Soprano shares about the heaviness of the show, but how grateful she is for all of her guests and their stories of trauma and hope!
On this episode, Lyndsay Soprano speaks with her guest, Megan Anderson, about how she finally broke free of a marriage of 18 years worth of abuse and trauma.
#19 Life's In Session

#19 Life's In Session


On this episode, Lyndsay Soprano speaks with her guest, Lauren Abrams, about her struggles with addiction, and homelessness, and overcoming like a champ by focusing on HOPE every step of the way.
On this episode, Lyndsay Soprano speaks with her guest, Dr. Amy Novotny about PABR, her unique method of chronic pain, stress, insomnia, and anxiety relief specializing in the nervous system, awareness, and breathing.
On this episode, Lyndsay Soprano talks (and laughs) with her guest Amanda Kate, kinesiologist, coach, author, and speaker about prioritizing internal truth over external influence. She pulled herself out of a marriage filled with domestic violence, and a messy life drowned out with people pleasing and self-hatred. NOT ANYMORE! Meet this amazing woman who Lyndsay fell in love with and you will too. Be Divine, messy, and human with them.
On this episode, Lyndsay Soprano speaks with guest, Angie Weber of The Parent Toolbox about her mission to help break the generational cycles of how we approach emotions and mental health in our world. She uses her personal experiences and programs to offer peer support to parents and other involved family/friends to support their physical, emotional, and mental health.
On this episode, Lyndsay Soprano speaks with Ben Ahrens, CEO and Co-Founder of re-origin a science-based, self-directed neuroplasticity training program designed to rewire your brain, reset your system, and reclaim your life from chronic illness and pain, anxiety, chronic fatigue, Lyme disease, and more!
#14 Bucket Phobia

#14 Bucket Phobia


On this episode, Lyndsay Soprano speaks with her guest Kelly Clark about her lifelong struggles with a rare phobia called emetophobia--the intense fear of vomiting. In addition, she talks about childhood sexual abuse and an eating disorder that formed because of her emetophobia. And with all of this, the shame, anxiety, and depression that held her hostage.
#13 The Harp of Hope

#13 The Harp of Hope


On this episode, Lyndsay Soprano speaks with her guest, Melissa Lamoureaux, about being misdiagnosed and mistreated over and again by doctors. They chat about how long it took to get diagnosed with narcolepsy and more diagnoses keep rolling in. But are her diagnoses accurate or just another twisted path to more pain?
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